Sunday, October 11, 2015




Long, long, long ago R.K.Lakshman Jee drew a cartoon. The barber in the cutting saloon asks the customer, "Hair Cut and Shaving? Given up painting?" All artists were invariably growing beard and hair and keeping it unkempt. I Rolled Over Floor Laughing the other day when I saw the photos of all five or six award returnees. All were having the same kind of hair style. White bobbed hair in case of old ladies with made-up wrinkled old faces and in case of old gentlemen with unkempt white hair, thoughts lost somewhere. 

Why did they return the awards now? Most people of those times never bothered that they got the awards as Media channels or Press did not tom-tom the awardees, what they wrote, why they wrote, who and how many read. But, now that they returned the awards, Media channels are gung ho that everything is wrong with the nation, the nation is tearing apart, there is every chance that people no more can tolerate this kind of lynch mob mentality. It is bad to kill a man just on rumors or as pre-planned. But is it an isolated incident in India?. Why did they not return the awards when a single lady was brutally raped and killed on Delhi roads and she was paraded naked in a bus on Delhi streets, and thrown out of the bus naked and motorists drove away as if nothing happened? Why did they not return the awards when lynch mobs with Talwars were roaming the Old City roads of Hyderabad and stabbing anyone seen on the road, irrespective of religion that people were afraid to roam on streets? Why did they accept the awards after operation Blue Star, after the massive Sikh genocide that followed the Indira assassination?. Why did they not return the awards when bombs were planted on local trains by educated perverts killing hundreds and maiming hundreds of others? Why did they not return the awards when ten uniformed terrorists walked straight into India from Pakistan and went on a killing spree targeting mobs of no particular religion? Why did they not return the awards when the Government of the day did nothing but show lip sympathy to the victims? The one answer to all these questions is,  their view is that killing of hundreds by one section of the people is lawful anger and killing one man of the other section is disturbing law and order and tearing the secular fabric of the country. Both are crimes of the most gruesome kind. Crime has no caste, creed or religion. Criminals have ubiquitous lynch mentality. Any crime must be condemned; not a few for which these spent forces get the cheapest publicity free of cost.

Whenever there is election, attacks on minorities increase and a particular section is targeted by the Media and these so called intelligentsia even before the police investigate and conclude what the crime is and who the criminals are. During Delhi elections there were numerous Church attacks that later stopped soon after elections and in some cases it was proved that it was insider job. In the midst of the high drama in Bisada Village I saw both in Indian Express and Times of India, news items saying a Home Guard Police was detained and was being questioned by the police. They also said the police confirmed that the police guard was having previous enmity with the the unfortunate man lynched and he forced the priest to announce and instigated the mobs. Within an hour the news item disappeared and a new theory was brought out. Is it not a fit case for the NSA to take up and bring out truth? 

It is for minorities and majority communities not to hear to politicians or perverted authors and lobbying Media, but to depend on their conscience. Today, it was reported that the marriage of two Muslim girls was sponsored by the Hindus and Muslims respected the other side and accepted for vegetarian dinner that would be rare in their marriages. They did not heed the politicos, the Media and the perverts. All others should follow. It is time we all live together and isolate selfish elements that try to foment trouble. Ignore idiots who tweet, "I ate beef, murder me" and twisted columnists who write a column "As a Hindu I seek my right to eat beef". You eat whatever you want, you need not roam with bones around your neck to show what you ate. But follow Government rules. If they say "No to slaughter of bovine animals", do not slaughter.  Rules are for following, not violating. This kind of attitude is killing thousands of youth who drink and drive, who jump signals, who do not care for traffic rules, who talk on phones while driving, over load vehicles etc. Let us be good citizens, not perverted authors, columnists and anchors with rancor!

The day after Modi spoke about the need for fighting poverty instead of fighting among ourselves, a riot broke out in another part of UP. Is it not the responsibility of the State to keep a tab on anti-social elements? Instead of asking UP state CM, the Media again jumped to the conclusion that it was some Right Wingers and police sources said so. Why not name the sources? Is it all not being done, whosoever did it Right or Left, keeping Bihar elections that Nitish is set to lose heavily, in mind? 

The one story where the Demon inside the carcass dangling from the tree returns to the tree when truth is told, is in Vikram and Vaital. The indomitable Vikram goes on carrying the carcass and the demon inside it, Vaital tells a story and says, "If you know the truth, tell it. If you know the truth and does not tell it your head will break into thousand pieces" So, Vikram tells the truth he knows and the Demon returns. Is it  the Demon in these writers, whose writing skill is as good as the carcass, that are returning back to the tree to dangle there with head down when the real truth comes out? No other explanation suits the indefensible act of the so called intelligentsia that are like seasonal moths attracted by the light of publicity and get killed in heat of the same light. 

Hatred for a man should not lead to sacrifice the future of prosperity. These old ladies and old men that are spending their evenings of life in cozy comforts do not know the vagaries of the youth who are struggling to see their lives go on without further damage. They did not see what poverty was. They did not go out in the middle of night into the open fields to defecate. These perverts did not see children crying for a morsel of food. Theirs were royal births.And one case sounds peculiar. Soon after she returned the award, Media trumpeted that she opposed Indira Gandhi too and hence she had no political leanings. Most of the youth would not have known that Vijaya Lakshmi Pundit, the mother of this old lady, had the bitterest wars with Indira Gandhi as she did not like her ways or might be she thought her daughter was fitter to be the heir of the Indian Kingdom. Who knows the internecine wars in royal families? It might be her envy of Indira than any political feelings that she opposed Indira. She can clarify. If that was the case, why did she accept the award from Rajiv Gandhi, the son born of her, that too after the Sikh Genocide? No answer can satisfy the Vaital in the carcass. What happens? I leave it to your imagination.

One more case is interesting. He was an IAS officer in Congress regimes. He was close to many Ministers and Governors. He got the award. It is not surprising. Should we think that this old man too had no political leanings?

A time has come when we should return the IQ meaning and Question the Intelligence (QI) of these perverted men and women, who will remain a blot on Indian Democratic values. 

"Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions - it only guarantees equality of opportunity."

In democracy, the conditions change as per aspirations of youth but youth look for equality of opportunities. Hope the misled intelligentsia realizes the true spirit of democracy. Modi is elected by the majority. He is the rightful ruler. The wheezing noises these old men and women and their cohorts in the Media make will not disturb his determination. They will see this in their life times hopefully.