Tuesday, July 21, 2015


L M N is the seriatum of alphabets in English. If L stands for Lalu and N stands  for Nitish, there always stands one or other M, Modi in between. If it was Narendra Modi in 2014, it would be Sushil Kumar Modi, in 2015. So, expect a 2/3rd majority in 2015 Assembly elections for Modi in Bihar Assembly polls this year.This is called Alphabetalogy, a part of Astrology specially taught in Rajakeeya Veda. My prediction in 2014 came true, my prediction on Monsoon is almost becoming true, so let us say I shall be third time lucky. These are not Astrological but analytical predictions. I analyse things in my peculiar way and predict. I use a bit of Astrology too, as I studied the subject in depth, but I rarely predict an individual's future,not even mine. It is not advisable as I am not commercial. It is just a pastime for me.

My Prediction in 2014 - It is Modi All the Way 


How many of us would have heard the story of Shalya, the mischievous charioteer of Karna, the cursed one, who could have been the sovereign ruler of Akhand Bharat, one day, had he not been driven by some mundane emotions,unlike Dharmaraja,who was a Sthitha Prajna? A Sthita Prajna goes on doing his destined duty, be it the spring or summer of life.

Before I relate this blog to the Panchtantra story and Bihar politics, let me first tell the story of Shalya, who spoils the opportunities of Karna at the opportune moments, by disturbing his concentration and sidetracking the chariot.

Shalya is anointed as the commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army.
In the epic Mahabharata, King Shalya (Sanskritशल्‍य) was the brother of Madri(mother of Nakula and Sahadeva), as well as the ruler of the kingdom of Madra(Madra-desa). A powerful Shalya had a unique gift - he became stronger when faced with aggression, hence requiring everyone to be kind towards him. In Sanskrit, Shalya means a thorn (or any pointed weapon, like a dart)  Shalya, being a skilled archer,a powerful mace fighter and formidable warrior, was tricked by Duryodana to fight the war on the side of the Kauravas. Shalya was an incredibly calm and deliberate fighter, which was why he was such a good charioteer.

After the Pandavas' exile, Shalya intended to visit them. When he heard of the impending Kurukshetra War, he marched forth with his army to join his nephews. On the way, Shalya was tricked by Duryodhana, who arranged a huge feast for Shalya and his men. When Shalya was impressed by the hospitality of his host who he mistakenly thought to be Yudhisthira, he offered to be at his host's service. Unable to turn down Duryodhana's request to join the Kauravas, Shalya met Yudhisthira and apologized for his mistake.

Knowing that Shalya was a great charioteer and forecasting that Shalya would someday be asked to be the charioteer of Karna, Yudhishthira extracted a vow from Shalya to the effect that Shalya would demoralize Karna and dampen his spirits. Shalya assured the Pandavas that he would do everything possible to dampen Karna's spirits.

Ref: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shalya

Here, we are forced to compare Lalu to Shalya, though Lalu was never righteous, but was always a cool, powerful warrior when faced with aggression. He was tricked by Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Duryodhana, who one day wanted to rule Indraprastha (presently Delhi, now it is out of reach), to be charioteer of Karna (Nitish), who was assured by Duryodhanana that he could rule Pataliputra (Patna)  , if they won. So, he arranged a great feast in his kingdom and convinced Shalya to join Duryodhana, who due to over ambition, distanced himself from the Padava King, Yudhishtira. But Shalya's loyalties lie elsewhere. So he joins the army of Duryodhana, becomes charioteer of Karna ( Nitish) and is ready to spoil his chances wherever he has a chance to win. So, Lalu joining Nitish, is to help Modi gain in the war. M stands between L and N. As L precedes M, it looks towards M only and not N, as N is far off. (If he looks back it is K either Nitish Kumar or Sushil Kumar, so it does make no difference in alphabetalogy and if he looks farther it is O the second letter of Modi. No way out of alphabelology). 

Not only that, Lalu and Nitish do not see eye to eye just as Shalya and Karna.  Moreover, charges on Lalu prove a dampener in whole heartedly supporting Nitish. Instead, keeping the Centre in good books might reduce the impact a little. On all counts in Bihar, Lalu will be Shalya,the charioteer of Karna. A proof of this is his abstaining the Iftar by Dynasty Queen,alien Soniya and the recent drubbing received by the Pariwar in MLC elections from local bodies, though majority of the collegium of voters were owing allegiance to the Pariwar. That speaks much of the charioteer Shalya. 

Just imagine the electoral war in which Nitish leads the army of Duryodhana's Pariwar, with Lalu leading his Rath with seven horses. In view of the genetic enemity (Shalya was brother of Madri, mother of Nakul and Sahadev. Lalu was a genetic enemy of Lal Krishan Advani who had lead the famous Rath Yatra or none would have been able to revive BJP. And according to our Media Pundits Advani and Modi did not see eye to eye and hence,by mathematical analysis Lalu must have been in secret love with Modi. After all, Kamandal has Mandal ingrained in it and Lalu knows better than any, which land is better to graze in all seasons.) between Lalu and Nitish, who called each other names till the other day and in his dream too, Lalu does not want Nitish a third term CM of Bihar, he may De-Rath (he was Railway Minister and knows art of  derailing) Nitish Rath and see he would not be CM. Jai Modi, afterwards may help him (who knows in politics?) to secure an AC cell in jail with an attendant. At this age home or jail would not make much difference if protected from the vagaries of climate and Rabri brings Roti,Sabji, home- made and is allowed to feed him with her own hand. (Whatever the other traits of Lalu, he is an out and out family man;  this was told to me by none other than a close confidant of him, Manya Raghuveera Prasad Singh, who despite his rustic looks, looked a great thinker, philosopher and philanthrophist. I met him in Kanyakumari and took an off-hand interview on the spot.This is true).  Depends on how much he can de-rath Nitish vehicle and see that Duryodhana, who tricked him into the alliance would meet his nemesis in his own kingdom. That suits him better than working under his bete-noir Nitish! He too loses in the bargain, but by Nitish winning, he will not gain much better than his own losing. This is Politicology of NILA.


Manya Vishnu Sarman taught five moral stories to the prodigal sons of a dynasty king. He later chronicled them as "Panchatantra" in Sanskrit. To make a moral point here and there, he narrated small stories making animals living in jungle as main characters. Though these look outwardly as "kid stories" the morals they teach are ubiquitous, universal in appeal and can be related to any walk of life from family to politics. My concern is politics as it evolved in India since independence and what each story conveys as a moral to the voters in the coming elections. Though politicians across the spectrum are similar in selfishness and art of survival, the modus operenedi differs. For example, Modi serves and survives. Congress looted and bloated. Psuedo seculars infused a sense of fear in some sections to devour their future and kept them perennially under poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and sense of fear. 

Let us take the following story, as an example. If Nitish is the bug that sucked the blood of voters for ten years, Lalu is the hungry flee who is ever enthusiastic to taste the King's blood yet again. Afer all, voter is the King, we all know. So, the bug wants to enjoy the royal blood, the flea comes abegging a share in the blood but it is too eager to taste it at the earliest that even before the voter king slept after gruelling elections, the flea bites him (before polls only) and the bug meets its nemesis and the flea goes in search of another King. Hope Nitish learns that fleas are not as patient as bugs nor as foolish as to be caught red handed. Fleas fly before we hit them. 

Now, let us recount the story of the Bug and the Flea and the Royal Bed and Blood.

The Bug and The Poor Flea

Once upon a time a bug named Mandavisarpini made for itself a small home in the folds of the milk-white sheets of linen spread on the king's ornamental bed. One day, the bug saw a flea drifting into the king's bedroom and told the flea that he had come to a wrong place and asked him to leave before somebody noticed him.
The flea, whose name was Agnimukha, said, “Oh venerable sir, it is not proper for you to ask a guest to leave even if he is a wicked person. You must welcome him, ask him about his health, say words that comfort him and request him to take rest. That is how good hosts treat their guests. Besides, I have tasted the blood of a variety of men and animals. Never did I taste royal blood. The king's blood is a compound of rich foods and is bound to taste rich. Please permit me to relish this delicacy.”
The Bug and The Poor FleaThe flea continued, “Everything we do in this world we do to slake our hunger. I have come to you in search of food. It is not proper for you to siphon off the king's blood all alone. You should share it with me also.”
The bug told him, “oh, flea, I suck the blood of the king when he is fast asleep. You are impatient. You have to wait till I finish my job. After me, you can have your fill.” The flea agreed.
Meanwhile, the king entered his bedroom to sleep. But the impatient flea began feasting on the king's blood even before he went to sleep. Stung by his bite, the king rose from his bed and asked his servants to look for what was in the bed that caused him discomfort. The king's men pulled the linen off the bed and examined it closely. Before they could him, the flea sneaked into a recess of the bed. The servants found the poor bug and killed him at once.

Ref: http://panchatantra.org/the-loss-of-friends/the-bug-and-the-poor-flea-1.html

Both ways, the plot of Pariwar is going to be spoilt by Lalu, the thinking politician that never allows grass to grow under his feet. A traveler par excellence.