Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Who is more paranoid about India striking it big against Pakistan in surgical strikes or a direct war? Any baby that just started to talk will reply, "Pakistan". Is it? No! Pakistan is a shred less paranoid than the Indian National Congress, the Aam Admi Party , the Communist Party of India and the highly controversial, self-serving, too-close-to-anti-India forces Journalists like Barkha Dutt. 

After Uri attack, India attacked seven launch pads of terrorist that were being abetted and aided by the Pakistan Army. At least forty terrorists and nine soldiers were killed on the Pakistan side, as per the DGMO report. Some sources say the casualties were more but the army kept the information for itself for strategic reasons. Pakistan immediately denied the attacks, at the same time vowing revenge on India. That is the biggest paradox.  If they accepted the strikes they would have had to concede that the camps, ispo facto, existed. By saying that they would revenge the attacks and salivating hatred on the Media at the drop of a hat by the Pakistan Administration showed their confusion. Defense Minister and Home Minister were the most vociferous in highlighting the strikes. Nation went into a celebratory mode. The already high opinion about Narendra Modi and his no-nonsense approach received approbation from the common man, vernacular Media and political parties alike. Nitish Kumar was the first to acknowledge the grit of the PM without any frills. 

Seeing the mood of the nation other parties followed suit. Congress, though grudgingly, accepted the Central government's courageous response.  Rahul went a step ahead to shower praises on Modi, though with sarcasm that it was the first PM-like action from Modi. Of course, we condone small stuttering from "Just-Learning-To-Talk"  babies. So Rahul can be ignored.

The reaction of Barkha Dutt, who was seething with anger and disappointment, not only because Pakistan-born terrorist cousins were attacked but also because Modi, of all the people, got the credit. But, it was inevitable to congratulate Modi or she would have been the "lone wolf" in the Media Jungle. Her attitude on the TV shows and on Social Media exposed her to the hilt. When Burhan Wani was killed, she was all sympathy for him. She called it "extra judicial" killing of a poor son of a Head Master, who was just playing with computers to help terrorists. (Please refer to my blog http://chandvani.blogspot.in/2016/07/ms.html on this subject). She continued her tirade against the Modi Government in different voices. She once mocked them for inaction. Then she said direct action would be fatal to India. (She thinks and wants us believe Pakistan is stronger militarily than India). When there was a talk on Indus water Treaty being suspended (It was a diplomatic talk only and no decision was taken) she went on the offensive saying stopping water would kill innocent Pakistan citizens, their farm lands would be parched and China would not keep quiet etc., Unfortunately she never had a sympathetic word for innocent Indians killed by Pakistan born terrorists, drinking Indian waters.  And Pritish Nandi writes that we should not trouble innocent Pakistani Citizens for crimes of their Democratic Government. Democracy is by the people. If Democracies commit inhuman crimes, people by reflection are committing them. If people of Pakistan are so innocent let them revolt and overthrow the military and the government. Let them take on the terrorist camps.It is not to be. Each Journalist, each politician, each common man on the street of Pakistan continuously spews venom on India and Indians. SA Aiyar, the beef-eating Aiyar goes a step forward and puts the entire blame on the Right Wingers. So much for these PAKTRIOTIC guys!

The most bizarre and clever-by-half comment came from the incorrigible Arvind Kejriwal.  Initially, he complimented Indian army, ignoring decision of the political bosses behind the surgical strikes. It was an inevitable reaction. Once, he congratulated the army, there is no way he can not congratulate the PM and his team. But he waited for the "mood of the nation"  to settle and the initial euphoria dies down. But, alas! The nationalistic fervor did not die down. It increased by leaps and bounds. How can it not? Just remind 1971, the chests of Indians expand with pride.  So, as the mood is turning more and more in Modi favor, Arvind Kejriwal started sweating in his pants. We all know he is clever by the halves. So, what does he do? He estimates his party's loss in Punjab if the euphoria continues and Modi continues striking Pakistan with precision in days to come. (It is going to happen)

So, he sends a Video message in which he seems to be praising Modi but hidden behind the veil  is his real intention of calling the "reported bluff" of India as declared by Pakistan. His moronic Media Chela Ashutosh goes a step further on NDTV in a column, quoting Pakistan authorities,  a common man from ground zero (not the ground from which Barkha says she reports, she reports from AC studios) , a CNN report etc., to prove that surgical strikes did not happen and that was why Arvind Kejriwal wanted Video taken by Indian soldiers to be made public. (to prove Military struck really). Why should Military prove something? It has many reasons not to prove their action.

There are issues here to be considered.

1. Military might have shot the film live to know further information about terrorist launch pads. This will go a long way to help them in future strikes.

2.  It was not for chest-thumping and to appease the hate-mongers back in India.  Their hunger for hatred is so much that they sing the tunes of enemy during war times too.

3. By making the Videos public the Military will be playing into the hands of the enemy as they will be on utmost guard about future strikes. This is exactly what the likes of   Arvind Kejriwal want. They want the future strikes fail. They want the enemy gain upper hand. They want the Modi image take an irreversible beating before Punjab polls. Or, there is no chance for the already torn--asunder Aam Admi Party in Punjab.  To win Punjab, Kejriwal is ready to barter India and its people. 

It is high time the bluff of the "PAKTRIOTICS" is called! Attack him as much as you can on Social Meedia.  He is more ominous than the Naxalites, the Barkha Dutts, the Yechuris, the Rahuls and the beef-eating Aiyars.