Friday, July 29, 2016


Ms. Barkha! I understand your frustration. For, it is out of frustration more than out of anger that you threw invectives on Arnob Goswamy. Your frustration is born out of your inability to penetrate the power cortidors, as you were doing during the reign of your political shields, the INC India. Your frustration is born out of your being ignored as a persona non grata in the Lyuetens'Club of Delhi. Your frustration is born out of the care-you-not attitude of both the BJP top brass and specially the Prime Minister. Your frustration is born out of your inability to curtail the growth of BJP pan India, despite your more than sinister campaign against right wing forces through blatant lies and inuendos. Your frustration is born out of the fact that NDTV, that stood on top, not because of your Jouralistc talent but because you were propped up against all established norms of Press Management, by INC India, is now at the bottom. Finally, your frustration is born out of the fact that today Arnob Goswamy and Times Now are on top and their viewership is increasing multi-fold. 

I see in you a Duryodhana, epitome of Adharma and all that is wrong morally and ethically, feeling let down by the wife of Pandavas, Panchali who laughs at his mis-step. What does he do? He seethes with anger, frustration and wants to renounce the Kingdom and life itself. When I saw your tweet that " you are ashamed of being called a Journalist, if Arnob too is a journalist" , I saw the Kaurava King Duryodhana, who vows "It is either me or the Pandavas". You were spurned today. It is your fault. Your reporting of JK violence was done through a prism where Narendra Modi's was the prominent image. Your anger and frustration of the twelve year sinister campaign you ran against him at the behest of corrupt politicos and lobbyists is coming to the fore again and again. That is how Duryodhana and his entire clan suffered the worst humiliation in the hands of Dharma, represented by Pandavas and helped by the God, Himself. 

Arnab Goswami, You Don't Scare Me. But You Should Worry India

That is how your Head Line reads. That shows your paranoia, your fear of him dominating you and your fear of losing your self-proclaimed numero uno of Journalism. Sorry! Barkha! You di not stand a chance of being on the top. Vultures fly high, but look at cadavers only. That sums up.

If you read books on psychology or meet a psychiatrist, you will come to know that you are scared, scared like a crow. You know Hindu Mythology, I hope. Hiranyaksha, who steals the Vedas, hides under the Ocean always declaring that he is not scared of Lord Vishnu. Prahlada, son of Hiranya Kashyap tells him, "Oh! Asura King! You say you hate Lord Vishnu. But you think only about Him. You say you are not scared of the Lord. But you always have a mortal fear that he will kill you. Instead of thinking about Him and fearing Him, why do you not pray Him?" You know the story of Bhasmasura.  He obtains a boon that on who-so-ever's head he places his hand that person will be dead. But, still he is scared. He fears that the Lord gave a slip to him, so he wants to place his hand on the head of his Lord. Result; he gets killed by Lord Vishnu.

Ms. Barkha! Do not be under the impression that I compare Arnob with the Lord. Two years back,I blogged underhealine "Twist and Shout College" , referring to the kind of journalism he practices. I am giving a link to the blog.

For your information, for the past four years I was not having TV access and I get whatever information I want on Social Media and Mainstream Published Media. One reason is, I better hear the neighborhood lady gossip than the gibberish that  a few nincompoop panelists, driven more by political ideology than any reasonable knowledge or logic try to impose on our minds. 

By referring to the Lord, I am only referring to your inner Soul. Your mind and tongue may commit any kind of Adharma, but your Soul will punish you. The shadows of your past sins whether trolling Modi, trying to create fissures in the ruling party, lobbying (reported) for plum ministerial berths to corrupt politicos, your out and out support to Ishrath Jahan and villifying sincere police officers, derailing their happy official and personal life, your over enthusiasm in reporting the 26/11 attack allegedly giving away sensitive information to terrorists on the ground,  all these shadows are haunting you now. You should be scared of those shadows that are making you insomnic. Take care of your Soul and your shadows. These are the weapons that may mime your Journalistic career, not Arnob Goswamy. He is, after all, your mirror image. All of you play your tunes as times dictate you. We see no variation in the psyches of the likes of you. So, do not cry foul on Social Media Activists. We are now the eyes  and ears of society.There are no mentors for us. We are not paid for performing our duty. We are not even appreciated and we follow the Gita and do our duty. Our duty is to the nation. We owe our life not to any politician or lobbyist but to our own conscience.

I will not go into the details of your reporting the JK violence. You certainly took the side of militants and militant youth in JK. You forgot that when a mob under threat of militants hiding behind, use all kinds of tactics to hurt our officers, officers are bound to react. That is why the CRPF said, "We are sorry! But we will use pellet guns". That sums up the situation there. You boast that you report from the ground. But you never face acid bottles, stones, grenades. They do. Accept the fact that they know better than you how to tackle the crowds. They are trained for that. You were trained to talk 24×7, some gibberish or the other to see that your channel survives and you get paid. You mocked the services that they were being paid to shoot pellet guns. You should be ashmed for that comment for being an irresponsible Journalist.

The very day, Wani was killed you tweeted " The son of a Head Master, a twenty two year old boy who was the Social Media face of Militants" was killed in JK. I am a qualified Journalist. I know the lingo.You must be ashamed for having tried to create sympathy for a hardcore militant, whom ISI owned up, Hafeez Syeed owned up, Pakistan Government owned up.,Be ashamed that, of all the journalists Hafeez Syeed chose you for praise along with your mentors INC India. Know the reason? Both of you took a pro-Pak stand and anti -India stand. I do not agree you are pro-Pak. But you are anti-Modi. You are happy with whatever troubles him. In times of national emergencies, national calamities and war times enemies within the country unite against common enemy. If you read "Kaakoalukeeyam" in Panchatantra by Vishnu Sharma, you will learn a moral. Read Chanakya's Ardh Sastra. You will learn this. Instead what did you do? You considered enemy of your enemy as your friend. Be ashamed of that.

You take the name of Narendra Modi and say his diplomacy is wrong. You are not Government. You do not know diplomacy, as you are not a Diplomat. You have no access even to the power corridors any more. You mocked Arnob that he was sitting in his Studio in Mumbai and talking nonsense. What did you do? You are sitting in your studio and commenting on what Modi is doing. If you have guts, if you are still ashamed of yourself, if you call yourself as a woman of grit contest polls against Modi and win the coveted post of PM in 2019 and show what you will do with Pakistan and Kashmir. Till then stop tweeting nonsense. Without the likes of you,  Social Media will be a happier place!