Monday, July 6, 2015


Sorry! Mr. Govindacharya! You are "Sibal' theory of BJP". There is zero loss whether you talk or moralize or judge. Many of my friends here may not like this, but it is true. Long back, ABV recognized this and threw you out of BJP. Being intelligent is required in politics. Too intelligent people, that do not change with times do not fit the bill in politics. These are fast changing times. Youth have ambitions to grow. They can not just go on hearing old peoples' old voices. Did you ever wonder an IIM topper opened an intenational "tea" selling chain? Did you ever wonder how many bright entreprenuers are sprouting from top management institutes, leaving plum jobs, for start ups? Would your parents or you or me have accepted this? How many young aspiring brahmin students were denied sea travel by our ancestors for reasons of superstition? How many were denied English education, as it was considered demonic? How many are now opposing Sanskrit, as it is considered backward looking? Was there not a change in outlook?

Your problem is thou consider thyself as "more clever than thee all". You shoot your mouth in front of Media journalists who are not highly moralistic themselves. Let us change. If you have anything you can log in to and lodge your opinion. "Oh! Sorry! You filed a case in courts saying Social Media is harmful."  We should be aware that the second best Company, once upon time,"Oracle Corporation", was advertising extensively that their software was unbreakable. So, too Government takes utmost care to see its sites are unbreakable. Your case was like an old theory that if widowed women were balded, their desires die down and there was less possibility of their breaking moral values. In Telugu, there was a saying.

"తలలు బోడులైన తలపులు బోడులా." You must be knowing Telugu. I will translate. "If heads are bald, will thoughts too be bare? " The moralistic values you lectured to none other than Ms. Sagarika Ghose, evoke nothing but laughter, as an RK Laxman cartoon.
( I am purposefully avoiding your circus feats in politics starting from the day, you yourself sought membership of BJP, was given prominent positions there in, obviously shot your mouth out in front of Media, later complained Media twisted your words and now talk to the same Media, saying Modi's silence is hurting his credentials.) In days of yore, your loose tongue hurt you and now Modi silence hurts him! Is it not hypocrisy Mr. Acharya? Are you sure Media will not twist Modi words too and trouble him more?. There lies the difference. Modi is an intelligent politician cum statesman. You are an intelligent "shoot and scoot " man. You are not answerable to anyone except to your own conscience. He is answerable to India, as a unified nation.

So, I thought it fit to conduct a mock interview with you along with Ms. Ghose, as a Ghost behind scenes. I call it,


So, verbatim, the interview goes on like this. You can not answer me as  I am the Ghost. Finally, I will answer for you in one line.

Senior RSS ideologue Govindachaya has joined the opposition chorus for Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje to resign. The former BJP general secretary has warned that the prime minister's silence on the issue is damaging the government's credibility even amongst its cadres. In an interview to TOI's Sagarika Ghose, he also says that the sangh parivar will never accept the pro-rich policies of the Modi government and the opposition to the land acquisition bill will continue. 

What would you have done if you were in the PM's shoes, on the issue of Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje? 

I don't doubt that this government has good intentions, but the question is about priorities. Politics is about morality and ethics. Its not a crass power game. Both of them should offer their resignations on their own, face scrutiny and if acquitted can be readmitted into their positions 

Chandra the Ghost:

So, you feel if Dawood Ibrahim blames all Indians with masterminding 1993 serial blasts, all of us should quit? To be more realistic if Jagan blames Chandrababu or Raja blames Jaya or Teesta blames Modi for all ills in the country, they should quit and come back once they are given clean chit by courts after decades?

But should ministers resign because of Opposition or media pressure? 

The resignations should have been spontaneous. Advani offered his resignation despite being dissuaded by Atalji. If morality and ethics are not the cornerstone of politics, and it is only a power game, then technicalities and legalities rule the roost. But the people of Bharat are driven by ethics and morality. And the impression has gone, deep into the villages that some wrong has been committed, there has been a quid pro quo, even though most people may not understand the niceties. There were high expectations of this government. For the first time a non-Congress government is in power. People expected something radically different. 

Chandra the Ghost

If people of India are really driven by morals, why were so many scams perpetuated by Congress in six decades and you never thought of asking them all to resign?

Is the party demoralised? 

Many in the party, MPs MLAs, office bearers meet me. They say the cadres are demoralised. They are not able to convince the people on land acquisition and on probity in public life. 

Chandra the ghost

How many cadres did you meet Mr. Acharya? Arguing you met one every minute over one month it comes to 30x24x60 that is equivalent to 43,200, which forms 0.00432% of 1 million BJP members. ( granting that you did nothing but meeting cadres for 30 days) Or it will be one third of it. And did you move out of TN, where BJP presence is minimal?

But Rajnath Singh said this is the NDA not UPA, ministers don't resign. 

I didn't understand that remark. Did he want to cast aspersions on this government? He is a politically mature person, I think it was a mistake to say that. He should not have spoken like that. His concern should have been morality, what had been promised. 

Chandra the Ghost

 I think you have a split brain or God granted you with two brains.How can you say that the government is not following morals and one Senior Minister is concerned about morality at the same time in the same tenor? 

But no taint attaches to Modi personally, isnt that a big achievement? 

I don't think Narendra Modiji's aim is simply a selfish quest for power. He must be admired for his convictions as his only motive is to serve the people. My approach is different but I don't doubt his intentions. 

Chandra the ghost

What is the different approach Mr.Acharya? Whenever you find time you shoot your mouth in front of  corrupt media, calling others corrupt? Say clearly all that you want is publicity. 

But there's been damage to the government's credibility? 

This month has seen a serious dent on the credibility of the government and the silence of the PM has also added to it. Even if he doesn't speak, he should act. 

Chandra the Ghost

 Is it not clear she is directing you to answer as she wanted it like the Devil's Advocate and your intelligence has hidden behind your urge for being in the news? 

Is an overly centralised government and one man show changing equations in the Sangh parivar? 

Cadres and downwards to workers feel there's lack of participation in decision making. Many MPs met me: they complain that they don't get an audience. And even if they get an audience, they get a sermon or a monologue, not a dialogue. That there is no democracy, only monocracy. They say that there is no place they can share their views, that nobody listens to them. These murmurings are there. The frequency of meetings should be increased. The atmosphere should be free where people can give their suggestions without any kind of fear. 

Chandra the ghost

Tell the truth Mr.Acharya! How many MPs did you meet? Who are they? Why should you fear, when you are not in BJP? When you were out of BJP and is considered to be a bete noir of those governing, do you think Intelligence Agencies do not acount for the meetings? If you deny this, then Modi is not a dictator.

There is fear? 

There is fear, yes some express fear. They say why should I speak, what will happen to me, big people are not speaking out, they should speak out, so it is better for me to keep mum, why should I take the onus. 

Chandra the ghost

You are outwitted again. And you are giving interview to moral media! WoW! Are you not insulting BJP leaders that rubbed shoulders with you till the other day? 

Do you see Narendra Modi as another Indira Gandhi? 

Modiji has been a pracharak during the Emergency, and must understand the unhealthy tendencies that Indira Gandhiji exhibited. He must have learnt lessons from that. He should have. 

Chandra the Ghost

You must have known Modi is a self made man. Indira was a parrot in the cage owned by the syndicate. You can not draw an analogy. If you are drawing an analogy between the two, your memory is too short. 

Whats your view on Make in India and ease of doing business policies? 

Made for India and made by India should be given equal emphasis as make In India. Giving all facilities, tax holidays and free resources to them only means foreigners are using the power of our market. Where is the skill development for India? Its hardly commensurate with the huge profits being made by the corporate sector—both Indian and foreign. 

Chandra the Ghost

If you are a true nationalist, you should have asked her to put this question to Congress. Modi and Congress are in the ratio of  1:60 in this fault. You know this. What more skill did you acquire all these years? Under Congress obviously.

You and sangh parivar will never accept the Land Acquisition Bill? 

This new bill is totally un-necessary. What was the need? The 2013 law should have been experimented with, there should have been a trial for 1-2 months and if needed, modifications could have been made. Studies have shown only 8.5 per cent projects are being held up because of lack of land. There is no paucity of land. What about land redistribution? 5 crore people have no roof above their heads. What about the social impact analysis? The agreement of the gram sabhas has been thrown out and the collector has been made supreme. 

Chandra the Ghost

 Hope you read the amendments. Please just  not read the Hindu only. Your views will be jaundiced. Please go through what thr government is telling too.Balance between the two. Land is taken where required, projects will not go to where land is available. You go home, home will not come to you. 

So sangh outfits will continue their protests against the land bill and labour reform? 

They will, they ought to. We have a saying: vyakti se bada dal, par dal se bada desh, vyakti se bada sangathan, sangathan se bada samaj. As swayamsevaks we take a pledge where the organisation is a tool an instrument to serve society. 

Chandra the Ghost:

Where are they protesting Mr.Acharya? They are negotiating and government is hearing suggestions. Do not side track issues as you side tracked yourself.

So will economic reforms split the sangh? Will the sangh break on economic policies? 

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch, the Kisan sangha, the mazdoor sanga, the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashrama, they are all opposing the Land Bill. What will be the role of the sangh I cannot say. But these organisations are autonomous, self-dependent and self- sufficient and definitely the sangh will ask that they have their way. 

Chandra the Ghost

Sangh and BJP are independent, not interdependent. Mr.Acharya should have known this better. BMS agitates against NDA governments many times. There are ways negotiations are conducted. 

Labour reform also will be blocked by these outfits? 

How can you see trade unions as a hindrance? They are able to motivate people and yet you want to oust them? Given our population, employment generation has to be a priority even at the cost of growth. Who are we serving? Who were the people on the dais at Digital India ? How many farmers organisation were invited? Does the state apparatus have contempt for them because they are not well clad? 

Chandra the Ghost

I feel you were one of those who shouted "Automation , Anti Nation". We changed, you did not. Farmers are not those who implement but are beneficiaries. They will be roped in when the need arises. Do not have contempt for the well clad. Dress is only an outward symbol of one's professional duties. 

But doesn't swadeshi economics drag India backwards, youth are aspirational and want change? 

My view is the opposite. How can industry perform if you flood the market with cheap imported steel? You are introducing e-commerce, so what happens to Indian retailers and traders? You talk of smart cities. What about the 238 districts where there is no safe drinking water? Why bullet trains? Why is there no RO in unreserved compartments for people to drink clean water? 

Chandra the Ghost

The same questions were raised when USA went for high infra growth. You know, but you close eyes and ears. Growth creates employment, the more people earn the more they yearn for healthy food, the more the need for healthy food more modern practices come in Agriculture. If Ghose does not know you and me must be knowing. They pluck hairs on balded heads and mock. Will you join them, with all your brought up and well polished background? 

But isn't Modi's mandate to go beyond swadeshi economics and Hindutva politics? 

Three types of people voted. The core voters, those who wanted the Congress out and those who voted for hope. Youth want change but they are rooted in their society and in their milieu. If you create policies that increase disparity, that destroy the eco-system, that generate massive unemployment but only huge profits for the corporates, then hope will turn to despair. 

Chandra the Ghost

For this you have to wait till 2022.I pray God gives us both lengthy life and retain our power of memory. Sagarika will search for some other bald head to pluck hairs. 

Do you share Advani's view that there could be another Emergency? 

The robustness of the responses of the younger generation is too high, youth are very aware and committed to dialogue. Dictatorship cannot be imposed on this country because of the youth.

Chandra the Ghost 

At last you came out of her trance. Good Luck. Please do not meet her again.

Chandra the Ghost- The final answer

Never give interview to an amoral, selfish, biased Media. Be a true Hindu, as you are always, Please give interviews to people who served others, like you did and are doing still. Please never meet a self serving, controversy mongering journo in future. We respect you. Please retain it.