Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Ms. Shobha De! 

If I were to write an "open letter"  to myself in the name of a "troller"  I will not address myself as "Dear Sir Jee"  as I am neither arrogant nor am I a megalo maniac to fill my "bio" as great in all and less in none.  First of all, I will not allow myself to be trolled, as I never have the habit of mocking others. You may say, "you are not as great as I am" True! I am not as great as this woman in the picture too.

Are you as great as this woman.  Search your soul Ms. Shobha! Can you ever imagine having carried one of your six children on your back and done modelling, copy writing, doing journalist's duty, at least socializing (it does require money, no skill), writing a novel and selling it best or the least of all, mothering the other five children? No? Right! It is because this work too requires special skill, unlike your socializing and writing trash and selling it using your high society. 

In the recent past the security guard of our building kept his daughter who delivered a baby for six months in his house only. I asked him the reason. He told, "if I send her earlier her in-laws will force her to work in the fields immediately. She has to carry her child on her back (as in the picture) and some days she may not find time to feed the baby. 

That is called life, Ms. Shobha! You might never have seen it or felt it or else your novels would have reflected the reality of life, not from the eyes of a high society lady! That is why you were able to mock the Olympian Athletes in such derogatory terms. Even in your "Politically Incorrect" stupidity you repeated it! You are an egoist. Somewhere I read you apologized. I was shocked. You and apologizing?  Stupid! The Journalist who wrote that must be fired from his/her job! How can high society lady apologize when mocking others is "her sole USP".

Did you read the story of the fox and the crane? A fox wants to mock a crane and invites her for dinner and makes delicious "kheer". It serves the "kheer" in a plate. The crane can not take even a sip with her long beak. Fox enjoys the fun. Of course, the crane trolls the fox and takes revenge. I never saw the fox writing an open letter to the crane addressing himself, "Dear Sir Jee"!

You filled your Bio with full of accolades to yourself. Good! You may be or you may not be. I do not exactly know.  I might have read more than tens of thousands of books; I have a library of about ten thousand books but it never crossed my mind that I should read your great selling books. You know why? I read your middle page column only once or twice and I developed an aversion to your style and life style. Here is my library in pictures.

Yes! You are erudite.  You wrote great novels which you sold in millions. You were a successful model, a great columnist and what not? But when trollers trolled you all these skills were of no avail. You had to resort to third class trolling in a pliant news paper. I will tell you a small story.

A very wise man learned in all the scriptures was crossing the river in a boat.  He asked the boat man what his educational qualification was.  He replied he was illiterate. The wise man mocked him and recited all his knowledge in the Scriptures just as you recited your greatness in the Bio.  After a while the boat man told the wise man that there was a scope for severe storm and the boat might sink. He told the wise man that he knew swimming and asked him whether he knew. The wise man was flabbergasted and said he did not know. Then the boat man trolled him, "If you do not know swimming you will too sink. What is the use of your knowledge? Learn to beat the storms in life".


What did you say? How many medals did we win, compared to poorer countries? Now I will ask you a few questions, Ms. Shobha! answer them. We, the Indians, will answer you.

You were a model, no? How many times did India win the Miss World ?  Out of 65 times India won five times. And poorer Venezuela won six times. So, will you mock Indian models? The situation is far worse in the case of Miss Universe,  Miss Earth etc., 

You are a novelist and journalist, no? Pulitzer Prizes are awarded in both categories?  why did you not win it? How many times Indian journalists and authors win the awards?

So too Booker Prize? Did you win it? How many Indians on it?  


Athletes toil it out in heat, rain, cold to reach the Olympic stage. In a competition all are not winners. Do you know, many of them missed the medal by a whisker?  That is known competition. You use only brain. they use both brain and brawn. 

And the rest of the trash in your "open letter" can be ignored. But on one point I need to tell you clearly. No one asked you to apologize. Every one know even if you apologize you will not mend yourself. And like Lady Macbeth, the most ambitious lady we ave known in a drama, you need not lament

"Here's the smell of blood still.  All perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand." 
Only idiots refuse to change their minds. Brigitte Bardot 

I will close this argument with the following quote.

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”


Satyameva Jayathe