Friday, December 30, 2016

PART - 6

In the end 2015, when intolerance debate was a razing like wild fire and Media was pouring as much oil on the fires as much as it could gather from #AwardWapsiGangs I wrote a series of blogs on the above subject. The first blog started like this. I am reproducing the part that describes the "Game of Four Pillars", for the convenience of readers to understand the dirty game the Media plays.

Now, exactly after one year the ugly face of the Media was once again to the fore, with the Foreign Media catching up a bit here and a piece there and cobbling up a "Frankenstein Monster". The Column that Steve Forbes wrote was in highly objectionable language that a common Indian National's blood boils, a column that defied all logic and based more on hearsay than on real time ground reports. And our pseudo intellectuals held to the straw and started thumping their own chests. The continued ugly reporting by the Media on Demonetization not backed by figures but with a desire to create panic in the minds of common people, prompted me to renew the series. 


From Part 1 of the Series :

I do not know if it is prevalent in other states, but girls in AP play a game called "Four Pillar Game". In our village, during the Chariot Festival of Lord Shiva every year in February, they used to build a porch in front of the Temple in a huge area. On long wooden poles, a wooden mesh was being made and on that palm leaves were being stitched. It was cool summers under the porch.

During Sri Ram Navami and summer holidays too school going girls used to collect there and play this four-pillar game. As we were children  we too  used to join. The game goes on like this.  Four girls were standing near four poles (it is like a square). One girl used to stand in the middle. The girls at the poles frequently change positions and while doing so the girl in the middle should touch one of them so that that girl will come in the middle and the girl in the middle takes one pole. For this purpose, two girls each used to hold hand and make invisible signs to move.

In Telugu, one famous Director directed a nice film called, "నాలుగు స్తంభాలాట" that exactly means four poles' game. In this, a guy loves a girl, makes her pregnant but he was forced to marry another girl due to forced circumstances beyond his power. His friend marries the pregnant girl knowing fully well she was pregnant. But, the four live their past lives in their present in sorrow and the melancholic drama that ends in a tragedy was the story as far as I knew.

Indian democracy had been a tragic 'four pillar game' story in the past decade.  No! It was not a love story. It was a story of illicit relationships between three players that made the fourth player a mute witness to the rot that settled in the game, as hard evidence was manipulated by the three players. The hapless common man in the middle was tired of running here and there, never able to touch any of the players, despite all the rights reportedly conferred on him by Prince Pappu. Finally Pappu said his inability to touch them was "his state of mind"

Now, if we take the four poles as four pillars, it becomes a democracy game. The girl in the middle is the hapless common man. During UPA regime, more than any other time, one pillar was occupied by the strongest rumor mongers who were cunning in approach and lying always while seemingly lying low.  They had hidden sources between the pillars, who used to carry the bouquet from one to the other without the knowledge of the common man. So he could never touch any occupants of any of the pillars.

Hence, instead of trying to touch only the old players  time and again that he was attempting for more than six decades, he changed the whole system of the game and changed the players and brought in new players.


Just now I retweeted a Tweet that showed the ugly face of Media world wide. The tweet attached to this photo shot reflecting the duplicity in reporting by the New York Times, was this.

You do not fail to notice the way they report the same sporting religious event of Hinduism and Christianity. One is dangerous and the other miraculous, according to them.  

Now, coming to the Demonetization debate that razed for 49 days till today on the Media, I feel that the Media Houses acted like agents ("pimps" is not parliamentary, hence I did not use it)  for those criminals, who for six decades, looted the nation, evaded taxes and hoarded money.  I feel like revising a humor story, I blogged earlier called "An Engineer in hell"

"An engineer died and reached hell. Seeing the pathetic conditions in the hell, he decided to revamp the whole structure and he did it with the help of deceased tax evaders and Swiss Bank Account holders etc., that are rotting in hell. The news of a beautiful hell reached Lord Indra and he called Lord Yama and ordered the engineer and those who helped him to Heaven, to bring his own house into order. Yama refused. Then Indra threatened Yama that he would go to the Indian Media and run a 24x7 malicious campaign against Yama. Yama laughed and retorted, "Where do you get Journalists, reporters, anchors, sources and panelists? They are all here only"


I shall give you an example.  Today, Times of India reporter reported from a remote village of Maharashtra. I cant vouch to the veracity of the names. This village was the first from where Aadhar Card was launched by Sonia and her PM, Manmohan. The villagers still have the photos. Naturally, this village must have been owing its allegiance to Congress, that the reporter missed reporting. The people he interviewed were said to have told him that they were finding it hard to find work. The date of the report was, itself, suspicious. For, today only FM gave real figures that showed increase in Rabi sowing, direct and indirect tax collections.  For any observer, it is clear businesses are getting back to normal. The fun of the whole news (Paid?) is the end part.  The villagers were, after all not unhappy. They hope that good will  come at last to them. How misleading are such reporters?  

Ideally, the ideals of the Press, Media and the Naxalites are sacrosanct. The former use the pen (now loud mouths) and the latter the gun. Both, when used properly are expected to bring change in the social order. But when used for selfish purposes, both pen and gun can be too dangerous. It takes removal of one "fish plate"  to derail a fast running train and kill the hopes of thousands of families. And it requires a bit of "fishy" reporting to derail a smooth running nation, killing hopes of a billion people. But both these pen and gun trotters for selfish ends, forget one thing. It is very difficult to hide a poisonous snake in their bosom for long. It bites. And it bit them in 2014 and the poisonous snake that they milked and hid in their bosoms for decades, post independence is creeping all over their bodies inflicting unimaginable itch and damage. Unable to bear the itch and damage, they started a sound and fury in jungles, news papers, tabloids and TV studios. Their end is nearing with the Government standing firm on the avowed objective of bringing a semblance of reason to both the pen and the gun. The final bite is yet to come and it will come soon.


On the 8th of November, (The Award Wapsi Gangs were active in October/November in 2015 and failed miserably to rouse public opinion; repeat of history), like the opposition the Media was numbed and dumbed with the surgical strike on black money by the Modi Government. More so for the Media who, till May 2014, were eating into files in power corridors. How could such a huge decision affecting lives of a billion people be kept secret, that too from the ever-probing eyes of all Dutts and Butts? For a day or two the discussions were limited to the positive impact on the economy. 

Then came the realization by the Media, pushed by the Opposition gangs and the so called liberal intelligentsia (they remember freedom to disagree, dissent and criticize whenever a good decision appreciated generally is taken), that there is huge support for the decision, by the common man. They woke up. They have to some how derail the public opinion. While on the one side the by- now- branded -foolish, politicians like Kejri and Didi called it a scam, the Media, propped by the dead serpents like Communists and Congress, saw an opportunity in the long queues that were seen in front of the Banks and ATMs. The fact that those hoarding unaccounted money were sending hundreds of people to exchange their hoard increased the length of the queues gave fillip to the sinister campaign unleashed by the Media. They did not report that part of the queues were duplicates. That was not their purpose. They don't see evil, they don't hear evil, they only speak evil.  But, the fact that most of those in the queues expressed willingness to suffer a few days for a good cause, forced them  switch gears. While brainless politicos like Rahul stood in queues for photo-ops, others like Kejri and Mamata tried to do what they knew the best, playing street politics. Nothing cut much ice with the public. Or, in other words, they cut too much ice to throw on the public, that the public remained cool. 

All tricks exhausted, Media used its weapon of last resort, attempting to remove the fish plate from the rails. They started to plant people in queues, who take on the Government for the purportedly mindless action. They planted people in garb of small businessmen, house wives, farmers, laborers, construction workers et al. Sordid stories of how the fire was not lit in their homes were repeated on channels. Put on any channel, you would have found these sordid sagas of a billion and quarter people standing in queues. If the whole population were in queues, for whose purpose these channels were showing these pictures was not known. Was there no suffering? Yes! Literally, people suffered very much for a month. Did the Government not know that? Yes. The Government knew that and tried its best to fight crooks on one side and help suffering masses on the other. Despite malicious, non-stop campaign by the Media the public did not revolt. They reacted, for sure. They were angry, for sure, but not frustrated with the action. For, they knew the purpose. 

A month later, the queues have thinned and a semblance of normalcy started returning to the economy. Still large sections were at the receiving end, searching for small notes, work and wages. The Government was studying the impact of the measure, the dubious acts employed by the crooks, the nefarious designs of Rahuls, Kejris and Didis, the ground support from masses and went on changing rules of the game to improve on the measure, to cut the crooks by curcumsizing, to shut the crooked politicos and to see the public in general were not inconvenienced. This gave the Media another weapon. They started a campaign that the Scheme was not well planned, it was a failure, after all people were depositing their black money also, advisers of Modi did not read the pulse of people properly. They also started sending signals that black money can not be eliminated from the system, counterfeit money is a fait accompli we have to accept, the rich had a clue about the scheme etc., Some channels started showing one or the other note (a xerox copy of Rs.2000/_ note,) to show that the Government can do nothing. A responsible Media would have identified the culprits and booked them. But not a word was said against the crooks that were trying to derail the system. They were shown as heroes taking on the Government with their criminality. 

After this failed columns, panel discussions, 24x7 blabbering started on the amount of money that came back into the system. There were speculative figures. "If 90% of the old notes were already in the system, where is black money?" they started asking. Yes! They tried to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of public that the whole money has turned white and the purpose of Government to fight black money and to get huge dividend from RBI failed. The avowed purpose was not to get dividend but to bring 100% of the money into the system. The avowed purpose was to identify the cockroaches hiding in kitchen cabinets. The avowed purpose was to tax the un-taxed rich. If there was no black money, why did the hoarders panic and commit breach of law and get caught in large numbers?  If there was no black money, why were the Jan Dhan Accounts used to stash money? If there was no black money, why did people put money in thousands of crores in Temple Hundies? The Media never thought it was their responsibility to question the nefarious acts of these criminals. If they did it, it would have shown the government in good light. No! Their purpose was different. They wanted the scheme to fail. They wanted a huge public revolt. Nothing happened. And on the fiftieth day, the scheme is proving a real success. The demonetization exercise, the largest in the world, with 86% of money being removed from the system is a huge success. There was not much impact on the economy. People, who suffered early in the day are resettling. There was increase in Rabi sowing. There was increase in tax collections. People are getting accustomed to the Digital transaction mode. Even rural areas are being brought into the mainstream of transacting on-line. Those honest people, who remained loyal to the nation are happy. Crooks, who were always anti-national are unhappy. Whom is the Media backing? It is anybody's guess. 



Digital Transactions and Media War on the Digitization of India. With what nefarious design in mind? In the next part after PM speaks and we get real figures from the horse's mouth.