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Babloo is ecstatic. He could confound the whole of pseudo secular world by wearing the mask of secular black paint on his communal face. Till that day he was static with no Media glare after his mentor joined the Margdarshk Mandal of his own communal party and he was left in the lurch. The few noises he was making were drowned in many such noises being heard thinly everywhere. 

He was so elated as the Jackal who jumped in the bucket of blue paint was, in a story in Panchatantra.

The Story of The Blue Jackal

Chandaraka was a jackal living in a forest. One day, driven by hunger, he came to a nearby town in search of food. Seeing him, a group of mongrels began chasing and attacking him whenever possible. The jackal fled in panic and entering the house of a washer man hid in a vat full of blue used for bleaching clothes. When he came out, he became a blue animal. Thinking that he was not the jackal they chased, the mongrels dispersed.
The jackal came back to the forest with his body dyed in blue. When the lions, tigers, panthers, wolves and other animals in the forest saw him, they took fright and ran in all directions. They thought to themselves, “We do not know his power and strength. It is better we keep a distance from him. Haven't the elders warned not to trust him whose conduct, caste and courage are not known.”
The Story of The Blue Jackal
Seeing them scared, the dyed jackal said, “Why do you run away like that. There is no need to fear. I am a special creation of God. He told me that the animals in the jungle here had no ruler and that he was nominating me as your king. He named me as Kakudruma and told me to rule all of you. Therefore all of you can live safely under the umbrella of my protection.”
All the animals in the jungle accepted him as the king. He in turn appointed the lion as his minister, the tiger as his chamberlain and the wolf as the gatekeeper. After distributing office to the animals, the new king Kakudruma banished all the jackals in the forest. The lions, tigers and the wolves killed other animals and brought them as food for the king. Taking his share, Kakudruma would distribute the rest of the kill among his subjects.
The Story of The Blue Jackal

One day when the blue jackal was holding court, he heard a gang of jackals howling. Thrilled by the sound of his own ilk,Kakudruma began loudly responding in his natural voice. The lions and other animals immediately recognized that their king was after all a jackal and not a Godsend. They at once pounced on the blue jackal and killed him.
The Story of The Blue Jackal
The moral is “He who abandons his own folk will perish.”

Babloo returned home in that ecstatic state. He should tell his wife that he could cheat on anyone. (she knew that already). He knocked on the door. His four year old son opened the door, saw him in awe and declared "You are not my Daddy" . "Whaaaat?", he shouted. His wife came running from the bed room.

"He says I am not his daddy", he said in agitation.

"Somethings, you cant just explain." she said.

"What do you mean? You cant just explain somethings?" his communal rage returned. (Usually communal elements are very short tempered as per Media Upanishad Chapter IXX)

"You are not my Dad" repeated his son.

"See! He repeats. And you are cool like the Modi Government? I am shouting here" 

"Somethings, you cant just explain. Morning, when you left home, you were Saffron in color. Tabloo  (the four year old son) went to school."

"And then?" he shouted wiping sweat drops from his face.

"Somethings, you cant just explain. Then, your friend Tibloo came home."

"Who? That black guy, whose face looks like coal?"

"Somethings you cant just explain. Yes! The black guy only, who was involved in Coal scam. Your Congress friend. He came"


"Somethings you cant just explain. He told that you were live on TV and you were just looking like him in black paint. He sat on Sofa. I put on TV and sat by his side"

"Very near to him?" he was in tears.

"Yes. I like the smell of coal since my childhood. I was enjoying smell of his scam tainted body. We saw you on TV." She chuckled. "You were looking like his replica." She burst into laughter.

"You are a cheat." he shouted.

"Not as much as you" she retorted. "You cheated the whole psuedo secular world that was living in its make-shift world of peace and harmony"

"OK. Then what happened?"

"Somethings you just cant explain. Tabloo came back from school. He was bewildered seeing two daddies. He asked who this black guy was, rotating his face on Tibloo and TV, Tibloo and TV, Tibloo and TV."

"What did you say?" Babloo was restless.

"Somethings you cant just explain. He thought Tibloo was his Daddy. He liked the black color as he wears my Genes (not Jeans)."


"Somethings you cant just explain. From then on he was crying copiously, I want my black Daddy back, I want my black Daddy back, I want my black Daddy back."

"Why did you not explain? It was black paint that I wore to muddle the already muddled secular climate?

"Somethings you cant just explain. His black was also taint. Tabloo was not convinced."

"What are your plans?" he was about to faint.

"Somethings you cant just explain. I called Tibloo for dinner and asked him to rest here this night in your bed room."

Babloo fainted. 

"I told you that somethings you cant just explain and see the result", she walked inside to bring water. His four year old son started kicking him with his feet crying, " You are not my Daddy, you are not my Daddy, you are not my daddy"

Moral: "Cheat not, lest Ye be cheated." 100th Commandment.