Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Story of The Blue JAcKal- Panchtantra Retold in Present Political Landscape.

Manya Vishnu Sarman taught five moral stories to the prodigal sons of a dynasty king. He later chronicled them as "Panchatantra" in Sanskrit. To make a moral point here and there, he narrated small stories making animals living in jungle as main characters. Though these look outwardly as "kid stories" the morals they teach are ubiquitous, universal in appeal and can be related to any walk of life from family to politics. My concern is politics as it evolved in India since independence and what each story conveys as a moral to the voters in the coming elections. Though politicians across the spectrum are similar in selfishness and art of survival, the modus operenedi differs. For example, Modi serves and survives. Congress looted and bloated. Psuedo seculars infused a sense of fear in some sections to devour their future and kept them perennially under poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and sense of fear. 

A new species of animals entered the Indian political jungle in the year 2012. Earlier on, I wrote a blog on these political animals.

As times passed by, the monkeys turned out to be jackals wearing masks of unhindered ambition to rule the jungle masquerading as God's Agents. The mask was "honesty". But, the monkey that ran away from responsibilities in 49 days in an earlier stint (monkeys do not help men, unless Treta Yug comes back; it takes time), now discarded the mask of honesty within 49 days. 

"Snakes hide behind grass. (Now, one political snake is trying to hide in the backyard of Lalu by shedding the "honesty" skin) and lies hide behind a mask (of honesty)." "One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that you expect from everyone else." (Quotes) So, he meets Sheila in an Iftaar party (his bete noir when he pretended fighting corruption), meets Nitish four times in a row (Nitish is allying with Lalu, a convict on bail and Congress the author and reader of Scam Itihas.). Jackals are known for stealth. In Germany experiments were made to mate Jackals and wolves and Jackals and dogs, it is said. (sic.). So, we need not feel anxious about meetings or mating. It is a natural phenomenon, in jungle kingdoms. In his own backyard, weeds outgrew the honest plants and trees and one by one the Police are sending them for "organic" treatment in future. And every time one weed is removed he cries "wolf". And wolves come running to his support in droves. 

We shall now relate this new species of animal to a moral story of a Jackal, ambitious to be the King, comes in a different color and cheats gullible animals. 

The Story of The Blue Jackal

Chandaraka was a jackal living in a forest. One day, driven by hunger, he came to a nearby town in search of food. Seeing him, a group of mongrels began chasing and attacking him whenever possible. The jackal fled in panic and entering the house of a washer man hid in a vat full of blue used for bleaching clothes. When he came out, he became a blue animal. Thinking that he was not the jackal they chased, the mongrels dispersed.
The jackal came back to the forest with his body dyed in blue. When the lions, tigers, panthers, wolves and other animals in the forest saw him, they took fright and ran in all directions. They thought to themselves, “We do not know his power and strength. It is better we keep a distance from him. Haven't the elders warned not to trust him whose conduct, caste and courage are not known.”
The Story of The Blue Jackal
Seeing them scared, the dyed jackal said, “Why do you run away like that. There is no need to fear. I am a special creation of God. He told me that the animals in the jungle here had no ruler and that he was nominating me as your king. He named me as Kakudruma and told me to rule all of you. Therefore all of you can live safely under the umbrella of my protection.”
All the animals in the jungle accepted him as the king. He in turn appointed the lion as his minister, the tiger as his chamberlain and the wolf as the gatekeeper. After distributing office to the animals, the new king Kakudruma banished all the jackals in the forest. The lions, tigers and the wolves killed other animals and brought them as food for the king. Taking his share, Kakudruma would distribute the rest of the kill among his subjects.
The Story of The Blue Jackal
One day when the blue jackal was holding court, he heard a gang of jackals howling. Thrilled by the sound of his own ilk,Kakudruma began loudly responding in his natural voice. The lions and other animals immediately recognized that their king was after all a jackal and not a Godsend. They at once pounced on the blue jackal and killed him.,
“The moral is,” Damanaka said, “he who abandons his own folk will perish.”

The moral of the story is applicable now too. The present day political jackal abandoned all those who anointed him on the throne by sacrificing their sweat, blood and money and called them "jackals" and "wolves". Now, he is surviving on the fodder provided by the fellow animals whom he made his ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

A day is not far off when his mask comes off and he would face the ignominy of exiting the " political jungle", after being thrown out by his trusted  lieutenants and finds his proper place. 

Moral: Deceit is short lived. One day, it will devour you and make you rudderless, leaderless, ladderless and cadreless. Those wearing masks of honesty and encouraging all dishnoest people to court him will be devoured by his own dishonesty or by the power-hungry wild animals sooner or later. Masks peel off, colors get washed away and the insects the pseudo honest rulers encourage today will, one day attack them in droves, once they suck the total blood of other jungle animals and want more. Hope the Dr.Frankeinstein realizes this sooner than later.