Thursday, October 15, 2015




Modern day Cinema is all about love, hate, factions and politics. A scene in a park and a song in Bangkok is all we see. Rarely we find a song that conveys a social message. In good olden days, directors used to have at least a song with a social message even when it encroached upon the main story line. We find these in Hollywood, Bollywood or vernacular language movies. Being from the land of the "Italian of the East", Telugu I thought I could share a few such messages here. 

The following is translation of a song from the Telugu Film "Gorantha Deepam" that contains a tribute to the Hindu philosophy and a message that we should strive to live like the citizens in Rama Rajya. A subtle message to voters too to live the dream of following the footsteps of our ancestors and bring in Rama Rajya back. There is a message that we should shun envy and hatred.

In this song a woman was wailing thus. Had I been a stone I would been touched by the feet of Lord Rama (and turned into woman). Had I been a hunter I would have sung an epic Ramayana with devotion. Had I been a boat I would have served Lord Rama to cross the river and had I been the footwear of Lord Rama I would have ruled rule the kingdom of (by) Bhakthi. (devotion)

How so I wish I were a stone,
By Rama's touch to turn into woman,
How so I wish I were a Valmiki,
To sing Ramayana with ardor and piety!

How so I wish I were a boat,
To help my Lord to cross the rivulet,
How so I wish I were Rama's footwear,
To rule His kingdom with servile fervOr!

Had I been a bird in the jungle I would have saved my Mother Sita and earned the goodwill of Lord Rama. Had I been a squirrel on the banks of the great ocean I would have been helpful to my Lord Rama in my small way. By that I would have carried the finger prints of my Lord Rama on our backs through generations.

How I wish I were a bird in the jungle,
To save Sita and earn Rama's goodwill,
How I wish I were an itsy-bitsy squirrel,
To help Rama to cross ocean by a miracle,
And carry marks of my Lord's fingers,
On our backs through generations!

Had I been born a crow I would have helped Rama to turn a straw into an arrow by my horrendous act. How sad I was  born a human being to be part of this envious world, when insignificant creatures could be part of all these miracles?

Even if I were a crow that is despised,
I would have Lord Rama, helped,
With an arrow by Him to be killed,
An arrow from straw that He made!

How sad as a human born I were,
To spread in world hatred and fear,
When many a minuscule creature,
Served God's purpose with lots fervor!

Melodious music apart, the song evokes immediate devotion for Lord Rama and the final message that it were better to be a bird, a crow, a squirrel etc., and even a straw to help the Lord and the Creator instead of being a human and spread hatred and fear, is heart touching.

Not only have devotion but live like a human for the purpose for which the God created you is a subtle message in the song.

Link: Original Telugu Song