Friday, June 26, 2015


Mr. Rajdeep Sadresai is at it again. On a day after the fourth decade of the "Black Days of Emergency", he decided to attack BJP instead of Congress. So, he confirmed once again the old saying in the country that the Media crawled when it was asked to bend to cater to the power mongering Indira's whims. It is no surprise that with the help of the Media mandarins and their crawling anchors, Congress perpetuated its dynasty rule over the nation. The only difference is Indira exposed herself by imposing emergency, but the Italian born Indian citizen imposed on us a lame duck PM and with the help of his silence perpetuated her hegemony, that the country might take decades to clean up. One year is too short for that.

In fact, the Hindustan Times, apparently the mouth piece of Congress, conveniently thought it made readers forget the dark days of emergency. The confidence stems from the fact that 65% of Indians are below 35 and did not go through the vagaries of the dictatorial tendencies of Congress Raj since 1947. But one fact, they conveniently forgot was that the average age of Indians increased multi fold and old people like us are plenty to spread the message to at least 50% of youth. That swings the pendulum back. So, the paper carries an analysis, a mid page column by the belligerent Rajdeep and surprisingly an editorial on the smog, no smoke, that the Media conveniently spread a day after Modi again made one of the biggest Yoga exercises the world over. None of these, the columns, the editorial, the news comfortably says that any leader in BJP is culpable. They take shelter under the "alleged", "reported" and "sources" etc., that Media uses as a lingo to escape the noose. Are they sure, there was quid pro quo.? No. In case of UPA all the reports on scandals were backed by the reports by responsible authorities.; Now, it is proved beyond doubt that they, in fact, caused the economy a huge loss under an economist Prime Minister. By comparing MMS with Modi, Media can never make Modi talk out of the way. He is a warrior who won many battles on Media. This is just a speck in the ocean, where Media is unsure about what it is after. A mirage, an oasis, a biscuit that is like the "sour grapes" not sweet for a fox?

What did Congress achieve? Nothing. No regional news channel, no regional paper is giving any importance to the issues. No Congress leader from any state came in support of the noise made by a Diggy, a Sachin, a Mani, a Chidu or a Singhvi. (He is silent most of the time.) The top leadership vanished in thin air, leading to speculation about their whereabouts and why they had to leave in the midst of such huge scandal (as per media) rocking the nation. No Regional Party leader supported them except what your sources speculate 24x7. None is coming out with an enlightened view. So where do you stand? You are trying to sail on a sinking ship. I recall the famous Hollywood movie series, The Pirates of Caribbean and the curse of the Black Pearl. You are pursuing the Dead Man's chest. No use. There too it was the British connection. What did the editorial say, " All this puts the BJP, which promised good governance and probity in public life, in a very poor light." And the last sentence of the editorial reads, " Unless the government acts now and acts decisively, the storm could become a hurricane". My dear Hindustan Times, how many storms became hurricanes? Wind blows either way as time prolongs. This is how Congress believed. Was it not? Indira called "Garibi Hatao" in 1972., This is 2015 and Congress went to polls on the plank that 67% of population were poor, still they stand by it. Did the Garibi not being hataoed affect chances of Congress at the hustings? But, as Rajnath Singh said this is NDA and not UPA and sooner or later, not after 2018, most leaders of UPA will face trial or jail. It is fait accompli. "Facts on the ground do not seem to corroborate". You are not sure but want to be judgmental. ALL TO HIDE THE DARK DAYS OF EMERGENCY FROM PUBLIC SCRUTINY. BUT SM  IS DOING ITS JOB EFFECTIVELY, DO NOT FORGET. YOUR READERS ARE MINIMAL AND HALF OF THEM LIKE ME DO IT TO PINPOINT YOUR FAILURE AS FOURTH PILLAR OF DEMOCRACY. 

And Rajdeep Sardesai's take on Lalit's political connection is devils preaching scriptures, as Media played a major role in the success of the business model of IPL and Rajdeep was not an outsider. So, if politicians worked for largeses, did Media do it for charity? Should we think Rajdeep was also above board in the whole muck? Did they not make the youth dance to the tunes of the cheer leaders? Did not they talk, eat, sleep, dream the IPL those days? How many sane advises have not gone to Media to reduce the coverage, as youth were falling prey to the 24x7 bash, with no sustance? Did they not run live shows of auctions of players as if bulls are sold and purchased? Oh! The highest earner, Dhoni? Ponting ignored? How many months did media spend on a jamboree that did not feed a single common man? Now, he speaks like Dhritarashtra after Kurukshetra. Your love for the sons, daughter and dauters-in-law was not unknown to the nation Mr.Rajdeep! Let not the nation be fooled by your 24x7 jamboree. 

And an analysis by one by Mr. Prashant Jha. The very headline is misleading. "The Return of the Controversy". Where is controversy? In the minds of demons that work 24x7 to tarnish and make a living? He says, "Also, Modi does not want to be seen as doing anything under pressure". What an analysis? How many times Mr. Jha observe Mr. Modi acting under pressure of meek media during the past thirteen years? He is not only a hardcore politician, but a statesman and more so, a man who served with no return expected, a Karma Yogi. This is our answer to your half bred imagination, Mr. Jha! "Insensitive to public opinion?" Do you, Hindustan Times, its few readers, Rajdeep Sardeasai, Barkha Dutt, Sagarilka, a Jaggie here, a Maggie there represent public opinion? If that is so, Congress would have been buried in 1977. Public assess their daily needs and react. If they get what they wished for by 2018, Modi will win till 2024. He will retire as he reaches 75 then. And BJP continues to rule. Note, this is not Congress to frame rules differently to different people as per lineage. This is BJP and it will survive. Your "meows" before the lion will be drowned in the roar. Go on till your throats are sour! 

If Congress biscuit factory is kept open till 2024, Media can wait at the gates of the factory and public relish it, you going hungry till then.