Sunday, July 28, 2013


A “huge controversy” (the likes of those on which our Main Stream Media sells news to viewers 24X7) broke out last week when a very noble Nobel Laureate spoke to a cross section of (self) celebrated Journalists on two models of governance, whom and why he would not vote, who he likes to talk to and feels he is a better alternative to rule over the nation and the purported human rights violations by a particular Chief Minister, who was denied Visa by an alien Government on the same grounds of HR violation as per their immigration policy. (The same alien government is under huge fire from the world for their alleged human rights violations across the world, to ensure world peace by allegedly killing innocent foreign citizens in a cross fire to eliminate the 'scourge' of terrorism in the world). This follows closely on another equally 'huge controversy” raised by the Media about a purportedly forged letter sent to the US President asking him to deny Visa to the Chief Minister of a State for the same reason. Which is again followed by three similar “huge controversies” caused by two leaders with their words “puppy falls under wheels” , “ veil of secularism' and 'English Language desecrated our culture” by leaders of a party that is taboo to these “Human Rights” advocates” and Media, to whatever they say. (If one more ex-CM talks 'rubbish' we should read the thoughts in his invisible mind than the words themselves). Which once again was followed by a supposedly concocted story of a CM's rescue operation ( code named “Rambo”) of 15000 flood victims of his State. This obfuscated the real issue of loss of lives of thousands of pilgrims in the tragedy and the ineptness of the State CM to even come out with a figure of actual casualties in the tragedy till date or the total insensitivity of another CM in not addressing the problems of people of his own State but was very sensitive and articulate to the alleged Human Rights violations by another CM,that,anyhow, was not his cup of tea.

One main issue was lost in the 'melee”, in the “din” and in the 'noise' created by the commonplace topics like the thoughts and words of a noble Nobel Laureate that rarely lived in India, but still thinks it his right as an Indian Citizen (?) to dabble in Indian politics, to as far as to say that his unproven College Student that never had bureaucratic, political or administrative experience (a novice) is a better alternative to lead the country than another. In the 'brouhaha' of the controversy over the letter of the MPs or the off-the-cuff remarks of the-by-now “forbidden by the nobles” opposition politicians and in the 'fracas' created by the other equally 'frivolous' controversies, trumpeted by the Media for days, the real issue was beclouded. Or was it  purportedly a clear ploy by the Media and their alleged patrons 'per se' to deflect the nation's attention from its fatiguing puzzle? That enigma, that puzzle is the conundrum of 'corruption', the issue of 'institutionalized corruption' and the mystery of huge scams by which the nation's wealth was allegedly sought to be looted and diverted into the coffers of a few individuals or political parties. The meat and potatoes of the discussion in this blog is why these noble people, the Nobel Laureates, the erudite and the enlightened do not see that the real cause of poverty of the emaciated, the poor and the deprived sections of the Indian Society lies in this noxiousness of a few select, selfish individuals and their greed? Why is the Media playing their fiddle to the tunes of these noble classes who border their arguments on audacity, ambivalence and absurdity, who shuffle their erudition for what they know better and who cater to the whims and fancies of the select few whom they consider as 'blue eyed boys' fit to rule the nation? What is their hidden (if they think it is still hidden like the cat drinking milk closing eyes and feigning the world is not seeing) agenda behind these diversionary tactics? Before we finally come to the issue, let us briefly discuss the purport of these scams, their perpetrators, the mute spectators, the side show players, the trumpeters and the stealthy cats that close their eyes and those who seek to brush these huge misdeeds under the carpet of “Human Rights” violations, Rambo act controversies, veiled controversies and words, not 'thoughts behind words' controversies.

Indira Gandhi, during her days of ascendancy, once commented on the corruption that involved only bribing or money changing hands those days, “Corruption is a 'global phenomenon and I have no 'magic wand' to remove it.” The parrots that ruled later repeated the statement since then but invented a 'magic wand' to multiply it by unimaginable proportions. The inflation rate in corruption is beyond comprehension and hence can not be quantified or we should have another Commission to roll out fantasy statistics which those who govern them too can not fathom. Not only that, they invented new methods by which large tracts of land, mines, water, air and even the energy of the Sun could be swindled and show their 'baby faces' to the world to counterfeit innocence. The ingenuous methods involve no “wetting the palms” and hence no instrument invented till date can prove the palms are wet. India might be lacking in research potential for the general good but has immense potential that can be exploited by a few for their own benefit. It encompassed all political parties across the spectrum, only the degree varies. And it is not a “global phenomenon”. Those innocent guys are still researching in 'abstract' subjects for national good.

It all started with the Bofors controversy surfacing in Sweden Radio saying that middlemen were involved in the arms purchase from”Bofors” Company and an amount Rs.64 crore allegedly changed hands. No less than the name of the then PM (whose name is being sought to be tagged to the #FSB) was mentioned and an Italian national having connections with his immediate family was said to be the main beneficiary. A national news paper printed daily update from two of their leading Journos who did a lot of research, providing important inputs. (Now the paper is on the other side of the magic spectrum; hence does not talk with authority). Case dragged on and was recently closed giving clean chit to all for lack of evidence. As we respect the investigating agencies, the laws of the land and the judiciary, we do not express any contrary opinion. All is well that ends well.

But there was another scandal that attracted headlines in 1971. Youth of this day might not know it. It was the Nagarwala Cash controversy. It was alleged that Nagarwala, a former officer of RAW mimicked the voice of Indira Gandhi to draw Rs.60 lakhs from the Parliament Street Branch of SBI. Opposition cried foul, a commission was appointed by the Janata Party Government in 1977 that found no evidence. The anti climax was the mysterious death of both the investigating officer hit by a car and Nagarwala's death in jail. Again we respect the law of land and say all is well that ends well.

In 1993 the then PM allegedly bribed six members of JMM to win a vote of confidence in Parliament. He was convicted but a higher court dismissed the judgment. It happened in 2000, by which time he fell out of favor of the all powerful Congress High Command. If I remember well he justified his action saying if the Government did not survive the day the Nation would not have. I am not competent enough to comment on that. But the irony is that both  national parties entered into tacit understanding with the same man from JMM to form governments in his state all in the name of saving democracy. BJP ( to my knowledge) stopped short of offering CM post to the party. But Congress stooped to win the next elections by hook or by crook. Now his son is CM of Jarkhand with Congress support. Again all is well that ends well.

The above is the tip of the iceberg. As times changed new methods were invented. As the corruption scandals involving other parties, specially the BJP were either minor or were advanced by interested parties including the intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals, they are not mentioned here. Some major scams involving other regional players will be discussed in the next blog. Though even minor corruption is not acceptable, it is time the BJP either tames these black sheep or cleans its stables of the over fed horses that refuse to race the main course. The country looks forward to BJP's new national leader and his team to do this job effectively and bring decorum back to public life. I am personally confident he can do it, given his track record of 'corruption free governance'.

By now it is clear to the political parties, specially those ruling that 'wetting of palms' will expose themselves to public scrutiny. The UPA I Government took over power under a very honest Prime Minister after the supreme sacrifice of his leader and mentor, in the national interest and upholding the highest moral values that India stood for since the times of Lord Rama! At the same time a Chief Minister took over a State in South under the Congress rule and many more states had CM s who are highly innovative in their approach to corruption. In order to eradicate the existing corruption, they invented new formula to show to the world there was no corruption. At the same time they played "Robin Hood' by keeping the masses under leash with huge subsidies and Schemes to secure their own future in the name of many kinds of "securities", they offered to the poor population, that the Prince waiting to enter the 'shoes' on offer for PM post wanted his cadres to publicize. “Show us corruption”, they challenged. True, how can anyone prove that which does not exist. We can not theorize these issues like “God exists, but we cant see Him like we cant see air” We need the hard evidence. And as long as masses get their 'daily bread', they need no other luxury that these "Human Gods'" enjoy at their cost.

Then the lid blew. The skeletons started falling one by one from the cupboards of the ruling party and their allies. In the ultimate analysis it is coming to light that the ingenuous methods adopted by the powerful and those in power left the country almost on the precipice of bankruptcy. Some were jailed, some are waiting at the jail doors while some others are making fervent efforts to escape the noose. The intriguing aspect of the whole saga is that noble persons including the honest Prime Minister, Nobel Laureates that visit the country now and then to rake up “huge controversies', the Media that feed us the “huge controversies”, the Human Rights Activists and who so ever matter in public life talk more about 2002 riots than the loot of the nation that killed the aspirations of 1.2 billion people, that is killing many just- born babies due ill nourishment, that is killing the mothers wishing to deliver babies due to lack of nourishment, killing people in road and rail accidents due to lack of infrastructure, killing people of hunger, malnutrition, lack of water and medical facilities. The list goes on. The Human Rights Activists who cry foul from roof tops on other issues do not have the kindness to talk of these deaths in lakhs. Nobody justifies the riots of 1984 or 2002. No one justifies Operation Blue Star. But this “invisible genocide”occupies the prime place where minimum human rights are violated on a daily basis by the corrupt governments and their cohorts. And words spoken in silence by these noble men are hardly audible in the din of the “huge controversies” the Media fills our ears with.

The issue is not closed here and hence will be continued in the next 'blog'. It is for the educated to educate the masses of the massive erosion in national wealth by corrupt means. And whomsoever the noble persons might decide as their preference to lead the nation, let us leave it to their nobility. As proletariat let us educate the masses to choose the one that is “incorruptible”, can offer "good governance", can connect with the masses and involve them in their own growth. He was applauded by many foreigners too in the same vent.