Saturday, July 4, 2015


Manya Vishnu Sharman, wrote five great moral stories that the world would better follow even now. Even though, they were transformed into kid stories over a period of time, in fact, they were intended to teach Raja Dharma to the heirs of the King, who were transgressing the rules of ruling. Out of these, the prominent one is "Mitra Bhedam" (Or the "Loss of Friendship"). On reading a center page column by the inimitable Barkha, in the inimitable Hindustan Times,  I thought of this story and the various stories that were told as small tales in that and the morals they convey. So I decided to name the blog


Let me be brief in the story. Two foxes, Karataka and Damanaka, who were heirs to two ministers with the King Pingalaka, a lion find their king terrified by the roar of a bull, Sanjeevaka, a bull left there by a merchant of goods as it was injured, try to regain their lost positions using the bull. So they create mutual fear in the minds of both these animals, one wild and the other mild in the service of humanity. But finding them too close and for fear of losing their proximity to the king, they prompt the king to kill the bull and they stay safe.

It is difficult to associate the specific characters in this story to any among the Congress, the BJP led by Modi, the IPL led by Lalith and Barkha, ubiquitous controversy- mongering journo. The headline reads, " The pantomime plays out". I would like to change this to "The Opera Plays out in the Broadway". The singer, that sings, stabbing all other players in the back is obviously Barkha Dutt. In fact, when you start and end reading the column, you will understand that it is more about herself and cleaning her hands out of the whole controversy (created partly by herself) than Congress, BJP, BCCI, IPL or Lalith. She plays hard ball with BJP , soft ball with Congress and bowls a no-ball, giving an extra run for me to write this blog. 

She starts with "I have absolutely no interst in cricket, I have never been to cheer an IPL match.... I have never interviewed Lalith Modi (he might have refused interview to her, who knows?) and ends with a gleeful " Now as we sit back and wait for the next instalment of Lalit 'leaks' for the moment, he is having the last laugh." What do you make of it? She does not like cricket, she does not like IPL, does not like Lalith but likes "LEAKS". I see in her too, a Patriot as defined by Dr. Johnson, the first ever lithographer, who said "The last resort of a scoundrel is patriotisim" 

408. Patriotism; Politics; Subversion
"A man sometimes starts up a patriot, only by disseminating discontent, and propagating reports of secret influence, of dangerous counsels, of violated rights, and encroaching usurpation. This practice is no certain note of patriotism. To instigate the populace with rage beyond the provocation, is to suspend publick happiness, if not to destroy it. He is no lover of his country, that unnecessarily disturbs its peace. Few errours and few faults of government, can justify an appeal to the rabble; who ought not to judge of what they cannot understand, and whose opinions are not propagated by reason, but caught by contagion."
Johnson: The Patriot (sic.)

So, she is not interested in Cricket, IPL, Lalith, Sonia, Priyanka, Vadra but is interested in "Leaks" by Lalith to douse her apetitie for controversy, rouse the rabble against the government of the day and create unrest among public to earn her daily bread! Is it not scandalous, to say the least?

And she gleefully harps on the subject of the purportedly difference of perceptions, ambitions and what not, in BJP., Jaitely vs Sushma, Sushma vs Modi, Modi vs Advani etc., to drive home the point that these leaks were an internal sabotage by self-serving BJP leaders, obfsucating in the process, the leaks that Lalith leaked on Congress leaders and others. Instead of supporting  national interest by exposing the selfish interest of Lalith, Barkha acted like the Karataka and Damanaka, two wily foxes in the story aforementioned. Her intention is to drive a hedge between the rulers, represented by BJP (the lion king) and innocent people represented by the bull, Sanjeevaka in the story. In the story Sanjeevaka loses the battle. Does she want people of India to lose in the battle of wits between Lalith, the law enforcement authorities and the ruling party on one side and the Congress and other trouble mongers on the other? Is it her nationalism? Is it her patriotism? To cause public disturbance in the name of free media?

And she goes on, " Without getting specific charges they confront, is it a coincidence, accident or design that the two women under both friendly or enemy fire are not seen to be the favorites of the Narendra Modi camp of the party?" None can answer this question by her or any other moronic media guy as 
BJP is a highly disciplined, democratic party not guided by any single individual or family or organsation or controlled by them. The media theory that RSS controls BJP decisions is a conspiratorial theory. RSS was there when BJP was not in power and it is there when it is in power. Its presence is ubiquitous wherever their services are needed and the khaki knicker clad RSS men give as much confidence as the army man's presence gives. They sacrifice without expecting any return. There is not a single instance of RSS misusing public confidence. 

Contrast this with Congress. How many top leaders are you finding in Delhi after Congress lost power? How many top leaders talked about the controversy? How many came out with comments on the "Leaks" by Lalith on their leaders? And Barkha says BJP is talking in different voices. How many times did she quote BJP leaders verbatim? Their sources are not Upanishads to us nor Vedas. It is, by now, established that media lies and their lies are pathetically exposed. They print and air paid news. 

And she continues, "  .......that in many ways Lalith .. has ripped the veil of unity off the BJP 's veneer to reveal a fractious and fractured party" .

I will tell one sentence. " What did you see in Barkha that you admire so much?".  

Now, a media guy reports , " What did you see in Bar. Kha (eat) that you admire so much." ( he removes the question mark). It is as good as saying go into the bar to eat not to drink and admire. 
They twist, turn, switch, break sentences to drive home a point.  

Media reporting is cheeky. They fraction and fracture sentences and political parties as they like. " Who cares them? " . Some care, as you can see on SM. These some will add some, and it sums up to a percentage of voters, though not significant. Hence, there is need to counter these demons as they appear in the cauldron. "Fair is foul and foul is fair" as they hover through rumor and chatter. Counter them, guys! They are like the three witches in the Macbeth Play who are 'instruments of darkness that tell us truths to win us honest trifles and betray us in the deepest consequence.' Let us not lose like Macbeth. 

And she brings the name of Ram Jethmalani, who did not speak till now, into the controvesy. Does she fish in troubled waters? What is the basis for her assumption, that is venomous? Do these guys want to bring all dissenting voices in BJP on one platform and say they are conspirators and hence the theory, the BJP was fractured?  So, we should think that media and press are not one, as one dissents the views of others and hence we can never rely on what Journos say and can just ignore them. Her column falls flat if this kind of argument is advanced by a nincompoop.

And she brings out the name of Jaitely and conveniently ignores his conspiracy saying he can not risk the passing of crucial bills like LAB, GST etc., Ms. Barkha, Jaitely might have pampered your channel. But your grouse is that even he is not helping you with sources.You want to drive a wedge between ministers, just as the witches plant an absurd but real theory that a son not born out of a mother's womb kills Macbeth. That is drama, Ms. Barkha! This is governance. And Modi is not MMS or Sonia that you can enter power corridors so easily. Modi has a strong grip on the ministers and babus and he is incorruptible. Forget! You will be too old by the time Modi demits office, 2024 is too far for you and me. I am in the 70s.

And she harps on stupid theories of " Was it BCCI -IPL, Congress- BCCI, Pawar and Power, BJP - Congress-BCCI, IPL-Congress-BJP etc., Are you confused? Not me, she was confused in floating theory after theory.

So, she slips in her narration. And in the confusion, she writes, " As the BJP struggles to present a coherent, unified response,Lalith has swiftly shifted the discourse to the Congress by underlying his support for Narendra Modi and tweeting tantalisingly running into Robert Vadra and Priyanka in London or suggesting  that their estranged cousin Varun came to see him to mediate on behalf of the famiy." ( She conveniently avoids names of Sonia or her sister and that the amout at stake was Rs.364,00,00,000.) We know reasons. 

Here, I want to ask few questions of her

1) Why does Lalith target a party in power, knowing well that can ony rescue him from charges, if at all, it is willing? Is it because the heat was on him already? Why don't you go deep to find out?

2) Is Lalith so stupid like you guys, as to think he will be able to split BJP, throw the government out and seek respite? Then he must be a megalomaniac. No other explanation fits the bill. Did you come across an instance of mass revolt in BJP till date? You have a Jaswanth here, a Jethmalani there. (not core BJP man). How can anyone dream of BJP getting splintered for a person charged with dealings above board?

3) Did you or Lalith think the allegations of alleged impropriety of BJP leaders (they too did not stick) are as serious as the direct allegation of seeking Rs. 364 crores by the family? Or do you think we are fools? 

4) Do you think Congress can sustain their maicious camaign till Sessions, given the fact many leaders are leaving the party in South, HR Bhardwaj, the blue eyed ex- Governor, expressed open dissent and their Bihar unit is on the verge of split and the dynasty members fly out and in, to undisclosed destinations for unspecified work? Do you think the party survives or does Lalith have illusions still? 

In the aforementioned story "Mitra Bhedam" ( Loss of Friends") , there is a story of Ashaadabhuti, who masquerading as the most sincere desciple, steals the stash of the Guru. 

Damanaka tells the story to Karataka and the conversation goes on like this. 

                           A SMALL STORY IN BARKHA STORY

Damanaka asked Karataka, “What do you learn from this episode?”

“You alone can tell me.”

“The sage and the jackal have none to blame except themselves.”
“In a similar situation, what should we do?”
Damanaka said, “Yes, I know what to do now. With my cunning I will create a rift between king Pingalaka and Sanjeevaka. Haven't you heard that though you cannot subdue the enemy with a volley of arrows, you can destroy him by your wit?”
“Wait,” said Karataka. “Suppose the lion king and the roving bullock come to know of your plans to separate them, get ready to meet your end.”
“My friend, you are too pessimistic. When time and tide are against you, don't give up. "

There are points noteworthy here, Barkha!  Like the miserly sage who looted devotees and stashed money and the jackal, Ashadbhuti, both Congress and Lalith are at fault. 

Did you read "With my cunning..... by your wit? " Your, means, the Media's aim is to destroy him by your wit?". 

No! Ms. Barkha! It is not possible.We are not in the wild. And you are being observed and assessed 24x7, as you are assessing others. People are vigilant now. To survive, you should turn positive. Or Digital India will spell doom to you, media guys! In USA, there is steep fall in print and visusl media business. Secure your businesses! Leave Lalith to Modi and Jaitely. They know how to bring him to India and see he is punished.That day is not too long. If you still think you have a role in here you are mistaken. Your role is coming down by the day. Days of doom are nearing like they neared Congress. None is invincible!