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PART - 6

In the end 2015, when intolerance debate was a razing like wild fire and Media was pouring as much oil on the fires as much as it could gather from #AwardWapsiGangs I wrote a series of blogs on the above subject. The first blog started like this. I am reproducing the part that describes the "Game of Four Pillars", for the convenience of readers to understand the dirty game the Media plays.

Now, exactly after one year the ugly face of the Media was once again to the fore, with the Foreign Media catching up a bit here and a piece there and cobbling up a "Frankenstein Monster". The Column that Steve Forbes wrote was in highly objectionable language that a common Indian National's blood boils, a column that defied all logic and based more on hearsay than on real time ground reports. And our pseudo intellectuals held to the straw and started thumping their own chests. The continued ugly reporting by the Media on Demonetization not backed by figures but with a desire to create panic in the minds of common people, prompted me to renew the series. 


From Part 1 of the Series :

I do not know if it is prevalent in other states, but girls in AP play a game called "Four Pillar Game". In our village, during the Chariot Festival of Lord Shiva every year in February, they used to build a porch in front of the Temple in a huge area. On long wooden poles, a wooden mesh was being made and on that palm leaves were being stitched. It was cool summers under the porch.

During Sri Ram Navami and summer holidays too school going girls used to collect there and play this four-pillar game. As we were children  we too  used to join. The game goes on like this.  Four girls were standing near four poles (it is like a square). One girl used to stand in the middle. The girls at the poles frequently change positions and while doing so the girl in the middle should touch one of them so that that girl will come in the middle and the girl in the middle takes one pole. For this purpose, two girls each used to hold hand and make invisible signs to move.

In Telugu, one famous Director directed a nice film called, "నాలుగు స్తంభాలాట" that exactly means four poles' game. In this, a guy loves a girl, makes her pregnant but he was forced to marry another girl due to forced circumstances beyond his power. His friend marries the pregnant girl knowing fully well she was pregnant. But, the four live their past lives in their present in sorrow and the melancholic drama that ends in a tragedy was the story as far as I knew.

Indian democracy had been a tragic 'four pillar game' story in the past decade.  No! It was not a love story. It was a story of illicit relationships between three players that made the fourth player a mute witness to the rot that settled in the game, as hard evidence was manipulated by the three players. The hapless common man in the middle was tired of running here and there, never able to touch any of the players, despite all the rights reportedly conferred on him by Prince Pappu. Finally Pappu said his inability to touch them was "his state of mind"

Now, if we take the four poles as four pillars, it becomes a democracy game. The girl in the middle is the hapless common man. During UPA regime, more than any other time, one pillar was occupied by the strongest rumor mongers who were cunning in approach and lying always while seemingly lying low.  They had hidden sources between the pillars, who used to carry the bouquet from one to the other without the knowledge of the common man. So he could never touch any occupants of any of the pillars.

Hence, instead of trying to touch only the old players  time and again that he was attempting for more than six decades, he changed the whole system of the game and changed the players and brought in new players.


Just now I retweeted a Tweet that showed the ugly face of Media world wide. The tweet attached to this photo shot reflecting the duplicity in reporting by the New York Times, was this.

You do not fail to notice the way they report the same sporting religious event of Hinduism and Christianity. One is dangerous and the other miraculous, according to them.  

Now, coming to the Demonetization debate that razed for 49 days till today on the Media, I feel that the Media Houses acted like agents ("pimps" is not parliamentary, hence I did not use it)  for those criminals, who for six decades, looted the nation, evaded taxes and hoarded money.  I feel like revising a humor story, I blogged earlier called "An Engineer in hell"

"An engineer died and reached hell. Seeing the pathetic conditions in the hell, he decided to revamp the whole structure and he did it with the help of deceased tax evaders and Swiss Bank Account holders etc., that are rotting in hell. The news of a beautiful hell reached Lord Indra and he called Lord Yama and ordered the engineer and those who helped him to Heaven, to bring his own house into order. Yama refused. Then Indra threatened Yama that he would go to the Indian Media and run a 24x7 malicious campaign against Yama. Yama laughed and retorted, "Where do you get Journalists, reporters, anchors, sources and panelists? They are all here only"


I shall give you an example.  Today, Times of India reporter reported from a remote village of Maharashtra. I cant vouch to the veracity of the names. This village was the first from where Aadhar Card was launched by Sonia and her PM, Manmohan. The villagers still have the photos. Naturally, this village must have been owing its allegiance to Congress, that the reporter missed reporting. The people he interviewed were said to have told him that they were finding it hard to find work. The date of the report was, itself, suspicious. For, today only FM gave real figures that showed increase in Rabi sowing, direct and indirect tax collections.  For any observer, it is clear businesses are getting back to normal. The fun of the whole news (Paid?) is the end part.  The villagers were, after all not unhappy. They hope that good will  come at last to them. How misleading are such reporters?  

Ideally, the ideals of the Press, Media and the Naxalites are sacrosanct. The former use the pen (now loud mouths) and the latter the gun. Both, when used properly are expected to bring change in the social order. But when used for selfish purposes, both pen and gun can be too dangerous. It takes removal of one "fish plate"  to derail a fast running train and kill the hopes of thousands of families. And it requires a bit of "fishy" reporting to derail a smooth running nation, killing hopes of a billion people. But both these pen and gun trotters for selfish ends, forget one thing. It is very difficult to hide a poisonous snake in their bosom for long. It bites. And it bit them in 2014 and the poisonous snake that they milked and hid in their bosoms for decades, post independence is creeping all over their bodies inflicting unimaginable itch and damage. Unable to bear the itch and damage, they started a sound and fury in jungles, news papers, tabloids and TV studios. Their end is nearing with the Government standing firm on the avowed objective of bringing a semblance of reason to both the pen and the gun. The final bite is yet to come and it will come soon.


On the 8th of November, (The Award Wapsi Gangs were active in October/November in 2015 and failed miserably to rouse public opinion; repeat of history), like the opposition the Media was numbed and dumbed with the surgical strike on black money by the Modi Government. More so for the Media who, till May 2014, were eating into files in power corridors. How could such a huge decision affecting lives of a billion people be kept secret, that too from the ever-probing eyes of all Dutts and Butts? For a day or two the discussions were limited to the positive impact on the economy. 

Then came the realization by the Media, pushed by the Opposition gangs and the so called liberal intelligentsia (they remember freedom to disagree, dissent and criticize whenever a good decision appreciated generally is taken), that there is huge support for the decision, by the common man. They woke up. They have to some how derail the public opinion. While on the one side the by- now- branded -foolish, politicians like Kejri and Didi called it a scam, the Media, propped by the dead serpents like Communists and Congress, saw an opportunity in the long queues that were seen in front of the Banks and ATMs. The fact that those hoarding unaccounted money were sending hundreds of people to exchange their hoard increased the length of the queues gave fillip to the sinister campaign unleashed by the Media. They did not report that part of the queues were duplicates. That was not their purpose. They don't see evil, they don't hear evil, they only speak evil.  But, the fact that most of those in the queues expressed willingness to suffer a few days for a good cause, forced them  switch gears. While brainless politicos like Rahul stood in queues for photo-ops, others like Kejri and Mamata tried to do what they knew the best, playing street politics. Nothing cut much ice with the public. Or, in other words, they cut too much ice to throw on the public, that the public remained cool. 

All tricks exhausted, Media used its weapon of last resort, attempting to remove the fish plate from the rails. They started to plant people in queues, who take on the Government for the purportedly mindless action. They planted people in garb of small businessmen, house wives, farmers, laborers, construction workers et al. Sordid stories of how the fire was not lit in their homes were repeated on channels. Put on any channel, you would have found these sordid sagas of a billion and quarter people standing in queues. If the whole population were in queues, for whose purpose these channels were showing these pictures was not known. Was there no suffering? Yes! Literally, people suffered very much for a month. Did the Government not know that? Yes. The Government knew that and tried its best to fight crooks on one side and help suffering masses on the other. Despite malicious, non-stop campaign by the Media the public did not revolt. They reacted, for sure. They were angry, for sure, but not frustrated with the action. For, they knew the purpose. 

A month later, the queues have thinned and a semblance of normalcy started returning to the economy. Still large sections were at the receiving end, searching for small notes, work and wages. The Government was studying the impact of the measure, the dubious acts employed by the crooks, the nefarious designs of Rahuls, Kejris and Didis, the ground support from masses and went on changing rules of the game to improve on the measure, to cut the crooks by curcumsizing, to shut the crooked politicos and to see the public in general were not inconvenienced. This gave the Media another weapon. They started a campaign that the Scheme was not well planned, it was a failure, after all people were depositing their black money also, advisers of Modi did not read the pulse of people properly. They also started sending signals that black money can not be eliminated from the system, counterfeit money is a fait accompli we have to accept, the rich had a clue about the scheme etc., Some channels started showing one or the other note (a xerox copy of Rs.2000/_ note,) to show that the Government can do nothing. A responsible Media would have identified the culprits and booked them. But not a word was said against the crooks that were trying to derail the system. They were shown as heroes taking on the Government with their criminality. 

After this failed columns, panel discussions, 24x7 blabbering started on the amount of money that came back into the system. There were speculative figures. "If 90% of the old notes were already in the system, where is black money?" they started asking. Yes! They tried to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of public that the whole money has turned white and the purpose of Government to fight black money and to get huge dividend from RBI failed. The avowed purpose was not to get dividend but to bring 100% of the money into the system. The avowed purpose was to identify the cockroaches hiding in kitchen cabinets. The avowed purpose was to tax the un-taxed rich. If there was no black money, why did the hoarders panic and commit breach of law and get caught in large numbers?  If there was no black money, why were the Jan Dhan Accounts used to stash money? If there was no black money, why did people put money in thousands of crores in Temple Hundies? The Media never thought it was their responsibility to question the nefarious acts of these criminals. If they did it, it would have shown the government in good light. No! Their purpose was different. They wanted the scheme to fail. They wanted a huge public revolt. Nothing happened. And on the fiftieth day, the scheme is proving a real success. The demonetization exercise, the largest in the world, with 86% of money being removed from the system is a huge success. There was not much impact on the economy. People, who suffered early in the day are resettling. There was increase in Rabi sowing. There was increase in tax collections. People are getting accustomed to the Digital transaction mode. Even rural areas are being brought into the mainstream of transacting on-line. Those honest people, who remained loyal to the nation are happy. Crooks, who were always anti-national are unhappy. Whom is the Media backing? It is anybody's guess. 



Digital Transactions and Media War on the Digitization of India. With what nefarious design in mind? In the next part after PM speaks and we get real figures from the horse's mouth.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016




For more than two and a half millennia, the Panchatantra tales have regaled children and adults alike with a moral at the end of every story. Some believe that they are as old as the Rig Veda. There is also another story about these fables. According to it, these are stories Shiva told his consort Parvati. The present series is based on the Sanskrit original.
A king, worried that his three sons are without the wisdom to live in a world of wile and guile, asks a learned man calledVishnu Sharman to teach them the ways of the world.

Since his wards are dimwits, Vishnu Sharman decides to pass on wisdom to them in the form of stories. In these stories, he makes animals speak like human beings. Panchatantra is a collection of attractively told stories about the five ways that help the human being succeed in life. Pancha means five and tantra means ways or strategies or principles. Addressed to the king's children, the stories are primarily about statecraft and are popular throughout the world


विद्वत्त्वं  नृपत्वं  नैव तुल्यं कदाचन  

स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान् सर्वत्र पूज्यते  

Scholar and king are never comparable. King is 

worshipped in his country, but scholar is worshipped 


మిత్ర లాభ గాధ ముగిసిన పిదపను
మిత్ర భేద కధను మొదలిడగను
విష్ను శర్మ యాన విష్నువు యాశీస్సు
తెలుగు తల్లి యొక్క దీవ నొండు ! 1


మిత్ర లాభము యనెడి కధ ముగిసిన పిదప, మిత్ర భేదము యనెడి కధను సుళువైన తెలుగు పద్యములుగా వ్రాయుటకు శ్రీ మహావిష్ణువు యాశీస్సు మరియు శ్రీ విష్ణు శర్మ యానతి యయినది..

EnglishAfter completion of the part containing the story of "Gaining of Friends" Lord Vishnu blessed and the author "Panchatantra" Sree Vishnu Sarma ordered that I proceed to translate the next part "Losing of Friends" in simple Telugu Poetry form.

మృగము రాజు వద్ద మంత్రు లిర్వురు వారు

కరట కుండు దమన కుండు యంచు
వారి నడుమ సాగు వాదమె యీ గాధ
విష్ణు శర్మ చెప్పె శిష్యు లకును!  2


కరటకుడు, దమనకుడు అనే ఇరువురు మంత్రులు మృగరాజు వద్ద మంత్రులుగా కొలువుండిరి. వారిరువురి నడుమ సాగే సంభాషణల సారాంశమే ఈ "మిత్ర భేద" మనెడి కధ యని విష్ణుశర్మ శిష్యులకు కధ చెప్ప సాగెను.

English: In the Court of the King of the Jungle two  Ministers by names Karataka and Damanaka were serving. The gist of the conversations that took place between the two is the story called "Mitra Bhedamu" (Loss of Friends). Thus saying, the Guru Vishnu Sarma started narrating the story.

వర్ధ మాను డనెడు వ్యాపారి యొకడు 
దక్షి ణాది భరత దేశ వాసి
యొక్క దినము నాత యిటులయా లోచించె
ధనము మీదె నడచు ధాత్రి యెల్ల! 3


వర్ధమానుడనే ఒక దక్షిణ భారత దేశ వణిజుడు ఒక రోజు ఈ విధముగా యాలోచించెను. "ధరణి పైన ప్రతి పనీ ధనము మీదే నడచును కదా! అందు చేతనే ధనమూల మిదం జగత్ అన్నారు పెద్దలు."  


A merchant from the South of India, by name Vardhamana started thinking thus. 'The whole world moves on money. Money, it is said, the center of the universe, they say.' 

ధనము యెంత యున్న ఘనమగు కీరితి 
కాసు బలము మిన్న కండ కంటె 
మిత్రు లగుదు రపుడు శత్రువులు నిజము
కాణి లేని వాడు గూని సమము! 4


ధనము ఎంత ఎక్కువగా యున్నచో కీర్తి యంత యినుమడించును. కండ బలము కంటె కూడ కాసు బలము మిన్న. ధనము యున్నపుడు శత్రువులు కూడా మితృ లగుట నిక్కము. కాణి చేతిలో లేని వాడు గూని వానితో సమానము.


The more wealth one possesses the more his honor multiples. Power of wealth is superior than the power of one's muscles. When one possesses more wealth, even the enemies turn close friends. A poor man is equivalent to the physically handicapped.

వాసి వాడ దెపుడు ముసలితనము రాదు 
ఆరు విధము లుండు యాస్తి పడయ
వణిజ వృత్తి మించి వాసి గలది లేదు
ధర్మ మిదియె యంచు దలచె నతడు!  5


ధనము మిగుల యున్న మన శరీరములో కాంతి తగ్గదు,వృద్ధాప్యము ఎన్నటికి రాదు. డబ్బు సంపాదించే మార్గములు ఆరు. కాని వ్యాపారమును మించిన వృత్తి మరొకటి కానము. ఇదియే నా విద్యుక్త ధర్మము యని తలపోసెను. 

English:  If we possess wealth our body glows forever. Old age does not touch us. There are six ways of earning money. But, of all, business is the best profession. This is my moral duty, so thought the merchant, Vardhmana.

మంచి రోజు చూసి మధుర పయనమయ్యె
జమ కూర్చె యొకచొ సరకు లన్ని
విపణి వెదుక బోయె వాణిజ్యము కొరకు
సరకు లమ్మ గాను తరలి పోయె! 6


ధర్మ శాస్త్ర రీత్యా ఒక మంచి రోజు చూసి వర్ధమానుడు తాను యమ్మ దలచిన సరకులన్ని యొకచో సమ కూర్చి, ఆ సరకులు ఎక్కడ విరివిగా యమ్ముడు పోవునో యట్టి యంగడిని వెదుక మధురా పట్టణమునకు పయన మయ్యెను.


Thus thinking Vardhamana set off to the Town of Madhura to search for a good market for the goods, he sourced at his place. For this he chose an auspicious day.

అంద మైన విధము యలంక రించెను
యెద్దు బండి యొకటి  యానమునకు
బలియు వృషభ జంట బండికి గట్టెను
పయన మయ్యె వణిజ పుంగవుండు!  7


తన ప్రయాణమునకు సరిపడ యొక బండిని బాగుగ యలంకరించి దానికి రెండు బలిష్టమైన యెద్దుల జంటను కట్టి , వర్ధమానుడు పయనమయ్యెను.


Suitably decorating a cart needed for his journey and getting two very sturdy bullocks ready to push the cart, Vardhamana set off on his journey for trade.

యమున దరిని యొక్క యరణ్య మందున

పయన మెంతొ తనకు భార మవగ
యలసి వృషభ మొకటి యచటనె కూలగ
వృషభ మటులె వదలి విపణి కదిలె!  8


ఈ విధముగా ప్రయాణము చేస్తూ ఆ వర్తకుడు యమునా నది సమీపాన కల యొక యడవి గుండా పోవు సమయమున, ప్రయాణ భారము తట్టుకో లేక ఒక వృషభము యచ్చటనే కూల బడెను. ఆ వర్తకుడు కూడా ఆ యెద్దును అచటనే వదిలి తాను ముందుకు పయనమయ్యెను. 

English: Thus traveling the merchant reached a forest on the banks of River Yamuna, when one of the bullocks collapsed sick of travel fatigue. The merchant moved thither without personally caring for the sick animal.

సొమ్మసిలిన వృషభు సంజీవకుని గావ
సేవకులను విడిచి చనియె వణిజ
వారు పోయి తెలిపి వణిజునకు యిటుల
యెద్దు ప్రాణ మకట యెగిరి పోయె! 9


సొమ్మసిలి పడి పోయిన ఆ ఎద్దు సంజీవకునికి పరిచర్యలు చేయ కొంత మంది సేవకులను వదలి, వర్ధమానుడు ముందుకు సాగి పోయెను. కాని కొన్ని దినములకె యా సేవకులు పరుగిడి పోయి సంజీవకుడు మరణించెనని వర్తకునకు తెలిపిరి. 

English: The merchant left behind a few of his servants in the forest to look after the health of Sanjeevaka, the bull that fell sick. But in a few days the servants left the bullock there to inform the merchant that he died. 

బ్రతికి యుండె యెద్దు బలము పుంజుకొనెను
తినుచు లేత గరిక తిరుగ సాగె
దవము చెట్టు పుట్ట దనదె యయినటుల
తనివి తీర తిరిగె తొడుకు కాన! 10


కాని సంజీవకుడు చని పోలేదు. కొన్ని దినములకు కోలుకొని, బలము పుంజుకొని ఆ అడవి లోనీ గడ్డి, గాదము తినుచు ఆ అడవి యంతా తనదైనటుల, అచ్చటి చెట్టు, పుట్ట తనవే యైనటుల అడవి యంతా కలియ తిరుగ సాగెను. ఎచ్చటైనా విశ్రమించు ప్రదేశము కొరకు వెదకు చుండెను. 

English: The sick bulloc did not die. Instead, it recovered, gained in strength by eating the grass in the forest. It startedroaming in the forest in search of a resting place, as if the whole forest were his own and the trees in the forest were his own. 

కాన యందు యుండు కేసరి యొక్కండు
నదము తటికి బోగ నీరు తాగ
మృగము లన్ని రాగ మృగరాజు తోడుగ
శబ్ద మొకటి వినెను శ్రవణ మదర! 11


అదే అడవిలో నివాసముండే మృగరాజు ఒక దినమున మృగము లన్ని తోడు రాగా నీరు త్రావ నెంచి యొక సరసు యొద్దకు పోయెను. అప్పుడు చెవులు చిల్లులు పడునా యనునటుల యొక గంభీరమమైన శబ్దమును మృగరాజు వినెను. 


The King of the forest lion, accompanied by other animals, went to a lake to drink water. At that time he heard a ferocious noise that almost broke his ear drums.

మంత్రి కొమరు లిటుల మనమున దలచిరి
తంత్ర మందు దిట్ట దమన కుండు
యతని కలిసి సాగు కరటక మను నక్క
పదవి కొరకు మరల పాకు లాడె! 12


పోయిన పదవి కొరకు మరల పాకులాడుచున్న కరటక, దమనకు లనే ఇద్దరు మంత్రి కుమారులు యచటనే దరిదాపుల నుండిరి. దమనకుడు కుతంత్రమందు  దిట్ట. కరటకుడు యతని యడుగు జాడలలో నడిచే మిత్రుడు. 


The sons of two ministers under the Lion King, who were trying all means to regain their lost positions in the kingdom were roaming nearby the lake. Damanaka was known for his trickery and Karataka was his follower and friend.

దమన కుండు బలికె కరటకుతొ యిటుల
యేమి యాయె యెరుగ మిటుల రాజు
నెమ్మి యుండు వాడు నిర్వీరు డాయెను
సేమ మెరుగు వంక చేరికగుదు!  13


తమ రాజు శబ్దం విని వెను తిరిగి పోవుట చూసిన దమనకుడు, కరటకుని చూసి ఇట్లు పలికెను. "మన రాజు కేమి యాయెనో ఎరుగము. ఎంతో ధైర్యవంతుడైన రాజు నేడు భయముతో వెను దిరిగి పోయెను. కారణము తెలిసుకొన వంకతో రాజుకు మరల చేరువవుదును" 


Observing the Lion King backing down from drinking water with the fear of the unknown sound, Damanaka the trickster jackal said thus to Karataka. " We don't know what happened to our king. Usually very cool and courageous, today he went back without drinking water. I will try to earn his patronage again on the pretext of knowing the reason."

కొలువు లోన లేము యేల మనకు చింత
పిలువ కుండ పోవ పోవు పరువు
చీలికందు దూర్చి చేయి విరిగినట్టి
మల్లు గాధ చెబుదు యాలకించు! 14


అనగా దమనకుడు ఇటుల బలికెను. "రాజు కొలువు లోన లేని మనకు చింత ఏల? పిలవని పేరంటానికి పోయిన మన పరువు పోవును. చీలికలో  దూర్చి చేయి విరగ గొట్టుకున్న కోతి కధను చెప్పెద వినుము"  


Hearing Damanaka, Karataka spoke thus. "  We are no more patronized by the King. Why should we worry? approaching the King without being invited, we lose our honor. I will tell you thee story of a monkey that broke its hand by inserting it in a wooden log split into two. Please hear."

కరట కుండు చెప్పె కోతి కధ నిటుల
వణిజు డొకడు తన వనము నడుమ
గుడిని యొకటి తాను కట్టనా రంభించి
శీఘ్ర గతిని పనులు సేయ గాను!  15


కరటకుడు కోతి కధను ఈ విధముగ చెప్ప దొడగెను. "శ్రేష్టి యొకడు తన వనము నడుమ గుడి నొకటి కట్ట నెంచి శీఘ్రముగా పనులు చేయించ నారంభించెను."

English: Karataka started telling the story of the monkey thus. " One merchant, with the Divine objective of constructing a temple in the midst of his garden, ordered the workers to complete the work as fast as possible"

కట్టు కూలి జనుల కాష్ట తషుల బిల్చె
వారు రోజు కొక్క మారు విడిచి
పనులు తినగ తిండి పట్టణ ముకు బోవ
కోతి మూక చేరి క్రీడ లాడె!  16


గుడిని కట్టు కూలి జనులను, చెక్క పానులను చేయ వడ్రంగి వారిని పురమాయించెను.  వారు ప్రతి రోజూ ఒక సమయమందు పనులు విడిచి భోజనము చేయు నిమిత్తము పట్టణమునకు బోవుచుండిరి. ఆ సమయమందు మర్కటముల మూక యొకటి అచ్చట చేరి ఆడుకొనుచుండెను.

English: The merchant ordered construction workers and carpenters for the work. The workers used to leave the work once daily to take food in the nearby town. During that time a group of monkeys used to collect there and play.

చూసె కోతి యొకటి చీలిన దుంగను
చీలి కందు యొక్క చిన్న బెరడు
ఉత్సు కతను మించి యుప్పలి లేదుగ
బెరడు పీక దొడగె మర్కటమ్ము!  17


ఆ మూక యందలి యొక కోతి, అక్కడ వడ్రంగి వారు వదిలి వేసిన ఒక చీలిన దుంగను ఆ చీలికలో వారు యుంచిన చిన్న బెరడును చూసి ఉత్సాహమును యాపుకొన లేక ఆ బెరడును యూడ బెరుక ప్రయత్నించ సాగెను. 


One monkey in the group saw a large wooden log split into two by the workers and also small wooden piece kept by them in between so that the split pieces do not again come nearer to each other. Out of over-enthusiasm to do something, the monkey sat on the log and started pulling the small wooden piece kept between the split wooden log.

బెరడు యూడు వరకు పట్టుబట్టెను కోతి

చీలికందు కాలు చిక్కి చచ్చె
తలను దూర్చ నేల తగని విషయముల
కోతి వలెనె మనకు కీడు జరుగు!  18


ఆ బెరడు ఊడి వచ్చే వరకు కోతి తన ప్రయత్నాన్ని ఆప లేదు. ఆ బేరడు ఊడగానే ఆ రెండు చీలికల మధ్య కోతి కాలు చిక్కుకొని మరణించింది. మనకు అనవసరమైన విషయములలో తల దూర్చిన యెడల ఆ కోతి వలెనె మనకు కూడ కీడు జరుగును.


The monkey did not leave his efforts until the small piece came out Once it came out the two pieces of the log came together and leg of the monkey was caught in between and he died on the spot. If we poke our nose into matters we are not concerned, danger will await us. 

దమనకుండు విని తిమ్మని చేష్టలు 
కడుపు నించు టొకటె కాదు ఫలము 
అభిష లించ వలయు యాశ్రయమ్ము నృపుని
యంచు పెద్ద లనిరి యనుచు బలికె! 19


కోతి చేష్టల కధను వినిన దమనకుడు ఇటుల బలికెను. "రాజు నాశ్రయించుటకు కారణము కేవలము కడుపు నించుక్నుటొకటే ఫలితము కారాదని పెద్దలు చెప్పిరి.


Hearing the story of the pranks of the monkey, Damanaka spoke thus. " The purpose of serving the King should not be to fill our stomach only, so said elders." 

హితుల కాచు కొనుట శత్రుల దునుమట 
కొరకు రాజు చెంత కేగ వలయు
యనుచు శాస్త్ర వచన మారీతి ఙ్ఞానులు 
సూత్ర పరిచి రెపుడొ శ్రద్ధ వినుము! 20


మన హితులను కాపాడుకొనుటకు, మన శత్రువులను సమ్హరించుటకు, రాజు నాశ్రయించ వచ్చునని శాస్త్ర కారులు ఎప్పుడో సూత్ర పరచిరి.


To protect our well-wishers and to eliminate our enemies we can approach the King. This was taught to us by our Sastras long back.

నూరు విధము లుండు నింపుకొనగ బొట్ట 
కడకు లెక్క కొచ్చు కలిమి యెలమి 
ఙ్ఞాన తృష్ణ విద్య జీవికి యనయము (మిక్కిలి)
బతుక వలయు జీవి  పికము వోలె! 21


ఫేలి మెతుకు తినుచు బతుకును బలిభుక్కు

వాయసమ్ము వోలె వలయె బతుక
మనము ఇపుడు లేము మంత్రి పదవు లందు 
కొందలమున యనియె కరటకుండు! 22


ఈ మాటలు విని నొచ్చుకొని కరటకుడు  ఇటుల బలికెను.

పొట్ట నింపుకోవడానికి నూరు మార్గాలుంటాయి. చివరకు లెక్కలోకొచ్చేది మన దగ్గరున్న సొమ్ము, మన సుఖమే. మనిషికి ఙ్ఞాన తృష్ణ మిక్కిలి ఎక్కుడు. బ్రతికితే నెమలి వలె బ్రతుక వలె. ఎంగిలి మెతుకులు తిని బ్రతికే వాయసము మాదిరి బ్రతుక వలయునా? అయినా అటుల బ్రతుకుట కయినా మనము మంత్రి పదవులందు లేము కదా? 


To feed one's stomach there are hundred ways. But, in the ultimate analysis what is seen is our wealth and our happiness. Man is after earning more knowledge. If we live, we should live like a peacock. Should we live like the crow that lives on left overs? Even to live the life of a crow, we are not in the post of minister. 



Sunday, December 25, 2016



If you want to know who Steve Forbes is, here it comes. He is a business tycoon and a political loser. His business is journalism and we will do better not to comment on present day journalistic standards. And he is not the founder of the Forbes' Magazine, but a third generation executive. That speaks for itself just as Rahul speaks for himself.  If you want to know more about him, here is what Wiki says on his political monkey jumps. 

Time Magazine called his stumping a "comedy-club impression of what would happen if some mad scientist decided to construct a dork robot" (sic) 

Forbes awkward campaigning style was considered to be a major factor in his defeat. (Sic)

Now, that we know the man, we know what his ideas look like. Being a business tycoon he advocated a flat tax in US polls of 1996, thus inviting criticism that he was trying to dodge taxes. Then he said he would exempt himself from the flat tax regime. The very idea of exempting one individual from a national taxation policy shows his sense of economics. So, we can outright ignore him as a spoilt brat with neither knowledge nor wisdom. But, he exceeded his brief using unparliamentary language while describing India and Indians.  First of all, he, being a foreigner has no business to comment on a constitutionally valid decision taken by a Foreign Government, which, prima facie looks like a decision of having far reaching positive impact on how clean India runs its own economy. What is his  personal morality level? Here is what Wiki says.

"Forbes returned to heading the magazine and company. During the 1996 campaign, insiders at Fortune alleged that stories about Forbes' advertisers became favorably biased toward them." (sic)

Now, let us consider his Journalistic sense in headlining his column. When a columnist, that too "HE IS NONE OTHER THAN STEVE FORBES" (as per some DRY BRAINS), headlines his column on economy he should speak economic sense and not political nonsense. What did the headline read? 

'India Has Committed A Massive Theft Of People's Property'

A Kindergarten student of economics will laugh at the economic nonsense he wrote. He does not seem to know the Thesaurus meaning of "THEFT". Theft was what was committed during the second term of UPA Government under the nose of a perceived honest Prime Minister to the tune of lakhs of crores of money belonging to the tax payers. If this gentleman who changed his stance on flat tax in the US twice in four years, now talks of theft he should talk of "THEFT" of "unaccounted money", to be distributed among the poor in future infrastructure projects. If at all, theft was committed it was done from the thieves, the looters, the corrupt and the dishonest not from the poor, the honest, the incorruptible common man. He did not have the minimum knowledge of what happened in India. It was only an exchange of the "now" declared as not legal tender with new series of notes that are "legal" tender. No commission was collected on the exchange. It was not like a jeweler exchanging old jewels with new ones where a certain percentage is collected as "in exchange loss".

The author uses words that defy logic in his first sentence of the column, to please that section of "pseudo intellectuals with DRY BRAINS". These words include "perpetrated an unprecedented act that is not only damaging its economy and threatening destitution to countless millions of its already poor citizens but also breathtaking in its immorality." How did it damage the economy? Which Indian was driven to the edge of destitution/starvation, by this single act?  "Already poor citizens"? My dear Forbes! Indians may not be filthy rich like you guys whose moral fiber is too thin. They are rich enough to sustain themselves with hard work and toil. India was never dependent on hard working foreign labor whom countries like USA use and try to throw away at the drop of a pin. Was it not the plank on which your President Elect win the polls mainly? If you guys could do the same amount of work with same amount of wages with so many restrictions on their stay and visit by their relations, which a Mexican or an Indian does, where was the necessity to import millions of skilled labor from these countries? If at all there was any "theft" it was committed by the nation you owe allegiance to, theft of cheap, hard working labor. And this is not a one-day affair. It continued for decades and will continue for decades more. And please note India was, is and will never be paranoid about inviting people of various nationalities, cultures, religions and languages and it never talked of constructing "walls"  on borders. We are made of steel and of a different breed. If you want to preach anything preach your Party bosses, Mr.Forbes! 

And display of his great economic knowledge continues. "Without any warning India abruptly cancelled..." I feel Rahul has better knowledge than this guy, who is branded famous and who brands others "famous" by awarding points every year. He did not understand the basic purpose of demonetization. If he understood he would not have used the words, "without warning" and "abruptly". The very purpose of declaring the 86% of currency "not legal tender" was to surprise those who hoarded large chunks of black money and are circulating large chunks of unaccounted money without paying taxes. These are enemies of the nation. When one attacks an enemy sufficient warning is not given either to enable them to escape and strike back at their convenience or to counter attack with mighty force. The element of surprise made rats in the holes for cover that in the first few days thousands of rats ran out of their holes and tried to cover their black deeds by converting money to gold, depositing huge amounts in the accounts of the poor, depositing huge amounts in fake accounts and transferring  into accounts of shell companies, transporting these notes in trucks, helicopters and chartered planes to safe havens etc. If this guy, Steve Forbes, did as much as turned the other side of the page he would have learned who the "thieves" were. 

He says, "shocked citizens"!!! Shocked citizens react and revolt just as it was done in USA after recent polls. Here, everything was cool except in TV studios. No mass revolt was ever heard. Murmurs are commonplace whenever a change in life style takes place. The decision was received by Indians with as much composure as Indians do whenever a hope for good lights up in the horizon.

He goes on.

The economic turmoil has been compounded by the fact that the government didn't print a sufficient amount of the new bills, lest word leak out as to what was about to take place. The new bills are also a different size than the old ones, creating a huge problem with ATMs. 

This is tomfoolery.  The immediate object of demonetization was to uncover "unaccounted" money in the economy (it is called the parallel  economy) , the long-term and larger objective was to ensure that the type of "go easy" attitude does not perpetuate. So, if immediately the "illegal"  money was squeezed out of the economy less amount of legal money was pumped in so that the nation slowly adjusts to a "less cash"  economy by turning to  digital economy. Steps were initiated for this long back with issue of Aadhar Cards, opening of "Jan Dhan"  accounts, issue of Ru Pay cards, providing power to the remotest corners in the country, educating through various channels the need to turn digital, expanding the reach of internet etc.,  The new notes were different in sizes because there was counterfeit currency in the market and we wanted to make life difficult for terrorists/naxalites. We did not take peripheral steps like building walls but ensured the roots are removed forever. And naxalites started surrendering and a few terrorists tried to loot banks as a last resort. That shows the effect of demonetization on these ultras.  It needed guts and we had the guts.  He only showed his imbecility by calling Indians "POOR". The colonial blood is these guys never evaporates. Is there not poverty in the US? Are there no "homeless" in the US? What are all these "food coupons" for? How many times did US close the Federal Government throwing employees on to roads?  What is protection to a laid off immigrant employee there? How many ATMs are there in the US? How much cash and how many cards an American resident carry with him on a day-to-day basis? Why do these capitalists think that they are the only ones that descended from the Heavens and mock nations that are in the line of competition with them? And why our pseudo intellectuals with DRY BRAINS think these are valid arguments? 

Instead of saying many rural folk are leaving cities, businesses are closing, there is lot of dislocation the author would have better provided figures to substantiate his stupid claims. If any business was closed it might be because the guy was frustrated that he should pay taxes henceforth. No rural folk migrated back. If he is not getting wages in the city, how can he expect to get them in villages that are poorly banked thanks to the lop-sided policies of earlier governments. His column is based on hearsay, mostly from channels like NDTV and CNN/IBN. 

Finally he spoke a truth about the legacy of the past governments handed over to the present government. 

India's economy is based mostly on cash. Moreover, much of it operates informally because of excessive rules and taxes. The government bureaucracy is notorious for its red tape, lethargy and corruption, forcing people to get by on their wits.

This is exactly what the present government is trying to change. I think guys like Forbes are paranoid about India turning a new leaf and overtaking USA in the next decade. This is typical Capitalistic thinking. Live and let live is Indian policy and we will do it. 

News flash: Human nature hasn't changed since we began roaming this planet. People will always find ways to engage in wrongdoing. Terrorists aren't about to quit their evil acts because of a currency change. As for the digitization of money, it will happen in its own good time if free markets are permitted. And the best cure for tax evasion is a flat tax or, at the least, a simple, low-rate tax system that renders tax evasion hardly worth the effort. Make it easy to do business legally and most people will do just that.

Hypocrisy in its best form. If human nature remains what it it is why did his party elect a President who wanted a wall across borders to prevent illegal immigration? Do they not find other ways to sneak in? If flat tax is a solution why did this gentleman go back in the year 2000,on his "flat tax" proposal of 1996? And why, after a lapse of two  decades his nation was silent on it? His nation is not ready but ours is. We are moving to single rate of tax in all states through GST. Our IT is uniform across India. Is it so in the USA?  

On free trade, the less said the better. What is the opinion of the President Elect on Free Trade?  Why does he want to scrap so many trade deals. Why does he think the world is out to exploit US?  Leave us to our wisdom. Use your wisdom in your nation. What better advice can we give to a guy who wanted to lead his nation not once but twice in the past?

Mr. Forbes! Privacy of no individual, except the corrupt, is exposed. Don't you want the corrupt to be exposed? That shows your mindset.  If other nations are following the example of India, it goes to our credit. Thank you for the compliment.

And you contradict yourself. Here you say Governments do not create money but people do and India is trying to control people's lives. In USA you say the reverse. You say government has a right to control, even legal immigrants. Hypocrisy? If India is getting Billions of Dollars as windfall, no one need worry. It goes into big projects and infra. And now for ever Rs.100 spent by Government Rs. 95/- is reaching people. Leads to less tax regime and more employment. It will compete with USA very soon.

And finally, you are nobody to advise what India need to do. You can advise your President Elect what US should do. And if past experience is any indicator, no one hears you there. And no one cares you here except a few "pseudo intellectual DRY BRAINS". Continue with your publication! Merry Christmas! May Jesus grant you a little more wisdom and take away a little bad temper.