Wednesday, October 7, 2015




When young, I remember having seen a movie, "Skyjacked". This movie had its background in the World war 1 or 2. As I was not following English in movies at that time, I only understood the story. One brave Soldier of the Russian army skyjacks a plane of the rival nation, shouts in triumph "Hail Stalin", and he is hailed in return. He  kills all passengers , spends time in hiding for few years. For sometime KGB helps him and dumps him later. Unable to fathom what has transpired, he returns to Russia and shouts "Hail Stalin". Immediately he is arrested as Stalin is replaced by then. The picture is all about the dream he has in the return plane how he will be honored back home.

Return is sometimes painful. People tend to forget. So, if an award given to some literary personality who wrote some contemporary life in poetry, prose, drama etc., and he/she returned it after 50-60 years and the "Left Out News Papers" published it in Headlines, this generation would google, who this personality was. Lucky! We have Google or it is difficult to know him or her. They will be like the phantom Vaital in Vikram and Vaital stories. 

The other day, my wife came suddenly and said, "I am returning the sacred thread you have tied around my neck."

"But I tied it around four decades back. Why do you want to return it now?"

"Because you are Right" she curtly said.

"If I am Right there is no reason why you should return it"

"No! You are not only Right, you are taking the family in Right direction, which is wrong for posterity."

"If I am Right and taking the family in the Right direction, how can it be wrong?" I asked.

She did not reply. She too is aged and confused. "Are you returning the gold attached to it too?"


"Are you leaving the family for good. If so, it is good" I said.

" No! No! No! I am staying here only and my friends will liberally be reminding you that I have returned your sacred thread." 

"Don't worry! I am more stubborn than that." I said and left for my morning walk in the University Park. There was a short queue of middle aged, old aged and very old aged persons with files in hands. I asked a passer by. He said, "These are few left out liberals who want to return their degrees as the Nation is moving in the Right Direction under strong leadership."

"Were/are they employed?" 

"Yes. Some are still employed, some retired in Senior positions."

"So they must be getting salaries and pensions. are they returning?"

"No! They feel it is Nation's duty and their right to enjoy the benefit. But they want to protest"

I understood why my wife told me that she would return the sacred thread. This seems to be spreading like Dengue Virus. 

I wondered whether any of these Left Out Liberals returned their subsidy portion of the LPG they were enjoying at the cost of poor. I got an answer "No!" loudly from them as if they heard my musings. "It is our right. Who is the PM to ask us to return what is due to us Rightfully?. They did not luckily say Left Fully"

I returned home. My wife was readying to return the Thread. I told her that we should approach a Court of Law to adjudicate the matter as the Thread was knot at that time, bearing the circumstances of those days and now, days changed. So, it is apt we approach a Judge. 

We filed a "Return Interest Litigation" (RIL) in the Court. There were no advocates. So, the Judge acted as Advocate for both sides.

"Why do you want to return the sacred Thread?  It was done with a sacred intention." he asked my wife.

"He is turning in the Right direction. Not only that, he is forcing the whole family to turn Right. He does not hear anyone. He changes dresses frequently. He wears Suit and Boot, leaving the poor family poor."

"Are you poor?"

"No! We are very rich. My ancestors earned lots of assets fleecing the poor. But, there are other poor farmers. "

"What do you say?" he asked me.

" I have no objection. But she should return the gold and leave the family for good"

She said, "This is my house and I will stay here. But like a flea in the ear, I will be making sounds. I will see how he will do the Right things. My liberal friends will help me."

"I have a method of doing the Right things at Right time and I have been hearing these sounds for decades." I said.

" I too have a method." Said the Judge. "I will just return now" and he left and never returned. I suddenly woke up and  found a British Tabloid on my bed. 

The Head Line read, "A guy who is called Pappu in India wants to return the Freedom At Mid Night earned by his fore-fore fathers . And the British said that they would not accept it back as it was for Pappu and his ilk to enjoy or suffer the Freedom. And they also made it clear that his fore-fore fathers did not earn Freedom and it was Right Fully earned by all Indians who were Right in those days. It is known from sources that the said Pappu is biting his toe nails doing Yoga taught by Baba Ramdev." 
From that time onward all right thinking people were doing the Right things and all wrong awardees were returning their awards keeping the money with them.