Monday, September 7, 2015



We respect Army, Air Force and Navy Officers and Jawans. More so, we respect and bow our heads in reverence to the Army Jawans on the war front. We respect the Chiefs of all the three forces that provide logistics to the Jawans and Government/politicos as well. S
So, it will be sacrilege to attribute motives to them.
There was a demand for OROP for the past 40 years. There was no hue and cry when Indira removed the existing OROP , in 1973 because of the financial burden. There was no hue and cry when the then UPA defence minister said in Rajya Sabha in November, 2010 unequivocally that "It is impossible to implement OROP". He reiterated the logistic problems in 2012. In February, 2014, as an election gimmick UPA accepted OROP and allocated a token Rs.500 crores for the purpose and said it would cost Rs.3000 crores if implemented as 2011 base date! There was no commotion. Modi made a promise, obviously basing on the presumption that those who ruled the nation for six decades knew their numbers well. Alas! It proved as good or as bad as the "GARIBI HATAO" or "BHARAT NIRMAN" slogan. No hue and cry on Congress or its tails (no head, we know now) when NDA said the cost worked out to Rs.12000 crores with base year 2013! But suddenly the issue cropped up. Those who denied and defended the denial attacked Modi. They said it was Poll Jumla, gimmick.It is supported by the so called few agitating Veterans who say ,"Our way or High way". In the circumstances nation started smelling rat. They began suspecting that the whole Opera show was being stage-managed by non-state actors and a few state actors.
Now, we are forced to commit the sacrilege of seeing a motive behind a few disgruntled officers who were behind the agitation. Media highlighted the issue more than all government achievements.
We had to depend on feedback from ministries and PMO on SM to know what the nation achieved and what plans were afoot.
Alas! After the Scheme was announced, within seconds, these officers were before Media rejecting the offer of the Government and declaring they would continue to agitate. Should they not read the final blue print? It takes a month. Cant they help Government to make a final order and present their points? Cant they present their case before the Single Judge Commission? They said Judges were not from armed forces. If they want to approach the courts, if the settlement is not satisfactory, who will adjudicate? Judges or Forces? Is it not self-defeating with 90 per cent celebrating and 10 per cent sticking to their points?
I will discuss here why these demands can not be accepted. This is a nation made up of 125 crore people, who toil hard. Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan is our slogan. Which section of society can we ignore? Who is not sacrificing?
But, the sacrifice of army jawans is unique as they live away from family for years, sometimes, with no leave. They work under horrible climatic conditions. They sacrifice lives and do not care and some die un-repented. So, we bow to them.
Simultaneously, we bow to others who sacrifice lives like miners, police forces, rapid action forces, CRPF, Railway Police, Drivers of vehicles and trains. And farmers, who toil for a year and with one rain lose everything and commit suicides, can not be overlooked.
 In the larger scheme of things none is less; none more. But, still we have great respect for Jawans and Officers; not a few politically ambitious, self-styled disruptors, that are satisfied with nothing.
A week or so back, Hindustan Times, a paper close to Congress Politicians advised veterans agitating to see reason. Today Times of India expressed this view.
The government has walked several extra miles to meet the demands of ex-servicemen. It's a good deal and should be accepted without further acrimony. The government needs to stand firm and not submit itself to further pressure.
We know what the Times of India stands for, vis a vis Modi.
Most of the Media houses showed that Amy Jawans, especially were satisfied. Media too welcomed the announcement with open heart. There are detractors like NDTV. So, general public view is that any continuation of the agitation without going through the fine print will be futile and those who are agitating lose sympathy. If a bi-partiate settlement is signed by Bank or Insurance employees or other PSU employees dissent is bound to occur. There was lot of resentment from pensioners in banks in the recent settlement (I am not a pensioner) that they were ignored. These are sorted out through the negotiations. That is the best way for Major General Satbir and his colleagues. Please stop agitating and start negotiating. Final order was not issued. Personally, I feel the demands are not justified including parity for PMR officers. I will discuss one point after another in a chronological order. In this connection, we can verify the provisions existing in the other countries.
Raktamukha was a monkey living on a blackberry tree near the coast. That tree was always full of fruits. One day a crocodile named Karalamukha came out of the waters and loitering on the sands came to the tree.
Seeing the croc, the monkey said, “O croc, you are my guest. I will feed you with these delicious blackberries. Enjoy the fare. The learned have said,
The monkey then gave the crock a lot of berries. After he had his fill, Karalamukha went home. Thereafter, it became a habit with the croc to daily visit Raktamukha, enjoy the fruit he offered, spend time with him discussing the world and then go home.
One day, the croc’s wife asked her husband, “Where do you get this fruit, they are so sweet. I have never tasted such mouth-watering fruit.”
“I have a close friend, a monkey, who gives me the fruit every day,” said the husband.
“If the fruit are so sweet, the heart of your friend who eats them everyday must be as delicious as the fruit. Please get his heart for me, if you have love left for me. I will always be young and immortal if I eat that fruit,” said the wife.
“My dear, it is improper for you to speak like that. I have accepted him as my brother. It is not possible for me to kill such a host. Please be reasonable. The elders have said,
Angry, the wife said, “You have never defied my word. It must be a female monkey who is your friend. That’s why you are spending so much time with him every day. I have now understood you thoroughly. Your heart is full of that monkey. You are a cheat.”
Karalamukha, wanting to pacify his wife, said, ““My dear, why are you angry? I am your most obedient servant and ready to carry out your order at any time.”
“No, she is dear to you. If you really love me, why don’t you kill her and get me her heart. If you don’t get it, I will fast and die,” threatened the wife.
Worried, the croc went to the monkey. Seeing that the croc was late for his daily meeting, Raktamukha said, “You are late and do not seem to be cheerful. What’s the matter?”
“O my friend, how can I tell you what happened at home. My wife is very angry. She told me that I am an ungrateful friend and that every day I eat the fruit you offer but never had the courtesy of inviting you home. You have no redemption; she told me and warned me that if I did not bring you home, I would see her only in the other world. These arguments with her have delayed me. Please come with me. My wife has decorated the house fit to receive you. She has hung welcome buntings at the entrance. She is eagerly waiting for me to bring you home.”
The monkey said, “Your wife has said the proper thing. You should leave a man who loves you for your wealth like the spider attracts his prey. She might as well have quoted the elders saying,
 “There is a problem, however. We are all land animals. You live in water. It may not be possible for me to accept your kind invitation. I advise you to bring her here,” said the monkey.
“It’s really no problem,” said the croc. “Our house is on a sandbank. It’s a beautiful place. Sit on my back. I will carry you.”
The monkey happily sat on the back of the croc and the journey began. As the croc was entering deep waters, the monkey got scared and told the croc to go slowly.
Thinking that the monkey was his prisoner now, Karalamukha told Raktamukha, “It is now safe to tell you our plan. My wife wanted me to create trust in you first and persuade you to accept our invitation and then kill you so that we may have the good fortune of feasting on your heart.”
With great presence of mind, the monkey said, “My friend, if this is what you and your wife wanted, why didn’t you tell me in the beginning itself? My heart is safely stored in the burrow of the tree. What is the use of your taking me home without my heart? Let us go back. There is nothing happier for me than giving my heart to your wife.” Happy, the croc turned back and brought the monkey to the shore.
The monkey at once leapt to the top of the blackberry tree and thought, “We should not trust an untrustworthy person, even if we did, it should not be total. Such trust will destroy us completely. This is a rebirth for me.”
The croc was in a hurry and asked the monkey, “What is the delay? Get you heart. My wife will be very happy.”
The monkey angrily told him, “You idiot, have you seen anyone who has two hearts? You are ungrateful. Get out of my sight and never come this way again.

There is a moral in the story for Maj. Gen. Satbir Singh and his friends. You were eating the sweet fruits offered by Lord Hanuman. You are offered more daily, on demand. But detractors, in the form of state and non-state actors lured you with the heart of The Lord. Lord is cleverer than you,as He is the sustaining force for you.
Please know a truth, Mr. Satbir! People knew you never agitated when peanuts were offered by UPA. You never placed so many demands before UPA, You never raised your voice when UPA Defence Minister said it was impossible to implement OROP.
You enjoyed fruits offered by the new regime. But, your detractors prodded you to go afer the heart. The story quoted supra is not just a moral story for children. It is more than that. It tells that when you lose control over the "ARI SHADVARGA" the six internal enenemies, Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Mada, Matsaryas, your external enemies in the mask of your kith and kin and invisible friends  take over your senses and lead you to greed and prod you to maim your benefactors.
Here, General Sabir, whatever be his political ambitions, was led by the greed to please the invisible friends, whose sole aim was to  disturb the political ecology and enjoy the sweet fruits all by themselves. But, like the unintelligent male croc the General, with dueto regards to the high position he occupied in the community of nation's saviors, the Army, exposed himself in the middle by talking about the Right and Left wings of the political spectrum. He exposed himself saying in the middle things not expected of him and exposed his intentions of donating the heart of his Lord Hanuman, to the greedy, invisible crocs hiding in the den. So, the Lord saved himself, saved the fruits to be distributed to other saviours of borders and our democracy. But like the croc in the story, the General is still pursuing his agenda of getting the heart of the Lord of the fruit tree called DEMOCRACY and who believed in the dictum SAB KAS SAATH SAB KAA VIKAAS. But, he stands exposed that his real intention was to share the sweet heart of the Lord with enemies, invisible or wearing masks.
The Donkey in Tiger Mask
The donkey, that wore the mask of a tiger to keep jungle animals away and enjoy the grass for himself, is exposed when he starts singing, in his hoarse voice and is consumed by the wild animals he trusted. Please read the story, continuation of the above as conversation between the monkey and the male crocodile.
Raktamukha, the monkey, then told Karalamukha, the croc, “You wicked croc, you are a slave of your wife like Nanda and Vararuchi. You tried to kill me but your chatter gave away your plans.”
"See how a donkey despite his disguise in a tiger skin betrayed his origin by braying and got killed. Here is the story if you want to know,” said Raktamukha and began telling the story of the donkey.
In a small village lived a washer man named Suddhapata. He had a donkey that was very weak because he did not feed the animal regularly. One day, the washer man found the dead body of a tiger while he was collecting wood from the forest. Suddhapata was very happy and thought, “I am lucky. I can skin the animal and cover my donkey with that skin and drive it into wheat farms where he will have plenty to graze. Thinking that he is a tiger, people will keep away from him. This way, my donkey will have plenty of food.”
He acted on his plan and the donkey would go to the wheat farm every evening, have his day’s fill and return to his master’s house in the morning. This went on for sometime. The donkey became so strong and sturdy that it became difficult for the washer man to pull him to the peg and tie him to it.
One day, when he was happily grazing at the wheat farm, the donkey heard the voice of a female donkey and began to respond to it in ecstasy. Then the watchman and others at the farm at once recognised him as a donkey in a tiger skin and killed him.
If you try to extract the maximum from a pro-active and positive thinking government you are bound to suffer the ingnominy of being ignored like the four sons-in-law in the following story. You can enjoy the patronage of a pro-active government as much as it can afford. If you want more and stay back where you are, Maj. Gen. Satbir! You will suffer the same fate of the fourth son-in-law in the following story.
The stick-on Sons-in-Laws 
A very wealthy merchant named Eswara lived in a city called Vikantakapuram. One day, his four sons-in-law arrived from Ujjain with their families to enjoy the hospitality of their father-in-law. Eswara did everything to make them happy and contented. Six months passed but the sons-in-law did not show any sign of leaving for Ujjain. Eswara was angry but could not directly tell his sons-in-law
One day, the father-in-law told his wife, “These guys are enjoying their stay here and are reluctant to leave. I am sure they will not leave unless we offend them in some way. Tomorrow, when they come for dinner, don’t offer them water to wash their feet. They will regard this as an insult and will certainly leave.”
Eswara’s wife did, as her husband wanted her to do.
The first son-in-law was offended because water was not ready for him to wash his feet and left in a huff.
The second son-in-law was not happy with the place assigned to him at the table and left ranting.
The third complained about the quality of food and packed his bags.
Syamalaka, the fourth son-in-law, however, did not mind these insults and stayed on. The father-in-law had, therefore, to throw him out of his house by force.
So, Major General Satbir! You lost the sympathy of your own clan. You lost sympathy of common public. You lost sympathy of the Media too. It is in your own interest to shun the agitation path and negotiate. None can say you can not have political affiliation or inclination. It is freedom granted by constitution. But you exposed yourself more than you could or you should. Some ambitious young man followed the same dharna and hunger strike path to achieve his ambition wearing the mask of honesty and Lok Pal, got what he wanted, kicked the ladder by which he climbed and gorgot all his sermons, once reaching the top. Nation believes he is behind your agitational path. Please beware of him. He is a like a maniac, who kicks all, sans rhyme or reason. Please do not bend before him and take him forward in his ambition, as a horse takes the rider. Please read this story.
The ambitious Ladies of the Minister and the King
Once upon a time, there was a popular king called Nanda. His people respected him for his learning and valour. He had a prime minister called Vararuchi who was well versed in diplomacy and statecraft. Vararuchi’s wife was one day annoyed with her husband and kept away from him. Extremely fond of his wife, the prime minister tried to please her. It was no use. He did not know what to do to regain her affection.
He pleaded with her, “Tell me what can I do to make you happy.”
The wife at last opened her mouth and said, “Shave your head cleanly and prostrate before me if you want to regain my love.”
The prime minister complied with her wish and succeeded in winning back her favour.
The king’s wife also played the same drama of shunning his company. Nanda tried every trick he knew to win her affection without success.
When everything failed, the king fell on her feet and prayed her, “My darling, I cannot live without you even for a while. Tell me what should I do to win back your love?”
The queen said, “I will be happy if you pretend to be a horse, agree to be bridled and to let me ride you. While racing you must neigh like a horse. Is this acceptable to you?”
“Yes,” said the king and did, as his wife demanded.
Next day, the king saw his prime minister with a shaven head and asked him, “Vararuchi, why did you have your head shaved on a day when tonsure is forbidden.”
Vararuchi replied, “O king, is there anything that a woman does not demand and a man does not readily concede? He would do anything, shave his head or neigh like a horse.”
Raktamukha, the monkey, then told Karalamukha, the croc, “You wicked croc, you are a slave of your wife like Nanda and Vararuchi. You tried to kill me but your chatter gave away your plans.”
Hopefully, reason dawns on Maj.Gen. Satbir soon. If he started this to please his invisible political masters, who misguided him keeping Bihar in view, he could note Bihar was a lost bet. If he is continuing this Opera at Jantar Mantar, again led by the same group, keeping Punjab in view, he can take it for granted it is also a losing bet.
Please shun the path you chose, tread the path of sweet-hearted statesmen, ready to empathise with you. Go with the stream.Do not attempt to swim against the tide. Time and tide never stop. They help you or consume you! 
NOTE: I stood for the cause of soldiers as my reaction on SM proves, I never opposed Maj. Gen. Satbir's path too until he is seen being surrounded by detractors of democracy who failed on all fronts.