Sunday, July 12, 2015


Manya Vishnu Shama told  lots of moral stories to teach Raja Dharma to the prodigal  sons of a King. These were later chronicled as "Panch Tantra" in Sanskrit by him. Inter alia, he teaches a few short stories that teach us what we should or should not do. The following is one such story  where a monkey gets trapped in between wooden logs in a playful. mode. After going through the following article on the blog of Chetan Bhagat in Times of India on Bhakths of Modi, I remembered this story.
Once some monkeys were sitting in a tree. The tree was at such a placed, where construction of a temple was going on.

A carpenter was sawing a huge log to cut it into two parts.Just then the bell rang for the lunch break. The carpenter pushed a wedge into the split portion of the half sawed log and went to take his lunch, along with other workers.

When the monkeys saw that there was nobody around, they jumped down from the tree and came near the temple. They began to play with the tools lying there. One of the monkeys, who was very curious about all those things, went round the half sawed log. Then sat on top of it. He spread his legs on both sides of the log, whereas his tail dangled through the split portion.

Now the monkey started prying the wedge out of the log with his hands. Suddenly, the wedge came out. The split parts of the log firmly snapped shut together crushing the monkeys tail in between. The monkey cried in pain and jumped off the log, but his tail was cut off for ever.

When you do what is not expected of you to do, your brain gets crushed by the Twitteretti. This is the moral of the story Mr. Bhagat. Bhagat creates fiction on paper and friction on Twitter. It is child's play for him. In fiction also he creates friction, as I realized to my doom, during my youthful days. I just read one of his books and for fear of losing my flair for reading (I was and am a book freak, I own a library of around 6000+ books, in addition to thousands of books my children accumulated in their libraries for me to read when I am there). and hence, my library does not have his books. Once, I purchased the award winning book of Ms.Arundhati Roy "The God of Small Things" and after reading it decided even the British were not caring for good English! Why should Bhagat do? 
After creating friction in Twitter, he said it was sarcasm; note, it was not wit or humor. What he meant by "sarcasm" was a million dollar question, but at least one "No Brain" appreciated his sarcasm and Bhagat acknowledged it. Sarcasm is a kind of "mockery" born out of hatred. What Bhagat indulged in was "sadism", if you wanted the right word. There are three ways of expressing your feelings in writing or verbal communication, caustic, sarcastic and sadistic. Sarcasm comes in between the two extreme ways we feel about a man or his actions. Caustic expression exposes itself. Sarcasm hides behind mockery and sadism exposes the malice. He chose the last towards the Bhakths.  What is Bhakthi? Lord Krishna defines Bhakthi in the 12th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita thus.
Atha Chittam Samaa-dhaathum Na Shaknoshi Mayi SthiramAbhyaasa Yogena Tato Maam-Icchaaptum DhananjayaMeaning:But if you are not able to fix your mind steadily on Me, O Dhananajaya (another name for Arjuna), then seek to reach Me by Abhyaasa Yoga (through constant practice)Ref: 
This Abhyasa is now defined by Mr. Modi as "Skill Development", the way of practice leads to perfection. So, we, Bhakths, are following the diktats of the Lord Krishna in letter and spirit. 
Adveshtaa Sarva Bhoothaa-naam Maitrah Karuna Yeva ChaNirmamo Nirahan-kaaraha Sama Duhkha Sukhah KshamiMeaning: He who hates no being, who is friendly and compassionate to all, who is free from the feeling of I and mine, even-minded in pain and pleasure and forbearing...Santushtah Sathatham Yogi Yathaa-thmaa Dhrida NischayahaMayyar-pitah Mano Buddhir Yo Madbhaktah Sa Me PriyahaMeaning: Ever content, steady in meditation, self controlled and possessed of firm conviction, with mind and intellect fixed on me, such a devotee is dear to me.So Bhakths hate none like the blogger-Bhagats, are compassionate to all, even minded and self controlled. So, for a Bhakth, self-control is Gita. So where does this sexual frustration or friction through fiction come from? The best explanation of the blog of Chetan Bhagat is that he is Achetan now out of a "manifestation of unfulfilled desires". I can not exactly say what they are unless I am a "gay".
Calling Bhakths as Hindus only is insulting the Sikader Bhakths or Naquis or Nazmas or millions of such other Bhakths as "atheists".Devotion to the God is ubiquitous and devotion is all pervasive. 
Calling all Bhakths as male, Bhagat laid himself a trap. I do not wonder the women groups were silent on this as they are too "secular" which means they would have had Bhakthi on the other side of the spectrum. We can call them the "Dynasty Bhakths"; would sound nasty, but true.  The term "Hindu Warriors" is as funny as Bhagat's fiction. Hindu kings never went to war nor killed people, (except rarely) out of ambition to spread Hinduism. They spread it through love, accepted all in Its fold as brothers and even now, when a self-styled "secular" politician Indira Gandhi imposed emergency and included the word "secular" in the Constitution, without so much as knowing the meaning of it Hindus did not go to war. They dislodged her in a bloodless coup. This was what  Modi referred as "Rakthheen" revolution.  
He continues
"Second, they have weak communication skills, particularly in English. This in turn leads to a bit of an inferiority complex, of not being cool or sophisticated enough in a fast changing, globalising world"
I will point out ten mistakes in his English;  his written English and I have a wish to talk to him, how his verbal communication skills are. So, if you are not fluent in English you suffer from inferiority complex. Hope he goes to a village in Bihar or AP and say this in their language, There is no sarcasm here, it is truth. He knows the complexity of talking in such language. 
He says further.
"Third, they are generally not good at talking to women. As a result they are unlikely to know how to behave with them or woo them. They do desire women, but can’t get them. In other words, if i may say so, they are sexually frustrated with no way of getting it."
What is sex Mr. Bhagat? You sounded like you understood it as "sensual pleasure". Dictionaries and Shastras define it otherwise. One such meaning is 
"either the male or female division of a species,especially as differentiated with reference to there productive functions."
The origin of the word is fro Latin

1350-1400; Middle English Latin sexus, perhaps akinto secāre to divide (see section )If sex stands for division, who should be blamed more? It was Congress, that attempted to divide and rule. Was it not? They failed and got frustrated. Others like Leftists joined them in this division. So, who must have sexuallybeen frustrated, in the strictest meaning of sex? The Congress, the Leftists and other pseudo groups. Is it not, Mr. Bhagat? When you say desire and unfulfilled desires, man is bitten by six enemies. Kama (desire), Kroadha (Anger), Moha (Attachment), Lobha (Miserliness), Mada (Arrogance) and Matsraya ( Envy). Many of the Bhakths won over many of these internal enemies. I think you are prodding them to grow within yourself. Or "half girl friends" wont be born out of your pen or mouse, whatever. Fourth, he saysFourth, there is an over-riding sense of shame about being Hindu, Hindi speaking and/ or Indian. Deep down they know that Hindi-speaking Hindus are among India’s poorest. They also know that India is a third world country with third rate infrastructure and few achievements on the world stage in science, sports, defence or creativity.
You have insulted all that is Indian, including yourself. Justice Katju was better, he made 90% only idiots. He took care of himself. In your arrogance, you forgot that too. We are Nationalists, Mr.Bhagat. If you don't like our nation, its past glory and its present growth story options, are open. Sixth (fifth, I answered already)"Modi’s success gives true bhakts a genuine reason to rejoice and feel that they have a place at the top. Hence, protecting him is vital. Therefore, you have seen true bhakts defending Modi’s silence on various scams and vigorously attacking anyone questioning the PM. Objectivity is lost when the person they are trying to protect and worship is seen as an idealisation of their own kind."Modi's success was not his own, Mr. Bhagat. He never said so. He gave credit to where it was due. This is not Congress to blame others if defeated and raise and praise family, if they succeeded. Where are scams? I hope you will learn a little more English. There was no scam. There were innuendos on the innocent Ministers, spread by a self-serving Media facing heat of their past sins and Congress, in the abyss, waiting for a ladder to climb up. Alas! It does not have a leader, whither ladder?You advise your followers not to take real Bhakths too seriously, but you are serious in your approach. Is it not diabolic double talk, Mr. Bhagat?. The final advise is to you only, as the following were the mistakes in your written English. If you do not have girl friends, search for them. We treat women as mothers and not as objects of sensual pleasure. Read my blog on women on Twitter.

This is culture of Bhakts, Bhagat! We stand high on the Himalayas.

That included Ms.Priyanka Chaturvedi, whom I appreciated for bearing abuse on Twitter. If you abuse women in this kind of language you are abusing your mother.
"The manifestation of God is the woman that rocks the cradle." Swamy Vivekananda. True Hindus among Bhakths, true Muslims among Bhakths, true Christians among Bhakths follow this as all religions teach one principle.
Now, your mistakes in language. (My mistakes can be excused as I am a shameless Bhakth and poor in English. Oh! Soory! I am slipping into inferiority complex!)
1. "Old" Hindu Kings is wrong usage. Old in age or time?  The construction of sentence was poor though not wrong.
2. To  "calm them" and  "calm themselves down" would have been right. Or the sentence loses its meaning.
3. "They are almost all male." What do you mean Bhagat? That a part of each bhakth is male, like Ardh Nareeswara?"  We are not offended if you say that. But if you meant only male population are Bhakths, females may take to broom. We cant help.
4.There sould be a "," , like this, in turn. This is called grammar.
5. One more "," is missing after "As a result".
6. " In other words, if i may say so, they are sexually frustrated with no way of getting it." If you meant "it" represents sex, the sentence is horribly wrong, both in context and content.
7. This contradicts your earlier sermon that bhakths are proud Hindus, ashmaed of not speaking English and now Hindi? What do they speak, Chinese?
8. "Hence, an inferiority complex ridden Indian male ", This should ideally be written, " an Indian ridden by inferiority complex",  by a superior Bhagat.
9.  "In fact the PM had to tell them off, as even he seems to have had enough of their hyper-aggressive bhakti." The tense in a sentence mudt be uniform. "had" and "seems" are two tenses in the same setence. Grammar rules, Bhagat.
10. "There’s a reason Congress ruled for 60 years and BJP has just about crossed six." Again there is intermix of tenses. Has ruled is appropriate, as they have ruled till recently.
Once, Akbar asked Birbal to bring four fools to court. He brought two and told him that the king was the third for asking him to bring fools and he, himself, was the fourth for searching for them. Now, we are two. I heard that you have millions of followers. Good Luck. Live in fiction, with friction. We live in frustration. 
This is not sarcasm. It is out of my heart! Live with it! 
I am a Bhakth. I read, my library. Even my two year old grandson reads.  Proof.