Monday, February 17, 2014


The caged parrot flew away. Love story that began in end 2013, ended right at the beginning  of 2014. Right. Illicit relations usually end instantly. Here it did not end. Behind screens it is continuing. It is common to blame a "woh" for the stress between the "pati" and "patni". So, while leaving the cage, Kejri blamed BJP for trapping his party's illicit mate, the Congress. This did not stand scrutiny of general public but for some shouting Gods and Goddesses on the TV Screens. 

It is not about Ambani, not so much about the LG, not about the constitution nor about corruption. It is about Kejriwal. It is about his realization that he is not fit to rule. The very second day in office, he realized this fact.  He found everything around him honky dory. He entered the "gas chamber" willingly and started complaining about the gas around. The very minute he entered a system which he wanted to change, he started searching escape routes. But, the 'bear hug" of his mate was so tight that he did not find an escape route. "Management lies within the system but leadership lies on it". He forgot the fact that he was not a manager but a deemed leader. 

He started with a bang and ended with a whimper. Supported by a Media that played to the tunes of the Grand Old Party, Kejri became an overnight hero. So, he took some controversial decisions, to start with. He did not care about the long term implications of these decisions. In the meanwhile, his proteges in the party and government started playing Robin Hood. To save skin of these Robin Hoods, he sat on a Dharna and to escape from the negative consequences of such a foolish action he struck a deal with the Central Government. 

He feigned criticizing Congress, his mentor in chief for public consumption. But, his ire was on Modi, who was taking longer strides to power in Delhi day after day. If he lost more time, he would lose and his chief mentor would lose . So a script was written in Congress head quarters. It reads like "escape route made easy". As per the script, he would make  a Jan Lokpal Bill (JLP). He would insist on presenting it for passage in the assembly and challenges both congress and BJP, (main target being BJP). He knew it was unconstitutional. And as per script the Central Government would throw a spanner. Through LG, they would say he was not within his powers to pass the JLP without prior permission. But he would stand his ground. Congress would stand its. Now the onus would fall on BJP. BJP rightly opposed it, come what may. They did not need to play crude politics to gain power. They are very much on their way to power in Delhi. So, it ended there.

Though, he was not defeated on the floor of the house he resigned. He assumed "self martyrdom" by penning a "political suicide" note blaming both congress and BJP. As he still maintains more than cordial relations with congress, his target was BJP. It did not click. People did not throng the streets as it happened in AP in 1984 when NTR was removed from power by Indira Gandhi. The response was muted. The few hundreds that gathered outside his residence were called through SMS messages. They left after making a little noise for consumption of a pliant media.

It was a script well written. Bang after one day of his leaving office, the party announces 700% jump in donations. It occupies head lines in the pliant media. Then pat comes the announcement of candidates of AAP to fight the "who is who" in congress. This fits the bill right. People think that AAP has no indirect alliance with congress. "See, they announced candidate against Rahul Gandhi!" people would start talking, they assumed. The reality is many congress leaders will drop from contesting elections. Those like Rahul and Sonia will search for safer constituencies down South like AP and Karnataka. One reason for pushing the AP Reorganization Bill is for safer constituencies in Telangana. So, the list is fake and for public consumption. We need not be surprised if truth that this is also done at the behest of the hidden hand, comes out. Congress wants an unstable government at the Centre in 2014. So they prop up all ambitious leaders through back door. If Modi wins, it is their final chance to win again. The party might disintegrate into oblivion. They want to prevent it at any cost. So, this unethical game of dice is played. And ambitious men (not a leader yet) like Kejri fall prey easily.

Behind the heroics, he is conceited. Behind the open defiance of the system, there is a con artist. Behind all the assumption of innocence there is a falsehood. Behind all truth he feigns there is always a lie. Behind all the love for the aam admi there is ambition to rule the rabble. Ambition is not wrong. But within seven weeks he exposed himself to public scrutiny. All his weak traits, that were buried in astrology books all these days, came into the open. 

It is time the middle classes who understood him explained this to the poor and illiterate. They should open up a front to showcase his failures and the danger that India will slip if such an ambitious leader is allowed to climb the ladder of power. We suffered a decade of tyranny under an ambitious leader. Let this one be nipped in the bud. 

But Modi stands tall in the midst of all the din caused by these minions. He would win hands down. It is a fact that will dawn on India in May, 2014.