Monday, November 28, 2016



In my blog Part 1, "OPPOSITION LEADERS PRISONERS OF WAR- WITH THEMSELVES", I explained the confusion among the ranks of opposition. Today, the day on which one party called for Bharat Bandh, one for Aakroash Divas, one led a march and one called for protest rally, sensing the mood of the people was against them. So, the confusion further confounded and the hopes of cornering the Government with popular support faded totally.

There is one song in the Telugu picture, "Tenali Ramakrishna"". Please view this link.

Tenali Ramakrishna, the maverick brain he was, starts planting seeds in the guise of a very old man. Babar Badsha going by that way laughs and asks him, "Hey! Old man! You are on the verge meeting with the Gods very soon. You are so old that you would not be able to see the seeds sprout into plants let alone eat the fruits. Why is this futile  effort  at this age?" Ramakrishna replies, "Hey! Badshaw! If our elders also thought like this, would we have been able to eat fruits today?" 

After Demonetization, Columnists sprouted like weeds in a green field. Weeds have no use and people entrusted with the job will weed them out sooner or later. If weeds had minds, perhaps they would have felt envious of the greenery of the field. The columnists are just doing that. Just as weeds have no use, these columnists have no value. They are mostly drawn out from the stable of the left liberals, where the hurt horses are either licking their wounds or waiting for the Vet to cure their wounds. 

The only point these headless columnists harp upon is that the total amount of black money in the economy is only 5% and that the total amount of counterfeit currency is only Rs.400 crores. Then why should the PM suddenly make 86% of the money unavailable? This argument is specious. This "SEED" of  demonetization should have been planted by the erstwhile rulers who ruled the nation for seventy years. By this time we would have had a corruption free and unaccounted wealth free economy. Now, Modi planted the seed. They ask, "Will it immediately cure the economy of the scourge of unaccounted income? They quote from figures that more money is hidden in Swiss Banks, in gold, in benami properties and in productive ventures in fictitious names. Will just planting seed result in trees giving us fruits? It needs a lot of follow up work. Watering should be done, fertilizers should be used,  pests should be tackled with pesticides, weeds should plucked out and dry leaves should be plucked etc., That is why the PM clearly said this was only the beginning and more projects were on the way. Any columnist with a little brain in his head would have understood the simple words of the PM. Instead they make yelping noises in the pliant news papers, on-line editions of TV channels etc., They are in pain because the government succeeded and common man welcomed the decision.We can just ignore these weeds or weed them out.

Now, let us come to the confounded confusion among the opposition ranks. Nothing can explain this better than the muted speech of our ex-Prime Minister. The discomfiture, confusion and chaos in the opposition ranks was totally exposed by the more political than economic Kejriwalic speech by the Ex-Prime Minister. The roar of the opposition in the initial days of Demonetization ended in a whimper with his listless speech. 

How did the roar of opposition start and how it ended in whimper on that day RS and on the 28th of November on the streets across the nation?  The opposition started its campaign on a wrong note. They unwittingly welcomed the Demonetization Scheme as path breaking. Many regional leaders and opposition Chief Ministers took their own time to react. While Nitish Kumar welcomed the decision as bold as his liquor ban decision, others except BJP CMs were muted. But the inimitable liar Arvind Kejriwal went a step ahead. That killed the opposition movement. As we all know, Arvind Kejriwal tries at one-up-man-ship  in his over ambition  to project himself as an alternate to Narendra Modi. It is like the jackal dreaming of usurping power from the King of the Jungle, the lion. As the  other opposition parties welcomed the decision and waited for a chance to corner the Government on other issues like management of the scheme, this guy jumped the gun and tweeted that he would prove that the whole scheme was a scam. As is his wont he appeared before the Press and made a few wild allegations. Among the allegation a few are

1. That the BJP leaders credited huge amounts into the account of the party just before the announcement. He could not substantiate the claim after BJP clarified. 

2. That the close friends of Modi, like Ambani and Adani were informed long back and they covered their tracks. What he did not know was Yogis like Modi do not have either friends or foes. All are equal for him. But where was the proof for his allegation?

3. That the whole Demonetization was a big scam. Where again was the proof?

4. He went a step ahead and demanded the scrapping of the whole scheme as it would  not contain black money in the system. 

This stand clearly was not digested by major  political parties. But Mamata bit the bullet and she wanted to  usurp the numero uno position in the opposition to Modi. So, she led a march to the President and Kejri, the jackal he was, understood that if he  participated he would have to play second fiddle to Mamata. He absconded.  Mamata tried to bring all other opposition parties on board but all of them took a position that the Scheme, per se, is in national interest. So, her march turned out to be a damp squib.

To make good the loss of face, Mamata played second fiddle to Kejriwal and together they planned a joint rally at Azad Market, a strong support base of AAP. But, alas! There were counter protests and soon the  news channels were airing pictures of the protesters and were gleefully reporting that the crowds at Kejri-Didi rally were much less than the protesters to their  protest rally. After that Kejri vanished from the Media glare and took to Social Media.

All this while all other opposition parties were in total oblivion as the Media overplayed Didi and Kejri. Only after Kejri has hidden his face from public glare and Mamata's crowds started dwindling by the day and after BJP stood second in by polls in WB, overtaking CPM, main opposition party the Congress realized that they were losing out to these petty merchants in political trade. So, they made Parliament as their boxing ring and started to disrupt Parliament. They forgot about Demonetization, they forgot the common man, they forgot the small businessmen and others and started shouting that the PM be present in the house though out. This is a meaningless demand given that the demonetization is not a scam like the 2G where the PM is answerable. It is for the good of the nation. And if there are deficiencies the opposition can point out the same and wait for a reply from the Government. The Government, per se, was not averse for a statement from the PM at the end of the debate.

After disruption of RS for few days one fine morning the PM was present in the  house. Whether it was co-incidental or whether the PM did not want to disrespect the PM's honor by not being present when an ex-PM was speaking we can not say. The PM must have been in the know that his predecessor was to speak that day. And what did Manmohan Singh do? He just read out a script prepared by his bosses in 10, Janpath. Nation expected better from an Economist than words like "organized plunder and loot" without substantiating where the plunder and loot were taking place. There was nothing in the speech for Congress to beat their chests. Their reaction was muted except a meek  statement that if Dr.Singh spoke it must have been true. Like Communists say, "As Mao said it it must be right"

Then came the AAKROASH, the Bandh, the march by Mamata and Jantar Mantar by Kejri. This is the end of the war. Kurukshetra war ended in 18 days with decimation of Kauravas It took almost the same number of days, from 9th to 27th November, for the modern day Kauravas to bite the dust. Truth triumphed. And the opposition turned out to the "PRISONERS OF WAR- WAR WITH THEMSELVES".