Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Kejri went to meet Doctor in a Corporate Hospital in Delhi.

"Doctor! I am suffering from severe headache"

"Since when?"

"Since my throat surgery after which the Surgeon advised me to talk less"


"I want to work 24x7 to remove corruption, Doctor! But this head ache is hampering my work"

"I was about to tell you to lie down. You did not allow me to complete the sentence and you already told a big "LIE"

"What is this Doctor? I am an IRS qualified gentleman. How can you say I told a lie?''

"Another lie! First lie down. Let me check."

So, the doctor started checking him from head to toe with his stethoscope.. Head, he said "pchh". He went on saying "pchh" until he reached the knee. Then he shouted, "Yes! It is here!"

The sixty plus seven nurses came running inside the consultation room. "What happened Doctor?" they asked.

"The brain!  His brain! I found it here"

"What? Then what is in his head? Is it empty? " wondered the sixty plus seven nurses collectively and individually. 

"No! In my stethoscope I could hear strange noises as if some mills were working inside. This is a case which should be thoroughly examined. Sedate him and keep in ICU. Tomorrow get his body scanned from head to toe.

The sixty plus seven nurses with the help of twenty plus one ward boys shifted him to ICU wondering why the side of his head is heavy and the side of his knees is light. Lanka Amba laughed and said " It is because his brain is in his knees and it is empty"

"But why is the head so heavy?" asked the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys.

Lanka Amba chuckled and said, " You will know after the head scan"

Next day the scan was done and reports came. All the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys surrounded the Doctor curiously. 

"Ha! Mr. Kejri, IR Ass!. In your head hundreds of rumor mills are  working. As the weight of the rumor mills increased your brain started descending slowly and reached your knees. Unless you close the mills, there is a danger it slips below your feet and reach your cousin Bali in Pataala Loka!"

Kejri was unmoved. He asked, "What should be done to close the mills, Doctor?" 

"Only way is surgical strike. Hit the head with a hammer. Mills will stop working"

"I heard of surgery. What is this surgical strike, Doctor? Are you a Doctor? What is your qualification?"

"I am MD"

"Oh! I know you must be Modi, abbreviated as MD. I want MS immediately"

"Who is MS?"

"Manish Sisodia" So saying , Kejri walked out of the Hospital and going outside spread a rumor that it is a Veterinary Hospital.

"This guy is incurable and incorrigible!" lamented the MD, the sixty plus seven nurses and twenty plus one ward boys. Lanka Amba vanished from the scene.


PS: This is a humor skit meant to be enjoyed as fun. Instead if you spread it as a "RUMOR" you will be born as "Kejriwal" in the next birth. This is a curse of the Gods that are crazy.