Monday, May 11, 2015


“Your Honour! I be permitted to speak first.” shouted the Defence Juggler.
“No! Your honour he is representing the accused. He can’t talk first. I am representing the respondents, whose kith and kin were killed by the accused in a case of jungle rash or rather running fast in the jungle mangling small creatures in the process. My clients lost thousands of their kith and kin because of the wild running by this Cheetah for pleasure in the jungle, Your Honour! So, too many others jugglers impleaded in the case. Hence, this comes under Animal Interest Litigation. It cannot be treated as a just a criminal case on the accused as far reaching animal rights are involved in the case.”
Judge Wolf, whose face was covered with a mask of a lion, to show that justice in the jungle, is equal to all and the King Lion himself is adjudicating matters, (King Lion is always busy hunting for prey.) looked at the Public persecutor, the Fox.
The fox rose and said, “Your Honour! It is a known fact that the same God that created the small animals created the Cheetah. If small animals can enjoy roaming on the main paths of the jungle and in the process sleep on the paths when they are tired it is not the fault of Cheetah. God gave the necessary power to Cheetah to run as he likes and wherever he likes. Hence, if the small animals are coming in his way in cannot be treated as his fault. If we have to make this as Animal Interest Litigation, we have to approach God. It is not possible. If required the Juggler of the respondents can move the Highest Court, he, himself coming in way of the Cheetah, dying and meeting God”
At this point the Fox laughed, the Cheetah laughed, all the wild animals that are present laughed, the Judge Wolf in the mask of Lion laughed and the Medianimals too laughed turning the cameras towards their own faces and taking selfie videos.
The small animals made a dull protest. Even though they are present in millions, their voices were too low to be heard in the din.
“I think you studied our jungle law, Mr. Juggler! And I am confident you attended the Jar and got registered as full time Juggler. I am sure you know how to behave yourself in the Wolf’s Court in Lion’s Mask” roared the Judge Wolf.
“Yes! Your Honour! I completed my masters in Jungle Law and am at the Jar for fifty years but never won a case as I represent ants and scantly any giants.”
“Huuhhhhh!” growled the Judge Wolf.
At this point again the millions of small animals present shouted at the pitch of their voice but the noise was drowned in the growl of the Leaned Judge.
“Now! You can continue!” said the Judge sweetly in a cuckoo tone, at which point all cuckoos started counting their numbers but forgot to count themselves and were satisfied one among their ilk was appointed the Judge and stopped protesting. The Judge Wolf and the Persecutor Fox observed this and started imitating the voices of various species thus making them complacent that the wild animals are recognizing them separately and making them occupy the highest posts, sans qualification, and one by one they stopped supporting the poor animal family that lost thousands of kith and kin. At this the Judge and Persecutor smiled at each other that their “Divide and Rule” ploy succeeded.
So, the defence Juggler started arguments. “Your Honour! Running with high speed is the birth right of Cheetah, the defendant.  On the mentioned day he was celebrating his birthday in the Hotel Boar with attached Bar, that supplies Honey, with his fiancé and friends. After friends left with bellies full of boar meat and the sweet honey the Cheetah and Cheatie were too exhilarated and started running helter-skelter in the forest. In the process some small animals, insects and other animate beings got killed. How can it be his mistake, Your Honour?”
“Your Honour! He was running amock, not helter-skelter. And who is Cheatie, Your Honour? There is no such animal in our Kingdom.”
Judge Wolf saw at the Persecutor Fox, who saw at the Defence Juggler, who saw at all the small animal tribes that shifted loyalty. They referred some books in their lingo and said “helter-skelter” was right. They also adjudged that the word Cheatie means the female fiancé of Cheetah and if she was also referred as Cheetah there was a chance that the Judge might consider Cheetah a gay, the Defence Juggler used the female version”
“Objection overruled” the Judge shouted.
The Defence Juggler continued. He said there was no right for small animals to sleep on the way of the Cheetah, if at all they want shelter they should approach King Lion, who might eat them for pleasure and as there is no other jungle in which the accused can run helter-skelter with Cheatie, he was innocent and should be acquitted”
He also produced many witnesses from the latest defectors from small animals to prove his arguments.
The Juggler of the respondent started talking but he was shouted down at the orders of the Judge Wolf in the mask of Lion and Persecutor Fox.
As justice delayed is justice denied for wild animals, the Judge Wolf completed the whole proceedings in half an hour and read out judgement in ten seconds. “Acquitted”

The Judge Wolf congratulated the Defence Juggler, the Cheetah and  Cheatie (not present in court as she was running helter-skelter with another Cheetah, assured that her earlier fiancé would be punished), the Persecutor Fox and all the small animals that turned approver at the last minute. They all celebrated at Hotel Boar, where many of the small approvers turned into delicious dishes for them and honey coming aplenty from Boar Bar, which is underground. King Lion and his cohorts joined the party. The Jungle Justice in the Jungle Raj continued with the same Jungle Law forever and all wild animals lived happily thereafter.

Disclaimer: The characters and events in this story are not real life characters and it is not a blog but a story for posterity to learn how the Law in The Jungle operates.