Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mr. Thapar, brace yourself for BJP rule in 2019 and 2024 - Let us Party

Mr. Devil's advocate, I try to avoid reading you or hearing your interviews. (Luckily for you  and me I do not have  TV connection).  So, after your funny interview with Arun Shourie, I could not resist reading your Column in @httweets this  Sunday. More was my temptation to counter you point by point. You have a flair to mock all those you do not like as less intelligent than your ilk.Must be congenital or I see no reason why a man sees everything with jaundiced eyes and revels in his own idiocy.

People like you deserve to be countered from behind or in dictionary language be hounded. So, I start with your last point. 

For those who are lucky not to have read your column, I wish to point  your last point first and go to the beginning. (I envy those that did not read you, hence I feel uncomfortable until they know your real personality traits).  To quote you verbatim " Both will pass, but, perhaps not as swiftly as he would wish. Till then he must grin his teeth and smile at the same time. Try it, not so easy."  It is sadistic. For you, who were in a loo during earthquake,  it might not look  easy. But for a statesman of Modi'a calibre, who was amongst the earthquake victims, at a very much younger age than yourself  it might not be difficult. In the first place, it is not needed. For, as you wished wholeheartedly, that he would fail in Gujarat but saw him only elevated  higher, while you remained confined to columns and anchoring, it might be disappointing. 

You are like those Devil's astrologers who predicted a rout for Cameron in Britain, depending on a local Rahul there, it might disappoint. But truth is sour. So too, grapes not reachable too are.  

Now, I will come to brass tacks. You revel in speculation, like Rahul's reflection, than ground reality. In the process, both of you try to subvert truth. I will explain in your own language. Rahul, who never did care about poor and farmers talks about them. When country is passing through may crises, mostly because of corruption institutionalised during six decades, more in the last decade, he talks about a food park in Amethi, that he was the prime culprit in stalling for years, So too, you speak about Delhi loss even as BJP romped home in all elections including municipalities, with no iota of anti incumbency on local governments ruling for a decade. But Delhi loss must make Modi sleepless? 

You guys, in media, who follow an ant to its source of food might not have missed what happened in Delhi. Still you bluff. If a neighbor'a house is infested with termite first thing we do is is fumigate our home against its spread,. Both Congress and BJP played a clever game of seeing the termite in Delhi would not spread and was confined to four walls there. You knew this. Now, what happened in Delhi in two months will be enthralling history lesson and within five years, you can see many more Operas being played with one actor stabbing the other and the other singing out of pain, unable to cry as own audiences who bought tickets for the show with a vote would not like them crying. So, your assumption, sadistic though, fails to cut ice.

Dissent in BJP is Media creation and you enjoy it until they decimate all parties in 2019 and 2024. Nothing wrong in that. If you did not understand Modi, you could naturally not appreciate his work. You haunted him for 12 years. What did you achieve, blacklisting of NGOs and plethora of criminal cases on Teestas? Right?

There is no bipolar view of Modi government's functioning. He may not publicise it like Bharat Nirman, even as demolition of economy was in full force. I feel you were silent then, as you were paranoid of Modi win. Now, you fear his success. . 

At least you were little pragmatic in saying that high expectations take time to fructify. But, you failed to mention that when the economy was totally demolished, corruption in high places (not excluding media) was order of the day, when a Prime Minister was allowed to put a rubber stamp also by hidden hands, ministers had free run while the PM was a lame duck, it would take more time. More than you, those who voted Modi or those who voted against him know. You never travel by train, I suppose. You never walked on hitherto unclean roads I think. You never cared to notice how many times garbage was being cleaned. You might not have noticed many things that were going horribly wrong during previous rule. But common folk like me observe. In your overzealous attitude, you tried to obfuscate all achievements. You spread misinformation on MAT and retrospective tax (another blog will follow on this) and you used habitual rebel Shourie for this purpose. And in today'a column you wore his mask to show us there was dissidence in BJP. You know Salya in Mahabharat? He chariots for Karna but misguides him. Modi is not Karna but Shourie and his ilk are Salyas.Hope you understood though you may not appreciate.

And what are Love Jihad, Ghar Vaapsi, Church Attacks? Your own creation and they are confined to your columns as they did not cut ice and were proved acts of cowards. And sour voices? How many columnists agree with your view points in HT? If not all, is it blow to the paper? Counter view is boon for democracy, do you not know this simple fact? 

While in opposition Modi took firm view on many bills he is passing today, with built in safe guards. He critiqued the way schemes were implemented, be it universal banking, social security, MGNRGEA, Aadhar, health insurance, subsidy usage,DBTL name, you will get answers from public that system improved only in 11 months. Millions of illegal gas connections were canceled. Elaborate details will come on the the 1st anniversary. Please wait.

Foreign relations improved.Both China and US are respecting us. Pakistan is only playing proxy war. Europe is serious about Indian economy, as never before. British PM improvised by aping Modi campaign style. You say ministers are not working. It is your perception. Unless they are in news for wrong reasons like scandals, you can't take them working. Times changed, Ministers are working without corrupt deals. So, it is not captured by media. Nor are they talking out of turn, as BJP has highly disciplined cadres. They follow rules not an alien ruler.

If you have any doubt on Land Acquisition,GST or other bills save this blog in your archives. They will go through by monsoon session. You are speaking about dissidence in BJP even as Mamata, Nitish, Naveen, Jaya, KCR  cozy  up to BJP. Communists declared they won't ally with Congress. Pariwar is at war with Lalu pitching for CM post to wife.

So, Mr. Karan, it will be only good news for BJP till 2024 and bad news for you and Congress and the Pariwar parties! I will party certainly! How about you too joining? I am itching to talk to you in person and change your perception. Shall we meet on first anniversary of Modi Government?