Saturday, September 9, 2017



Liberals are like Hurricanes. They gain strength or weaken as they traverse the course. And they change course depending on the wind direction and sometimes they withdraw. But whatever be the strength the purpose of a Hurricane is to wreck havoc in the lives of people. Note! This havoc is not permanent though it is quite painful. Take Irma for example. It started as Category 5 Hurricane, weakened into Category 4 and then again got strengthened into Category 5. On the way it devastated lives of lakhs of people. But Governments do not sit quietly. They help people resettle, sometimes even better than that before devastation. Did the Hurricanes achieve their stated objective of disrobing humanity? That is a million dollar question.

Let us take the case of liberals after the unfortunate killing of Journalist (though I dislike to call her a Journalist, as Journalism as it evolved over centuries is an honest, fearless, objective profession. A Journalist never takes political sides but reports facts.) Gauri Lankesh. Soon after the news of her death started sinking in a strong and powerful Hurricane unwinded itself in the twin oceans of Media and Social Media. Helped by strong winds from the liberal activists (they turn active only when some one of their ilk dies), the Category 5 Hurricane started traversing its course disturbing the already disturbed lives of her family members and other moderates. The winds emanating from the Hurricane were ominous, poignant and filled with poisonous gasses.  

It started like "My friend Gauri was killed in the most dastardly manner." and abuses followed. Scrolling in the Media read. "Fearless Journalist Gauri was shot at in her Bangalore home. She was anti-establishment and stood firmly against Hindutva forces.

There are two points here.

1. If she were anti-establishment she should have been  so with the Right at the Centre, Left in Kerala and Centre of Right or Left in Karnataka.

2. To hide the fact, they immediately added anti-Hindtva forces. Hinduism is never dogmatic. It does not prescribe killing non-believers. These liberals have no guts to oppose those groups that preach "killing non-believers" or those who convert the gullible against Laws of the nature or nation.

Let  us go back to the Hurricane. Tweet after tweet followed. Self-appointed activist Shehla declared that RSS was behind the killings. So too, the other so-called Journalists and Activists.  The Hurricane gained speed and was about to hit coast and devastate the normal life of Indians.

The winds took a turn then. By afternoon, news started rolling in that the brother of the slain Journo told Media that she received threats from ultra-left groups. At least one Media house started digging it up. Yes! She was pro-Maoist groups and dilly-dallied with them. For whatever reason, she started hobnobbing with the Congress Government and started helping Naxalites surrender. This might have angered the ultra-left organizations. And the manner in which she was shot leaving no traces suggested clearly that the killer was adept in guerilla type tactics. (It is not to suggest that one or the other group was responsible. Police are adequately trained to do the job and I am not a self-styled activist). 

And the winds took another turn when it started to trend virally on Twitter that just a day before her death, the deceased tweeted about the differences in between themselves and the need to counter the common enemy. Though it was not clear who "themselves" were or who the "common enemy" was, speculation was rife that she was referring to differences with Comrades and the common enemy is Modi, BJP, RSS, Hindutva forces et al. Not only that some of her abusive tweets started trending on the Twitter. (I can not vouch to their veracity as in this technical age anything can be done by anybody) I reproduce two such tweets. 

The tweets are self-explanatory. The venom with which she was speaking about her adversaries shows the conduct of the deceased. Other postings were equally venomous. A woman who questioned motherhood and womanhood can not be called a "fearless activist"

A third angle was added to the twist. It came to light that Gauri had a standing dispute with her brother and split with him in 2005. It is not at all surprising. Siblings quarrel on many issues. What was shocking was the revelation that in 2005, her brother wanted to print an expose on Naxalites and that Gauri strongly objected . And it was reported in 2005 that both drew their revolvers. (sic). Then she separated and started her own tabloid, it was reported. The copy of this news also made rounds on Social Media.

As both Media and Social Media started showing the real face of the victim and the fact the Left Activists are as much suspect as Right Activists in her murder (she antagonized both) the Hurricane weakened in speed. But though weak, it has to hit the coast. But, it has to change direction. By evening the whole discourse took a U-Turn. And the activists, Communists , Congress leaders, Media, self-styled exponents of FOE turned the heat on Modi. 

Don't be surprised to learn what these losers did. They picked up a few tweets by four persons whom Modi is following, quoted their tweets and started abusing Modi for allowing TROLLS on his TL. "Block them" was the war cry. A weakened Hurricane that is directionless hits a no-man land whereas its original purpose was total devastation of India, the land of Hindus that gave shelter to all faiths without fear. 

Next day, these losers went a step ahead and started a hashtag #BlockModi. It did not trend. Instead the follower count of Modi increased, as per some tweets, by a 100 thousand. The PMO clarified later in the day that "the fact PM follows someone does not mean he endorses their views". This is true of anybody. Arvind Kejriwal, who taught India art of hatred and art of lying once tweeted.

"Modi! You are a coward and psychopath"

Later, Modi followed him. As per Liberal view, we should think Modi agreed he was  what this maniac suggested. 

All said and done, not a word was spoken by any of the fake journos or fake activists against the Karnataka Government. Though the deceased told the Government she was receiving threat letters/mails/calls (as per her brother, form Naxal groups) no protection was provided. They did not, because, their purpose of Hindu-bashing would have been obfuscated by this revelation. 

Till now, no arrests were made though as per one news 7 suspects were identified by SIT appointed by Karnataka Government. Out of these the majority belonged , again, to Left groups as per one Police Official who went on record. Some Kannada Channels went to the extent of naming one Naxalite, though they had no confirmation. (Such speculations are always unwelcome) . 

The Hurricane totally weakened by day 3 and today no activist is on Social Media talking about the gruesome murder of a woman in the heart of Pink City!!! Shocked??? No! It goes like that only. The Hurricanes move from coast to coast. The eye of the Hurricane is stable, in this case, HATED OF HINDU religion. 

Three years back I wrote two poems in Telugu. Those who know Telugu, can understand. How true it stands even today??? 

రామ యనిన నాడు రసమయ భావన,
రామ యనిన నేడు రక్షణ కరవాయె 
మతము పెరు చెప్ప మలమల మాడ్చరే,
వాణి పలుకు మాట నాదు నోట!

తాత్పర్యము (తా):
ఒకప్పుడు రామ అని పలుకగానే నరనరాల్లో భక్తి భావన కలిగేదినేడు రామ అనగానే ఏమి ముంచుకొస్తుందోనని భయంఎవరి మతము పేరు వారు చెప్పుకోవడానికి కూడా భయ పడే పరిస్థితి. (ఇదేమి సెక్యులరిజం అని


Once upon a time, if we chanted the name of Rama, people used to go into a trance. Today, the very word Rama became a taboo. Verbal attacks are increasing on people who say they belong to a particular religion. (Is it the secularism we had dreamed of?)

నాదు మతముయనిన నగవుల పాల్చేయ
ఇట్టి రీతి ఇంక ఎన్ని దినము
లింక వేచి చూడ లావు లేదు ప్రభూ
వాణి పలుకు మాట నాదు నోట.

తాత్పర్యము (తా):
నా మతము పేరు చెప్పుకుంటే నన్ను నవ్వుల పాలు చేస్తున్నారుఇలా ఇంకెన్ని రోజులుప్రభూవేచి చూడ నాకు శక్తి లేదురామా?

I am becoming a laughing stock to say the name of my own religion. How many years can I wait like this my Creator? I am losing power to wait further.

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