Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Martin Luther King Jr. once famously said, " Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. In the same vein Mahatma Gandhi once said, " What difference does it make  to the dead, the orphans and the homeless whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the name of liberty and or democracy." And it will not be inappropriate to quote Winston Churchill here. Once a woman came to him and said, "If I were your husband I will give you poison" To which, Churchill replied, "If I were your husband, my good lady, I would happily drink it."

These three carry the same kind of message. Opposition to the democratic processes that provide an opportunity for change in living conditions of people, in a continuum of the past thread of laws and values on which the democracy stood the test of times, should not be based on hatred. When voices drown in the strong winds of the currents of the ocean waves, noises made by moths get drowned in the winds and waves. When one can not fight a strong enemy in a direct war, the weak and evil minded like the Maoists resort to a Guerrilla war tactic. This leads to temporary unrest in a part of the democratic country but it is difficult to sustain such a thinly spread out war on the powerful nation.

If you glance at the events unfolding in the country after the strong arm of law started stretching its arm on the mighty and powerful, noises of moths increased in volume. Intention of these small flies is to make the wheezing noise near the ears of the rulers so that they get distracted and run away from their pious duty. They expect to escape the noose. We have seen in Parliament, how a small minority tried to derail the process of reform. Even as the Government was coming out with a solution out of the logjam, there came out a rumor that with the help of foreign funded NGOs in India and their promoters outside and some ultra left wing intelligentsia who survived their day on the patronage a very corrupt and bourgeois government that looted the money of the poor and awarded pliant intellectuals are ready for making noises that distract the growth story being told by Modi. 

After Modi mauled all opposition parties in a democratic election in May, 2014 there has been lurking fear in all those who indulged in corrupt practices, looted the nation's poor, indulged in violations of all acts like FEMA, who carried out sustained propaganda on individuals to see they were out of their way, who indulged in money laundering and stashed away huge amounts of cash and assets on foreign shores. The passing of Black Money Act and the expiry of the date of voluntary submission of returns on September, 30th, only catalyzed their apprehensions. Action was needed on an urgent basis. Elections to Bihar is an opportunity to see that the hands of Modi are not strengthened. But reports suggest that is is not easy to defeat NDA there. So, something must be done. There are numerous pseudo intellectuals led by the ever Nobel Economist, Dr.Amartya Sen, who used their closeness to the powers that be at that time to lobby for and get awards. There is Media that is drawing swords on the pro-active government that started investigating dubious money laundering cases and issued notices to few. There are journalists who lobbied for Ministers' posts during the pliant and corrupt regimes and who are facing heat of the recorded tapes now. There are opposition leaders and their cohorts who are being investigated and charged ASAP. There are disgruntled bureaucrats who are being shown door. There are bureaucrats on whom raids are becoming more and frequent. There are officers who have tried all tricks in the books to book Modi and his ministers in false cases and are themselves facing heat of courts now. There are NGOs who misused funds meant for poor on wine and luxuries and were caught with evidence. There are foreign elements that want to see India destabilized. All these make noises. But. as behind these noises, there is selfishness by each to save his/her skin, the noises are getting drowned in the waves of the ocean. Government knows that it should not be tempted to hastily act on these noises and be-fooled.  Those who support the Modi dispensation and believe that the "Tough go about their work when the going gets tough" should not be misled that these noises are real threat as illustrated in the following Panchatantra Story.

The Jackal And The Drum

The Jackal And The Drum
A hungry jackal set out in search of food and ended up at an abandoned battlefield whence he heard loud and strange sounds. Scared, he thought, “I must disappear from here before the man who is making these sounds gets me.” After a while he told himself, “I must not run away like that. Let me find out what really the sounds are and who is making them because whether it is fear or happiness one must know its cause. Such a person will never regret his actions. So, let me first look for the source of these noises.”
Warily, the jackal marched in the direction of the sounds and found a drum there. It was this drum, which was sending the sounds whenever the branches of the tree above brushed against it. Relieved, the jackal began playing the drum and thought that there could be food inside it. The jackal entered the drum by piercing its side. He was disappointed to find no food in it. Yet he consoled himself saying that he rid himself of the fear of sound.
Intelligent wait an see and find out the real truth. It is better to leave it to the good sense of the powers that be, than we too adding to the confusion.
Soon after the Bihar elections were announced and rifts in the MGB came into the open thus making bi-polar contest into multi polar and the chances of MGB losing vote share of its vote banks to the other dispensations loomed on the horizon (though small, added, it may be real threat) and on its own too MGB not being able to counter Modi onslaught and polls giving different pictures. the moths started seeing the real threat. Once Modi conquers Bihar, UP and Bengal are not difficult and Assam and North East are already in the firm grip of BJP. The expected revolt in NDA partners is not happening despite Media giving a picture of authoritarianism on the part of Modi and trying all tricks to bring differences in the NDA partners. they tried with TDP, with PDP, Siva Sena etc., but failed. Added to this Naveen Patnaik and Jayalalitha moved closer. Karnataka is the next state Congress is going to lose heavily. Kerala is realizing the decades of fault and slowly and steadily drifting towards BJP. Panic signals went. Private jets were hired. People went to undisclosed places. They met unidentified people. A sustained conspiracy was tried to be perpetuated on the otherwise peaceful nation, that is treading the growth path. Growth must be halted. Modi must fail. You can just observe the comments of the "expert without knowledge" in UP cadre meeting before leaving to an undisclosed destination. "Attack, attack, attack Modi. Use all means. You need not do anything. He will fall" Message is simple., "Create unrest. see nation goes to doom. Modi will fail". People like Modi never fail. I am saying this with confidence. They only flourish. 
So, an unfortunate and the most gruesome incident happens in UP. It is an isolated incident. In the same UP, in 1975-77 males and females were forcibly sterilized by the strong arm of law under the guise of emergency by Congress, In 1984, three thousand people of one community were massacred mercilessly. Congress leaders were allegedly involved. In Mumbai, blasts were perpetuated in local trains by imported terrorists with local support. In Mumbai, ten terrorists walked freely on roads killing people mercilessly. But this particular event, though most gruesome and condemnable, was caught upon to project a picture of tearing Indian fabric of secularism. Award winners returned their rusted wards without returning the poor man's money. Only when voices are raised they are coming forward to return the money. Beef festivals were organized to taunt one community against the other. Nothing clicked except, sore throats of TV anchors, shouting their best. Another incident happened in UP. None questioned UP government why intelligence failed there. No! Their target is India. India should not grow. If India grows it is difficult to dislodge Modi. If Modi, the incorruptible, is not dislodged if not today, three years hence there is possibility of many going behind bars with serious charges proven against them. To stop that these so called pseudo seculars, the so called intelligentsia, the so called NGos, the so called lobbying Media launched a no-holds barred wheezing noise. If noises can derail governments, Congress should have been buried 130 miles under the earth by now. It is good if these intellectuals realize that what they are doing is wrong and come to the mainstream. Sometimes, an illiterate whom you consider as a moronic fool may dislodge your ambition as the following story from Panchatantra says,

The Fall And Rise of A Merchant

In the city of Vardhaman, there lived a wealthy merchant named Dantila. He held a great reception for his wedding attended by the king, the queen, their ministers and all the rich and influential persons in the city. Present at the reception was Gorambha, a lowly sweeper in the royal household. When Dantila saw him occupying a seat reserved for the nobles of the king, he ordered his servants to throw him out of his house.
Thus insulted, Gorambha thought to himself, “I am a poor man and so cannot give a fitting reply to such a wealthy person as Dantila. I must some how see that the king stops his favours to him.” Then he hit upon a plan to take revenge on Dantila.
One early morning when the king was still in sleep, Gorambha pretending to sweep the king's bedroom began loudly murmuring, “Oh, how arrogant is Dantila! He has the cheek to lock the queen in his embrace.” Hearing this, the king demanded to know whether what Gorambh was murmuring is true. Did Dantila embrace the queen?
“Oh, your majesty, I don't remember nor do I know what I was saying because I was drowsy having spent the entire night in gambling,” the sweeper told the king.
Not satisfied with his reply the king thought that it was possible that the sweeper had seen Dantila, who had equal access to the royal household as Gorambha, embracing the queen. He remembered wise men saying that men were likely to talk in their sleep about what they did, saw and desired in the day. Women were chaste because men were not within reach or they were afraid of prying servants. Convinced that Dantila had indeed embraced the queen, the king barred Dantila from entering the royal household.
The merchant began grieving his fate though he had not done any harm to the king or his relatives even in his dreams. One day as Dantila was trying to enter the king's palace he was barred by the king's men. Seeing this Gorambha told them, “You fools, you are barring the great Dantila who has won the king's favours. He is powerful. If you stop him, you will meet with the same fate as I did at the hands of Dantila one day.”
The merchant thought that it would do him good to make Gorambha happy and win his confidence. One evening he invited the sweeper for tea and presented him with expensive clothes and told him, “Friend, I had never meant to insult you. You had occupied a seat I had set apart for the learned. Kindly pardon me.”
Pleased, the sweeper promised to win the king's favour for Dantila again. The next day, Gorambha repeated the same drama of pretending to talk irrelevantly, raving that the king was eating cucumber in the rest room. “What nonsense are you talking? Did you ever see me doing such things?” the king demanded to know. “No, your majesty. I do not know nor do I remember what I was saying because I was drowsy having spent the entire night in gambling,” the sweeper said.
The king then realized that if what the sweeper had said about him was not true what he had said about Dantila also could not be true. A person like Dantila could not have done what Gorambha had told him. The king also found that without Dantila the affairs of the state had suffered and civic administration had come to a standstill. The king immediately summoned the merchant to his palace and restored to him all the authority he had enjoyed before he fell out of king's favour.
Moral: “That is why we must know that pride goes before fall.”

The Fall And Rise of A Merchant

My dear Intelligentsia, my dear Media, my dear Sudheendra, know that the common man is cleverer than you guys. It is time they get the real rewards and awards not you. 
Hope you see truth and stop your wheezing noises. Or like the seasonal moths attracted by light, one day you too will be burned in the heat of your own misplaced arrogance and urge for cheap publicity. For India you are persona non grata. A farmer working in the field 24X7 is that is required to us. Not pen-wielding pseudo intellectuals sitting in AC rooms and enjoying patronage of pliant rulers. 



त्वमेव माता  पिता त्वमेव ।

त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव ।
त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव ॥