Tuesday, January 7, 2014


On Social Media "Modi Bhakth" is an epithet used by his detractors in other parties and media about those who feel it is exigent that the country choose him as Prime Minister. Very recently, Reserve Bank of India has sounded a note of caution that unless there is political stability in the country the economy is predicted to face doom very soon. And who can provide a stable government better than Modi? There are four different prospects for India.


The aim of BJP is 272+ seats on its own and it is working to that end. Even if it fails to achieve the magic figure it has as its future allies the most reliable Siva Sena in Maharashtra, TDP in AP and Akali Dal in Punjab. Unlike the UPA allies that shifted their stand per personal ambitions or to escape the noose in corruption cases these parties never supported the Congress policies. Between them these parties are expected to contribute a reasonable chunk of MPs and it can be said with impunity that they never ditch BJP for Congress. It will be good if BJD is too roped in as they too work on anti-congress plank. Thus, it is sure BJP+ can provide the needed political stability.


Congress/UPA almost dropped their ammunition even before the war started and are in the process of fleeing the field. There is reason. In 2004 they failed to garner even 30% vote on their own. And in 2009, thanks Prakash Karat, thy gained misplaced sympathy and got more seats. They frittered away the chance with a dummy PM and huge scandals looting the nation of its wealth. One way this helped BJP as it got a chance now to work with more vigour under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Modi. Now, Congress started its usual game of negative politics. The game is to divide the polity and see BJP does not get majority and rule the nation through proxy or anoint an unstable government that fails to deliver and project themselves as the 'inevitable' rulers. Thus, we can rule out Congress as a force that provides stability.

Third and Fourth Fronts: 

No one in politics knows what they are and what shape they take in future and who leads the loosely knit groups. At the best they can hope to get outside support from congress if BJP fails to get majority and it will sound death knell for the nation's youth and economy. Third or fourth fronts are mirages and stability will be a distant dream.


They are untested in ruling and already they are detested by majority who thought they would do something. One reason is their aligning with the congress and denying it time and again. Second reason is their inability to address important national issues. Fighting elections on the issue of corruption alone will not get votes. If it is so the corrupt and criminals never get elected. It is becoming more and more clear that they are a B-team of Congress to wean away a few urban votes. Very soon, one need not be surprised if they merge with the congress. Moreover, they are planning to contest only a few seats seriously that shows that in 2014 they are not serious contenders. Whither stability?

So the so called "Modi Bhakths" are right in being "Modi Bhakths". It is not only bhakthi for Modi but as patriotic citizens we feel a stable government under a strong leader who can speak to the masses in their own voice is need of the hour. It will be a disaster if a bureaucrat who is silent and when he speaks the voice we hear is dubbed behind the screen or  an untested heir of the first family whose views on many issues are not known till date. We also don't need a loosely knit coalition of regional parties wherein there are PM aspirants in dozens. And we certainly don't need a rookie whose only slogan is "anti corruption" and who does not hesitate to dirt his palms by shaking a dirty "hand".

What makes Modi so special to lead the country at a time when it is at the cross roads. Is it his caste, which is most back ward? No. Is it his humble background as a tea vendor? No. There are other leadership qualities in him that make him the most suitable leader that can take the nation out of the morass left behind by the Congress. 

1. Self-Belief

After he took over the reins of Gujarat one of the worst riots in contemporary India took place there. It was supposed to be a violent reaction to the burning of a train coach carrying RSS kar sevaks. A sustained vilification campaign was launched by all political parties and media of not only negligence of Modi in containing the riots but his direct complicity in engineering the same. Self styled NGO groups went on filing case after case and human rights activists were on roof tops crying 'wolf' and seeking his dismissal. One of the most reliable ally of BJP, the TDP too walked out of NDA. In the midst of all this vilification campaign Modi remained stoic and never said a controversial word on the subject despite all the noise and never stopped working for the development of his state and took special care to look after welfare of all sections including minorities. Even on denial of US visa he never commented. Only after he was cleared of the allegations by SIT and courts, he blogged saying how pained he was during the riots and said "Satyameva Jayathe". It shows his belief in truth and God. More so, it is a reflection of his "Self-Belief",the most important quality of a leader.

2. Governance:

He worked as Chief Minister of Gujarat for more than a decade. During this period he developed a "good governance' model and took the state to the highest level of development. He remained "incorruptible" as some foreign nations too acknowledged. He gave an almost corruption free government. He worked with a vision and achieved it. In the process he took his people into confidence. He addressed them directly. He heard their issues and put in place systems that helped them stand on their feet. He depended less on freebies and insisted on people being self-reliant, a different model tried in India.

3. Communication:

It is a pleasure to hear him speak. He connects with the masses instantly. He does a lot of home work before he goes to address a gathering of people in a place. He starts with the history of the people, lauds the proud children of the land who did the nation great service, appreciates the huge number of people assembled to hear him, says a good word about their patience in sitting so many hours in the heat, cold or rain whatever the day offered. He asks them questions and insists that they reply with raised hands. He attacks the opponents directly always mingling personal attacks with relevant issues concerned with people. He always avoids words that are unparliamentary or derogatory. Even the reference to Rahul Gandhi as "Shahjada" (though not offensive) was not heard after Congress took objection to the usage. 

4. Perseverance:

The last but not the least quality of any leader is "perseverance". Rarely you see Modi withdrawing a comment or his party coming to his rescue saying he was misquoted. He chooses words carefully so he does nor enter into controversy. Even recently when columnists, media and congress spokespersons attacked him for being purportedly wrong in quoting history he did not take back his words. He believed in what he said and there ended the matter.. Never a statement (as far as I saw) was forthcoming from his office saying he was misquoted. Not only in words but in actions too  he shows tremendous amount of maturity and perseverance. In the face of mounting attacks of his being anti-Muslim he went on with his work of developing their lot in his state so that as many as 31% voters of the community voted for him in 2012 (as per psephologists). 

He works silently but does not remain silent on issues or in governance. He works relentlessly for what he believes is right. He made it a point to take all sections with him, whatever is said by his detractors. This can be seen in the wide ranging support to him in his party and support of minorities by and large. He has a youthful image and a clear vision for the youth of the nation. Let us not loose the opportunity to see the nation back on the track of growth. Let us vote for India. Let vote for stability. Let us for growth. Let us vote for real secularism (not pseudo secularism). Let us vote Modi as Prime Minister! 

Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram!


I dedicate this blog to the Main Stream Media (called lovingly MSM) for their relentless negative campaign about Modi thus increasing his popularity ratings beyond comprehension that people in remote villages in the south too started believing that he would deliver the nation from the tyranny of the corrupt congress rule!