Friday, July 17, 2015


Manya Vishnu Sarman taught five moral stories to the prodigal sons of a dynasty king. He later chronicled them as "Panchatantra" in Sanskrit. To make a moral point here and there, he narrated small stories making animals living in jungle as main characters. Though these look outwardly as "kid stories" the morals they teach are ubiquitous, universal in appeal and can be related to any walk of life from family to politics. My concern is politics as it evolved in India since independence and what each story conveys as a moral to the voters in the coming elections. Though politicians across the spectrum are similar in selfishness and art of survival, the modus operenedi differs. For example, Modi serves and survives. Congress looted and bloated. Psuedo seculars infused a sense of fear in some sections to devour their future and kept them perennially under poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and sense of fear. 

After his 58 day sabbatical, his destination kept under wraps so that Indians that were given all rights except the Right To Information about the hybrid Royal family, the Vice President of Congress, Sriman Rahul Gandhi started talking to people. Really, he started talking to people, that two news papers at least, The Times of India and The Hindustan Times started celebrating each time he talked (once in a fortnight or month) by publishing headlines like, "Rahul reaches to farmers, Rahul reaches to cadres, Rahul reaches to two students who passed IIT entrance, Rahul reaches to slum dwellers, Rahul reaches to street vendors" etc!,The whole lot of people he had reached out must have come to 1.25 lakhs at the most, that would be a miniscule percentage of Indian population. The most important thing for these papers and Media houses like Times Now, NDTV, Headlines Today, CNN/IBN and their inimitable anchors, talk show hosts, columnists, panelists etc., was that he talked. What he talked was unnecessary for them and where he would land, thus talking out of place, too was unnecessary. Just now, I saw a headline in TOI that Rahul said he would reduce the 56% inch chest of Modi to 5.6%. Certainly it would amuse the proletariat, the illiterate etc., if they understood him. Pity is Congress has nurtured a constituency, where voters who have voted them en bloc have been hitherto ignorant but the last one year, they have seen how the party has ruined them. They too stopped clapping.

One more dumb statement from him is "Sirf insaan nahin, Janwar bhi sochtea hain". I do not know why he is forced to say this. But, I thought he was nurturing another vote bank and hoped in future these janwars would be included in the universal franchise and vote Congress. Certainly a future outlook. Good for him. Next, he said that even after 100 years of independence, remote control of India was in London. Patel would have moved a little in his grave. This guy either did not know when we got independence or he must be living in 2047, by which time he expected Congress to make a come back if some one in his family married a London born girl and remote control passed to her. He is not dumb, to that extent. So, for another, 32 years India will be out of the unsafe hands of Congress. 

Whenever he talks I remember a story and a story in story.from Panchtantra, that I wish to share here with  the reference of the story quoted duly.

                           The Bird Pair and The Sea

The Bird Pair and The SeaOnce upon a time, a pair of pheasants lived close to the Sea. They spent their time happily singing and dancing on the branches of the trees by the Sea. One day the female pheasant told her husband that she was expecting their baby and he must look for a safe place to lay the eggs. The husband said, “My dear, this Seaside is enchanting and it is better you lay eggs here only.”
The wife said, “When it is full moon, the Sea tide can wash away even wild elephants. Let us go elsewhere.”
Amused, the husband said, “What you say is true. But the Sea has no power to harm us. Haven't you heard that there is no fool who could stop the flight of a bird or a fool who would enter fire recklessly. Will anyone be brash enough to challenge Yama (the Lord of Death) to take his life if he can? You can lay your eggs here only.”
Listening to this dialogue, the Sea thought, “How vain is this bird which is as small as a worm! Let me drown these eggs and see what he can do.”
The Bird Pair and The SeaAfter laying eggs, the female bird went in search of food. In her absence, the Sea sent a wave that sucked the eggs into the waters. The female returned to the nest and, not finding the eggs there, told the husband, "You are a fool. I told you that the waves would wash away the eggs. Those who do not heed the good words of a friend will perish like the turtle who fell off the stick.”
“What's that turtle and what is that stick?” asked the husband.
Once upon a time a turtle called Kambugriva lived in a pond. He had two swans, Sankat and Vikat, as good friends. Every day they would meet on the rim of the pond and discuss legends of yore. They would disperse with sunset. That year there were no rains and the water in the pond began slowly disappearing.
Worried, the swans told the turtle, “Friend, What will happen to you? We are concerned.”
“I appreciate your interest in me. There is trouble ahead. Please find a way out of this crisis. But it is important that we should not give in to despair. According to Manu, all good men should come to the rescue of friends and relatives in times of need. Look for a stick or a rope. I will hang on to it as both of you hold the two sides of the stick or rope and ferry me to safety.”
“We shall do as you say,” the swans said. “But you have to shut your mouth. Otherwise, you will crash to the ground.”
On Kambugriva agreeing to the plan, the swans brought a stick and asked the turtle to hold it with his teeth. When everything was ready, the swans flew off with the turtle hanging from it. On the way people saw this sight and exclaimed, “see, how clever the birds are.” In trying to respond to the people, the turtle opened his mouth and fell to the ground and the people at once killed him.
“The lesson is that those who do not heed the advice of their well-wishers meet their end like the turtle. Any day, the survivors are those who foresee a danger in time and those who deal with it when it comes. Those who leave things to fate and believe in luck will destroy themselves like Yadbhavishya,” said the female pheasant.


Let us analyse the first story. Most Congress leaders were like the foolish male bird that said as follows.
"Amused, the husband said, “What you say is true. But the Sea has no power to harm us. Haven't you heard that there is no fool who could stop the flight of a bird or a fool who would enter fire recklessly. You can lay your eggs here only."
So they laid all their eggs in one basket on the banks of an ocean, unable to foresee that an ocean wave was about to swallow them totally. 
The female bird was right in saying
"You are a fool. I told you that the waves would wash away the eggs. Those who do not heed the good words of a friend will perish like the turtle who fell off the stick.”
But, Congress leaders never learn. They made the turtle/tortoise from the dynasty as their Vice President and were trying to anoint him as President and two swans (unfortunate that I had to compare these guys to Swans, but ducks cant fly, so no other go. As they were reportedly bred on black money let us call them black swans, a species that never existed), so, two black swans were trying to carry him to the seat of power beyond Himalayas. You know where!

Turtles and tortoises have a peculiar habit of withdrawing their necks into the hard shell that protects them. This is compared in Hinduism to withdrawal of all senses before God and a surrender to Him. The above picture depicts a tortoise in front of Nandi, the carrier of Lord Shiva. So too, our VP has a habit of withdrawing his senses into his unconscious brain and suddenly loses control of his senses. Congress leaders claim this as a symptom of Yogis, but yogis and bhogis do the same when they are under the influence of a Super Power,( one is Bhakthi, the other I never tasted) that intoxicates the man. Tortoises adorn a permanent seat in front of the Sacred  Bull of Lord Shiva, but Congress leaders themselves doubt whether the VP can hit the bull's eye or will remain the "bull's eye" (peppermint with hole) eating doll. But the two black swans goaded him that the pond they were living went dry as the whole water was channeled to far-off places by the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughter-in-law, distant and near relations of those who had ruled for six decades. "Now, we should search another pond and stay there until we empty it ourselves" the two black swans goaded him. "But, I move slowly on earth and can not fly" the tortoise VP said. "No issue! We are adept at the art of flying secretly and returning secretly and our visits are always out of RTI", assured the black swans. So, they suggested that he hold on to a stick in between their beaks, "but note not to talk!", they warned him. 
So, their flight started. On the way, everywhere he was seeing a 56" man gathering huge crowds and turning them into, "Desh Bhakths".  The tortoise VP thought, "At this rate, how can I reduce the 56" Chest to 5.6" and make Janwars too voters? When will I be PM?". So agitated was he that he said loudly, "What is this nonsense? Tear his chest into pieces and throw away" . Alas! Soon after he opened his mouth, he fell down and broke his neck even before he could withdraw it into a sabbatical." The two black swans flew away to Switzerland to collect the diverted black waters. When they will return, whether they will return at all is a a closely guarded secret.