Friday, June 12, 2015


Your column in Hindustan Times is the most amusing Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, after Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt tweets on Indian covert action on India-Mayanmar borders. Obviously, you guys in the Media, do not want sovereignty of nation in the safest hands post independence. By trying to widen gap between communities and religions you are acting in the most reprehensible manner. You may not like the persona of Modi. But you can not compromise on the nation's prosperity and security. Your writings, tweets, your talk shows and your breaking news smack of the filth that accumulated in your brains with the psuedo secular policies of the erstwhile governments, but for a few years under Manya A.B.Vajpayee. This pseudo secularism is nothing but appeasement of sections of population with freebies, keeping them in perennial poverty, illiteracy and marginalized, use them as vote banks reciting their rights versus majority rights during election times. Or there is no reason why a religion, protected by their own personal law,  deeply rooted in religious beliefs in your own words, is lingering in poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy and is not coming out of the deeply rooted beliefs.. Despite all these negative indicators, why the religious leaders and the great Owaisis still do preach increase in population to make India Islamic?  Do you not find your and their  own hypocrisy here?

You speak about less Muslim representation in BJP. The facts speak otherwise. How many Muslims were accepted by Congress in its fold during independence struggle? Do you hear any name other than Maulana Abul Kalam Azad? What was the treatment meted out to Mohammed Ali Jinnah (he deserved it, though) despite his erudition? What drove him to the precipice of hostility to Hindus and who was responsible? How many Muslim leaders occupied plum positions in Congress rule?Count them. But for Dr. Zakir Hussain, who was a great scholar,who occupied the position of President from minority communities except Fakruddin and Zail  Singh, who were sought to be used as rubber stamps? Manya Abdul Kalam was supported by the BJP, you may recall.

Primarily why do you harp upon a theory that mere representation in plum positions from communities improves the lot of the community? Both Congress and BJP were branded Brahminical. How many Brahmin families are flourishing in India, without migration to other nations? How many of them are living in slums of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Hyderabad etc., in perennial poverty? Do you know what a Brahmin priest in AP used to get till the other day? Rs.2,500/- as salary with no other benefits? How much a security guard in a plush bungalow earns there? Rs.7,500/- p.m. This proves that if a few members of the community are given plum positions the lot of the community does not improve. This is true with Muslims too. 

You say Old City of Hyderabad is mired in turbulent and overtly communal politics. You must be knowing that since the Indian Government occupied the Hyderabad State from Nizam, the old city was under the vice like grip of one family, but for few interregnums. Then, why did the Congress and AIMIM choose to keep the pot boiling instead of rectifying the old animosities. BJP was never in power in AP. First time it is part of the government in AP, of which Hyderabad is not part. You must be knowing, through your now, dead sources, that from the day Modi took over the old city was almost peaceful. There are few preventive arrests, few searches, few communal incidents and what not, the youth apparently seem happy that their education is not suffering. And there is scope for fresh employment opportunities.

What is your grouse? Why do you try to rake up 2002 riots, in which role of Modi was nil. It was proved in courts of law. Do you think you are superior to the Courts? If BJP claims 3 million membership and Modi meets Muslim clerics who promise to participate in the Yoga camp, it is for photo ops and sound bites. If Rahul goes to a Dalit House and enjoys seven star facilities in Hotel Maurya to remove the fatigue, it is in a sense of service. Your attitude smacks of "tokenism" in words, camera shoots, talk shows, breaking news and perpetuating lies.

If Owaisi asks "How many fathers Rama was having?" in a public meeting near Nizamabad, it is not hatred. If he says that if Muslims unite, they will make the Hindus run for their lives, it is not hatred. But the fake ghar vapsi, love jihad, saffron terror campaigns that are run 24X7 by you guys, will enrage a community? What kind of journalism did you, Sagarika, Barkha etc., learn Mr.,Rajdeep and from where? We can advise posterity not to enroll in those institutions.

When communities are living in harmony, when the nation is not hearing about a communal riot every week, when nation's borders are being made secure, when sworn enemies of the nation are trembling with fear when they hear a statement from us, when efforts are afoot to make India a world power and the "sab ka sath, sab ka vikas" is accepted by even hard core clerics of Muslims (I thank them, you too do that) you do not try to impose your biased, left centric, failed ideology on the nation. Live and let live. It is easy to rouse passions, but difficult to subdue them. Write something positive that helps reduce passions still, if any, in a few people. Do not try to escalate tensions. Or you will end up as another Nero, that writes his negative  columns when the country is moving ahead with enthusiasm. 

You need not preach what each leader in BJP should or should not do. They are connoisseurs who know their job well. Do your job properly. 


In response to the  column with calumny for the establishment by Rajdeep Sardesai in Hidustan Times, today " Their Silence is Deafening"