Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Congress Shouts - Media Trumpets

During our youthful days a story was in circulation in AP, my native state. (Now, I live in Maharashtra.) It goes like this. A boy was walking on the street. His bladder was full. He saw a public toilet, but he peed two yards away from that. A gentleman like Modi (Not Lalith of Congress hierarchy) , who wants Bharat to be swatch from smell, pollution, garbage, drains, corruption, Congress and pliant Media, saw this boy, who in future was destined to be a Congress leader.
He advised the boy to empty his bladder in the public toilet, that violating norms was not advisable as was being done for 67 years. (Now, the story shifts to present day.) So, the boy, who, presently grew to be a Congress politician, shifted base and peed at another place a yard away. When a cop came to book him he showed two spots that were wet and pointed out the other gentleman and  asked the policeman to book the gentleman too or threatened to block the traffic, just as Congress and its mouth piece Hindustan Times threatened to block Parliament, (Editor of HT is not an MP and has no locus standi to threaten like that; I will write directly to speaker on this. That is later). We can relate this boy's naughty act to Congress action of bringing out garbage papers to blackmail BJP and say they will stall reforms.

Now, let us take one more incident. One person once asked me what the difference between pleasure enjoyment and sadism, is. I told the above story to him and said emptying the bladder is (like emptying the ex-chequer by Congress) when it is full was pleasure. Making an innocent gentleman passer- by in the culpability was enjoyment. Blackmailing to stop traffic or Parliament was sadism.And the passers-by, with cameras shooting the incident are spoilers of the growth story.  This is called the fourth pillar of democracy or Media! 

Hindustan Times is one part of the fourth pillars of democracy. I like to read two, one a columnist that writes every Sunday. He cant see beyond his point and represents a devil as Advocate. He is the Devil's Advocate. The other is the Political Editor that writes every Wednesday. She can talk to any one in Maharashtra politics and draw her conclusions. I read her analysis every week to see if, one day, she writes that she has talked to the souls of Late Babasaheb Thackery or Late Vilasrao Deshmukh or RR Patil Jee! My confidence stems from the fact that this fourth pillar has grown so deep into hell and so high up, up to Heaven and talk to  whoever is here or there, come back and enlighten us on what they have talked and how she has understood this. But till, now there is no luck.

So, this week she talked to PrithviRaj Chauhan who said, " From Jayalalitha (the farce of her acquittal) and Vasundhara Raje (the ongoing Lalit Modi scam) to Twade and Smriti Irani ( fake degrees), I think we are a truly a banana republic."

The funniest part of this Chauhan is he was no better than Dr. Man Mohan Singh. Known to be honest both were not doing anything., The bull that does not plow does not get any beating. He never took any action in the Adarsh Scam. He was defeated because people saw in him an inactive Chief Minister. 

Just like the one who did not know the difference between enjoyment, pleasure and sadism , these analysts and political editors can not separate milk from water. Congress drew pleasure in emptying the coffers by swindling resources from every scheme they floated, from the IRDP, 20-point program, the bank nationalization to the latest MGNREA Scheme, Congress emptied the treasury wherever possible, at the same time showering the multitudes with some rights here, some reservations there, some freebies here and some faked  insecurity there in some communities. It took a Modi to tell people that they were being swindled all the time in the name of welfare and were being kept poor and illiterate, insecure and dependent on government for bread and butter, home, toilet, following rules etc., 

Now, Modi started in right earnest. He curbed corruption at high levels first, targeted cleaning India next, made Railways etc., more accountable, brought banks on their toes to cater to the poor, made social security schemes for the poor and provided them a hope of pension and insurance as in western Countries and today finally embarked on Digital India that may expose the misdeeds of the Congress in the eyes of people hitherto not kept in the loop as to what is transpiring at the higher levels of power hierarchy. This naturally ruffled many a feather in the Congress camp and they knew for certain they would have to stand before public as culprits who looted them for six decades. So what should they do? Pee at another place and see that blame goes equally to the person who is tidying up the nation. 

Today, Times of India carried a news item that about Rs.19,300 crores of Central funds were not accounted for till 2013 in Delhi. This was the CAG report, which mentioned that utilization certificates for these funds were not found nor were the funds. This meant there might have been scandal of Rs.19,300 crores during Congress regime in Delhi. This should steal the headlines of the Press and Media. This is called, a reported scandal, involving public funds. Compare this to what Mrs. Munde or the other Maharashtra Minister did. They only saw that the funds that were granted by the Centre did not lapse and hence awarded contracts to those who were already in the pipeline. Congress or this ubiquitous analyst could not confirm any bribery, any loss to ex-chequer or any scandal. At the best, it was an impropriety. It was not impropriety also as the rule book was followed. The contracts were awarded in February and the rule of e-tendering came into force in April. Funds would have lapsed in March and there was no way to get back the funds. Regarding the low quality of chikkis, there is no proof that the complaints are the latest. They might have come during Congress period too as the contractors were the same. This is the case with the other minister too. He too followed the rule book. There is no proof of any wrong doing or scandal. It is just case of wetting another place and blaming a gentleman and blackmailing to halt traffic. What a pity, Mrs. Political Editor? 

Then came the Jaylalita case. How can anyone make a government responsible for a judicial pronouncement and a BJP leader is still fighting the case?, The High Court acquitted her on a technicality and that was whether the original loan should be taken as liability or interest outstanding should also be taken. In strict accounting parlance interest includes as liability as banks add interest to loan amount. Before the 80 s banks were showing loan and interest separately. But the practice has changed. Morally, we are no judges, as SC will take up the matter soon. So, what did Prithvi tell the Editor and what did she understand? Journos having knowledge in only a single field of bashing their adversaries are a danger to democracy. And how could these guys obfuscate the fact that within hours of refusing bail to Teesta, it was reversed by the SC and the lawyer was a law minister in Congress government? How can we cast aspersions on SC judges in this case? It is a judicial matter and so too Jaya case.

Now, come to the Dholpur Hotel issue. It was long pending. The case was filed in 1980. Congress ruled most of the time. Why did they not take action all these days? When I visited a fort in Jaipur recently, the guide said a portion of it was being converted to a Hotel. This contract will be awarded. And we need not see a scam everywhere. Congress could not prove conclusively that it was government land. They produced just pieces of torn documents. So too, the fact that Raje's son was business partner in Lalith ventures would not stand scrutiny as businessmen become partners. This is universal. Was there misuse of power as in Vadra case? No. Raje was not in power. So too, she was not in power when she allegedly signed an affidavit nor did she depose before UK courts in Lalith case. That clears her name, except the wet spot that the naughty Congress boy created to block traffic. And today, rumors are afloat that seven others were being investigated by the ED along with Lalith. So, what about these seven? And another issue was with regard to Sonia's close relation who reportedly demanded money from Lalith. How about this allegation? Why do all these not make headlines? Simply because both bananas and peanuts were swallowed by Congressmen and they left only republic to the public.

Then the case of Swaraj. There is no case at all. She only recommended to British Authorities to follow the rule book and the British confirmed that they followed the rule book. Regarding the blanket permission that he got to travel anywhere, it might be the British rule. And Lalith enjoyed the holiday, misusing the travel docs, action will be taken as per the law. That need not be and will not be disclosed to the editors or political editors of news papers, the least Hindustan Times.

Smriti Irani case. Case was not filed on her for fake degree but for discrepancies in the EC affidavit three times. There are many cases of this sort. She will explain before the courts and Media is not the adjudicator. And her 2004 affidavit already crossed the legal limitation. Let it be said by courts that she committed impropriety. Action will be taken. 

As the political Editor pointed out, MH government has taken a right decision to make it mandatory to seek its permission, before being investigated by ACB, is right. Or else, every other naughty guy in Congress pees at two places and makes gentlemen culprits in the eyes of law, even when Public toilet is available as they do not like a clean an educated, a richly fed, a digital, a socially secure, a banking, a unified India. What they want is bananas that they peel and eat the fruit and leave the skin to the skinny Indians. Hope Hindustan Times appoints better people to analyze, not just those who talk to a politician every week.

And advice to Congress! Your days in India are numbered. You lost second place to BJP in Tripura. You could not stop the surge of BJP in Kerala. Your Karnataka government is one of the worst performing. Assam already slipped into BJP fold. So, try to be positive. Negativism will leave you with zero balance, the Sibal theory!