Saturday, August 22, 2015


I never hated politics and I never hated politicians. I am not a politician. I was a graduate, a clerk, an officer, a second line Manager, Manager of very big branches of a Bank, failed in the profession, was hounded out and took up writing as vocation and never expected any returns. But, my interest in politics dated back to 1964, when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru died and I could still remember discussing in a street corner about the successor. I was too young. Indira Gandhi was our guess but Shastry took over. From then on, my second interest was politics. I rubbed shoulders with many politicians, among them MLAs, MPs and Ministers and through them I rubbed shoulders with Senior IAS Officers and IPS officers throughout. For the past six-seven years only I am keeping myself aloof. But, the ocean of learning politics is still vast in front of me as it is a science that few can master. Sometimes, I wonder youth being carried away by false propaganda and expressing extreme views on politics, politicians and policies. So, today I told one young friend that I might be a moron not able to understand the intricacies of politics as present day youth could. I also told another friend that politics can never be one-way traffic. It is two- way traffic on an eight lane freeway where motorists change gears, switch lanes, speed up, slow down, pay tolls, commit accidents and if they reach home safely, life goes on.
I mock many politicians in my blogs. I attack them freely. I take objection to their way of dealing with governance aspects. In my heart, I know I can never enter their shoes. They are connoisseurs in their fields. So, I still respect them as professionals. But, I analyse them keenly, change my opinions as per change in their political philosophy and try to help something changes somewhere. Today, I am going to keenly contest, criticize, analyse and if possible advise Nitish Kumar and say why I started hating him so suddenly. It is not that I love Modi policies too much that I started hating this man. I do not criticize many politicos who have not allied with Modi’s NDA. But, in a nut-shell, I see the likes of Arvind Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar more dangerous than all the Congress Politicians put together to the body politic, even Lalu by any standard. I will explain.
During 2004-05, I visited Tiruvananthapuram and from there went to Kanyakumari. We were viewing the Sun setting on the ocean, where Dr.Raghuveer Prasad Singh, RJD, was also present. I recognized him. He took interest in me and started a conversation. It might be because I was explaining to my wife about the whole place, laced with my usual humour.  She and my daughter were smiling all the time. He asked me to tell details in English. I told him. Then, I talked to him about Bihar and Lalu. He was highly appreciative of Lalu’s down-to-earth approach and his family values, his love of the down-trodden and many positive traits. I asked him the inconvenient question, “Why is Bihar, so underdeveloped and still going back under him?” He smiled and replied, “Politics is complicated”. Later, he met me in two other temples on way back to Trivendrum and we talked again. I found in him a statesman, freely talking to a stranger and discussing intricacies of politics and the hard way one could climb the ladder. So far, it was so good.
Today, he is almost leading an ultimate revolt on Lalu for aligning with Nitish and surrendering the party interests to that selfish politician. We have to wait whether the party vertically splits with the think-tank on one side and the already “drowned-in-the-tank” on the other.  This is the tip of iceberg in the emerging political scenario in Bihar, with caste taking back seat and other issues coming to the fore.
Now, consider politics of Modi and Nitish. Gandhi Jee said, “Ends should justify means but means should not justify ends.”  If we go back to May, 2014 elections, we could take two classic cases of alliances. Modi was very close to J. Jayalalita as they share some common political views. By a simple logic, he could have convinced JJ to accept BJP as a junior ally with two-three seats and he could have had AIADMK, lock, stock and barrel as part of NDA. He did not. The reason was a case was pending against her in the disproportionate assets issue. If she were found guilty, Modi would have been on the wrong side of fighting corruption. Now, she is cleared, though an appeal is pending in SC. But, the HC judgment gave enough indication that the case was not so strong. So, now he sent feelers to her to come on board.
Second case was AP. BJP Telangana opposed any truck with Naidu in AP and TG. There were strong protests from leaders and cadres. Instead, they preferred TRS or YSRCP. In AP too, there were rumblings from the cadre. Argument on the ground was that both Naidu and Jagan were equally placed and Jagan had an edge if BJP did not align with TDP. (I was doing TDP work at that time, as I liked Naidu personally). An internal survey of TDP predicted 119 seats to YSRCP at one stage. Internal surveys are more reliable than opinion polls as they come from committed cadres. There was pressure on Naidu from his leaders and cadres too, not ally with BJP. BJP had a core vote base of 3%. If TDP did not ally with BJP, this vote would have been dormant, would not have gone to YSRCP. And the vote difference between these two parties TDP and YSRCP was less than 3% ultimately. But, Naidu played all tricks in the trade, to keep BJP on tenterhooks till the last second and extracted his pound of flesh. At one stage both the local and Central leadership f BJP advised Modi and Co., to align with YSRCP. Modi did not yield. For him means should justify ends. He was “incorruptible”. He sent a message that all BJP leaders and cadres should ensure corruption was minimised. (It cannot be eradicated). How could he have allied with Jagan on whom charges were piling up by the day? So, Modi took the risky decision of going with the TDP. TDP expected a hung house and the usual bargaining position as a coalition partner. It did not happen. Naidu should have controlled his cadres on the issues pending with the Centre. Instead his ambivalent stand on many issues made him a fodder for opposition and today his opponents, including the dying Congress got a breath of life. He lost his Midas’ touch. May be love for his son might have driven him to this stage. The party that fought dynasty could not be seen encouraging dynasty and that was what was happening in AP as of now. Hope, with his political acumen Naidu will regain the lost glory of the party. I know from the BJP thinking that the party will not make all out efforts to grow either in TN or in AP, until their natural, reliable allies are in place. Any arguments to the contrary will be specious and not based on ground reality. This is Modi way of “Means justify ends”. (I had to drift here from main issue because I have to be clear in my views as a committed BJP cadre, still on board with TDP)
Now, let us consider the case of Nitish. Way back in 2013, he distanced himself from Modi out of sheer arrogance and jealousy. He compared his development model with that of Modi. He said the war was between Gujarati arrogance and Bihari pride. He returned the cheque of Rs.5.00 crore offered as aid to the state. He went alone in the polls, as he did not want to ally with Lalu, whom he accused of jungle raj. Nor, he did want Congress on board as he accused the party of massive corruption. He failed miserably at the hustings. Neither his development mantra, nor his caste equations helped him. His vote share dropped to the same as in February, 2005. So, his core vote share is 16% maximum and people did not believe in his development of the state. Even now, they consider Modi as the real Messiah of development.
So, now, he hugged Lalu. He hugged Congress. To compensate for the sins of aligning with a convicted criminal and proven corrupt party, he hugged the liar Kejriwal who wears a mask of honesty and Good Samaritan. He was exposed on both counts. He started appointing all his cronies in important positions. He simply threw out the few honest people. Since past two months, three of his MLAs have been arrested for corruption and criminality. A lady MLA attacked a sweet shop that was caught on camera. Two senior MLAs are facing harassment charges from spouses out of which one is lady MLA. Instead of hugging an honest gentleman, Nitish hugged a criminally inclined, corrupt politician and pathological liar. For him ends justify means. AK says he will not share stage with Lalu. He will share stage with Sonia. Is it not double standard?  For, even to AK,ends justify means.
The idea of Nitish is ominous for the state. He wants caste votes from Lalu, but does not want him. He wants the 5% of Congress share but does not want to be close to them. So, he chose AK as a mask. This mask is already torn and the real face is out. He wants to rule the state sans crime, sans corruption, sans hypocrisy and develop the state. For this he has a convicted criminal, a proven corrupt party and a pathological liar who has done nothing to develop his domain municipality. This is like solving the zig-saw puzzle. But analysts still give him thumbs up. For these guys too ends justify means. Defeat Modi, we could rule through Satan again, seems to be the motto! Sans corruption at high places many honchos in Media feel suffocated for fear of losing their clout with the powers-that-be. Unless Modi is weakened, these Draculas cannot suck the blood of innocents.  This is all in the game. As a Post Graduate in Journalism, I know how Media should behave and how it is behaving now. They are following unscrupulous and unacceptable practices.
I have a story here.
Two friends wanted to spend the evening happily. One suggested that they go to a Temple where a Guru was teaching moral values. The other suggested that they go to a dancing girl show. Both departed. After few days, they both died at the same time. The man in the Temple was going to hell and the one with dancing girl to Heaven. The man who was in Temple protested. Then the God’s men replied, “You were in Temple, but your thoughts were on the pleasure your friend was enjoying. Your friend was on the wrong side but was thinking what new morals you were learning and what he missed. God judges correctly”
Here the two friends are the multiple personality of Nitish, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Now, part of him will go to Heaven and part to hell. He was physically with BJP and in love with Lalu. He is now physically with Congress, Lalu, AK but wears a mask of non-corruption, no-criminality and no lies. Politics may be the last resort of a scoundrel but even a scoundrel may be useful to the society in one way or other. But not a Nitish or an Arvind Kejriwal. They are bugs out to squeeze blood. Already Nitish is squeezing it in the name of DNA samples of Bihar.
I will tell a small story to end this on humorous note.

                                  Heavenly Justice

Once, there was a preacher who was an avid golfer. Every chance he could get, he would be on the golf course swinging away. It was an obsession. One Sunday was a picture-perfect day for golfing. The sun was out, no clouds were in the sky, and the temperature was just right. 
The preacher was in a quandary as to what to do, and shortly, the urge to play golf overcame him. He called an assistant to tell him that he was sick and could not do church, packed the car up, and drove three hours to a golf course where no one would recognize him. Happily, he began to play the course.
An angel up above was watching the preacher and was quite perturbed. He went to God and said, "Look at the preacher. He should be punished for what he is doing." 
God nodded in agreement. The preacher teed up on the first hole. He swung at the ball, and it sailed effortlessly through the air and landed right in the cup 250 yards away. A picture-perfect hole-in-one. He was amazed and excited. 
The angel was a little shocked. He turned to God andsaid, "I beg your pardon, but I thought you were going to punish him." 

God smiled. "Think about it-who can he tell?" 

Like the Priest in the story, Nitish is trying to play the cat drinking milk closing its eyes. But even if he hits the 250 yards, whom will he tell that his win is on moral grounds, with Lalu on one shoulder and Congress on the other and AK occupying his whole body like a virus? But, ground situation is different. God will punish him another way. The Golf Ball will revert back and hit him on his forehead so that he never recovers politically.
Nitish Kumar cannot prove that the goat the Bihari pride is carrying is a dog and try to steal it, with three other cunning masters to support him. Biharis turned cleverer by the day and May, 2014 proved it and November 2015 will prove it. Voters in MP and Rajasthan have proved that those who cost the country lakhs of crores and boast on their clean politics will be shown the door.