Friday, June 12, 2015


Telugu is a melodious language. Though I give Sanskrit and Hindi the prime place in Indian languages for their musical tone, Telugu occupies the pride of place and belong to the same genre. Telugu derives most of its words from Sanskrit, the Mother of World Languages. (Critics may deny this, but facts cant be obfuscated.) In the undivided Andhra Pradesh there used to be 23 different local dialects of Telugu in 23 districts. Each used to have a distinct musical tinge while talking. In movies, directors used the different musical tones effectively to create the Navarasas. Comedy was used using the north east dialects, Coastal belt, Seema dialect and various Telangana dialects. So too, villiany. Without seeing entertainment at face value, self serving leaders from Telangana used this to foment hatred on Andhra film makers and attacks followed. This is uncultural to say the least. Hindi films used the Telugu "Ramayya vastaavayya" to create a melodious song. Padosan mocked the Hindi accent of southerners but people welcomed the film for entertainment value but not to foment hatred.

Kannada King Sri Krishna Deva Raya adorned Telugu with a pearl of wisdom "Deasa bhasha landu Telugu lessa"  (In Indian languages Telugu occupies the prime place). He did not differentiate the Telugu of one place to the Telugu of another region. Telugu is one whosoever speaks and howsoever his dialect leads him to speak.

In this backdrop, I saw two videos of Sri K. Chandrasekhara Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana using Telugu in his speeches. I thought, "Oh! What happened to my melodious languagae? How did use of unparliamrntary words, abuses and calling names has taken the place of the melody of the language of Dr. C.Narayana Reddy and Dasaradhi Rangacharya, the two proud linguists, writers and poets in contemporary history from Telangana? What happened to Manya Kalojee  or Gaddar, who used the melody of the language to create memorable revolutionary songs and literature?  Is intoxication of power so liquid that the solidity of the listeners too melts in intoxication and they clap to the abuses hurled by this man? When did we see such low levels a CM stooped? Even T. Anjaiah was using more polished language despite lack of university degrees.   Lalu seemed a crore times better in his use of language.

KCR was known for using vituperative language. He once said he would hack the necks of Journos who write  against him. Other times he said many times he would throw out all settlers from Andhra. He was not using abuses in literary terms. What made him use abuses that any balanced mind in Telangana too can not  accept his language? In bars, pubs, toddy shops or violent movies we hear these words. But why he is so depressed that he uses abuses to attack adversaries?

Let us examine mythology, history, contemporary history, moral stories and the mundane to examine this fact before we go into the actual verbal abuses he resorted to.

In Mahabharata, Sisupal, knowing his end is nearing starts abusing Lord Krishna in the name of his caste, character, his women  and his politics. When he nears his end, Lord Krishna kills him. Those who fear the end of their rule, as they lose grip over administration, resort to such language. No surprise. KCR is resorting to such language.

Chanakya prescribed four rules for proper Raja Neeti. They are eerie (Vedas), vaarta (intelligence gathering) , dandaneeti (punishing the criminals), and anveekshaki (strategy, tactic and logic). This carries a lot of significance to why KCR was losing his temper. He used the reverse of Raja neeti. (araacha neeti). He feigned he gathered information, instead of using logic or tactic and sharing it with the higher authorities or the Central Government he used it to defame his opponents. His oponents are experts in Raja Neeti and they too gathered some information. Instead of blabbering in public they silently shared information  with the concerened agencies, who started probing. That created panic in KCR camp. So the approach to the problem is to appeal to the basest sentiments of the rabble as Dr.Johnson said, the last resort of a fake patriot.  He is in panic mode!

If you go to contemporary history, you find Napolean meeting his Waterloo, Hitler facing rebellion within ranks (Read: Is Paris Burning? by the writers of Freedom At Midnight.) ,Mughals ended their own history, the British beat a hasty retreat post 2nd world war and the mighty Congress is reduced to 44 seats, with leadership vaccum. Actions of all these, before they were vanquished were similar to that of KCR. Panicked and abusive!

If you go to moral stories there is one story in Panchtantra by Vishnu Sarma, in which a Brahmin kills a mangoose, coming to greet him with blood stained face (blood of the snake that she killed, to protect the Brahmin's baby), thinking that she killed his baby. This is called Apeerikshikaaritam (acting without verification) KCR chose the easy way  of killing the mangoose without verifying facts and is now regretting. He is showing this in the language he uses.

If you go to the mundane, a person cornered in the act of theivery uses abusive language,  to feign innocence and convince the believers that he did not commit theft. What else can we expect from a person like KCR but abusive language? He was caught, reportedly, tapping phones of people of another state. He does not know what proof the other CM possesses as that man follows Chanakya Raja Neeti and keeps issues close to his chest. Hence, the abusive language in panic mode!

What did he say? He called a minister of the other state a dog that barks. He inaugarated a project in Palamur District that had no permission ostensibly to divert attention of the public from his thoughtless actions in the past few days. One minister of the lower riparian state objected to this as the project  had no permission. So he called him a dog loyal to the CM of other state. This minister threatened that the issue would be taken up with the Centre. It is not new that upper riparian states construct projects without permission and lower riparian states complain. But it is the first time a constitutionally appointed Minister was called dog? What is the Governor of the two states doing? Does he understand the language spoken by his CM?

Secondly, he said Modi would not come in his way if he provided water to his people. But, by his own admission, Modi is PM for all. How can he allow him to starve the lower riparian state to satiate his thirst? He did not stop there. He said not only Modi, but the Gods cannot stop him from constructing the project. He may not respect Gods but he should respect constitutionally elected PM. By disrespecting the post of PM, he committed an anti national act.

He went on to say AP CM was "Mundmopi".( a widow). This is a sexist remark. He insulted women folk. Not only that, calling the other CM a widow is unbecoming of a CM. This shows his panic and his urge to win back confidence of his own people.  Don't you see a Duryodhan here, who hurriedly makes Karna, Anga Raja to counter Arjuna, the best archer living?

Then he justified his remark that he would use a thousand bombs to blast Sunkesula barrage and said addressing Byreddy "Kodaka"  ( My son) another sexist remark abusing the mother of Byreddy.

In a latest video he was seen joking crudely on Devineni Uma, whether he is s man or woman. To test whether such language is used in intoxication, I consumed half bottle of the most intoxicating liquor before writing this blog and did not use such language nor typed a word wrong.

So, I concluded it was intoxication of power and guilty conscience and fear of consequences of his own actions like airing audio, video CDs on his own channel. Let God save him and his KCRonies!

I hope the Centre takes note of his language and invoke the necessary provisions of constitution to silence him.


Friends! I do not drink. I used it idiomatically. Blog ki Jumla! Or else what differentiates me from KCR! I do not abuse without proof.

Some expressed that I was showing way to youngsters. My name is CM but I am not the abusive, guilty, arrogant CM. So, do not drink guys and land as CMs. I may have to blog on you too!