Sunday, July 19, 2015


Manya Vishnu Sarman taught five moral stories to the prodigal sons of a dynasty king. He later chronicled them as "Panchatantra" in Sanskrit. To make a moral point here and there, he narrated small stories making animals living in jungle as main characters. Though these look outwardly as "kid stories" the morals they teach are ubiquitous, universal in appeal and can be related to any walk of life from family to politics. My concern is politics as it evolved in India since independence and what each story conveys as a moral to the voters in the coming elections. Though politicians across the spectrum are similar in selfishness and art of survival, the modus operenedi differs. For example, Modi serves and survives. Congress looted and bloated. Psuedo seculars infused a sense of fear in some sections to devour their future and kept them perennially under poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and sense of fear. 

In the 70s, 80s and nineties, I was writing to news papers extensively through the Letters Column (few times columns too). " Diabolic Double Talk" was a phrase that was in vogue those days, when we refered to politicians. As times pased by, this phrase lost relevance as new parties emerged on the scene. With the arrival of AAP on the political horizon, double talk lost relevance. Ravana had ten heads, Ramayana says. But it was never mentioned ( as far as my knowledge goes) that his ten heads were talking in ten voices.

For the purpose of this blog, leg us asume that AAP aka Arvind Kejriwal, (for, after reassuming power party became synonymois with Kejriwal.), has two heads only speaking in thousands of voices.  Is he al dictator? No, he says. Instead, he says, Modi is. This is exactly diabolic double talk. Till now, we have not seen a single case of Modi sacking anyone from Ministry or from party. The accusations on his ministers and party men are flimsy, to say the least. Dry leaves make more noise. Parties with dried up vote banks and Media with dried up sources and resources through dubious means, are making empty noises. 

Just see the birth and the perceived imminent death of the party sooner than expected. Today the Party removed the party in-charge of Punjab unit alongwith some others. Most of the state units of the party are dead wood, with one of the strongest, the Maharashtra unit dysfunctional. Punjab is where the party won four MP seats. Three of them are likely to be removed or may leave the party, not attracting anti-defection law. 

Starting from Yogendra Yadav and Pashanth Bhushan he removed many leaders and cadres who helped him in getting elected twice, No political party, worth the name, ever antagonizes the cadres and leaders if it wants to survive. Late N.T. Rama Rao, realized this to his doom. He too thought he was above the party and leaders and cadres were minnows. He depended on wrong advisers. By that time, it was already clear that Chandra Babu was calling the shots both in party and governmemt. Result was revolt and a sad death of a great actor and leader. 

Kejriwal is showing similar symptoms. But he lacks a leader as adviser of the capacity and cunnigness of Babu. He depends on foxy advisers, no more adept in politics or administration than himself. KCR is another of this type too. Result is more and more people are getting restless, frustrated, ignored and insulted. Time is not far away before the honest head, he shows to the public is consumed by the hitherto unseen second head.

I reacll a story from the Panchtantra where one head of a bird quarrelled with another head and killed the bird itself.

Please read. Let us analyze AAP with reference to the two-headed bird.

“He who wants to live in peace 
Must leave a house of daily strife. 
Conflict breaks up kingdoms 
Like bad words separate friends”

This is a good advice to Kejriwal. He is living in a house of regular strife. Daily, we hear one or other news. Media downplays it as their agenda is different. They air what they are paid for. The second part is more relavant. Conflict breaks up kingdoms, Bad words, anyhow, separated him from many well-educated and erudite friends. They may not vote catchers but are respected in their fields of activity. Now, he joined the auto wallahs and Nitish Kumars, Lalus,Sheilas and Sonias. All have one common feature. They fleece people. Nitish is the only exception. If he reads our ancient scriptures and moral stories, coming out of the secular cage, he can save himself from the ignominy that NTR faced. Bad advisers lead to doom. 

“He who is overwhelmed by greed 
And doesn’t weigh its consequences, 
Will become a victim of deceit 
Like King Chandra in this story.

It is self-explanatory. Kejriwal is greedy. He wants to occupy the highest position without the wherewithall to lead. He may think, "If Deve Gowda could become PM, why not me?," Deve Gowda did not fake honesty. He came as a cunning politician, built up an empire known to all. He never said he was an honest, poor man. The difference lies there.

Read the story.

Tale Of The Bird With Two Heads

A great bird named Bharunda lived on the banks of alake. He had two heads but a single body. One day,as the bird was wandering on the bank of the lake, he found a fruit, which was as delicious as ambrosia. One of his heads mumbled, “Oh what a fruit. I am sure the heavens have sent it for me. I am so lucky.”
Hearing this, the second head said, “O brother, let me also taste the fruit you are praising so much.”
The first head laughed and said, “Both of us have the same stomach. It makes no difference whether I eat it or you eat it. I shall give it to our beloved. She will be very happy.” Bharunda thus gave the fruit to his wife. The second head was disappointed at this action of the first head.
One day, the second head found a poisonous fruit and told the first head, “You treacherous fellow. For what you have done to me, I will eat this poisonous fruit and avenge your insult.”
The second head said, “You fool, if you eat that, both of us will die because we have the same body.”
Tale Of The Bird With Two Heads
Ignoring his warning, the second head ate the poisonous fruit and both of them died.


Now,let us relate the story to AAP aka Arvind Kejriwal. He had two faces when he entered politics. His earlier life history proves it enough. In a nation where paid Media houses were trumpeting that lakhs of crores were looted by the Congress and the local Delhi BJP was riven with inner fights and many were not above board, it was a losing game for BJP and people wanted an honest face. In the following blog I explained the life history of Kejri and why he could not be relied upon. It was in 2013

BJP changed their war strategy. Strategic withdrawal was a time tested strategy in wars. So, they gave unlimited power to the young man suffering from'mania' for power and 'depression" with fear of losing it. It is called "Bi Polar" disorder, that many suffer from. It is universal. 

That he had a second face came to be known when Prashanth and Yogendra, the most reliable among the founder members questioned the selection of candidates with criminal and dihonest backgrounds. The second face came to the front then. They were unceremoniously thrown out of the party with brazen goonda giri and abuses as confirmed by Prashanth. They also questioned the dubious methods of fund raising and no audit for expenditure. Their worst fears and warnings came true with one after the other Ministers and MLAs being booked and and a kind of anarchy ruling the party.

Now, the first face and the second face are coming face to face. Like the first face of the bird, Kejriwal wants to swallow the sweetest fruit, called power. The second face, though not totally dishonest, too wants a share of the fruit, that is nectar. That Kejri wants to outwit all and occupy the highest position became clear when he decided to canvas for the pariwar in Bihar, consisting of Lalu,Sonia and Mulayam. Of course, his canvassing will only help the NDA. Analysis on Bihar Polls starting from results of 2000 elections, in my next blog. 

Now the second face wants part of the nectar or is ready to swallow the poisonous fruit and kill the whole of the bird, aka AAP aka Arvind Kejriwal. Personally, it is my analysis, that he will see his nemesis by end 2016. BJP or Congress cannot harm him but his second face can certainly.