Saturday, January 4, 2014


I helped many people in my life. I cant narrate all those. But one incident in my life taught me a lesson to help others even if it was painful to us. I was in my second form. (Now seventh class) Our English teacher gave a twenty word dictation. He told the class that for each mistake he would cane the student once. I committed two mistakes. The teacher was taken aback as I never did commit mistakes. It need not be said that I was the "blue eyed boy" of all teachers. So he told the class “Chandra never commits mistakes. I can not beat him. If any student is ready to take the two canes for him, I will spare him.” One Sambaiah who was lame with polio stood up and said ” Teacher. I committed 20 mistakes. So I get 20 canes. Another two will not add to my pain. I will take them.” The teacher spared the entire class from caning and said “Sacrifice is what Sambaiah showed today. Learn from him.” Alas! Sambaiah, being very poor, discontinued studies and joined a rice mill as daily labourer.
Still I feel his was a supreme sacrifice at a very young age. May God bless him and his kin with long life. Must be old like me.
We had two younger sisters after five brothers. As children, me and my younger brother, immediately elder to them used to accompany them for inviting ladies to functions in our house. On one such occasion, we could not find the lady of a house but her husband was sitting in the yard. We did not know how ask him to call his wife. My brother suggested, " We can ask 'where is your wife?" I said we cant do that. Finally we came to a decision and asked "Where is your mother?" The next day the entire village was talking this.
How Much?
During one mathematics examination my brother's class was asked questions like "If the cost of twelve mangos is Rs.12/- the cost of one mango is ------------" Fill in the blanks. For all the five similar questions he answered, "How much?" This was told in the school assembly and all had a generous laugh. I too felt bad. While returning home he started arguing with me what was wrong with that. It was, of course, correct answer. He filled in the blank. Then I told him that if it was English paper his answer was correct but as it was mathematics he should have made calculations and answered in figures. My mother consoled him.
The Lazy Guy:
I had a bosom friend whose friendship lasted until we were both fifty five. He was very lazy and over confident. One Sunday he came to our house in Hyderabad from Guntur at 10 AM. After greetings he told me this story." I have IAS preliminary examination today. Thinking that I opted for Hyderabad Centre I did not open the Hall Ticket cover and came here. Today morning, when I wanted to check the location, the centre was Madras. Now I remember I opted for Madras as I wanted to see that city." My wife started mocking me what a friend I got and we all laughed it away. Next year he cleared the examination. But he never changed his basic trait of being lazy.
I got National Merit Scholarship after my SSLC. The first cheque of the scholarship came to the college and I was summoned by the clerk. He asked me to sign on a revenue stamp where it was written, "Received payment" I refused to sign as I did nor receive any payment. The old man tried to convince me but I refused. He was very amused not angry. He took me to the lady principal who was a terror. She too was amused and asked me to sign and showed me the cheque and said as per procedure I should sign fist and receive the cheque but as a special case she handed over the cheque first. That day my prestige in the college soured as a guy who could convince the "terror lady" too. And the old clerk  blessed me wholeheartedly that day for being analytical in my approach at that age. I never forget him.