Wednesday, August 26, 2015



With the facile win in the Bangalore Corporation elections, BJP hit a hat trick after Congress launched a no-holds-barred attack on Modi that he was protecting criminals. In my earlier parts, I predicted that this would boomerang on Congress heavily in Bihar polls but for one, I never expected BJP to win a Metro City where educated voters took a holiday and the poor and illiterate voted heavily. This confirmed the first part of my analysis that perception of voters is changing, changing fast and is changing for good and the politics of 1947-48 of dividing and deceiving people will no longer work. A repetition in Bihar is on cards. If you talk, eat, sleep and dream an all- powerful adversary like Modi, it would not be a sweet dream; it would be a nightmare. My assessment since 2013 when I wrote my blog “It is Modi All the Way” on this aspect had been proved time and again.
Wins in Rajasthan and MP would not have caught much attention since these states were being effectively rule by BJP and ruling parties rarely lost by-elections or civic elections. But the noise over Sushma (an MP from MP), Shivraj (CM of MP) and Raje (CM of Rajasthan), at one go made by Congress, to regain lost ground in these states, was a flop-show. But, nation would certainly have seen the win Bangalore with glee, astonishment and aspiration as this state was being ruled by Congress and more so, till 18 months back, it was BJP that ruled BBMC and anti-incumbency would have been more on BJP. (It got less number of seats this time around than last time). But, being firmly in the saddle, the Congress faced a disaster because it chewed more than it could digest and had no escape route and committed political suicide.
The following kid story would suit the tale of the grown-up kid led party. If this kid ever read moral stories or his mom taught them instead of wielding the magic wadt to turn into all Black Gold like Midas, he would have mended his ways. But! Alas! His advisers sent him to border villages of Pakistan. I am worried about this kid as he has a habit of wandering here and there on sabbatical and vanishing in thin air. May God bless him with long life!
It was deep mid-winter and Freddie the Fox was very, very hungry. "Where am I going to find something to eat?" he wailed to himself.
The greedy foxBut as he passed a big oak tree his nose twitched. He could smell something delicious. Inside a hollow in the trunk was some bread and meat that a shepherd had left there. Freddie crept inside, and he ate and he ate and he ate. "Marvellous," he said, licking his lips when he'd finished the very last crumb. But what do you think happened? He was now so fat he couldn't get out again! He squeezed, squeezed and squeeze but it was no good. He was stuck fat. "Tee-hee-hee," laughed a passing bee. "You'll just have to stay there until you get thin again." And by the time Freddie got out he was hungry as before!
Moral: Never chew more than you can digest. And moral for Congress is to never shout more than they can defend with tangible evidence.
BJP shouted and stalled Parliament after truth about allegations came out. And Congress shouted in thin air asking BJP to disprove the allegations. It, kind of, misused its mandate in its over-ambition for power just as few families were misusing provisions of Sec.498a for greed of money. “Guilty until you prove your innocence”, a law passed by Congress.
This is the First Part of the emerging story called by Media, “The Deciding Elections in Indian Political History”. Did you hear this? Yes! Every Poll time, they parrot the same sentence. This time, it is the turn of Bihar. If BJP lost MP, Rajasthan and Bangalore, for our Media friends, the polls would have suddenly turned into milestones in India’s political history and imminent downfall of Dictator Modi. But! Alas! The SMILE TONEs came from BJP instead. See the magic done by voters. They just switched one letter and Congress went topsy-turvy and Media searched for other stories that had great bearing on our destiny. (I do not have a TV and hence am able to write and read so much. You can also donate your TVs to Congress sympathisers. Best way to take sweet revenge.)
Now, let us go back to our pet theme, Nitish Kumar and his greed for power. In my last blog I said, “Coalitions are tricky”. Not only tricky, they become funny too, if the partners vowed earlier that their DNA was not the same as far as corruption and criminality were concerned. So what will be the result? They go different ways. The more cunning tries to fix the less cunning or say, hardworking but both will be gobbled up by the Lion called EVM.
Let me narrate a story of the cunning fox and the hardworking donkey. Though hardworking, donkey is donkey, and it has no brain like the wily fox.
Once upon a time a fox and a donkey made a plan to go hunting together. "With my cunning and your speed," said the fox, "we're sure to be successful."
Too clever for his own goodAll went well until suddenly a fierce lion jumped out in their path.

The fox thought quickly, and went and whispered in the lion's ear. "If you let me go I'll lead the donkey into a cave from which it can't escape," he promised. "Then you'll have an easy supper."

The lion agreed, and so the fox did as he said, and turned to the lion looking pleased with him-self. "There you are," he said. "The donkey is trapped, just as I have promised."

"Well done, my friend," said the lion. "Now I can eat you for tea and enjoy the donkey for supper later on." And with that he killed the treacherous fox.

You know the wily fox Lalu and hardworking but no-brained Nitish. It is certain both will fight each other a covert battle and will be gobbled up by the Lion Voter, one for breakfast and one for lunch. There is a reason for my observation that these two are fighting a covert, proxy battle for supremacy in Bihar politics and Nitish is too clever for his size of brain and we know Lalu. If Nitish was clever, he would never have left NDA.
Till this July, Nitish and Lalu were not seeing each other eye to eye. They were bete noirs, both morally and politically. To speak truth, Nitish is an honest politician. He has tried to improve the lot of Biharis and has tried to end the jungle raj of Lalu family. But post LS polls he realised that Lalu was his only saviour as he would not be able to face Modi in a direct fight. He joined forces with him willy- nilly. Suddenly, he realised that he put at stake his hard-built reputation of honesty and as a face saver he tried to rope-in Arvind Kejriwal. The less we talk about Kejri, the better. He wanted to help Congress in BBMC polls by not contesting and transferring his votes to them as quid pro quo for the help rendered by them in Feb, 2015in Delhi. And we know his voter strength and what mature voter thinks of his honesty. These two pseudo honest politicos met many times.
We cannot say for certain, as we are not from Media and have no sources, but prima facie, it looked like that the illegal child that was born out the meeting of these two ultra -honest politicos seemed the vandalism in Gujarat, ultra left or guerrilla war type. “Hide behind a veil or a tree and attack surprisingly.” But Gujarat is led successively by strong-willed leaders since 2001.  The sooner this new Media Baby, Hardik, was born the sooner he vanished in thin air, as of now. Times of India reported that he said he would resign as the convenor of the Andolan Samiti, if the violence did not stop. The kid was scared of what politicians could resort to, using innocent young guys, with boiling blood.
All of a sudden, the Mandal theorists realised that Patel Community was backward after 67 years but they had no answer for the SC directive that reservations should not exceed 50%. The ulterior motive of these two parties and directed by Kejriwal’s ultra -ideology seems to be wean away forward caste votes by dangling the carrot of reservations for them too and retain their OBC, SC/ST votes telling them they are the real pioneers of the reservation system. Dr. Ambedkar’s vision was given a go-by with busses burnt and offices vandalised.
But will they succeed? There is growing fear in Pariwar parties that unless something dramatic is done it is impossible to stop the Modi juggernaut. For that they got the “thin vein” in the story of greedy fox, called Hardik Patel and used him. Will they succeed or commit political suicide together with Congress and AAP?
There is a moral in this story for these Mandal protagonists.
One day a hunter killed a deer and was carrying it on his shoulders. He saw a pig on the way. He placed the deer’s body under a tree and killed the pig and brought it under the tree. A snake hiding there bit and killed him. Before dying he killed the snake with his bow. A fox going that way saw the bodies of the deer, the hunter, the pig and the snake. She also saw the bow and vein attached to it. It thought, “I have food for three months but I will fill my stomach with this vein and snake today.” She tried to break the vein from the bow. As it was tight, the vein suddenly hit her on the brain and she was brain-dead.   
“It is always good to be satisfied with what is in the kitty. If you go for more and collect each straw of grass on the way, one day the straw may kill you.”
So, my dear Nitish Babu and Lalu Babu, you can do nothing to Modi reputation by creating vandals out of peace-loving population. If at all, your career will end. In the process, you can do no harm to Modi’s reputation, as Congress learned the hard way. There is no recourse for you other than serving people fearlessly and selflessly as Modi is doing. Or next alternate is “Quit and give chance to next generation”

paritrANAya sAdhUnA.n vinAshAya cha duShkRRitAm.h.
dharmasa.nsthApanArthAya sa.nbhavAmi yuge yuge..
For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteous Dharma, I come into being from age to age.