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"Many of  us believe that if wrongs are not wrong if the wrongs are done by nice people like us." Mr. Karan Thapar, you are living example of this kind of hypocrisy.

I was reacting to your column almost every week as I always felt that there was a huge mismatch between your thoughts and writings. But good friends on Social Media advised me to desist from reacting to your stupid observations as 1. they were always stupid bordering on idiocy 2. they border on hypocrisy and 3. your mind is trained to Congress' and hence Pak style of thinking because of your proximity to both. Hence, I was only surprised, not shocked on reading your Sunday Column today praising Pakistani establishment and lashing out at Indian politicos. I do not call it anti-national as our constitution provides for freedom of speech but is certainly self-defeating. If you wish to defeat yourself, Constitution guarantees that too, though I do not know the exact Article number. Or is it Pakistan constitution?

You were full of praise for Mr. Aziz, the Pakistan NSA. There was nothing wrong, he gave an interview to you in which he must have castigated Indian establishment as you did in your column. Your wave-lengths are similar. What you did not particularly observe, perhaps, there might have been an invisible army gun behind his back. Who knows? Pakistan is a Military driven dictatorial democracy. That is why their Prime Minister shamelessly went back on his promise at Ufa to leave Kashmir issue alone in talks with India. BTW, did you question him why he wanted to speak to Kashmir Separatist leaders before he talked to our NSA? Did you ask him why they went back on the joint statement issued a few days earlier? Did you ask him why there were ceasefire violations on continuous basis while they talked about talks?

You wont, because our leaders did not give you or your Pakistan counterparts any interview! They were heartless, remote controlled by ruthless "terror organizations". Is it not, Mr. Thapar? Because you did not mention what you interviewed him about and what his replies to your questions were, whether you asked leading questions to him with ready made answers as you asked your favourite politicians or you asked misleading questions with ready made answers in your brain as you usually would do in case of politicians in the opposite camp, always BJP, I desist comments on that of the story.

But I can tell you for certain what would have happened in India if any of our politicians or NSA gave an interview to Pakistan Journalist Karan Khan.

1. The newspaper that printed your column, that is not exactly their opinion as they fine-printed it, would have carried a head-line, " Modi's 56" has come down to 5.6". He allows our MEA or NSA to talk to Pak Journos in the midst of continued ceasefire violations by Pak and their unilateral cancellation of talks. Timidity in actions takes the place of temerity in words"

2. Congress and Communists would have blasted Modi for allowing the interview to take place. " Kya woh Pak ka Gulam hai kya?"

3. Rahul would have taken the opportunity to get a scripted pater in English written in Hindi alphabets and would have read it. " My great grandfather fought the 1962 war and won it but RSS called it Himalayan blunder. I came to protect you from the RSS and BJP". As he does not go beyond the script, you Media guys would not have asked him any further questions.

4. Kejri would have said Modi was planning something big to destabilize his government using Pak Journalists' connections. And he would have given ten more interviews to his contacts in Pakistan.

5. Your column would have read like this.

Our pusillanimous politicians talk to Pak Media. Brave Pak Media made no effort. ( Your headline)

You would have said like this.

"I'am going to do something that could take many of my close friends in Pakistan by surprise, but possibly, please them as well. It is also not you expect of an Indian MEA when he talks to a Pakistan Journalist. But all said and done I can't resist what I am about to do, as it is what I always do.

I am writing to praise the Pakistan's national security advisor, former finance and foreign minister, Sartaraj Aziz. He has many sterling qualities which his opponents at home or his adversaries abroad would not deny; an appearance of dishonesty that I like much when it comes to India. However, the quality that took me by surprise and was the cause of my admiration was his idiotic handling of foreign press, especially the Indian Press. Our politicians could learn a lot from his idiocy, that I admire.

My story begins five days before his scheduled visit t India. Brave as he is, he cancelled the visit. But before the cancellation, I tried to contact him but he brazenly refused to talk to me. Bravo, Aziz! I appreciate your patriotism to your country.

But my sources in the MEA tell me that the Devil's Advocate of Al Ja Dhaniya TV in Pakistan, known for its inherent hatred to all that is Indian, Karan Khan tried to talk to the Secretary in MEA. And he has told the MEA about it. She immediately agreed him to talk secretively to the Pak Journalist. Not only that she kept the PM and all Cabinet colleagues in the dark, about the impending interview. My sources say, he was given a go-ahead to talk to the Pak patriotic journo after the visit of the NSA, another great patriot of Pak. But, the highly patriotic Pak NSA cancelled his visit as he did not want to confront his counterpart here who was ready with a dossier on Pak terror activities in India and he did not want to ditch his own establishment by answering the inconvenient questions . Bravo! Aziz! That should be the spirit of patriotism. Never ditch your country by revealing their nefarious activities.

My sources in the MEA said that the next day, at midnight, when Al Ja Dhania Journo contacted the Secretary here he was ready on Satellite and the interview lasted 40 minutes. What they talked was kept under wraps. My sources in the MEA suggest that there is a quid pro quo involvement of the MEA here. And sources in the Congress suggest the winter session of Parliament too will be a wash out as they are going to shout out the proceedings and their VP plans a sabbatical again before that.

What should be condemned was the brazen manner in which our Ministers allowed secretive talks with Pak Journos while the brave Aziz protects his establishment and they continued their ceasefire violations on Indian borders bravely, except for two days when Rahul visited the border villages of Jammu and Kashmir. This, my close source in Pakistan, Mr. Aziz says, was done due to the respect they have for the Nehru-Gandhi family to have partitioned India and allowed them to brazenly massacre thousands of fleeing Indians in 1947/48. Happily for Pak, the ceasefire violations continued after Rahul returned to Delhi.

What our politicians should learn from Aziz is his patriotism to his country and his hatred to India and all that is Indian. A week passed and none in the Pakistan establishment contacted me to give interview till date. That confirms my admiration for my childhood friend Mr. Aziz that he is a living epitome of patriotism. "

The views expressed are personal. 

This is what he exactly has written in Hidustan Times today.

"I’m going to do something that could take many of you by surprise but, possibly, offend some as well. It certainly goes against the grain of the present atmosphere in the country. It’s also not what you expect of an Indian journalist when he writes about a Pakistani politician. But that said and done I can’t resist what I’m about to do. So here goes.

I’m writing to praise Pakistan’s national security advisor, former finance and foreign minister, Sartaj Aziz. He has many sterling qualities which his opponents at home or his adversaries abroad would not deny: a quiet dignity, a pleasing manner, a quick intelligence and an appearance of honesty. However, the quality that took me by surprise and is the cause of my admiration is his astute handling of the press. Our politicians could learn a lot from him.

My story begins five days before the eventually aborted recent Indo-Pakistan talks. Although we had never met nor even spoken and I was, for all intents and purposes, a complete stranger, I rang to ask for an interview. Mr Aziz readily accepted. “We’ll do it after the talks are over and before I leave. The High Commission will give you the precise time.”

The High Commission, however, never called so on Saturday, the day before his scheduled arrival, I rang Mr Aziz again. This time he chortled, as if we were old friends. “Of course, I haven’t forgotten but am I coming to India?” Then, before I could reply, he added: “Don’t worry, if I do I’ll definitely give you an interview.” I believed him. A journalist knows when a politician isn’t fibbing!

However, in the end the talks got cancelled and Mr Aziz didn’t come. So on Sunday morning I rang to ask if he would do the interview by satellite. I thought he would jump at it but this time he didn’t immediately accept. I could tell he was considering whether this would be the right thing to do. The conversation lasted 10 minutes but when he asked “What time tomorrow?” I knew he had agreed.

Mr Aziz gave me 40 minutes. He sat down in front of the camera bang on time and answered whatever questions I put to him. The tension of the preceding days didn’t affect his manner or his tone even though it was clearly discernible from his answers.

The important point I want to make is that a top Pakistani politician was willing to give interviews to the Indian media, even after the climactic denouement 48 hours earlier when the talks collapsed amidst acrimony and bitterness. Would an Indian politician have agreed to speak to the Pakistani media in similar circumstances? As far as I know, that’s never happened.

Mr Aziz defended Pakistan’s position with cogent arguments, a mastery of detail and appeals to the practice of the past or the logic of the present situation. You might not have agreed with him — and I often didn’t — but what was undeniable and, consequently, impressive is he was willing to be questioned, answered unhesitatingly and, therefore, did what democrats should do: explain, persuade, and try to convince.

A week has passed but not a single member of Mr Modi’s government has spoken to us about the collapsed talks. Our ministers have felt no need to explain, leave aside justify — and forget all about the thought of answering critics. Yet a Pakistani minister did just this.

A week has passed but not a single member of Mr Modi’s government has spoken to us about the collapsed talks. Our ministers have felt no need to explain, leave aside justify — and forget all about the thought of answering critics. Yet a Pakistani minister did just this.

(The views expressed are personal.)

This man's stupidity and hypocrisy know no limits. He has high praise for Pakistan and a very low opinion on India!

I had to state the obvious of what he would have written if someone from Pakistan contacted Indian officials and our officer had given interview!

This is one reason we see a Hardik Patel today disturbing the Indian growth story I leave the rest to your conjecture, readers of my blog. Know these guys and be on your guard always, Indians! 


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