Monday, August 15, 2016



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  • Today my friend on Twitter Dr.Bhava shared the following gibberish, penned by one discredited Journalist. I was asked to respond. I responded in poetry form, as far as possible, responding to his every point that points to the present Government. I wanted to show him Journalism is not his cup of tea nor mine! It is vast ocean. I hope these self-projecting Journos open eyes at least now.  Or they will go down the gutter of history! 

Though unwilling, I am sharing his poem, so that you can understand mine.  We have to do some unfortunate things, unwittingly!


  • Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
  • Where no one tells me what to eat, or what to wear, or where to live,
  • Where cow protection doesn't become an excuse to attack the weak,
  • Where no one justifies terrorism in the name of religion or azaadi,
  • Where dissent is not criminalized or treated as an anti-national act,
  • Where nationalism doesn't become a weapon to pit Indian versus Indian,
  • Where the walls of prejudice and caste and community hatred melt away,
  • Where our diversity is preserved, not destroyed by religious extremists
  • Where we don't divide our freedom struggle to suit ideological positions,
  • Where every Indian has equal opportunity irrespective of birth or position,
  • Where the Adivasi in Jharkhand gets the same education as the elite in Mumbai,
  • Where women feel safe on the streets and men commit to gender equality,
  • Where gay men and women can safely and fearlessly pursue the right to love
  • Where no farmer is pushed into committing suicide because of a debt trap or a failed crop,
  • Where jawans are given their due and servicemen don't have to fast to get paid better,
  • Where the young are inspired to become change-makers and live their dreams
  • Where the corrupt are convicted and do not get away because of their manipulative skills,
  • Where the hafta culture ends and the police don't misuse their powers
  • Where corporates realise a social responsibility that goes beyond profiteering,
  • Where journalists stand up and show truth to power rather than becoming stooges of the establishment or manic TRP warriors,
  • Where lawyers and judges fight for justice and not for delaying it,
  • Where doctors serve their patients and don't exploit them,
  • Where bureaucrats become facilitators and not obstructionists in administration,
  • Where our netas realise that the lal batti doesn't give them any special privileges,
  • Where our leaders are not driven by self-love but public service,
  • Where promises made at election time are meant to be kept, not broken
  • Where we fight superstition and Godmen who claim to have divine powers
  • Where sportspersons travel to Olympics in first class comfort and our officials stay at home,
  • Where a more compassionate society looks to reach out to the poorest of the poor,
  • Where no Indian goes to sleep on a hungry stomach and housing becomes a basic right for all,
  • Where our rivers are clean and the air is not polluted
  • Where Swacha Bharat is not just a slogan but a reality
  • Where every Indian is proud to be Indian but isn't put through a daily patriotism test
  • Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake..


Dear Raj Deep,
You are not so deep 
Your father played defense, 
You play only offense
Your poetry, it 
Lacks artistry
Read my poem, 
That is rhythm! 

Great is our nation
It is not Madison
Stay in your post
Avoid silly fight! 

Your mind is in fear
As Devil's mask you wear
Let us have only Journalists
Export to Pak all arsonists!

The Great Rabindra Nath Tagore,
His Soul in great furor 
May curse your career
Nothing, then you need fear! 

Now an imitation to your Tagore's imitation, Mr. Sardesai! I do not want to imitate the great Poet, but I am imitating the fake journalist!

Where Journalists have heads 
And they are not duds! 
Where they beef up their brain
Intelligence they do not feign! 

Where they talk in the shows
And not bark like bow wows
Where we do not have panelists
Who know only Channel lists!

Cow is like our mother
Why do guys slaughter
She is known as animal soft
Keeps nation's pride aloft!

She eats but grass
To kill her is gross
Eat what you like
Do not stop flow of milk!

Freedom (Azadi) is our birth right
Terrorism is neighbor's thirst
We share our pious blood 
Not take it in the name of God! 

Dissent should be methodic 
It should not be chaotic
Let you not turn to a Brutus
As you hate a blooming Lotus!

Nationalism is bond that unites
For anti-nationals it may be chaos
True! You are in a post you do not deserve
Leave it for a better guy who has verve! 

What is diversity
Criminals in university?
What is ideology
Destroying age old theology?

Stay in a village Rajdeep
On your knees you'll creep
How many downtrodden did you help
That in a poem you yelp! 

Sagarika writes gibberish
Barkha tweets nonsense
Rana floats abuses
Do you mean women like these?

Women are safer now
Saw Sushmajee? WoW!
Smriti Irani in Star Bucks
No foreigners, friend! These! 

Hey! Rajdeep Sardesai!
Why do you seclude Gay
They are but made by Almighty
Support steps take for their remedy!

Sixty seven years of suppression
Led farmers into depression
Do not wail about the past
Their future is safe and bright!

Do not try to divide the services
One sector are eyes ,the other ears
Army works with discipline
They fight but not at Madison!

About Journalists you know better
How many truthful how many from gutter
In the name of unreliable sources
How many lies, how many slanders!

Cases forty years old pending 
Hold talk show and 24x7 discussion
Call all retired judges
Ask where problem lies!

Doctors, Lawyers, Bureaucrats
Journalists, Panelists,Netas, Leaders
Those who play Sports
Those who manage sports 
Those who relay events of sports
You keep up your spirit of dedication
Advise them from a stage of gratification!

Advise the Miracle Men
Who stoop in the name of conversion
Without officials 
Nothing, an inch moves!

People, like you, with disdain., 
Spoil spirit of keeping India clean.
Patriotism is and will never be test
On yourself you have trust! 

Finally Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai!

For positions to lobby
Do not make a hobby
You will never get freedom
As long as the Family you Tom-Tom!