Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bharat Ratna for NTR: Give us back our self-respect!

Just like it has become today, there was a time in the past when being a ‘Telugu’ person was not a matter of pride at all. In spite of the efforts of Amara Jeevi Potti Sri Ramulu, the ‘Telugu pride’ did not take shape for decades, owing to the subservient culture of the Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh and their oppressive overlords in Delhi. In dark times like that, one man rose to remind our people that they are more than just another ‘safe constituency’ for the Congress Party. He reminded us that our magnificent culture deserves a better place in history. That man was Sri Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao.

NTR reminded the Telugus of their ‘Atmagauravam’ – self-respect – which was forgotten under the misrule of the greedy Congress Party. Atmagauravam, NTR used to say, is needed because he who doesn’t respect himself doesn’t deserve any respect from others. But unlike the racism seen in Nido Tania’s unfortunate death and the regionalism that has gripped our State for over a decade, self-respect is an inclusive concept. He who values self-respect also recognises others’ right to respect.

NTR wasn’t a just an ordinary politician. He was one of the greatest personalities in the contemporary history of Andhra Pradesh and among the greatest leaders in India. He became known as a brilliant actor, among the best in Indian history. As a true Indian, NTR lived his life with the national pledge as inspiration.

భారతదేశం నా మాతృభూమిభారతీయులందరు నా సహోదరులు.

Popularly called ‘Anna’ (big brother) by Telugu women and men, the Patriot in NTR lived to serve his motherland and his countrymen who he treated like siblings. Such was his greatness that when Hon. PV Narasimha Rao was elected the Prime Minster of the country, he refused to field a candidate to oppose his election, in spite of the political differences.

నేను నా దేశాన్ని ప్రేమించుచున్నాను.

Even when his life was going through a comfortable phase, NTR perceived that the political culture in the country had become vicious due to the pettiness of the people in power. In spite of being a hugely popular actor and a successful man, he entered the rough and tumble of politics to reform the culture and serve his country. Such was his dedication to the cause that he won a state-wide election thumbs down within nine months of floating a party, the TDP, something that a lot of actors have tried recently in AP and TN, but failed.

సుసంపన్నమైనబహువిధమైన నా దేశ వారసత్వ సంపద నాకు గర్వకారణందీనికి అర్హత పొందడానికి సర్వదా నేను కృషి చేస్తాను.

As an administrator, he was a compassionate man. He realised the true potential of his country and the State. Due to the failed policies of the previous Governments, the rich heritage of the country was put to shame and ordinary Indians were forced into the clutches of poverty. NTR, with his rallying cry of ‘Atmagauravam’ worked tirelessly to restor the rich heritage of Telugus to its rightful place.

నా తల్లిదండ్రుల్నిఉపాధ్యాయుల్నిపెద్దలందరిన్ని గౌరవిస్తానుప్రతివారితోను మర్యాదగా నడుచుకొంటాను.

Very few people know of NTR’s humble beginnings – a life story that is a clear example of the greatness of swatantra bharata desam. NTR was born into a farmer family – the life blood of Indian economy. He was also the embodiment of an Indian family, where each member supports the bread winner for common good – he supplied milk on his bicycle to support his family as a student. But he wasn’t just a family man. He was also a brave man who dared to dream beyond the beaten path. He pursued his passion for acting while pursuing his studies. In spite of achieving the pinnacle in both acting and politics, NTR was known to be very humble and approachable. He was known to treat all the crew in the film sets with respect. Even in the prime of his career, he would stand up out of respect when a producer entered the sets.

నా దేశంపట్ల , నా ప్రజలపట్ల సేవనిరతితో ఉంటానని ప్రతిజ్ఞ చేస్తున్నానువారి శ్రేయోభివృధ్ధులే నా ఆనందానికి మూలం.

Such was his dedication to public service that NTR was known to wake up as early as 2 AM and be ready for work by 7 AM after practising Yoga. Not many contemporary Chief Ministers can boast of this kind of commitment to their work.

When he came to power, NTR put the welfare of people ahead of any political agenda.

  • His massively popular “Rs.2 / KG rice” scheme saved many families from imminent starvation and the cruel jaws of poverty.
  • He dismantled the regressive feudal system through removal of the hereditary village officer post of Karanam, Patel and Patwari. This paved way for land reforms.
  • Equal right in property to the girl child and introduction of mid-day meal scheme in schools were the first of their kind and emulated later by other governments.
  • He introduced prohibition of alcohol.

  • He pioneered a common entrance test for Engineering and Medical streams by introducing EAMCET.
  • Telugu Ganga Project, intended to irrigate lands in Rayala Seema and supplying water to Chennai was one of his greatest achievements and his affection to Indians as a whole.

Above all lies his undying belief in his capacity to fight evil and he showed the world that dynasty and hegemony can be dismantled with perseverance. He travelled a total of above 75,000 kilo meters on his Chaitanya Radham, taking bath on roadside, food at the roadside and sleeping in the bus. He eschewed the life of an aristocrat with a single minded devotion to reform the politics in AP and achieved it. 

Today, Andhra Pradesh is enjoying the pride of its place in India, even though the past decade saw a deterioration in our pride. When Congress leaders are going back to their old ways of mortgaging Telugu pride on Delhi streets, it is time to rise up once again and follow the path shown by NTR.

If a man like NTR doesn’t deserve to be called ‘Bharat Ratna’, who does? Telugu Desam Party believes that it is the right time to confer Bharat Ratna on NTR, because it will remind the Telugu people of the glorious times under NTR and TDP. It will remind the Telugu People to be proud of themselves again and fight back the humiliation being meted out to them by corrupt and manipulative forces. It will unite the Telugu people irrespective of their postal address and political affiliations.

జై హింద్

Sunday, May 4, 2014


A few years earlier rigging meant snatching ballot boxes, threatening voters and pressing stamp on the symbol of their party on ballot papers or where there was a chance of the other party getting more votes lift the ballot box and throw it in a canal or river forcing re-election. Times changed. From manual voting we turned to electronic voting. At lease on paper, the Election Commission is identifying the problematic and  most problematic areas, sensitive and most sensitive areas. Thus, we expect the security forces in large numbers to prevent rigging. So, an average citizen is thrown into a false presumption that rigging elections is near impossible. But it happens. Just as we moved from paper ballot to electronic buttons. rigging moved from snatching the ballot boxes to rigging the "process" as a whole.

Let us examine how this happens.


In our country almost all constitutional bodies are autonomous on paper. The chiefs of these bodies are,however, appointed as per the whims of the ruling dispensation. Without going into nuances of the subject further, let us see what a Congress leader tells Media. "We are lucky that the Election Commission opted for an unprecedented nine stages for the elections, as this length of time has helped to dilute the potency of the Modi wave, especially in Bihar and in parts of Uttar Pradesh" where there will be late polling. "Had the polls been held within a two-week interval, the BJP would have gained an extra 20 seats, so we should thank the EC for their decision," He further adds "by the beginning of February, it was clear that we (the Congress) would do very badly, so from then onwards the target has been to reduce the BJP's tally and (thereby) keep Modi out, (sic.) This was reported in a leading news  paper.

The unusually lengthy process of election was, apparently, helpful to the ruling dispensation in diluting the anti incumbency wave and pro-Modi winds.. The inference is obvious.


The alacrity with which BJP PM candidate and the most likely PM, post 16th May, Narendra Modi was booked for poll code violation and FIR was filed post haste, without even conducting a preliminary inquiry or getting video footage speaks more than it looks. Compare this to the huge cash and liquor haul in AP where, to everyone's knowledge, a particular party was involved in the act, no concrete action was initiated against the party. More so, when an Innova car, purportedly owned by a Congress leader with Rs.2.5 crore was burned it took a week to file FIR on the said leader. This clearly shows that by selectively targeting leaders of a particular party its cadres are sought to be demoralized whereas the parties, likely to ally with the ruling dispensation are viewed with a squint eye. Inference, is again, clear.


In an election where the ruling party tried its best to polarize votes on many counts, poor vs middle classes etc., the large scale deletion of votes of middle classes naturally gives rise to doubts. The very fact that the highest authority wanted to wash his hands off by a mere apology shows the callousness of his officials at lower levels and complaints of a few "interested individuals" of selective deletion to benefit a party might not be incorrect. What do we infer?


A discussion whether EVMs can be tampered goes on. As I have little knowledge, I have no comment to offer. But one way the EVMs are misused is as follows. In many districts in TG on 30th April, EVMs malfunctioned for an hour or so and large numbers of voters returned without casting vote. These districts are known for their strong anti-establishment vote like Warangal where TRS is expected to sweep. I do not have feedback whether this has happened in other states too.


Modi is known to avoid targeting institutions when there is no substance against them. Whether CBI, CAG, Governor or CEC his criticism is based on hard facts. So, when he spoke of rigging in the sixth phase and possibility of more rigging in the last two phases, we can not just brush aside the allegation. So, physical rigging too is a fait accompli.

With changing times tactics change. Methodical rigging is what we are finding today. Democracy loses its meaning if it for a few people, by a few people and of a few people. Hope things change under a selfless leader.


Saturday, April 26, 2014


The battle of ballot in Telangana region of AP, in all likelihood attaining the status of a separate state from 2nd of June, throws up interesting possibilities. It is a test case for psephologists who depend on sampling and correlate the results with the pattern of voting in previous elections. For, trends in previous elections here do not give an exact picture of what may happen on 30th April. 

Previous elections, more so, by-elections were fought on more of an emotional platform, with separate state demand high on agenda of political parties and people too emotionally driven by the craving. But, there is a saying

"जो खुशि इन्तेजार मै है ओ मिलन मै नही!'

The pleasure of waiting is more pleasant than the pleasure of getting. In the natural course, people tend to forget about the struggle for the state and try to pitch themselves in the right spot at the right moment to grow and help the state grow. Hence, the percentage of 'emotional vote' tends to reduce. This is one factor.

Congress, facing decimation in polls pan India, gambled with the division of state at the last moment, eyeing at least 16 out of 17 seats in the polls in alliance with or merger of TRS. It chewed more than it can swallow, by losing out totally in the other 25 seats of the state. Its calculations went wrong on two counts. First was its gross miscalculation that BJP and TDP would not allow it to pass the bill, come what may, for fear of losing out in Seema Andhra. But both the parties played their dice well so as to see that they lose much neither side. Second was miscalculation of KCR's moves.

The maverick KCR, while keeping Congress in good spirits, kept his options open. One was his bargain for CM post and plum posts for his family. Congress could not afford CM post as that would have led to large scale desertions from the party in Telangana too. The second option was to ally with BJP, which was scuttled successfully by the TDP boss playing cards close to his chest. This is a second factor that influences the poll result.

The resultant effect is the triangular contest in the region. Congress was very strong in the region followed by TDP and then TRS. But with the struggle reaching a crescendo, TRS picked up fast at the cost of both Congress and TDP. BJP on its part remained pro-separation all the years and improved vote share marginally. It would have been a one way fight, had TRS and Congress allied. It would have still been a split between these two parties of votes and seats, had the leaders of both parties not entered into the nastiest war of words forgetting their common adversary, NDA that picked up fast post alliance. The diatribe between these two strong protagonists of separate state reached such levels that NDA leaders are able to talk more of development and social justice and less of TRS and Congress.

Congress, having lost the first round is arraying a line of national leaders to drive home the point that TRS had no role play in the division of state. TRS, on its part, is trying to scuttle the Congress game plan by talking about the past struggle and placing itself as champions of Telangana. BJP is trying to drive home the point that if they have not helped in passing the bill the division would have halted in the tracks. TDP, tactically, is trying not to talk of the past but about the future.

So, what happens now? The largest block of vote is pro-Telangana vote that is getting split between Congress and TRS, BJP too taking a minor chunk. With anti incumbency haunting Congress everywhere, it is TRS that gains much of this. With Modi wave sweeping across, part of  the anti incumbency vote of Congress shifts to NDA. TDP has strong cadre base and its core vote remains intact, though it may not gain much post split. 

With three strong contenders for vote in the fray, in all likelihood the vote split will throw up a hung assembly in the region. But, with all its Machiavellian tactics, Congress is going to be the biggest loser. TRS will be the biggest gainer as people perceive it as their own party and all others outsiders. NDA will be in the reckoning in as far as Modi wave and the split vote between Congress and TRS helps it. Added to this there is vote share of settlers in many constituencies that might go one way or other and not certainly the Congress way as this group perceives the party as villain of a piece.

In all likelihood, it will be a hung assembly with TRS well ahead of others and a bout of uncertainty is to follow given the ambitions of Congressmen to upstage TRS. In the LS polls, it may be a three way split almost equally between the three parties, given the national perspective and some strong candidates of NDA too.


Friday, April 18, 2014


All is well that ends well. Curtains are down on the uncertainty about alliance between TDP and BJP. In alliances, as in marriages, there are no winners and no losers. Both sides saw reason and came to a reasonable understanding in order to chase Congress miles away from power corridors so that their walk back there may take a Century. For academic interest, I reproduce my blog as to who would have lost most if the alliance talks failed in the last minute.


Since morning Social Media is abuzz with one topic. The possible breakdown of alliance between TDP and BJP in Andhra Pradesh. To add fuel to fire, few Telugu channels scrolled news that the TDP leader, in fact, announced break up of the alliance. With great difficulty I grasped what he said. In fact, he sounded as if he were calling off the alliance, without actually saying it loud. The next question is, "Next what?" 

Two possible scenarios emerge. The first one is, the talks will continue till the date of withdrawal of nominations and each side will give space to the other and the alliance will continue. The second scenario is the two parties adopt rigid posturing and the alliance breaks down. What are the consequences of a break down to the two parties?

The first casualty is the alliance that is working smoothly in Telangana. In the Telangana region both parties are equally strong, but weak compared to TRS and Congress. Both have cadres and added to this BJP commands a respect for having helped in carving out the new state. On the other hand, TDP suffers the handicap of having betrayed the cause, though God alone knows the truth. But vacillating stand of the party without spelling out the exact thinking certainly dented its image in the "vocal separate state votaries" of the region. Added to this, BJP went shopping all these years the contention that but for TDP alliance, the NDA Government would have granted the State long back. So, if alliance fails in AP, TDP is going to lose the sympathy of BJP cadres in Telangana and might lose heavily. On its part, BJP does not have many hopes of winning more than 3 LS seats, that it will anyhow win, with strong candidates, pro-Telangana image and the Modi factor. If, by any chance TRS and BJP help each other by sharing votes strategically, loss to TDP will be heavy and NDA will have more LS seats, TRS more Assembly seats and NDA will have a new ally in TRS. It will be double whammy to TDP.

In the AP Region BJP does not have any presence. The choice of its candidates for the very few seats it was allotted, says it all. Its vote share of 3% is spread all over the state and in any seat it commands a decimal percentage of votes. Added to this, there is pent up anger in the region on BJP that it ditched the interests of the region in the last minute. And there is no leader worth the salt in the party. The recent additions like Smt. Purandeswary or Raghuramakrishnam Raju are not mass leaders. The state unit President is a relatively unknown figure in politics. The Modi wave, yet untested in AP, might have added a small percentage of vote spread all over the state. So winning chances of BJP even in one seat on its own are remote. Breaking alliance with TDP, in such circumstances, should mar chances of BJP.

But, that is not to be. In the web of politics woven around the AP region now, the bigger loser will be TDP. After allying with BJP, TDP is riding a high wave of popularity in the region, with at least 17-20 LS seats and 120-130 assembly seats expected to fall into the kitty of the alliance. Out of this BJP would have got two LS seats out of the four allotted to it. So if BJP loses, it loses two seats. As there is no value addition to the TDP from BJP it need not lose any seat. But, it will lose heavily on credibility vote. The TDP already earned a name of changing stance at the drop of a hat. If you go to rural areas this is heard more than the urban centers. "Who believes them?" is a common refrain of the rural folk. This cuts across caste , religion, age and gender. This is an utterly false propaganda spread by YSR & Co., to keep their deeds and deals under wrap. But, gullible public fall prey to small benefits showered on them and can not fathom the inclusive growth that a leader targets that benefits more people over a period of time.  So, the last minute U-turn on alliance will give handle to adversaries to spread this message faster. The already doubtful voter is an easy prey to the propaganda that the leader who can not keep word on alliance under pressure can certainly not stand on his promises in the manifesto. Already, one leader started projecting his age as a factor for his vacillating stand. Now, the adverse campaign will be more prosaic. Common voter wants immediate sops. So he votes to the one who, they believe, stands on his word than the one who vacillates under pressure.

The second factor will be the Loksatta and Janasena parties. Leaders of these two parties who might garner at least 5% vote share between them are more comfortable to do business with Modi and BJP in their larger political interests. Pawan Kalyan commands youth support and JP is seen as a clean face in the murky politics. In between these groups, TDP stands to lose at least 8-9% vote share. If BJP strategically transfers its vote share to YCP, that party will get a fresh lease of life and the close fight or closed fight will be wide open. Here too BJP has an advantage. It may lose two seats but will gain three potential allies with mass base. The only hitch will be Jagan's past. As Modi already declared he would pursue all the pending cases and if charges on Jagan are proved his party will be there in NDA with another leader as RJD is with UPA.  If not proven, it is well and good. It does, politically, not seem unethical or immoral to ally with YCP as long as cases are pursued with vigor..

If, instead, the BJP goes on, contesting all seats with possible strong candidates at few places (drawn from other parties like KS Rao), the anti-YCP vote splits vertically, throwing the apple cart of both BJP and TDP into a tailspin. Congress and JSAP of KKR may play a spoiler role by transferring their vote share to YCP, where they are too weak. After all, they want defeat of both TDP and BJP.

So, in the larger interests of TDP/BJP and in the more immediate interests of the state that does not deserve another term for "political plunderers for profit", (the PPP model) it is prudent TDP talks to BJP and vice versa and save the State from "doom".


P.S. : The author is a staunch supporter of Mr. Naidu personally and Mr. Modi as a great leader and considers that combination of these two changes the face of the nation and youth will have bright future. If, for whatever reason, the alliance falls through it will be a great dampener in his campaign for "Nation First". This is only an analysis based on experience and is not intended against one of these two great visionaries.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A legacy of the British reign that the Congress inherited was "divide and rule". As an alien nation, least interested in our country and its populace, we can understand the British policy. But as a national party of yore, that takes pride in freedom struggle, it is irony that for Congress leaders of modern era, continuing in power has become the prime motto.  For this they divide the polity and they divide the people. 

The decline of Congress started in 1967 with the rise of regional aspirations and birth of regional parties like DMK and Akali Dal etc., They slowly picked up pace and saw decimation of Congress in their respective states. The real shocker came when TDP, under the leadership of NTR, registered thumping win in AP in 1983. "Anna" as he is called, NTR initiated a major drive throughout the country against Congress by bringing all forces inimical to them on one platform. This gave rise to many combinations and the ultimate nemesis came in 1999 when NDA came to power in 1999 with the solid support of TDP.

The decline of Congress vote share share from an initial high of almost 50% post independence to its lowest of a little over 25% sent shock waves to the GOP. Come 2004, they resorted to the trick played by the Britishers on gullible Indians, "Divide the people and keep ourselves in power". We shall take a few examples, as narrating all will be a book load. 

Take, for example, the Assemble elections in AP in 2004. Even before elections it is said that the then leader of opposition tried to topple the state government led by TDP by encouraging a highly ambitious leader, who left the party to pursue personal ambition. He left TDP as he was not offered a Minister post. He was offered CM post in case he could muster support of sixty TDP MLAs. He is said to have sounded all MLAs on this but failed in his mission. So, he embarked on a divisive slogan "Divide AP". (sic) <This information was directly taken from the editorial in Andhra Jyothy on Sunday by RK>

With his mission having failed, under directions from his leader, Sonia, the local satrap of Congress, YSR, embarked on a divisive agenda all by himself. He struck a deal with the ambitious regional leader from one region and entered into a pre- poll arrangement in that region with a clear promise of dividing the state, once elected. What happened was history. Despite promise by their Supremo Sonia that a separate state would be carved out, the promise remained on paper. 

Five years on, the regional aspirations of  region belied by false promises and a strong incumbency wave sweeping the state, plan B was set afoot. Once bitten twice shy, people of one region would not have believed the same promise again. So, the regional leader was dumped and a caste leader turned film actor was pampered by the Congress to keep themselves in power. This actor-turned politician-turned turn coat floated a party, promised Heaven to youth and divided anti -incumbency vote of the ruling party to the disadvantage of a spirited opposition. All through there was an unwritten understanding by the self-serving mega actor and Congress that the former would merge his party in the GOP. So, he bartered his self respect for a State Minister post, dumped his cadres and jumped into the dirty pond. Rest is history.

Very recently, the same act was repeated in Delhi. Stung by a double incumbency, strong middle class apathy,  rising inflation and deep rooted corruption charges, Congress dropped its ammunition even before the electoral war started. By covertly helping the other contender (new, but ambitious like our actor) AAP was helped in the hustings. This threw up a hung assembly and by offering outside support to the fledgling party, Congress entered power corridors through back door. The resultant sufferer is the state and voters. The inexperienced but highly ambitious CM of the State of Delhi started suffocating in the "bear hug" of Congress and governance took a back seat. Efforts of Congress to pamper the same ambitious leader at national level failed as the inexperience of the leader came in his way of larger ambitions and the party is slowly petering away into oblivion. 

It is time voters realize the larger game of Congress and vote the party out. Not only voters should vote the party out but there is also responsibility to see that their vote share is reduced below 10%. Let the country move forward in federal spirit with strong national leader (not from Congress) at the centre and strong and self-less regional leaders. Let us grow collectively with "Unity in Diversity".

                                                      VOTE OUT CONGRESS

JAI HIND                                                                                                 JAI JANMABHOOMI




The Telangana Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in the midst of an unprecedented "din" in the house. For those waiting for the "dust" of T-storm to settle down after forty four years, there may be a surprise. The brazen and thoughtless manner in which the bill was prepared and  passed is sure to raise more dust. It may not settle soon. It will pass muster in Rajya Sabha and the President will sign. It is simple logic. What next?

The bill was passed under Article 3 of the Constitution.  The article states that

Parliament may by law

(a) form a new State by separation of territory from any State or by uniting two or more States or parts of States or by uniting any territory to a part of any State;

It, inter alia, states that "the Bill has been referred by the President to the Legislature of that State for expressing its views thereon within such period as may be specified in the reference...". It makes clear that President seeks only the opinion and not consent of the State Legislature. This gives unmitigated powers to the Central Government to tamper with borders of any state without even taking into account the views of the people there. Did the Constitution makers envisage such a situation as happened on the 18th February, 2014 in the Lok Sabha, where a state's re-organization bill was passed amid pandemonium, without taking into account views of the state legislature, suspending the whole lot of members of one region and blacking out the TV channel in order to see that the region affected did not see the ruckus? The answer is a firm "No". Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, Chief Architect of the Constitution said thus.

"But before condemning the Constitution for containing such overriding powers, certain considerations must be borne in mind. The first is that these overriding powers do not form the normal feature of the Constitution. Their use and operation are expressly confined to emergencies only”. (From JP's Blog)

He envisaged a situation where a dictatorial and self-serving leader takes advantage of this constitutional provision and abuses it. Hence, he said "Emergencies only". What is the emergency in 2014. It is the l debacle lurking on the face of Congress and its allies. Let us go back to the history of Telangana Movement.“The truth behind the “purportedly” sixty years of struggle for formation of Telangana State is at the best “a sweet lie” or “a sour truth”.” Though a few hardcore Telangana protagonists might feel aggravated, this is a fact of history as enunciated below. Most of the time, the struggle was confined to political maneuvering. They never made the ordinary man a partner in the struggle. He was used as an orange, peeled, the cover thrown out and politicians enjoyed the juice. The sequence of events since 1956 proves this point.

The state was ruled by CMS hailing from Congress from Rayalaseema for 5666 days, from TDP from Rayalaseema including NTR (who contested from Hidupur) for 5361 days. (Total 11027 days). CM s, all of whom are from Congress from Telangana ruled 3845 days and CM s from Coastal AP ruled 4098 days.  It is clear that the Congress CMs hailing from Telangana who ruled for considerable time never made any attempt to carve out Telangana, though the party was in power both in state and centre.

The 1st SRC recommended Telangana be kept as Hyderabad State and that after 1961 elections it could be merged if 2/3rd majority in Assembly favored it. What acted on the mind of the Government of the day is mired in mystery, but the recommendation was not considered and an integrated AP was formed with a Gentlemen agreement. In fact, Nehru in all wisdom expressed the view that it was a matrimonial agreement with a divorce clause if the parties cant live together. Even if the entire state speaks Telugu there is a lot of diversity between regions in culture and development. That settles the issue to a major extent. In 1969, at the end of the gentlemen agreement period, politicians in Telangana thought the provisions were not implemented in right spirit and what happened was a bloody agitation. In a book written by T.N.Kaul,ex- secretary of External Affairs and published in 1982 he mentioned that Indira Gandhi, in principle accepted formation of Telangana but was dissuaded  as the issue of Hyderabad was still in the UN and could not be taken up for consideration. In 1979 the Hyderabad case was closed by the UN. They could then have kept Hyderabad as a Union territory and divided the state. That did not happen as the demon of naxalism was purportedly hanging its sword there, more in Telangana. Agitating leaders of Congress were offered plum posts and the agitation was suppressed. Who did it? The Congress. 

In 1972 a “Jai Andhra Movement” was started in Coastal Andhra area against the upholding of the Mulki rules in Hyderabad area by SC. Surprisingly, Telangana leaders who spearheaded the separatist agitation in 1969 were silent on separation at that time, since they were enjoying power. Again leaders who led the agitation were again accommodated in plum posts. So, it is clear that the struggle for Telangana was confined to political leaders only and people of the region were exploited by only one party, the Congress, to gain political mileage. This also proves the agitation was not raging for sixty years continuously but spanned and panned out in two years only, in 1969 and 1973. During both the agitations hundreds lost their lives. It is a fact that no politician either from Telangana or Coastal Andhra raised the issue even mildly from then onward.

Moreover, during the 1969 agitation the properties belonging to NTR and Dr. C. Narayan Reddy were attacked by the agitators in view of a song in a Telugu film produced by the former and written by the latter. If the Telangana agitation was so seriously being waged continuously by people on ground, the groundswell of anger on NTR would never have died down. But TDP formed in 1983 received overwhelming support from Telangana so much so that even today the party boasts about cadre strength in Telangana and Rayalaseema. It is with open hands people of Telangana received NTR and continued supporting TDP. From this it is clear that people of Telangana were never involved in the clamour for a separate state after 1973 and even politicians never bothered about the issue till KCR came on the scene.

And why did KCR, who remained silent all the years he was in TDP and never spoke about Telangana pride or injustice meted out to the region suddenly realize that all was going wrong by living together, with their own cousins? All of it was because he was not offered a ministerial berth!  And did he take the agitation to its logical conclusion even when there were umpteen chances opened up to him during the past decade when he could have called the shots and got Telangana of his dreams? It is lure of power and be the boss of the region that tangled him.  

Now, that Congress is facing rout (even now it is inevitable) they struck a deal with KCR. The details of the secret deal will come out soon. The main aim of congress is to see that T-Bill was presented and if BJP agreed to pass it, to take credit and if BJP opposed, to throw blame on them. In view of the very strong winds blowing in its favour the BJP took a pragmatic decision of sailing with the wind. 

A lot of frustration and ire were shown on the leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha that the interests of a region were sold out in view of her proximity to Sonia and so on and so forth. It is easy to believe so as it was a decision taken without revealing to the nation till last minute. Everyone was in for a shock. On careful analysis the decision seems to be far sighted. One reason that might have driven them to the decision might have been to see the issue was closed permanently and if any legal problems arose the blame naturally would go to Congress. And even if BJP opposed the bill, the blame would have been in their back yard.  After passing the bill also, Mr. Kamal Nath stated it exposed the BJP double standards. 

Now, let us go back to where we started, whether the bill is constitutionally valid. Article 3 of the constitution was already challenged in AP High Court. Then there is one more article, Andhra Pradesh specific. It is Article 371 D. It states, inter alia

371D. Special provisions with respect to the State of Andhra Pradesh.-
(1) The President may by order made with respect to the State of Andhra Pradesh provide, having regard to the requirements of the State as a whole, for equitable opportunities and facilities for the people belonging to different parts of the State, in the matter of public employment and in the matter of education, and different provisions may be made for various parts of the State.

This article is AP specific. Hence, any division in Andhra Pradesh State without annulling this article from the constitution would be "ultra vires" the constitution, many legal experts argue. Even the Attorney General and Law Ministry were said to have advised the government similarly, as per news reports. Even the leader of opposition suggested that constitution amendment was required but her plea fell on deaf ears. As there is nothing for the opposition to lose even if they voted for the bill. If, on one of these grounds the bill fails to stand legal scrutiny, Congress is in big trouble. If, on the other hand Supreme Court upholds the bill, it does not alter congress position any better as it is bound to be washed out in May,2014. 

All said and done the brazen manner the bill was bulldozed in the Lok Sabha left the world's largest bureaucracy bruised beyond repair. It gave a handle to any future rulers as selfish as the present one to pass bills that suit them without deliberating. It is like "fence eating the crop"

                                                            VANDE MATARAM


This blog, written soon after the Bill on AP State Reorganization was passed is published now, as both SC and AP HC took cognizance of the petitions challenging the Bill. During the year 1969 the Bill passed by Parliament on Nationalisation of Banks was struck down by the SC as it violated Constitutional provisions. If, one of these courts stays operation of the bill till final verdict, as speculated by interested parties, the whole exercise goes into tailspin. The onus falls on the next government to make it foolproof. Hence, a strong government at the Centre is the need of the hour. The ball is people's court in as much much as it is in Legal Courts. The cases are coming up for preliminary hearing in 1st week of May, probably.


Monday, February 17, 2014


The caged parrot flew away. Love story that began in end 2013, ended right at the beginning  of 2014. Right. Illicit relations usually end instantly. Here it did not end. Behind screens it is continuing. It is common to blame a "woh" for the stress between the "pati" and "patni". So, while leaving the cage, Kejri blamed BJP for trapping his party's illicit mate, the Congress. This did not stand scrutiny of general public but for some shouting Gods and Goddesses on the TV Screens. 

It is not about Ambani, not so much about the LG, not about the constitution nor about corruption. It is about Kejriwal. It is about his realization that he is not fit to rule. The very second day in office, he realized this fact.  He found everything around him honky dory. He entered the "gas chamber" willingly and started complaining about the gas around. The very minute he entered a system which he wanted to change, he started searching escape routes. But, the 'bear hug" of his mate was so tight that he did not find an escape route. "Management lies within the system but leadership lies on it". He forgot the fact that he was not a manager but a deemed leader. 

He started with a bang and ended with a whimper. Supported by a Media that played to the tunes of the Grand Old Party, Kejri became an overnight hero. So, he took some controversial decisions, to start with. He did not care about the long term implications of these decisions. In the meanwhile, his proteges in the party and government started playing Robin Hood. To save skin of these Robin Hoods, he sat on a Dharna and to escape from the negative consequences of such a foolish action he struck a deal with the Central Government. 

He feigned criticizing Congress, his mentor in chief for public consumption. But, his ire was on Modi, who was taking longer strides to power in Delhi day after day. If he lost more time, he would lose and his chief mentor would lose . So a script was written in Congress head quarters. It reads like "escape route made easy". As per the script, he would make  a Jan Lokpal Bill (JLP). He would insist on presenting it for passage in the assembly and challenges both congress and BJP, (main target being BJP). He knew it was unconstitutional. And as per script the Central Government would throw a spanner. Through LG, they would say he was not within his powers to pass the JLP without prior permission. But he would stand his ground. Congress would stand its. Now the onus would fall on BJP. BJP rightly opposed it, come what may. They did not need to play crude politics to gain power. They are very much on their way to power in Delhi. So, it ended there.

Though, he was not defeated on the floor of the house he resigned. He assumed "self martyrdom" by penning a "political suicide" note blaming both congress and BJP. As he still maintains more than cordial relations with congress, his target was BJP. It did not click. People did not throng the streets as it happened in AP in 1984 when NTR was removed from power by Indira Gandhi. The response was muted. The few hundreds that gathered outside his residence were called through SMS messages. They left after making a little noise for consumption of a pliant media.

It was a script well written. Bang after one day of his leaving office, the party announces 700% jump in donations. It occupies head lines in the pliant media. Then pat comes the announcement of candidates of AAP to fight the "who is who" in congress. This fits the bill right. People think that AAP has no indirect alliance with congress. "See, they announced candidate against Rahul Gandhi!" people would start talking, they assumed. The reality is many congress leaders will drop from contesting elections. Those like Rahul and Sonia will search for safer constituencies down South like AP and Karnataka. One reason for pushing the AP Reorganization Bill is for safer constituencies in Telangana. So, the list is fake and for public consumption. We need not be surprised if truth that this is also done at the behest of the hidden hand, comes out. Congress wants an unstable government at the Centre in 2014. So they prop up all ambitious leaders through back door. If Modi wins, it is their final chance to win again. The party might disintegrate into oblivion. They want to prevent it at any cost. So, this unethical game of dice is played. And ambitious men (not a leader yet) like Kejri fall prey easily.

Behind the heroics, he is conceited. Behind the open defiance of the system, there is a con artist. Behind all the assumption of innocence there is a falsehood. Behind all truth he feigns there is always a lie. Behind all the love for the aam admi there is ambition to rule the rabble. Ambition is not wrong. But within seven weeks he exposed himself to public scrutiny. All his weak traits, that were buried in astrology books all these days, came into the open. 

It is time the middle classes who understood him explained this to the poor and illiterate. They should open up a front to showcase his failures and the danger that India will slip if such an ambitious leader is allowed to climb the ladder of power. We suffered a decade of tyranny under an ambitious leader. Let this one be nipped in the bud. 

But Modi stands tall in the midst of all the din caused by these minions. He would win hands down. It is a fact that will dawn on India in May, 2014.



Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Division of AP State is inevitable, if not immediately, in near future. The Telangana Bill is ready to be presented in the Rajya Sabha on 10th February, as per the Home Minister. We can not rely on his words in view of our past experience. High drama is being played on streets of Delhi by the "puppeteer" Congress  leaders from AP including its own CM. There are two questions here. "Why is it being introduced in the RS, instead of LS where UPA has numbers. Is it to show BJP/TDP in bad light, instead of YSRCP? The bigger question will be, "What next? Will it be passed?" While protagonists of Telangana are over optimistic politically, on ground there are no celebrations which shows people are neither too enthused if it were passed nor are too depressed if it fails muster. After all, all the women in the country were not too depressed that "Women reservation Bill" was not passed. In a similar way, politicians on the other side, except a few that want to reap financial benefits that flow through bifurcation, too are over optimistic about the failure of the bill. On the ground there is not much opposition to bifurcation. People are neither too enthused about bifurcation bill not being passed nor too depressed that it would be passed. Then what is this sound fury on Telugu News Channels about?  There are about one thousand political leaders on the Telangana side., who are optimistic to be the CM in case the state is formed. They have followers in and outside media. Likewise, there are a thousand businessmen turned politicians from coastal Andhra who invested heavily in Hyderabad who fear they will lose the booty if they lose Hyderabad. So, they raise the bargaining pitch with the Congress High Command for grant of all the tenders for the new capital on that side. They have followers in media and outside. The cross talk of these few people on both sides is that is about the sound and fury.

Is a common man that has come to Hyderabad and settled there for work afraid of bifurcation? Is a middle class man that has purchased land or building in Hyderabad afraid of bifurcation? Is there fear for security of Andhra people in Hyderabad? Is the film industry that has settled in Hyderabad for good. afraid of attacks on them? For all these. the answer is, "no". None is afraid of any repercussions. Hyderabad is one of the safest and the most peaceful cities in the country. There is no animosity between people at the ground level.Why was such fear sought to be created? One politician, who appears he is all for Telangana, has left the cat among the pigeons the day division was announced. He knows that once the state is formed new players come on the scene and he will be relegated to background. What happened to Sibu Soren? So he wants the pot boiling. He said all Andhra People living in Hyderabad should leave forthwith. So, the debate was initiated. It is anybody's guess that the said champion of Telangana in active connivance with Congress, himself may stall the bill from being passed, if he wants so. It is a fait accompli. This may be the first and foremost hurdle in the passage of the bill. Or for allowing the state to be formed he will place himself in such a position that he will occupy the CM chair. But the 1000 and odd CM aspirants from Congress will never allow that.

BJP is in a position to call the shots now. Narendra Modi made deep inroads even in rural segments from Coastal Andhra side. He is the 'blue eyed' boy now. In Telangana the party has a sizable presence already and Modi enhanced the pitch. BJP supported division of the state from the beginning and would have proceeded with the formation of Telangana along with other states but for opposition from TDP. Now, it can not go back on its principled stand. If we go by the statements of top BJP leaders for the past week, we get a feeler that BJP will not allow the bill to be passed in the present form. It will bring such amendments that Congress will not be able to accept without antagonizing the politicians from Telangana. So the amendments fall through and so too the bill. BJP leaders, in no uncertain terms, are saying the formation has to wait till 2018 until a new capital is constructed the other side. This news is sweet to the businessmen - politicians of Andhra as they get the tenders and from Telangana too as the concept of joint capital does not arise. So, the champion of Telangana, bending backwards to support the BJP argument and ally with them instead of with dying Congress too. are bright. He has two advantages. One, he will be in the news as a champion for four more years and later he will be the uncrowned king. With TRS+TDPTG Forum on one side and TDP the other, BJP will be able to decimate Congress and YSRCP in one shot. So, with overt support of TDP and cover support of TRS, BJP will most probably stall the bill. As no one is untouchable in politics, TDP might veer around to the arrangement in its present and future interest. So the bill goes and with it the congress goes.Now Congress can not openly ally with YSRCP also, as doing so will be suicidal in Telangana region. 

Knowing this, why did Congress risk the introduction of the half baked bill? Congress wants TRS to merge with them so that they can get some more seats in addition to the 50+ they are confident of winning in the country. TRS is not committing itself to merger. So, there is a hurry to introduce the bill, say they are the champions of Telangana but their hands are tied. At least there will be a face saver. The second reason is to show BJP/TDP in bad light. Even though there is strong opposition from their own party MPs to the bill Congress is constantly targeting BJP/TDP with this in view. If the BJP stalls the bill Congress can go round blaming them for stalling Telangana and reap benefit. After all Congress knows it is sailing against the wind and is fast sinking. Any straw that is found will be caught hold of by the party. One more reason why Congress is so brazenly pushing the bill is that they have a feeling the bill will be stayed by courts even before introduction, at which point they can hit the road saying despite their best efforts they are not in a position to pass the bill. "Vote us back, we will give you Telangana", will be their slogan again. Since 1969 Congress has been playing the same game. 

BJP will not, on its own, oppose the bill but will allow congress politicians bicker among themselves and try to throw spanner in the efforts of Congress to make them villain. Most other parties already announced they will not support any other bill than 'vote on account' and Congress too seems not making sincere efforts to convince them except doing lip service. Will the bill pass the muster in Parliament with so many imponderables? We have to wait and see who wins this game of one-up-man-ship in AP's murky politics.


Disclaimer: The author is neither a strong protagonist nor antagonist to division. But he is one of the majority who think that the issue be resolved forthwith. Politicians on both sides reaped maximum rewards by keeping the issue alive since 1956. Champions of TG, United Andhra or Hyderabad as UT have no real interest in the future of both regions. They are interested in their own welfare. Let there be a lasting solution. But that can not be done in a hurry as is sought to be done by Congress for few votes and seats. 

There is no sanctity to the views of the author, as in India and specially in AP anything might happen. The author's mind too is as hazy as the AP politics. Hence, no hard feelings.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

जनता (झूंठा) दरबार 

बन्दर राजा एक पेड़ से दूसरे दूसरे से तीसरे पेड़ पे कूदते कूदते जंगल में कहीं गायब हो गया
सभी शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु जो उसको सुनने आये थे वेह बेहद निराश हो गए, उनको आशा थी कि वोह उनकी मासाहारी भक्षी जानवरों से सुरक्षा करेगा !
सियार जो कि बन्दर राज का सलाहकार था वेह पेड़ के पीछे खड़ा खड़ा हस्ता हुआ देखा गया था
इस तर्ज जंगल दरबार समाप्त हुआ
पेड़ के पीछे से कोई धृष्टता से हस्ता हुआ चला गया
सभी प्राणी,पक्षी एवं पशु निराश होकर शांतिपूर्वक वहाँ से चल दिए
उन सभी निरीह प्राणी को बहुत तेज़ झटका लगा जब "जंगल नाउ " समाचार चैनल पे बार बार उन्होंने देखा कि "बन्दर राज को वोट दो" का प्रचार किया जा रहा है और सभी समाचार बन्दर राजा के भाग जाने पे चुप्पी साढ़े हुए थे!

शेर अपनी गुफा में से दहाड़ा "मैंने कहा था न"

इसी बीच सीयर ने बन्दर राजा को खोज निकला और कहा हमारी पोल मत खोलेगा हम आपको बाहरी सुरक्षा प्रदान करेंगे .. ये सुनकर बन्दर राजा अपनी छुपी हुए "महलनुमा" कुटिया से बहार आके जोश भर के बहार आ गया और जंगल नाउ चैनल को उसने बयान दिया कि अगला जंगल दरबार का आयोजन बहुत ही अछे सलीके से किया जायेगा और वोह पेड़ों पे चढ़ के बांहग नहीं जायेगा

कुछ ही समय बाद बन्दर राज ने गुलाटी पलटी मरते हुए अपना बयान वापस ले लिया , और कहा कि अब कोई भी जंगल दरबार नहीं लगेगा , अब बन्दर सभी शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतुओं के घर जाया करेगा गुलाटी पलटी मारते हुए . सभी जंगली प्राणी मन में सोचने लगे इस बन्दर के हाथ में चाबी देकर हमसे भारी भूल हुई है !

सभी शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु असमंजस में पड़ गए क्योंकि उन्होंने जंगल नाउ जैसे समाचार चैनल के कहने पे इस गुलाटी मार बन्दर राजा को चुनाव में जितवाया था
उनको कहा गया था कि बन्दर दूध का धुला हुआ है, हिन्दू शास्त्रों में कहा गया है कि बन्दर प्रभु श्री राम का सैलानी था, वोह समुन्दर लांघ के भी जायेगा अगर समय बुरा हुआ तो
अब वेह निरीह शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु को लग्न लगा कि कुटिल बाघिन का ही शाशन चल रहा है , गुलाटी मार बन्दर तो सिर्फ नाम मात्र राज कर रहा है असल फैंसला तो कुटिल बाघिन ही लेती है. बन्दर कि तो नियति ही पलटी मारना है , वोह एक जगह रुक हो नहीं सकता, न इंजीनियरिंग में टिका न शासकीए नौकरी पे टिका न ही अपने गुरु के आंदोलन पे रुका.
बन्दर बस समय के अनुसार अपनी आवाज़ बदल देता है , उसको आम शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतुओं के दुःख दर्द के बारे में कुछ नहीं मालूम जिन्होंने उसको जितवाया था.
और इस सब के उप्पर वोह कुटिल बाघिन और सियार से बहुत डरता है .
ये तो एक ऐसा बन्दर है जिसका हाथ नारियल में फस गया जब वोह उसमें रक्खी मूंगफली खा रहा था! और इसी प्रकार उस बन्दर को शिकारी ने फांस लिया.

(In africa there is a practice by which hunters make a big hole in the coconut and fill it with peanuts. smelling the peanuts monkey puts his hand in it and the hunter captures him never to be released)

शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु अब अपने लकीर के भरोसे बैठे हैं,
जब तक सियार बन्दर कि रखवाली कर रहा है तब तक बन्दर अपनी शक्तिओं को त्याग नहीं सकता
और सियार ऐसा करेगा नहीं क्योंकि वोह शेर को जंगले का साम्राज्य नहीं देना चाहता
अब बन्दर राजा एक पेड़ से दूसरे पेड़ पे गुलाटी और पलटी मारता हुआ घूम रहा है , सभी शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतुओं कि समस्यें तहा कि तहा पड़ी हुई हैं , अब कोई जंगल दरबार उनको नहीं बचा सकता , सियार तो बहार छुपा हुआ मौज मस्ती कर रहा है . बेचारा शेर अब उन मूर्ख शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु को नहीं बचा सकता
अब उस बन्दर के राज्ये के सभी शाकाहारी जानवर, भोले पक्षी एवम निरपराध जंतु अगले चुनाव कि राह देख रहे हैं , उंमो मालूम है कि शेर ही उनको सभी आपदाओं से मुक्ति दिलवा सकता है , शेर ही एक मात्र आशा है

उनको अब पछतावा हो रहा है कि उनसे बड़ी भूल हुई, कुटिल बाघिन का शाशन गुलाटी मार बन्दर से अछा था , कम से कम वोह पलटू तो नहीं थी.

No offence meant to any "Animal" or "bird."

Monday, January 13, 2014


The "Monkey King" jumped the tree and jumped more trees and vanished into the jungle. All the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and  all the harmless creatures of the jungle that came to hear him, with the hope he would protect them from the wild animals were  in for a shock. The 'jackal' that acts as an outside advisor to the "Monkey King" was last seen smiling cunningly as it went behind a huge family of trees. "Jungle Durbar ended!", suddenly someone announced and a mocking chuckle was heard from behind the huge family of trees. All the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures were thoroughly disappointed and went away as peacefully as they gathered there. All the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures,back at their homes were in for a further shock when the "Jungle Now" channel that prompted them to vote for the "Monkey King" in place of the "Money Queen" was silent on the jumping act of the "Monkey King".

'I told you so" roared the lion from his den.  In the meantime, the jackal traced the King and reassured his support. "You don't open our gates; we will protect you from outside your gate", said the jackal. The King came out of hiding and told 'Jungle Now' channel that his next durbars would be more organized and he won't jump trees. He retracted the statement as is his wont and cancelled further jungle durbars and said he would come to all the vegetarian animals, all innocent birds and and all harmless creatures at their homes, hopping and jumping. They chuckled in their own voices. "It was a mistake to have given the key, to the monkey", they rued.

Now, all the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures who voted the monkey their King are in a dilemma. They were prodded by the "Jungle Now" Channel that the monkey was blot less. "He is in fact adored by all the Hindus, disciple of Lord Ram. He can jump the ocean, if required" they boosted his image. Now, the main issue that is bugging and haunting all the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures is that they are being ruled by the same hand of the Tigress by proxy. Monkey King is a name sake. Now, they know that his basic nature is instability. He goes on jumping and hopping from tree to  tree, from wall to wall. He makes differential sounds for different occasions. He hardly knows what the problems of the hapless animals, birds and creatures that voted him, are. Above all, now he is too afraid to face the Tigress Queen and the Jackal behind the family of tress. He is a monkey whose hand was stuck in the coconut for enjoying the peanuts of power and  the cunning hunter trapped him forever. ( In Africa there is a practice by hunters to make a big hole in the coconut and fill it with peanuts. Smelling the peanuts the monkey puts his hand in it and the hunter captures him never to release).

Now all the hapless vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures in the jungle are resigned to their fate. Unless the jackal moves from outside the gate of the monkey's habitat the monkey can not be ridden of its power. The jackal never moves out of its secure place for fear that the lion will become king and break open its gates. So the stalemate continues. In the meantime the monkey king goes on jumping from wall to wall and from tree to tree. His stability is a dream. Problems of all vegetarian animals, all innocent birds and all harmless creatures remain. No Jungle Durbars can solve their issues. The jackal is enjoying his safe place outside the habitat of the king. The lion is helpless to take over the kingdom with the stalemate continuing.

So, all the vegetarian animals, all the innocent birds and all the harmless creatures in the monkey kingdom, ministered by the jackal are waiting for another election so they can get rid of both the unstable monkey and the cunning jackal and elect the lion king. Now, they know better that the lion king, though non vegetarian is royal and does not harm its own subjects. No more "Jungle Durbars", they thought and felt happy!

They all realised very late they made a mistake of their life. Direct hand of the Tigress was better than her proxy hand. At least the Tigress was stable and staying at one place, not jumping and hopping!      


This is a "satire" intended to be laughed off. No character of any animal in the blog has a direct or indirect reference to any living individual.