Tuesday, December 20, 2016




I admire Narendra Modi.  In fact, I adore his qualities. I am not a sycophant to call him a God among humans. There no human God.  God is unseen but all pervading. 

What I see in Modi is a Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, a Swamy Viivekananda,  a Ramanna Maharshi, an Adi Shankaaracharya, a Gowtam Buddha who have shown the right path to the commoners like me. They faced innumerable challenges in their lives. But they faced all  hurdles with a smile in the service of humanity. Modi may be the first and the last politician who attained Saintly qualities and served the nation selflessly and impartially.  

When I hear the following two Telugu Songs, I remember the moral that, hidden behind all troubles there is always some hidden purpose for which Good created us. We, lesser mortals, never understand this and try to overcome the hurdles by whatever means, moral or amoral.  Great humans serve society with single minded determination and dedication. I present meaning of the first poem here and the second will  follow soon.

Apply the message in the first song to the dedication with which Modi is selflessly pursuing the single objective of bringing a semblance of morality in the corrupt minds and how he is crossing one hurdle after the other. He is changing the fate line of the nation while wiping the sweat on its brow  . I salute him again and again and wish God give him long life and stronger will power..

మౌనం గానే ఎదగమని మొక్క నీకు చెపుతుంది
ఎదిగిన కొద్దీ ఒదగమని అర్ధమందులో ఉంది 

A sapling teaches us to grow in silence
Deep  inside the message there is a strong message that as you grow, you learn to be humble.

The poet/lyricist has deep insight into the human tendency to grow arrogant as he grows richer, more powerful or stronger than others. A  sapling grows into a plant and into a tree.The growth goes unnoticed until we happen to see a huge tree with a large trunk and huge branches. But the plant that stands erect when small, bends its branches so low  that a child (meaning a commoner)  can reach them. 

అపజయాలు కలిగిన చోటే గెలుపు పిలుపు వినిపిస్తుంది 
ఆకులన్ని రాలిన చోటే కొత్త చిగురు కనిపిస్తుంది 

Where there is defeat, the bugle of victory is heard yonder. And the poet again goes on to compare it to the seasonal changes that take place with trees. Trees that shed leaves during Autumn again get fresh, tender leaves as soon as it is Spring time.

దూరమెంతో ఉందని దిగులు పడకు నేస్తమా 
దరికి చేర్చు దారులు కూడా ఉన్నాయిగా 

Never feel disheartened that your destination is afar and that it is unreachable. There are many right and straight routes to reach your destination.. The poet did not certainly mean amoral short cuts.

భారమెంతో ఉందని బాధపడకు నేస్తమా 
బాధ వెంట నవ్వుల పంట ఉంటుందిగా 

Never ever feel that the burden you are forced to bear is very heavy.  There is always a smile waiting on your lips after you  bear the burden successfully.

సాగర మధనం మొదలవగనే విషమే వచ్చింది 
విసుగే చెందక కౄషి చేస్తేనే అమౄతమిచ్చింది 
అవరోధాల దీవుల్లొ ఆనంద నిధి ఉన్నది 
కష్టాల వారధి దాటిన వారికి సొంతమవుతుంది 

The first thing that came out of the arduous churning of the Ocean was poison. If we know this simple truth, we will still churn the Ocean of life and as we churn and churn what does come out?  Is it not Nectar?  

తెలుసుకుంటె సత్యమిది తలచుకొంటె సాధ్యమిది 

If you know this simple truth and think it is possible, it is always possible to achieve the target.
చెమట నీరు చిందగా నుదుటి రాత మార్చుకో
మార్చలేనిదేదీ లేదని గుర్తుంచుకో 

పిడికిలీ బిగించగా చేతి గీత మార్చుకో 

As a drop of sweat falls from your brow after hard work, while wiping it with your hand change your fate line written on your brow. Likewise as you close your fist as a sign of your determination, change the lines on your hand. (We Hindus believe that our fate rests on the lines that the Creator draws on our brow and hand.) The poet  exhorts that with determination we can  change the Creator's will too.

మారిపోని కధలే లేవని గమనించుకో 
తొచినట్టుగా అందరి రాతలు బ్రహ్మే రాస్తాడు 
నచ్చినట్టుగ నీ తలరాతను నువ్వే రాయాలి 
నీ ధైర్యాన్నే దర్శించి దైవాలే తలదించగా 
నీ అడుగుల్లొ గుదికట్టి స్వర్గాలె తరియించగా 
నీ సంకల్పానికి ఆ విధి సైతం చేతులెత్తాలి 
అంతులేని చరితలకి ఆది నువ్వు కావాల!

Know that there is no story that has a definite ending. We can always change the ending. It is in our hands. Creator writes fate lines as per his whims. But it is in our hands to change it as per our own wish and will power. Our story should become the starting point for unending history.  Even the unseen Gods should bend their heads in reverence looking at your courage and conviction.Fate itself should clap in reverence at your conviction and determination and Heavens should follow your footsteps  by 
building Temples thereon.