Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We do not deserve Modi! But Posterity needs Modi and more like him

The 26th of May, 2015. The day the country was blessed with the best Prime Minister and a year of graft free, totally dedicated governance the country ever witnessed in six decades except occasional spells. I was in Hyderabad and wanted to know the pulse of people of different regions of Telangana and the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

First I wanted to make a visit to some localities of Telangana starting with Hyderabad. I started in an auto in the scorching heat of the city. I observed large banners of the CM etc, with "Come, participate in Swatch Hyderabad" and I saw scores of police personnel, GHMC staff, sweeper staff, municipal engineers repairing drains etc., I immediately tweeted something like KCR deployed the whole of administrative staff in cleaning Hyderabad twin cities and his administrative capacity is excellent. Hyderabad is looking like never before."

I asked the auto man to take a turn at Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar locality, one of the posh colonies in Hyderabad. After a few yards, I found that the area was yet to be cleaned and they would come later to clean. I observed some posh residents throwing the gabage in their houses from balconies on to the road. I thought they must be accumulating the garbage to help KCR clean the city. After a few hundred yards I found about  five lorriesl of smelling garbage dump in a place. I stopped the auto and asked two or three residents. I was dismayed at what I heard. "Tomorrow our leader is visiting this place to participate in "Swatch Hyderabad". So, they are dumping garbage from main roads at this place.

I visited three or four colonies and the situation was same. I went home hoping the leaders will clean themselves before cleaning the dump and returned home. Next morning I found in local papers complaining of bad smell through the night and sleeplessness and occasional power cuts added to their woes. I thoughthe, . " Do we deserve a Modi??"

Next day, I visited the old city area and visited a Cafe, previously famous as Iranian Cafe and ordered the most delicious "small samosa" filled with onion. "Garam, garam", I said. "Haan! Saab! yeah garmi mein thandaa kahan milta?",(Yes, Sir! You will get only hot. In this climate, how can you get anything cold?)  he laughed at his own joke and few eaters also laughed so l that the food they were eating spilled all over including on my face. "Swatch Bharat bolte! Kahan Swatch Bharat? Hotel kaa Haalat dekho" (They say Clean India. See the fate of the Hotel), one eater joked and all other eaters laughed making the place more filthy.

The supplier went to the glass cage in which the samosas were heating naturally, He took a plate, took a very blackened cloth with dust and oil and cleaned the plate and supplied around ten samosas. A few out of these were dumped there by other waiters. They were left overs from other plates. (in these hotels they supply ten to twelve samosas, biscuits etc., and people eat stomachfull and leave the rest which they re dump). As I found out that the stock contained the "laughing stuff" also, I paid the money for all ten samosas and came out without eating thinking, "Do we deserve Modi?"

I started walking on the road. As I raised my head to curse the Sun (excuse me God, cant help) I found a larger than life hoarding of KCR " Thank you, citizens Your participation in the Swatch Hyderabad can never be repaid". I observed people covering their noses with hand kerchiefs.. I walked a few feet and had to take out my hand kerchief and found five lorries of dump on the main road just below the hoarding. I walked away and asked a passerby why the dump was lying there under KCR hoarding. " గందేంది భై, గంత మాత్రం తెల్వదా? కే సీ ఆర్ అన్న స్వచ్చ్ హైదరాబద్ పిలుపిచ్చిండు కదా. నిన్న పెద్ద రోడ్లు ఊడ్చి కాలనీల్ల్లో పదేసినాం. ఇయ్యాళ కాలనీలు సాఫు చేసి గీడ పడెసినాం." కానీ మరీ అన్న ఫోటో కిందనేందే?" I asked. " మరి అన్న దృష్టికి రావాల్నటే గాడ్నే ఎయ్యమండు మా కార్పొరేటర్ సారు."  he told me.  (#The conversation proceeded like this. " You dumbhead? Dont you know so much. Our brother KCR gave a call for swatch Hyderabad. We cleaned main roads yesterday and dumped garbage in colonies. Today, we cleaned colonies and dumped on main roads." "But why under the hoarding of KCR", I asked. "Our Corporator told us that only if we dump there KCR will observe")

I thought "Do we deserve Modi?" and moved ahead to a colony where settlers from Coatal Andhra stay. I sat under the shelter of a city bust stop. Three settlers were also sitting there either for a bus or were resting there to escape from the heat.

All were smoking and chewing paan. Seems they just had lunch from the Andhra Mess opposite, the board of which was smeared with black paint during the State Agitation. They were conversing among themselves.

"ఏందబ్బయా? మోడీ ఏమన్నా చెస్తాడంటావ? ఉట్టి కబుర్లేనా? ఎంతసెపటికీ స్వచ్చ్ భారత్ అంటాడు. మనకి పెసల్ త్టేటుస్ అన్నాడు కదా ఇంతవరకూ ఉలకడు, పలకడు. నీ అబిపాయం ఏంది? (What my boy? Will Narendra Modi do anything at all? He harks upon  swatch bhaarat. He promised special status to Andhra but does not say a single word. what do you say?) He spit in the bust stop where a red mark formed from his paan and threw the cigarette ash on my shirt.

"ఏడ బాబాయ్!  ఏం సేత్తాడు?  ఉట్టి కబుర్లే. అయినా మన బాబు ననాలె. బైటికొచ్చెయ్యొచ్చు కదా. చూడు ఎంత బాగా సేత్తుండో. బాబా, మజాకా? ఇప్పటి దాకా 15000 ఎకరాలు పీకున్నాడా లేదా రైతుల దగ్గరనించి రాజధాని కోసం? ఎన్ని సార్లు ఇదేశాలు తిరిగాడు మనకి ఐద్రాబద్  కన్న మంచి రాజధాని కోసం. అస్సలు నిద్రే పోడంట. తెలుసా?. ఏందన్నాయ్? నువ్వేమంటా? ఇతనూ తుపుక్కున ఉమ్మెశాడు ఇంకో పక్కన.  పక్క వాడి మీద సిగరెట్టు బూడిద విసిరెసాడు. అతను కిందకి దులిపాడు.

(What will he do uncle?. All boasting only. See our Baabu. He snatched 15000 acres from farmers to construct a new capital.  He toured many countries to provide us a better capital than Hyderabad. He does not sleep. Do you know? What brother, what do you say?" He too spit on the other side and threw the cigarette ash on the third person. He just cleaned it and spoiled the bench.

The third person seems to be a sparse conversationalist. He just said " Ha, ha", spit on the floor. The three threw their cigarette butts on the floor and left. While leaving the old man said " Clean India! Will Modi come and clean the bus stop?". They all laughed and left the bus stop , in the process, splintering the paan filled spit all over the place. I thought, " Do we deserve Modi?" and left to the colony where dominant communities are from Rayala Seema.

I saw two rough looking villagers, with huge mustaches and each wearing a white dhoti turned black in view of the heat and sweat. One asked the other in his dialect.

" యాందో చేత్తాను చెత్తనంటాడు. ఏందన్న. ఈ మొడీ సేసేది. బాబు సీమ కింతవరకూ ఏం సెయ్యలే కదా? అడిగే దైర్నమే  లేదు. పబుత్వం పడిపోతుందని బయమేమో?"

" అవునన్నా! అదే మన జగను బాబైతే అమీ తుమీ తేల్చుండేవాడు కదూ?"

( This Modi says, I will do this and that. What does he do? Baby did not do a single thing to Seema. He does not have courage tof ask. He is afraid, his government will fall.

"Yes brother! If it were Jagan he would have taken Modi  to task. ."

They were both eating groundnuts well fried and throwing the husk on the road and enjoying the walk. The whole road they walked was filled with the ground not husk.

One laughed and said, "Brother! I went to Proddatur Market. The Chairman is our party man. He asked the market people not to clear the dump. It is stinkling. Let Modi come and clean, he says."

At which they both laughed heartily thus throwing the groundnut paste in their mouths all over the road.

"Swatch Bharat? " one said with a lot of vengence!

They laughed loud, spit on the road and walked away. I started sweating and turned back to escape them.

I thought "Do we really deserve Modi?"

On the street I saw a 10 year old boy buying a "LAYS"  packet and after munching the contents , keeping the wrapper in his pocket.
I got curious and asked him, " Do you collect the wrappers? "

He replied


I danced on the road and shouted, "We don't deserve Modi. But we need him for the next generation. He is like the Bharat Mata to the next generation."

We need Modi! We need Modi! We need Modi" I was shouting.

" Your obsession with Modi is only increasing. Wake up. It is 5'o clock. Have coffee" My wife woke me up.

I told her about the dream. I have to blog now. Coffee later. She patted me and sat by my side to help me draft the blog.

" I need you. But our children and grand children do not need us. We never taught  what Modi is teaching them now.  We do not deserve a Modi but they need Modi and more and more leaders like him." I told her.


We do not do our basic duties. But we want all rights that Congress held like bait and looted nation for sixty years. Our duty to our nation is our first right.