Saturday, May 9, 2015


One day I was sitting in Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, by the side of the sick bed of my wife, who then was diagnosed as suffering from a chronic ailment that could be anything and doctors were not sure. I did not tweet it then. I received a phone call from an unregistered number. I went out and said, “ Hello!” “ Hello! Mr. Rao! It is Srivatsava here”, said a hoarse but commanding voice.” I was in surprise. I said I would call him as only a week ago he tweeted his wife had a fall in bathroom and fractured her leg.
I apologized for not calling and asked about the welfare of Madam Srivatsava. He said she was OK and to my utter disbelief revealed that he was just returning from the hospital after attending Chemo Therapy or Dialysis (cannot recall now) session. His voice suggested that he wanted to talk to someone whom he loves. I was the one who chose.
Between my wife’s dilemma and his revelation, I just sat musing in her room, after I talked to him. “Who first?” It added to my mental stress, so to say. Things do, no more, depress me as I had many blows in life.
We are a group of Senior citizens on Twitter who follow each other. I can confidently say we are all very good humans. This common trait of being human made us very close,, so much so that, if one is missing for a week on Twitter inquires follow. We are all right wingers,. We all love Modi. We are all good analysts. There are abusive right, aggressive right, average right. (moderate right). While I belong to the second group, Sri Srivatsava to the third. I am never abusive, but my sharp attacks on opponents land on the precipice of abuse. A push here it is abusive, a push there aggressive.
But Srivatsava, being an advocate of decades at the Bar, is too moderate, too elderly, too counselling and reducing the impact of intemperate discussions among our group. He was trying to assuage the hurt, advise the aggressive or abusive but be firm in his opinions.
Besides politics, he was always willing to pass on advice on legal matters even late at night. That helped me, specially, to improve my knowledge of legal matters. His voice was commanding.
He once told me that his daughter was in Canada and every year he was duty bound to visit the country and his age and falling health were telling upon the travel fatigue. “But, it is life, Mr.Rao! he said” philosophically. The more  we try to move away from the mundane, the more we are pushed by the God into the mire of family relations, he said. I agreed. I am a constant traveller, myself. One month here, six months there, three months here and a year there. Nomadic tribesmen, on the move.
So, one morning when I received a tweet from Sri Haresh Raichura, another SC lawyer (about whom I speak the little the better. He is gem among lawyers. How many of them are ready to share their experiences, agonies, anxieties, opinions about the two sides of judicial pronouncements etc.,? He does it regularly. He is one among the many seniors, I have great respect) tweeted asking me to go through SCBA , I saw and found nothing. Then, he revealed the sad news that our Senior Colleague and best friend passed away. I felt extremely sad. The ubiquitous, “Good Morning! Mr.Rao”, the commanding greeting by the time I open Twitter account will be missing. The advice, the moderation in discussions, the occasional pun on some tweeples, the firm opinions on rot in politics and judiciary will be missing.
But, life goes on. As one Telugu poet said, “When a wind blows out a flower creeper will you leave it unattended? Will you not water it again and bring life to it? Just as the pearl is hidden under the deep ocean, there is always some part of his life that guides us behind our deep sorrow.”
My condolences to the wife and children of Sri Srivatsava and I advise them to rearrange their lives knowing that he was no more and feeling courageous that his Soul was hovering around to guide them.
Another poet said, “Those living are the sweetest memories of those good that are no more. Just as the thread in a garland is unseen and keeps flowers together, the soul of man keeps the family together and blessed”
Between my wife’s dilemma and his revelation, I just sat musing in her room, after I talked to him. “Who first?” It added to my mental stress, so to say. Things do, no more, depress me as I had many blows in life.
Two days’ back my wife’s doctor said she had a miraculous recovery and he was going to quote her case in Medical Journals as he never came across a case where at the age she is in now, anyone could recover in two years.
“My Friend! Srivatsava Jee! Did you lose a part of your life span to replenish the dead energy in my wife and are you blessing us with long life? This is sad and bad. But I take it in the right spirit. You loved me and my approach to problems. You loved the language I use that never hurts others. You loved my philosophy. Continue blessing, to enable me to carry on where you left work unattended. You are no more but you live in our hearts. I shared the sad news with my family members, who felt sad, specially my wife who borrowed a part of your life span. Rest In Peace, my Friend. We will meet in the top worlds sooner or later.