Sunday, March 6, 2016




Mr.  Shashi Tharoor! It is said you are intelligent. You are so acclaimed for your intelligence that the people's Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has chosen  to appoint you as one of the brand ambassadors of Swatch Bharat! Once or twice I had a lingering doubt whether the politician in Modi wanted to convey a political message to you to clean your muddied reputation. After all, you are the connoisseur of three marriages, out of which, death of one is surrounded in mystery and you are being questioned by the police in this regard. Then, Modi, was not after all from the foxy Congress Party.  His dealings with his own party men or adversaries are always clean. He never indulged in mudslinging of opponents. He waited for time and tide to turn in his favor and that was the reason he was toady admired by Forbes Magazine as the best Prime Minister, India ever produced, eclipsing the three from dynasty and one servant of dynasty. Of course, the best produced by your own party, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, was dumped by your leaders, now standing before the laws of the nation as accused.

It is no surprise that a bunch of accused support another accused. I was neither surprised nor shocked reading your column in NDTV, who had taken up the mantle of supporting to the hilt the anti-national stand of one Kanhaiya Kumar, a persona non grata in the vast political ocean of India. Leave alone his reviving the sagging fortunes of CPI, a name ninety per cent of the youth force in India would not have heard nor the names of the  party leaders were known by their own cadres. A Media channel, who are themselves facing a plethora of cases of money laundering and an anchor facing charges of alleged unethical lobbying in government corridors during your regime and under your noses, is trying to divert attention of the public from the misdeeds of your own party amid lurking fear that Narendra Modi. may, after all continue to rule till he attains age of 75, thus perennially draining the coffers of both your party and the media channel. If they see the future, it looks bleak.
A Headline of a Column is indication of the headless chicken that  has drafted it. Your headline "Congratulations, BJP, on creating a Kanhaiya Kumar phenomenon". For one, erudite and clever, you should have known that your party created a Jinnah who tore India apart. We know the result. That was history. Your party created a Bhindranwale, who successfully, saw that the leader that created him never slept in peace during her life time  and finally fell to the bullets from the same phenomenon. Your party created an Ishrath phenomenon, that instead of incarcerating the leaders you wanted behind bars, catapulted them to the highest seat of power. Now, your party is licking the wounds of their suicidal actions.
Now, your listless party leader, Rahul Gandhi created this Kanhaiya phenomenon, in connivance with others who were facing the heat of various charges on multiple misdeeds.  Though you are not prima facie charged, you too are facing heat from Police in the mysterious death case of Ms. Suunanda Pushkar, your third wife. You lack the locus standi to  write on any issue leave alone the non-issue called Kanhiya.
Good speakers are all not good leaders nor all catapulted leaders are good speakers. They read from scripts little understanding what they are reading or never getting to the bottom of the issue.  So oratory skills of a  28- year old, still a student, (shame on him  and on you) living on the charity of the nation and shouting or seen supporting those that were shouting  , "Break India into pieces" among other anti-national slogans. (this was confirmed by the HC judge who ordered bail out of compassion more than on his innocence) .
Second point is there is no antipathy to Narendra Modi among the youth of the nation as you are all trying to project. Kanhaiya is being opposed by thousands of youth, leave alone middle aged and seniors that suffered at your hands (your party's Hand), to every single deranged supporter. How many of 125 crore Indians might have heard him, you think? How many vernacular media channels, news papers gave importance to his speech? I leave it to your little brain.
Are you castigating your own leader or for that matter your own self for having been born with a silver spoon? And does Kanhaiya look the poor guy you want to project him to be? He is arrogant, never humble. Compare him with Narendra Modi, who is humility personified. Is it not idiotic? Even today, Modi is telling that he is a first time Parliamentarian and knows little when compared to stalwarts in opposition.  And this guy talks as if he knows Constitution better than stalwarts like Fali S. Nariman. Can you find an anomaly here? You may not, as your view is jaded.
Sedition charges were not dropped by the court where your Chela had pleaded for dropping of the charges. He was given bail with onerous conditions, which, in the words of the Judge was a conservative order, given his financial background as flaunted by his lawyers and the fact that he was still a student at age 28 or 29. (Nation's misfortune that middle aged guys consider themselves as students). So your argument that the government slapped preposterous sedition charges spits on your own face. And attention in Media? Did Ishrath not get it until now when truth about her LeT connection came out? In every case truth comes out sooner or later. And in your over enthusiasm to defend the indefensible, you lost power once and you may never regain it in the near future nationally.
And comparing  Lord Krishna with an alleged seditionist shows your bankruptcy. Not surprising from a man who does not know how his wife died and why. And comparing this idiotic youth with Modi  is possible for guys like you who roll in riches and do not know what poor people suffer from.  And do you think all tea sellers can afford a tea and a research scholar from a prime institute, eating into Tax Payers' money cant? Are they not offering even tea in the Left Oriented, unranked  #JNU? We  must pity them.
The nation appreciates if he becomes another Sitaram Yechury. We know what Sitaram Yechury is now. If Kanhaiya turns into Yechury, four decades from now, Communists may vanish from India let alone revive.  Worldwide Communism is a dead phenomenon.  And in India it is on ventilator. God bless him, this Kanhiya may remove ventilator.
One final question to you! If Communists really use this partially deranged phenomenon, will you use him in Kerala against Communists?  The way your deranged leader is backing him, it seems so. There will be no more diabolism than this. Live with it, dear Mr. Tharoor!