Thursday, September 22, 2016




Was Dhritarashtra really blind? This is a point never ever debated on the "BIG FIGHT". There is a reason. Most of the panelists on the "BIG FIGHT" are fans of Dhritarashtra.  They know pretty well that he was not physically blind. He was blind to truth. and all the panelists of Indian origin who love Pakistan and of Pakistani origin who hate India on the "BIG FIGHT" are blind to truth. Hence, they love Dhritarashtra. If we speak of love, Dhritarashtra was blinded by love too. Love for his son(s) and love for his dynasty. In his blind mind he never allowed the thought to enter that anybody else except his son, his son's son, his son's son's son, so on and so forth, will ever become king of the great land of Bharata. His mind's blindness spread to his eyes that were already blinded by lies and we considered him totally blind. The idiom "LOVE IS BLIND" has henceforth remained a part scriptures and history books and love stories of Bollywood and other "olly woods". He had constituted a GWC to overlook governance affairs as he could not see anything but his dynasty. Sakuni, Duryodhana,Dussasana and Karna were the members of this Goebbels' Working Committee. They were communicating all the Goebbels' lies to the King, who was enjoying them, as they were told by the GWC, two members of which were from his dynasty. Karna was the son of Kunti through the Sun God but defected to the Goebbels Kingdom. Thus, he earned the distinction of being the second greatest defector in the history of mankind, after Vibhishana. As is the practice, just as Rama awarded the Kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishana, the pioneer of defections, Duryodhana awarded the Kingdom of Angaa to Karna as a gift for defection. This practice continues till date with defectors being awarded with plum posts. (Half of Telangana Ministers are defectors only, as on date). 

We seem to be diverting from the main topic. The topic is the live -cast of the war of Kurukhetra with the inimitable "Darkha Butt", known as Sanjaya in the Dwapara Yug, being the main reporter reporting from ground zero sitting at ground billion zeroes. (In Kali Yug (s)he continues to report in the same vein incidents in Bharata Kingdom sitting in Obama Kingdom).  Some people argue that Media is a derivative of the name Sanjaya. They argue that Sanjaya had "MAGICAL EYE" and Media has "MAGICAL SOURCES", though the source of that EYE or these SOURCES is still a magic, not understandable by laymen like you and me. 

So, after Panduraja spread the Bhaarata kingdom by his might, Dhritarashtra became the King by virtue of the dynastic principles. This is synonymous to the Nehru dynasty sitting on the throne of India, even as others fought with the British and got a United India. Just as Dhritarashtra dreamed of his progeny ruling for several centuries, Nehru too dreamed. It happened twice but there is a break. The chair was occupied by an outsider. So, the latest in the dynasty, unable to grab the chair, started using a "COT" to satisfy the soul of his great grandfather. His strategist chose the "Khat  Par Neend" scheme as he knew pretty well that if the latest dynasty kid is allowed to be awake and talk the 3% vote share of the party will vanish and he would lose his bread ad butter if no one hired him in future. And so sleeps the Prince on the cot dreaming of a chair in future.  

The only duty of Dhritarashtra and his sons was to protect the chair earned for them by Panduraja. Governance has taken a backseat and schemes after schemes were devised to deny the opposition a chance to grab the chair. One such scheme was playing the dice. In Kali Yug, it was named as "EMERGENCY" where all those opposing the blind king (queen) were exiled to the Jungle (Jail). Once they were exiled, the Kauravas then and Indira now thought that they would never return and fight. Both got it wrong.. Though it took a long time before the real war started, the war started. It was fought in the Kurukshetra region then in the whole land of Bharata now. 

Dhritarastra, suffering from Truth Blindness and Love Blindness could not be present on the war front, took the help of Sanjaya, aka Media. He saw the whole war scenario through his magical eye and reported truth and nothing but truth.

Fast forward the war scene and the Media is reporting the war through the sources of the inimitable Darkha Butt to the silent and "blinded by his love of dynasty" King. The narrative goes like this. 

The original Dhritarshtra along with the fast forwarded Sanjaya, reincarnated as Darkha Butt were sitting in the Court Hall. 

Dhritarashtra:  Sanjaya!

धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः।

मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत सञ्जय।।1.1।।

"Sanjaya! In the pious land of Kurukshetra, what are my and my brother's sons  doing?"

Darkha Butt: Oh! King through my sources I  will report what I gather. 

Dhritarashtra: What is this? How did you become a woman?  What happened to your magical eye? What are sources?

Darkha:  Oh! King! We fast forwarded the war to the next Yug through our Digital Brain. I am reincarnation of Sanjaya. He was having magical eye.  I have sources. He was reporting truth.  We report whatever strikes our thoughts.

Dhritarashtra: But who are your sources?

Darkha: What do I know? I never saw or met them. They are as illusory as your eyes. But let me report.

"The war bugle was sounded by Bhishma from your side and Arjuna from the opposite camp. WOW! Arjuna was afraid of war. It seems he conceded defeat.  My sources say, he was sweating with fear looking at your vast army. Victory is yours.  I was anticipating this. Who can fight and win your dynasty? " 

And she flashed a message on the big screen, "Did Pandavas concede defeat to the dynasty of the blind king? In the "BIG FIGHT" tonight. Members of the GWG and Sikhandi from the other camp will be panelists." And she turned to the King and said, "Oh! King!  Today's war is over as the Sun set on your son and  Sun's own son"

And during that day's big fight a unanimous verdict was passed that the dynasty was winning the war. Sikhandi was shouted down by all in the studio and Dr.Sen from America. 

The second day war began.  Darkha told the blind king that Lord Krishna was prompting Arjuna to fight and decimate the enemy leaving forty four of them unharmed. And she said that her sources indicated that Arjuna might fight but it was difficult for him to regain his mental equilibrium from his initial depression. So her sources indicated that dynasty victory was guaranteed. The King was pleased. But he was not pleased with Lord Krishna siding Arjuna. "I was afraid of this. We have a Pappu in the family. Instead of the Lord he chose 10,000 army personnel. What can I do? At this rate he will never be the king." Darkha smiled and said "If you fast forward, Pappu now chose cots instead of chair. You may be right"

One by one the dynasty pillars were falling down. But Darkha kept the morale of the blind king high, quoting sources and telling him that all was rosy on war front.  But on the day Drona fell down she told the truth. She could have kept this information also under wraps. But she got a point. Dharmaraja, who was known as truthful told a honeyed lie. "Aswathama Hataha, Kunjaraha". She got a point and in that night''s "BIG FIGHT" all the (same) panelists, the same moderator and the same insane Sen condemned Dharmaraja in one voice that telling lie was sacrilege. Sikhandi was shouted down. Thus the live-cast continued for all the days of the war with "BIG FIGHT"  continuing on occasions like fall of Karna. When Bhisma fell, Sikhandi did not attend "BIG FIGHT" as (s))he took a sweet revenge in the big fight. Duryodhana too fell and in the "BIG FIGHT" that night the reported killing of him by alleged unfair means was unanimously condemned by the new panelists "LEFT" after decimation of the dynasty. Dr. Sen growled in despair.

When the decimation was complete, but for forty four weaklings, Darkha finally told the truth. And Dhritarashtra was crest fallen. He thanked Darkha, though and said, "Beti! You  are marvelous! Come. Let  me hug you" . Darkha, cunning that she is, immediately vanished and settled in New York and through her sources started perpetrating lies about the Uri attack. People  viewing her reporting thought she was in Uri and was physically viewing the whole event. God knows! She was in New York, now reporting to Nawaz Sharief that all was rosy on the borders with India, quoting her sources. He thought she was from his own "Pious (Paki) Nation"!