Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Dear Mr. Nitish Kumar,

Namaskarams. Any countryman would have expected you to address the Prime Minister of India as "Respected Sir", whoever is in the seat. As you preferred to address him by name, I take liberty to address you in name. Any person in power usually greets his superior in power with a simple wish, "Namaste". I did that in my native language. 

A politician should be a politician, not a mimicry artist. I did not say this. The Media is saying. That your letter reflects your urge to take on Modi in the same way he took on you. It is bad politics or your credentials as a real politician are suspect. This is what NDTV in its article has to say. 

Mr Kumar's chief campaign strategist is Prashant Kishor, who is credited with designing PM Modi's famous "Chai pe Charcha" campaign."

Many others reported that you were trying to hit back at Modi as he hit you in previous elections. That is bad strategy if people know what you are really at.
Hiring the erstwhile campaign manager of Modi team was not wrong. People look out for greener pastures. Time will tell if it was really green or it was the other side of the hill.

Your grouse was that by talking about your DNA Modi insulted the DNA of Bihar. I do not think Bihar people leave a happy family to satisfy personal egos. That was what you did in 2013, even before Modi was declared as PM candidate. You refused the financial grant offered by Gujarat. Did you not think that you insulted the whole nation by your act, pitting brother against brother. Did you not feel that you did injustice to the well-bred Biharis by refusing an aid that they were anxiously waiting just to satisfy your ego?

By bringing in what Gadkari said, you lost your way. Unless you brought his name, you would not have been able to substantiate your claim that Biharis were insulted. Gadkari is not as big as you.

But, I will recall what you said about Gujarat and Modi during the heat of 2013/14 campaign. Let me repeat it verbatim. 

".... you have this person. You switch on the TV, you switch on the radio. Only one person. Till yesterday they were not tired of praising Bihar's development. Now they talk about Gujarat's development.  But what happened in Gujarat? What heaven has descended on Gujarat? Look at what happened in 2002. A person who divides the country can’t rule." 

Just read your own statement, CM Sir! You insulted Gujarat by name. Modi took your name not of Bihar. So, trying to relate it to Biharis and reaping electoral benefits is, in a way, accepting defeat before you entered the battle. 

And what was the resolution passed by JDU in its National Council meeting in April 2013? It called for a candidate with "acceptable secular credentials with no rough edges or divisive characteristics..."

Did that mean all Gujaratis had rough edges and divisive characteristics. I am applying the same yardstick your campaign manager, earlier with Modi, applied. You say if your DNA is criticised the DNA of whole of Biharis is abhorred. Does the same logic not apply to Gujarat too? 

Not only that you called Modi as rumor master. This was what was reported.

Taking a dig at BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, Kumar further alleged that election surveys were "sponsored" as part of the Public Relations campaign of a party to fulfil interest of the "rumour master" (Modi)

And in a recent meeting you repeated the charge and called BJP was a party of "rumour mongers".

This was what was reported in Deccan Herald.


Former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar Sunday said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was a party of rumour mongers. PTI file photo
Former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar Sunday said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was a party of rumour mongers.
"The BJP is a party of rumour mongers," he said at a rally ahead of a by-election in Chapra assembly constituency in Bihar's Saran district.

If we apply you logice, is nation thst elected BJP to rule a nation of  rumor mongers? 
And you say Bihar has rich culture and gave birth to some of the greatest people in history? Which state did not? You say you are secular and Modi divisive and you divide the nation on great personalities born in every state. Is it worthy of a Chief Minister? Are not Gandhi and Patel born in Gujarat? How did you insult a Gujarati then?

And your team says proudly that your DNA moment is similar to Modi's Chaiwallah moment. It is again an imitation. Please come out with something original Mr. Nitish. You spurned Modi and Manjhi. It was truth. It cannot be forgotten or forgiven by Biharis, whatever tricks you play.




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