Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A legacy of the British reign that the Congress inherited was "divide and rule". As an alien nation, least interested in our country and its populace, we can understand the British policy. But as a national party of yore, that takes pride in freedom struggle, it is irony that for Congress leaders of modern era, continuing in power has become the prime motto.  For this they divide the polity and they divide the people. 

The decline of Congress started in 1967 with the rise of regional aspirations and birth of regional parties like DMK and Akali Dal etc., They slowly picked up pace and saw decimation of Congress in their respective states. The real shocker came when TDP, under the leadership of NTR, registered thumping win in AP in 1983. "Anna" as he is called, NTR initiated a major drive throughout the country against Congress by bringing all forces inimical to them on one platform. This gave rise to many combinations and the ultimate nemesis came in 1999 when NDA came to power in 1999 with the solid support of TDP.

The decline of Congress vote share share from an initial high of almost 50% post independence to its lowest of a little over 25% sent shock waves to the GOP. Come 2004, they resorted to the trick played by the Britishers on gullible Indians, "Divide the people and keep ourselves in power". We shall take a few examples, as narrating all will be a book load. 

Take, for example, the Assemble elections in AP in 2004. Even before elections it is said that the then leader of opposition tried to topple the state government led by TDP by encouraging a highly ambitious leader, who left the party to pursue personal ambition. He left TDP as he was not offered a Minister post. He was offered CM post in case he could muster support of sixty TDP MLAs. He is said to have sounded all MLAs on this but failed in his mission. So, he embarked on a divisive slogan "Divide AP". (sic) <This information was directly taken from the editorial in Andhra Jyothy on Sunday by RK>

With his mission having failed, under directions from his leader, Sonia, the local satrap of Congress, YSR, embarked on a divisive agenda all by himself. He struck a deal with the ambitious regional leader from one region and entered into a pre- poll arrangement in that region with a clear promise of dividing the state, once elected. What happened was history. Despite promise by their Supremo Sonia that a separate state would be carved out, the promise remained on paper. 

Five years on, the regional aspirations of  region belied by false promises and a strong incumbency wave sweeping the state, plan B was set afoot. Once bitten twice shy, people of one region would not have believed the same promise again. So, the regional leader was dumped and a caste leader turned film actor was pampered by the Congress to keep themselves in power. This actor-turned politician-turned turn coat floated a party, promised Heaven to youth and divided anti -incumbency vote of the ruling party to the disadvantage of a spirited opposition. All through there was an unwritten understanding by the self-serving mega actor and Congress that the former would merge his party in the GOP. So, he bartered his self respect for a State Minister post, dumped his cadres and jumped into the dirty pond. Rest is history.

Very recently, the same act was repeated in Delhi. Stung by a double incumbency, strong middle class apathy,  rising inflation and deep rooted corruption charges, Congress dropped its ammunition even before the electoral war started. By covertly helping the other contender (new, but ambitious like our actor) AAP was helped in the hustings. This threw up a hung assembly and by offering outside support to the fledgling party, Congress entered power corridors through back door. The resultant sufferer is the state and voters. The inexperienced but highly ambitious CM of the State of Delhi started suffocating in the "bear hug" of Congress and governance took a back seat. Efforts of Congress to pamper the same ambitious leader at national level failed as the inexperience of the leader came in his way of larger ambitions and the party is slowly petering away into oblivion. 

It is time voters realize the larger game of Congress and vote the party out. Not only voters should vote the party out but there is also responsibility to see that their vote share is reduced below 10%. Let the country move forward in federal spirit with strong national leader (not from Congress) at the centre and strong and self-less regional leaders. Let us grow collectively with "Unity in Diversity".

                                                      VOTE OUT CONGRESS

JAI HIND                                                                                                 JAI JANMABHOOMI