Sunday, June 14, 2015


Mr. Thapar! You are left with no issues, I wrote last week, though I am learing many a thing in life from you. I am a qualified journalist, with lot of zeal to become a journalist, but landed as a failed banker-cum-freelancer. So, I have no trumpet to blow myself. Beyond that, at this old age too, I do not want my self -respect to be bartered to a Press or Media, that lost relevance in the Indian context and are acting as # titutes. No, I am not rich enough to throw away chances. Perhaps, if anyone has to be reckoned for BPL, I and my wife come first as we do not earn even that R.33/- (the Congress poverty line for living most comfortably in Mumbai). This is not a boast but a fact. When Potana wrote Bhagavatam and his Brother-In -Law, a rich writer like you, advised him to dedicate it to the Kings, instead of to Lord Rama,  to earn a living the BPL, Pothana is said to have said, (As a secular you may not have come across this)

బాలరసాలసాలనవపల్లవ కోమల కావ్యకన్యకం
గూళలకిచ్చి యప్పడుఁపు గూడు భుజించుటకంటె సత్కవుల్
హాలికులైననేమి గహనాంతరసీమలఁ గందమూల కౌ
ద్దాలికులైననేమి నిజ దార సుతోదర పోషనార్థమై.

"To make a living I will till land or eat leaves in a forest to feed my wife and children instead of selling my self- respect to the Kings and earn the blood money by bartering my book."

I lived by this dictum all through my life. You, by your own admission, blow your trumpet. If, by your low standards, you think Modi is blowing his own, he is perfectly right because he is doing something great that nobody did. As I said in my last blog, you pluck hairs on balded heads and mock there are no hairs. So, to provide a hair or two to the media, you go on plucking, with no result, as you have no issues to speak against Modi. You guys are turning out to be students who do not know an answer to a single question in the examination hall but to spend time, scribble something or draw pictures of animals or birds, yawning all the time. (Imagine the scene, you can enjoy).

Besides blowing your own trumpet you blow the trumpet of Dr.Manmohan Singh, the honest one, who was not corrupt but was very kind to the corrupt. When you say, actually Dr.MMS wanted to do this or that I remember a comdey scene in a Telugu movie. One guy says, I wanted to become a doctor like my father.

"Was he a doctor?" the other guy asks.

"No! He too wanted to be a doctor" this guy says.

There is a lot of difference between wishing to do and doing. He wished to do but did not do as his invisible bosses did not allow him to do anything. You should be courageous enough to accept facts.  So what did he do? He said he was going to construct India. (Bharat Nirman). Voters wondered what this Man will construct still, after India's tryst with destiny started under the legacy of Nehru on the midnight of 15th August, 1947. And his legacy was continued by his heir, her heir, his heir and thanks to MMS only the next heir is now on pepertual vacation. He is not married, so, hopefully, this heirachy of building, demoloishing and rebuilding stopped forever.

Now, Modi came, Modi saw. What he found was that India was built but built in a haphazard manner. He did not advocate demolition of the structure. Instead, he harped upon cleaning it, making few adjustments here and there, thus benefitting common folk instead of demolition and construction contractors
who are none other than people loyal to the heirs of the original crony capitslist, in the guise of a socialist. Modi started it in right earnest and I am happy he started cleaning the Media first.

Regarding your grouse that Modi compared Border agreement with demolition of Berilin wall, it is idiomatic.Do you deny it paved a way for clearing the doubts in the minds of people between two countries, like the demolition of  Berlin Wall did? If it was fascist immigrants that reportedly prompted errect the Berlin Wall, it was illegal immigration from Bangla Desh, to India thsat created a gulf of suspicion, called enclaves between the two nations. Why did successive governments fail to solve the issue? As illegal immigrants were used as vote banks. Your consistent argument that Modi opposed this and that while in oppostion, but is now implementing the same, is naive. He is implementing the schemes without leakages and better. Like that, when the BD-India agreement was signed it was done in a better manner, using better diplomacy and convincing other players at home.

Let us come to thumping desks. Did Congress win  East Pakistan war? But it won polls thmping chests. Was it not? Field Malshall Gen. Manek Shah, won the war with a strategy with the least loss of lives. Can we ignore the leadership of Mrs. Gandhi then? No. Did she deny herself credit? No. So too,Modi. How can we deny him credit or how can he deny himself credit? He gave credit to the "woman" in Bangla Desh. You and your media guys with Congress desk-thumpers mocked him with sexcist remark. Did Congress never use the womanhood of Indira, Sirimao or Golda Meir for garnering votes of a section of population. Do you still be under illusion that Indians are poor in history? Not as poor as our so called historians, at least.

Now, come to the "Nobel Prize" comment. He was addressing you, the sold out media, who thump your chests if the same thing happened between rich Christian countries. As I said, Modi, an Indian is not as poor as yourselves and our historians when it comes to history. He must be knowing how many from third world countries got the Nobel. He is your Prime Minister if you accept it or not and our Prime Minister and that of 1.25 crore people minus the doubting Thomases and we accept it whole heartedly.


P.S:  The comments in this blog are personal opinions of the blogger and directly drawn from his heart, as he has no habit of reading between lines.