Sunday, March 6, 2016



This guy went to the same hotel for lunch a consecutive third day. He called the waiter after tasting the Sambar and complained that it was smelling. The waiter said, "Oh! Sir! You are so intolerant. Day before, you said Sambar was delicious, yesterday you said it tasted good. Today, you are so intolerant to eat the same Sambar.  

"From 1947 to 1964, you guys tolerated Nehru. Then, from 1966 to 1984 (with an emergency break from 1977 to1980) you tolerated Indira Gandhi, during emergency break  1975-80, you tolerated Sanjay Gandhi. And from 1984 to 1989 you tolerated Rajiv Gandhi. Then, from 2004 to 2014, you tolerated a foreign born, scarcely educated Sonia Gandhi, though she ruled through proxy. Now, when it came to tolerating Rahul Gandhi you turned Right and became intolerant", this is how the intolerance debate goes on in India today. This is led by Barkha Dutt, of NDTV, her grouse mostly being that Indians stopped tolerating her rubbish 24x7.

In fact, Indians must be saluted for being so tolerant of the single family that ruled the nation and ruined their lives. It is like eating the same curry for four days continuously. "What is this? You said the Baingan curry was delicious on Monday, very tasty on Tuesday, fine on Wednesday, good on Thursday and you threw it out in dust bin today. So intolerant of you" the wife lamented with tears. Poor husband like poor Indians. We tolerated four generations and threw out the fifth generation. Now if they lament with tears that they were thrown out of intolerance, what can we, the poor Indians do but sympathize with them and see that we are never made to taste the same fate in future.

Did you ever wonder during all this intolerance debate? I wondered. If the Mughals or the British told Indians, "You tolerated us and our suppression of your countrymen for centuries. Why are so intolerant now?" Oh! God! Can you imagine such a possibility? It is a nightmare. Is it not? So, we should tell all these "Intolerance Traders", who trade intolerance for an hour of Media attention that just as we threw out the British or the Mughals, we threw out Congress. Suppression of reasonable voices cannot be tolerated for long.

We tolerated misrule for long, we tolerated corruption for long, we tolerated nepotism for long, we tolerated a dynasty for long, we tolerated appeasement politics of sections of population for long, we tolerated import of terrorism with active connivance from insiders for long and we tolerated lawless leaders for long. And when we questioned the state of affairs, the status quoists raised the bogie of intolerance. Their argument looks like Indians are destined to tolerate all this and be quiet.

To prove their point they used intolerance of immeasurable proportions as a weapon. They reportedly attacked their own places of worship. They resorted to blackening their own faces with black paint. They colluded with convicted leaders to show their extreme tolerance to corruption. All this has been their forte for long. Whenever their hegemony was questioned by large groups of voters, they try to bring a divide in the society for their survival. The Patel agitation in Gujarat, the Kapu agitation in AP and Jat violence in Haryana are examples. This has also been their modus for long. In AP, for example, to get the hot seat of CM, Congressmen used to create communal tensions in the Old City areas. In UP, Bihar, Bengal, in Gujarat they used this method successfully and innocent people lost lives. Now, we are being taught that this is extreme tolerance, but if a RW leader passes an off-the-cuff remark or says Lord Rama was a righteous king or that he deserves a Temple, it is intolerance.  If any Hindu leader says Cow is Goddess for us "kindly do not slaughter" it is intolerance.  Suddenly everyone remembers constitutional rights. We should note that these guys, the award  wapsi gangs, the Media honchos, anchors, talk show hosts, show talk hosts et al licked the feet of Indira during emergency.  There is a famous saying that the Press that was asked to bend truly crawled on their knees to win favors from the rulers. Today, they shout at height of their voices on intolerance as we got a no-nonsense leader who only rewards work and worth but not lobbying prowess or sources that want a piece of the pie.

Then, suddenly the Left becomes active. It was paralyzed beyond repair but wants to show they can use crèches. One such crèche is the #JNU. And what do they do? They collect a bunch of anti-nationals led by ultras who support terror elements from Pakistan, shout anti-India slogans as worse as breaking the nation. And this old guy, 29, Kanhaiya was there. It cannot be conclusively said that he shouted the slogans, but he certainly supported the activity. And Media that crawls on knees to lick the feet of the corrupt, changed their discourse, tried to hide real truth and dangled the "doctored videos"  lie. But HC Judge nailed the lie, refused to drop sedition charges, had a word of advice to this guy, granted a sympathetic bail on onerous conditions. But Media.  led by Barkha was not to be silenced. She gave a hero image to this guy, projected him for two days, after which this guy saw truth and mellowed down his diatribe.

We read about the story of Midas's Gold. And to be Indian, we also read the story of Bhasmasura. Both have demonic qualities like greed, a desire to  rule the world and to ruin the Gods that granted  them boons. Kanhaiya studied on Government subsidies and still studying at age 29. He is not helping his mother or paralyzed father by earning respectful livelihood but instead is flaunting their poverty to gain sympathy for his anti-national activities. And who else, but Barkhasuri, helps him in this dubious task. Like Bhasmasura wanted to test the boon given by Lord Shiva by placing his hand on the Lord's Head. this 29 year old shameless student wanted to demolish a nation that gave him the boon of education. And HC should consider this fact and cancel his  bail.
“Don't get so tolerant that you tolerate intolerance.”  “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” 
It is high time the debate on intolerance is shifted by the Government to intolerance to corruption, nepotism, misrule, support to nefarious and terror activities. And let the Azadi call be given "Azadi" from communist forces and ultra left among them who go on a mindless killing spree.