Friday, October 30, 2015




If I remember well, my tryst with politics started as early as 1964 when Jawaharlal Nehru died of heart attack. Who next, was a discussion that raged immediately. I asked my father and he said it would be Indira Gandhi. But as fate had it the tiny looking LB Sastry took over and soon won the hearts of the nation. Our family, like many traditional middle class families, had been staunch Congress supporters and it naturally passed on to me. Fresh from freedom struggle and with no opposition to take on Congress, it had a field day in AP, at least. Communists who gave good fight in early stages (land struggle was a main issue there) lost steam. But Swatantra Party of  Sriaman Rajagopalachary made good impact, with N.G.Ranga in the forefront. But he had a nick name, chameleon. He too lost the game. So, it was free run for Congress in our state till NTR took the political stage. Jan Sangh and later BJP , considered as Brahminical party in the South failed to make any impact in AP areas, as caste politics always ruled the roost. And BJP had no good leader. Venkaiah Naidu shifted to Delhi after he became party president. He never tried at cadre building. In Telangana situation was different due to communal politics of MIM and other outfits. RSS did not grow in AP areas but grew in TG. But the internecine wars between Dattatreya and Ale Narendra killed the party there too. Entry of Vijayaashanthi and her dramatics totally damaged the party. Bangaru Laxman's bribery scandal added to its woes. Over all, BJP is a lame duck in TG and still born in AP. 

Despite my Congress leanings, during College days there was lot of clamor for my presence in ABVP, as my joining them would give them more membership and would add color. I joined after my father told me to. But my stint there was limited as I, along with friends, raised a revolt on the authoritarian style of Vekaiah Naidu and walked out of a big jamboree in Vijayawada, went to a picture and stayed in a hotel. My Congress leanings remained intact. 

When I joined LIC, I joined BMS, a BJP front as I was allergic to communists. In 1975 I was the only one who supported emergency, as I attended office at 10.00 AM for the first time ever.  I read Kuldip Nair during those days only and reading books on politics has become my passion. I read Shourie, Arun Singh, MJ Akbar, GK Reddy, Batuk Gattani etc.,regularly. My interest in politics grew and much of my talk was revolving around Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth etc.,, besides politics. Slowly, I realized the damage being inflicted by the Congress on the nation. Then came Advani's Rath Yatra and my political allegiance shifted to BJP politics. I saw the party as a credible alternative to Congress. Then came the Vaajpayee era, that was frittered away by BJP. Advent of Narendra Modi gave fresh hopes. Added to this, the crooked politics of Sonia and coterie made me totally allergic to Congress. 

What is so special about this man who is my contemporary in life, that I pray God daily that the nation should be able to avail his services till he turns 75, as equally as I pray God to save my children from vagaries of life? I sincerely feel, he has that something in him that makes him instantly lovable. His total detachment from material things in the midst of attachment to all things material to him. He never cared what accrued to him, fame, money, possessions et al. Whether he wore a Suit, a Kurta, Pazamaa, a colorful turban or refused to wear a skull cap his thoughts were always on the common man. He has no masks in his personality. He loves the whole humanity, specially suffering Indians, as his clan, kith and kin. After becoming PM he kept his own people away from the glare of public office, as a Yogi of the highest order, as he knows position is transitory. Once, kith and kin start enjoying spoils of office, it is difficult to detach them. 

I am not a great man. I know I am ordinary individual. I lost many opportunities that came my way due to arrogance. But there has been and still is one or two qualities in me I can always equate myself with the greatest statesman I ever came across or read about. That is my sense of fearlessness. Once, one of my Technical Officers (I knew he was taking bribes from clients) asked me, "Sir! You always pick up on the senior Executives of the Bank. You use expletives they can not digest. I am hearing from many officers that the Bank is trying to book you. You have no assets, no money to fall back. Make hay when the Sun shines. Some customers are ready to help you." I told him that the day I entered the Bank I kept my left leg out (please read my story in blogs). If they push in, I will come in. If they push out, I will go out. As per money, I depend on my brain and brawn." His prediction came true. But, I withstood the vagaries. Today, I stand as one who never compromises in life, come what may. I like this quality in Modi Jee. Position for him is transitory. Service is permanent. I have adoration for him and Bhakthi for him. Come what may, he does not yield! That is a billion elephants strength to my nation, to my posterity. If he continues, they will be happy for ever! May God bless them. 

One more incident happened just before I came out of service. One day, a group of Sardar Jees came to my house to greet me. That was their first visit. My son was playing downstairs. I was in the balcony above. They did not see me. One said, "This must be Manager Sab's house. This boy is replica of Sab." The other said, "He is replica. See his dress. Even the poorest in our community does not wear such rags". They came up. An old Sardar asked me, "Why are your children looking so poor? If you want money, please tell us. You can repay later. It is not good to see your children like that." I told him that I did not want my children to be exposed to the glamour of my position. After I lost my job, he again came and cried copiously and said that had I not this vision,children would have suffered due to  change in my status. Whenever I see Modi Jee I remember this. Despite taunts by Congress and others he kept his family in "as is where is condition" as he knows that the post is his, not theirs and any day he may have to vacate the seat. If only Indira had this statesman's yogic qualities, she would have survived. This is one more reason I adore Modi Jee. 

The third quality is his workmanship and his ability to extract maximum work from others without causing pain to them. He works without rest. He said the other day he never took leave. He depends on his own judgment. "Lend thine ear, reserve thy judgment" was Polonius' advice to his son. (Hamlet). He hears all, but he does according to his conscience, to help nation not to help himself. It is a quality you find rarely. Even the Mahatma suffered from hearing bad advice. He went to the extent of handing over the nation to Jinnah.

Modi Jee is dependable. He is a statesman of the rarest breed. He is the hope of the nation. So, I dedicate this 200th blog under the heading "Frankly Speaking" to the great man, Narendra Modi.


karmaNy-eva adhikAras-te mA phaleshhu kadAcana
mA karma-phala-hetur-bhUH mA te sango’stv-akarmaNi ”


You have the right only to your action – not to the fruits thereof. Do not become the cause for the fruits (by desiring the fruits); nor should you be attached to the non-doing of action.