Saturday, August 29, 2015



Who is Hardik Patel? Is he an ailment caused by an accident in the body politic or a symptom of a future ,systemic and chronic malaise, out to eat into the roots of a nation inching towards the most prosperous Third World Country, with the richest Hindu culture that is poised to lead a troubled world towards peace and prosperity? For this, we need to read about the background of the overtly flamboyant youth with covert nefarious designs. Few knew or heard about him two months before. But, rich groups of people, might be from outside his own community also, foreign funded NGOs who are facing heat from probe agencies on money laundering and Hawala transactions, their local conduits who were charged with misusing these funds on wine and luxuries and now are spending funds on the costliest Advocates that charge by the minute and get bails by the hour, rudderless and leaderless  political parties that are facing heat of probes for corruption and large scale embezzlement, small regional parties that have banked upon caste equations and illiterate masses of the so called oppressed groups, overtly secular and covertly communal foreign citizens holding Indian Passports that visit India once a blue moon , rouse passions in interviews to Journos that enjoyed unhindered power through the back door under a corrupt dispensation earlier and vanish in thin air, once their job is done tried to give him a larger than life image. All these have an agenda of their own to destabilize a peaceful nation under a strong leadership first time post Independence. These might be the people behind the sudden rise of an immature youth, who was an average student, a small entrepreneur in a small town of Gujarat and whose single point agenda seemed to be Modi- bashing, using reservations as a stick to beat him with. The ostensible reason behind may be the upcoming Bihar elections, that the pseudo secular opportunist leaders of disoriented parties that came together to stop the juggernaut of Narendra Modi.

The sudden declaration of support to the guy, who seemed torn between his multiple personality syndrome like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, ela Arvind Kejriwal, by the two socialist Messiahs of Mandal politics is not only surprising but shocking. How can they reconcile to the irreconcilable position taken by this guy that "Reservation for all or none" (Interview given to Hindustan Times, published on 28th August, 2015)? Will they cancel reservations to the SCs/STs/OBCs, few of whom are richer and more educated than the so called forward groups or will they push India to a 100% reserved Nation? We already earned a bad reputation of a nation on discount, thanks to the misrule of wolves and wolverines aided by the foxy pseudo secular Media, self-serving pseudo intellectuals  and ever-budding new parties with narrow caste and religious agenda. Is the word "SECULAR" in the preamble of the constitution that these guys never fail to brandish, just a farce or joke played on the nation's intelligence?

Or else, how can a Lalu, a Nitish, a Sonia  or Pawar convince the well nurtured and nourished caste and religion based vote banks that a Hardik Patel that suddenly rose to fame  overnight and suddenly turned a nightmare to both the reported upper and so called lower castes can ensure a classless society by totally abolishing caste based reservations? If they say, upper castes too should get equal opportunity in the society, where reservations have come to stay perennially, they will create unrest in the already privileged classes and vice versa. Will it not amount to self-deceit and imminent self-defeat and imminent political suicide of these parties? Did they not realise the immense potential of damage such unstable guys like Arvind Kejriwal and Hardik Patel can cause to the body politic? Should they sell themselves like peanuts in the political market, where sharks ruled the roost and now lions are bringing a semblance of order? Do they want to hunt for votes on their inherent strength or do they want to depend on the leftover meat by blood thirsty tigers, with ultra ideology and instability in thoughts and actions? Is it befitting for a ten year old Chief Minister, boasting about development, to first align with convict Lalu and corrupt Congress and then seek support from the criminally intentioned Kejriwals and Hardiks? Nitish should think twice. He is facing imminent defeat, for sure and Lalu will ensure it and Congress is not sure of itself. He should graciously leave and remain in the good books of the few voters who voted for him all these years.He should not destabilize the state simply because it did not vote him back to power nor should he tarnish his personal image by aligning with each Tom, Dick and Harry. Let him rid of the viruses that are afflicting his mind  and the body politic in Bihar.

Coming back to Hardik, he rose to fame suddenly. Gujarat Government is probing as to who prodded and funded him. Who created the violence that fateful day? Government of Gujarat has taken pro-active step of helping EBCs among OCs by increasing the scholarships etc., But one thing is certain. This Hardik is not an individual but a phenomenon afflicted by the virus of greed and jealousy ela AK and NK. His interviews to various Channels and News Papers prove one point. He has no agenda but Modi- bashing. It is the same as AK and NK and Rahul. Reservations is just a mask. There has been resentment in many states on the part of OCs, there were agitations led by strong caste leaders, there was violence in many states on this issue, but never before any individual or organization received so much publicity, support, empathy and sympathy as this misguided guy got. Be it Media, political parties or pseudo intellectuals, all have joined on one platform calling for affirmative action. Where were these guys all this time. As they were enjoying patronage of pseudo secular governments, they kept mum . Modi's takeover of the reins destabilized these groups so much that, they are paranoid about their survival. Efforts were made to drive wedge between  ministers and Modi, between senior leaders and Modi and between minorities /dalits and Modi. Faked Church attacks were symbolic of the rot these guys planned in the long run.

Hardik is only an outward wound on  the Indian polity, the virus is somewhere else. He praised Raj Thackery, who attacked Gujaratis in Maharashtra, in a no-holds-barred diatribe. He said Chandrababu was a Patel, not knowing that Patel system was not prevalent in Coastal belt or Rayala Seema but it was there in Telangana. He said Nitish was a Patel. How can he be, as he claims to be backward community leader? He praised Kejriwal, seeing what, none knows, except his coughing. He says, "Either enslave everyone under reservation or free everyone" What did he mean? That all those enjoying reservations are slaves of the system? What happened to the intellectuals from the oppressed communities, who shout from rooftops at the drop of a hat, if a lower level functionary of BJP says the same? Is it not an attack on the Solemn Constitution of India that granted reservations? Let BJP take this to the grassroots and roots of many parties will be buried deep under the earth, with no scope of sprouting again. In Gujarat the process of alienating the fringe elements sharing common platform to this dis-spirited guy has started with education of masses on the long term implications of his sudden love for all sections in society except  Modi.

He praises Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Baba Saheb Thackery and Raj Thackery in the same breath. What is his political acumen unless he is guided in each step by interested groups? He left Subhash Chandra Bose; his Soul must be happy.

He asks to stop supply of milk and vegetables to city markets. What a moronic idea from a youth who professes that he is a "know all" and Media projects him as messenger of Gods to save upper castes? If not supplied to city markets will the rural economy not collapse? Who will compensate them?

And during the rest of the interview, he concentrates on Modi abuse. While abusing Modi he parrots the exact language of Rahul on the same issues.

1. On Pak, he says ceasefire violations have increased under Modi. (His knowledge, like Rahul's, is limited. Now, government is more transparent and no files go missing, no information is hidden behind a veil. True RTI has come here to stay).

2. He says PM wears a suit. Which PM did not wear a suit? All Gandhian PMs wore suits. Rahul too wears it.

3. He says CM has no power. Gujarat is one state which the PM left to mend for itself and till now, no complaint came on the inability of the CM. She does not fly to Delhi every other day, as Congress CMs have been used to.

4. He wants to kill all terrorists caught immediately. But it was Kejriwal who has supported terrorists' point that they should not be hanged. He praised AK! Hypocrisy within days of public career?

Rahul's script from Hardik? Did he read news papers or hold the script paper in hand? Time will tell. He says he is ready for violent means to achieve his goal. Only two days earlier he has declared that he will quit the leadership if violence is perpetuated? What ails his mind? Who is triggering the flow of endless thoughts in this guy? A test for Government to tap the virus and kill it before it spreads!

In an interview with Zee News, he is said to have laughed away a question about his photo on SM with Togadia but when asked about his photos with Kejriwal he got furious and indulged in the worst diatribe on the guys who circulated the photos? Where lies the connection? Where is the Bacteria? Dr. Swamy predicted long back that AAP was a offshoot of ultra leftist groups. In addition, there were strong rumours that the main funding of the party came from Ford Fundation, that had been placed on watch list by the Modi Government. Where does this all lead to? Hope Gujarat and  Central Governments initiate an urgent probe and book culprits at an early stage, before the malaise spreads.

In the immediate context, the decision of Gujarat government to isolate Hardik through public campaign is the most welcome move, as forces behind him seem to be strong and sinister.

In a nut shell, it is not about caste based reservation, reverse discrimination, affirmative action, a Hardik here and a Arvind there, but a larger plot by sinister groups out to destabilize a stable and peaceful nation under the new dispensation, where people started to feel a sense of belonging as in pre-independence days. It is a grandiose plan to escape the noose for all the misdeeds the earlier rulers perpetrated keeping masses uninformed. The launching of Digital India by the Government might be the last straw on the backs of these disruptive elements as dissemination of information even to remotest corners of the nation will be fast and authentic as it flows through the transparent administration and not the crawling and boot-licking private media houses.

It is high time the Government is allowed its duty. Judge after five years. There lies the catch. If they wait five years, their very survival may at stake. Or did the Senior Citizens of the country ever see so many disruptions in civic life by opposition parties during the first year of office by a new government? Ultra motives are apparent and Hardik is but a pawn in the hands of wily politicos and the sooner he realises this the better for. By comparing himself to a Bhagat Singh, he can not become a hero overnight. They were committed nationalists. If he does this, he will land in the lap of Chetan Bhagat, at the most. His language is partly inherited from the friction writer!