Sunday, August 30, 2015




Discussion on caste based reservations and frequent agitations by powerful caste groups led or fed by powerful politicians entrenched in seats of power and brim with blood money stacked in Benami Accounts, is not new to India! "Keep the potboiling,already burning with the fires stoked by the Britishers, who, where ever they went, saw everything wrong with the culture and way of life there. So, as long as the pseudo secular groups, powerful Media groups who want their share of the pie in the powerful power circles, pseudo intellectuals under the garb of NGOs financed and prodded by interested religious groups abroad, politicians that do not want to see the populace educated and emancipated and individuals with bipolar mentality or split personality syndromes, ruled the roost they added coals from under the cauldron, by either prodding or provoking the suppressed groups and adding coals from under, none saw the the need for "affirmative action" on the issue. But when a backward of the backward occupi the seat of power and proved to be a tough nut to crack and who, instead of stoaking fires from under, started cooling tempers by all-inclusive policies, these groups started getting frustrated. This individual, the epitome of the living legend, who, by his call of Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas, made forays into hitherto untouched issues, educated illiterate masses by his drive of "clean India", gave sense of allignment instead of alienation from mainstream of hitherto 2,. suppressed groups, included the financially/by making banking accessible, thought of long term social security instead/short term freebies, made women part of the larger scheme by his "Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao" call, is making all out efforts through Make in India and Skill Development Shemes, to involve and impart skills to the hitherto neglected youth segment, won accolades from World Leaders through his call for investing in India, a human resource pool, atracting FDIs and FIIs to India as the most successful emerging economy and is taking many pro-active and positive initiatives to make us self-reliant and the rulers who hitherto united themselves to rule and divided nation to ruin the foundations got frustrated.

So, to keep the cauldron boiling, they started with negative campaign against the leader on fringe isues like Ghar Vaapsi/, Love Jihad, Moral policing, suit-boot Prime Minister, outgoing Prime Minister etc,, But these failed to cut ice with voters and BJP started making huge inroads into the hitherto untested areas like Assam, North East, Kerala, West Bengal etc., and where it has no immediate plans of ambitiously growing like AP, TN, Odisha etc.,the leader took the locally strong and amiable leaders into confidence and pitched for a powerful Federal India. Where the leader did not want to disturb the apple cart of locally acceptable adversaries like the CM of Tripura he extended an arm of friendship, This led to a hitherto uncharted script of New India that3. is slowly moving towards Unity in
Diversity after a very long gap from the days of Akhand Bharat ruled by King Bharata. The inaudible noises became shriller by the day with Congress trying hard to wash its sins of corruption, political debauchery worse than the oldest profession, crimes against humanity by snatching food from the plates of the poor and rich alike and building huge black economy that ate into the very roots of a phenomenon called India, by trying to pitch the leader beside them with allegations of going soft on the corrupt, criminals, mocking him of being only a CM, with no diplomatic knowledge etc., (their leader who misled the nation  for a decade was a head-nodding bureaucrat with no self-respect, the proxy leader was a semi-educated alien with no love to India and their projected leader is a semi-dumb -headed bachelor with no experience even as Junior Minister, leave alone, CM). But the noises made no impact and BJP won thumbs down in States ruled by leaders whom Congress wanted to project as corrupt and in a state ruled by themselves. So, the leader is growing stronger by the day, like a Banyan tree ? afraid that they can not grow under his pro-active rule that is giving shelter to all who needed it. With the trunk firmly entrenched in the soil of Akhand Bharat and its roots expanding fast, there was a need to cut the tree trunk for themselves to grow.

Definitive indicators of the coming together of disruptive elements came when the Pattiarch of 4. BJP and Octagenarian leader LK Advani warning of an emergency-like situation not impossible in India and Media usually distorting his statement. The second indication was an article published in a leading News Paper that disgruntled groups, political parties and NGOs ?creating a coup Of? by systematic violent movements to destabilize India and bringing back anarchy, The foreign funding of AAP and the self-declared anarchist winning an Union Territory with support of the leaders of the disruptors of India growth, the Indian National Congress, which is nothing but the Indian version of East India Company. Swallow wealth of the nation, throw crumbs to the poor, develop the nation but keep it poor, illiterate and subserving their interests perennially is the motto of both East India Comapny and Congress. Loot the wealth, enjoy the fruits and transfer the loot abroad and use it whenever their existence is under threat, is their ruling principle, So, when a strong leader emerged from nowhere and nation started breathing easy, these disruptive forces led by foreogn NGOs and their stooges here, facing long term incarcetation sooner or later for indulging in anti-national activities,started feeling the heat of the cauldron, they hitherto kept hot. But the fires at the bottom of the cauldron started abating with the lower strata seeing light at the end of the tunnel with pro-active and good governance and cauldron started losing steam. There is no further use of stoking fires at the5. at the bottom. So, the only other avaiable option is to pile up burning coals on the top of the lid of the cauldron. The result is instigating the hitherto neglected upper castes, who were strong supporters of BJP, while simultaneously trying to re-lit the fires at the bottom. The resultant effect is the birth of a Hardik Patel, who shot to fame overnight, supported by the Evangelist Media, with funding from unknown sources. Or we see no reason why Media house after Media house interveiws the split personality and report it as headlines. Editorials suddenly appear in leading news papers about need for "affitmative action", that they never cared to mention when Mandal Politics ruled the roost for two and half decades. It is more shocking that the Mandal champions Lalu, Nitish, Anarchist AK, Congress coming together to pitch for "Either scrap reservations or include all" call by the mostly average intellectual Hardik. If all are included under reservations it becomes presrvation of the erstwhile oppression which these Mandal parties played for so many years with no iota of protest from the foreign funded NGOs or Media. So, it is not love of upper castes that is driving these extinct species, fast falling into an abyss they dug for decades, but a specious and cruel agenda of these forces. Create wars among communities, stoke fires, indulge in arson and violence and reignite the passions of partition in 1947, when British left India in embers. So, this guy is funded and 6. guided to stoke fire among strong communites or leaders  in each state by bringing Nitish, Naidu, Raj Thackery etc. into picture..We have to see what new names he brings in future. Lalu pitched in, still thinikng that his base in the backward castes (who is more backward today than the forward?) is intact, extending? for upper caste reservation to create another vote bank. The resultant effrect is Congress warning of a violent agitation in Maharashtra, Shiva Sena joining the chorus preaching non-violence (?) Gujjars and Jats threatening revival of the agitation with violence etc. We have to wait and see how many more "idle" political groups join the chorus.

But, with specific intelligence outputs about the nefarious activities of parties facing extinction like Congress, JDU, SP, BSP etc., and AAP falling under its own weight, Gujarat Government read the "Riot Act" and brought the state  almost back to normalcy within a day. This divided the powerful Patel Community vertically with moderate majority and violent minority on each side. None wants violence perpetrated and future of posterity bartered to self serving and anarchist leaders. A stone is enough to break a glass house and a plane was enough to bring down the tallest tower in the world. Men, who speak terrorist language must be given long rope before they make a suicidal statement that sends him scurrying for shelter from the long arm of law. After all, Hitler ended his life and Napolean met Waterloo. Indira died 7. for sporting a Bhindranwale and Rajiv for sporting an oppressive state machinery in a foreign land. Sanjay met tragic death and the family that ruled and encouraged violence is paranoud about the Frankenstein Monster, they created. Short-lived were agitations that revolve around an emotive issue like a seasonal rainbow and long-lived welfare governments, who took the populace with them, with pro-active approach on all issues concerning the Citizenery. Media is, in one way helping by projecting this too-hot-to-handle youth, with terror-like intents, by projecting him as a hero. Even, Gandhi had to call off many agitations, when fringe elements resorted to violence ignoring his call. Congress, as a national party, should not join the bandwagon "Jai Hardik" sloganeering. If they have sources, resources, guts and gumption, they should take on the great Statesman Modi with positive agenda. Or it is end of the road for them and all the psychopaths they are supporting.