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So, Mohammed Bin Tughlaq  is reborn, will rather be reborn in Delhi on 1st January 2016 at 8 AM and will be back in his grave on 15th January, probably unable to bear the increased pollution levels. But to go to the graveyard, he may find it difficult as he may be owning an even number vehicle but he met his end on an odd date! Poor guy! And when I speak of this, I verify the list and do not find vehicles carrying dead souls to graveyards are not exempted. So, the traffic policeman (working under Modi?) may stop the dead soul and demand Rs.2000/- as fine, at which the dead soul looks to hell or Heaven for help. Yama's he-buffalo and Indra's chariot do not carry any numbers and cant enter Delhi until they have either odd or even number and are sent to RTA's office, seeing which Yama may comment "What a hell?" Indra may flee unable to bear the harassment and not seeing item girls, the four Apsarasas there.

In India, if a rule is passed there are thousand loopholes that our connoisseurs find. So, after the Christmas sale is over, AAP volunteers may start selling "women veils" to men. There are "odd"  day veils in red color and "even" day veils in green color. Each man can purchase two veils. The scheme works like this. A man wears "even' day veil on even day and goes to the office, masquerading as a woman. As lakhs of men are doing this even Modi's men cant stop these men. (and the inimitably vulgar CM tweets some vulgar language on Modi; that is the intention behind all this: noteworthy). So in addition to the nineteen lakh cars there will be an added 10,000 new autos, 6000 buses, many two wheelers hitherto unused to add to the pollution. Suppose, a police man catches a man masquerading as woman, can he stop his vehicle without causing traffic jams and further pollution? So, the men reach offices beating the rule. Offices make special arrangements before due date to fix hooks on all walls to enable men to hook their veils on. 

There is another danger. Nothing is said about "gay'  sex. So, all men with odd number cars on even days and with even number cars, on odd days may prefer to stick a sticker on the car reading "GAY CAR". This business of selling stickers is also allocated to AAP volunteers, who do no more work than abusing Modi on Twitter. This will pose a dilemma to  the Traffic Police. 

And what can a policeman do if the husband lies down incognito in the rear seat and his wife drives the car? It is impossible for traffic policemen to identify such cases in choc-o-bloc
k traffic. Another opportunity for the CM to be vulgar on Twitter.

This is funny! Vehicles carrying patients to the hospitals in emergency cases are exempt. It comes with a rider. Those patients should have proof. So, the policeman stops a vehicle and asks for proof. The attendants search for the proof for ten minutes and show. He allows the vehicle to proceed. As it was emergency and the doors of AC ambulance were opened to the pollution, the patient may meet his end. The question arises whether vehicles carrying dead souls can be allowed.  By the time clarification is sought, traffic may be blocked for ten kilometers. In addition to air pollution,  the sound pollution adds with constant honking by drivers. Just imagine the scene.

And then goes a list of VIPs and VVIPs. These blessed people do not travel in a single vehicle. Their vehicles are accompanied by a plethora of security vehicles, vehicles with bureaucrats, vehicles with attendants carrying files etc.,,

In the ultimate analysis, the only vehicle that does not go on road on alternate days is that of Arvind Kejriwal. This can be easily passed off. Only thing he has to do is to cough heavily on alternate days and apply leave to the Secretariat. He can view movies and write reviews. However, it does not pose issues, as he has already been doing this.

Who calls Arvind Kejriwal a fool? 







"Love looks trough a Telescope; envy through a Microscope." 

Prologue to the Part 11 

In the last part ( Part 10) I mentioned that I had a running feud with the Corporate honchos M/S Progressive Constructions Pvt. Ltd., owned by the family of Sri K.S.Rao, ex- Minister and MP from Congress party (now,unfortunately in BJP). It was no surprise, then, bankers are still on the streets regarding the overdue accounts of this Company even after three decades plus. (exceeding Rs.1000 crores)
Back in the 1980s, may be around 1983-84, M/S Progressive Constructions Pvt., Ltd., floated a sister concern, a Proprietary Firm, Hyderabad Builders, mainly for the purpose of carrying out construction of commercial and residential complexes. One such residential complex was Asiana Apartments in AC Guards, Opposite Sarojini Devi eye hospital, in a prime locality. They raised a Term Loan of Rs. 30.00 lakhs from our Bank, our Branch, where I was Sub-Manger by then.(I was mere 30 years age then, hot in blood). Unlike Cash Credit accounts, in term Loans, debits and credits are not permitted on running basis. After one month of disbursing the loan the firm got a cheque of Rs.15.00 lakhs from IDBI, that they credited to the loan account. Shockingly after one month, the firm approached us to disburse the Rs.15.00 lakhs again. I refused. My Manger stood solidly behind me. There was a call from Chairman's secretariat. For one full day, there were heated exchange of words. I asked a written communication from them. They refused. I stood ground, so too my Manager. But, finally, we received Telex Instructions next day. We disbursed the amount. So they got interest benefit for a month on Rs.15.00 lakhs and and also got back their part loan, against all norms of banking. On instructions from HO, we violated RBI guidelines.
The loan account became overdue. Dues mounted to Rs.40.00 or 45.00 lakhs. The firm made a proposal. They had six unsold flats in the Asiana apartments. These were unsold, as they were on ground (abutting the parking lot) and first floors and were not preferred in a posh locality. Window panes were made with iron and ordinary glasses were fitted to the windows. Any passerby can see through the glasses into the bed rooms of Managers.  Bath rooms had the cheapest fittings. By the time our bank purchased the apartments, half the pumps were leaking. Paint was peeling off. After all, they were lying unsold for more than a year and we bought them to make their accounts regular. All in the game, no retribution. No car parking was available. Our Management meekly succumbed and purchased those unsalable apartments just to close the loan account. Managers were allotted those flats. No Manager was owning a car then. They occupied the flats without murmur. I remained a "stone in the slippers' of the company officials and owners. These powerful politicos were in a position to get loans and make the banks cough up the loan amount for cheap flats sold at high end rates. People like me lost in the game. I will again come back on the subject, when I come to the 1980s and my tryst with destiny in Hyderabad.


My working life at Mandipet, Davangere was full of successes except a sore note or two in the middle. It surprised many, including the otherwise skeptical Regional Manager. He could not, though unwillingly, but quote me in every Branch visit he was making in the region. "See that officer! Ask him any transaction! He will repeat with date and figures. When you visit Davangere, meet him without fail and learn his working style." was his refrain to the officers and Managers in every Branch.  By the mid 1980, I was a house-hold name in the Region, so much so that when I took initiative to revive the defunct Officers' Organization in the Region in 1980, I needed no introduction. 

The second most exhilarating experience in my entire career  in those parts was the next day after I was relieved. We were traveling by bus to Hospet to catch a train for a final journey from Kaarnataka.  The bus was scheduled at 10.30 AM, the time Branch used to open. But the entire clerical and sub-ordinate staff, a few customers and few staff of PB Road Branch were in the bus station to say "Good Bye" to me. Branches started functioning at 11.30 AM that day. Customers did not object. Both Mr.Shivayogappa and Maheswarappa  bid a tearful farewell to us. It was an unforgettable experience. I dared "where eagles dare" and came out with flying colors.


Back to the story. I was reverted to my parent branch, from a successful stint in PB Road Branch on deputation. The skepticism with which an officer on training used to  receive when he joined a new Branch was absent as I already earned a name "the young man with brain and brawn," The incumbent Manager resigned from the Bank as he was facing charges and a meek looking, just on verge of retirement, extremely talented and good Manager, Sri Perodi Vasuddeva Rao took charge. He was non-controversial, always available for advice and highly knowledgeable man, but did not get promoted because he caste and nativity were barriers. That is banking for those, who do not know. Nothing changed much in the way the banks are run, I feel.
Two or three incidents during my service here are worth mentioning. Shivayogappa was basically a good-natured man, yet times cranky. I had a mathematical talent. I used to total a hundred numbers just looking at the figures and not using pen or pencil to note the carry forward figures. My ledger checking, hence used to take only 20% of the time the other officers used to take. I used to count cash so fast that it was a treat to onlookers. Shivayogappa, after we became good friends, challenged me one day that he would write figures in such a way that I would falter in totaling. He copied figures in zigzag fashion, writing 1000s in 100s column, 10s in 100s column etc., I totaled it with the same speed and precision. He only helped my stock among staff and officers improve further.
We used to have two pigmy deposit collectors (Janata Deposit) attached to the branch. Commission earned on their daily collections was their income.  Soon after I gained control over the branch, I made it a point to check their collection register first and dispose them, whatever work on hand. This gave them more time to go for next day collections. Previously officers used to make them sit for hours in the Branch.My immediate identification with the problems faced by the low level employees gave them encouragement and these two were present in the bus stop on the day of my final journey with  a humble gift.
We used to have to sub-ordinate staff in the Branch, Shivappa Setty and Rukmaiah Setty. Both were Telugu speaking. But the two used to be in two Unions. Once, there was a personality clash  between them. It took Trade Union turn. immediate casualty was Branch work.  Me and Manager tried to resolve the dispute but it only extended. After one month the issue was unresolved. Physical filing of papers was the worst casualty. I was finding it difficult to retrieve a paper. So, one fine morning, i woke up and came to the Branch at 6 AM, (I was staying in the portion attached to the Branch). My wife was shocked not to find me in the house but knew I would be in the Branch and brought coffee and breakfast there only. By 10  AM I completed filing, went home, dressed up and came back to the branch. The attenders saw this, the elder one Shivappa practically fell on my feet, both came to me together and took a vow that they would never quarrel and trouble me in future. They stood by their word. This was great experience. I replicated this in almost all branches and succeeded in winning the hearts, through my silence and my capacity to do any work without hesitation.
More on Davangere and Karnataka experiences in the Part 12, with my tussle with big Corporate honchos as Prologue. 


"Courage is reckoned the greatest of all virtues; because unless a man has that virtue he has no security for preserving any other" - Samuel Johnosn

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"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."

"Some of us have become so addicted to pointing fingers at others for all the wrong that happens in our lives that self-assessment has become synonymous with blaming the victim."

These quotes succinctly underscore the values one should inculcate when one chooses public life as "numero uno" of one's preferences. Unfortunately, our public servants play victim card at the drop of a hat to earn sympathy of the public, who in fact, require their sympathy for choosing them as their bureaucrats or public representatives. The hurry with which they react to any negative perception of their actions or inaction is reflective, more of nervousness than their bravado in the face of the storm brewing.  In their nervous reaction to the events unfolding as per the laws of the land or as per procedures obtained through the laws, they use unparliamentary expletives of their perceived adversaries (usually more powerful than themselves). 

A recent example was that of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, who unfortunately, turned out to be a spoke in the wheel of democracy, a dust particle in the eye of development and a stone in the shoes of good governance. CBI raided the office of his Personal Secretary, on whom there had been a spate of complaints of misuse of official position. This investigation had been going on for some time and the CBI obtained a Court permission to raid his offices and his residences in addition to the offices and residences of his associates in the reported fraud. So far so good, as CBI followed the procedure strictly as per rule book. Even before Media got scent of the raid, the Delhi CM went on Social Media tweeting, "My offices were raided by CBI" and a spate of lies were perpetuated by his "Nava Nandas" through Media (ready to castigate Modi government for no reason) and Social Media. These included the lie that Delhi CM''s office was raided, his office was sealed, DDCA files are copied so on and so forth. 

"When you slip on a banana peel, people laugh at you; but when you tell people you slipped on a banana peel, it's your laugh. So you become the hero rather than the victim of the joke."

This showed extreme nervousness on the part of AAP, who want to still wear the mask of honesty after openly supporting Congress and RJD in Bihar. Their problem was they never did anything for public welfare after assuming office. Their only mask of honesty was blown off in Bihar.  They obviously do not want their skin of honesty too be peeled off. So counter attack, a tactic of hidden warfare, MAFIOSO style. This is the USP of AAP, from the beginning. Spread a lie and keep mum. But the funniest argument that an IIT graduate and an ex-IRS officer could never have advanced, had he really obtained the qualifications by fair means, was, "Why should they raid the present offices when the fraud happened in such and such department?" It is funny. Any fraudster does not leave evidence of his fraud in the previous offices, so that his successors can find truth and book him. He will either destroy all evidence or carry copies of the evidence to his present offices.  So , any raid, first takes place in the present offices or simultaneous raids are conducted, depending upon the kind of evidence the raiding authority has.The knowledge is common place. A CM, not knowing this is surprising and as it is Kejriwal, it is not at all surprising. It is as good as the CM accepting, by default that he did not verify the antecedents of his own officers, before taking them on board. And, in a way, it is acceptance on his part that his officers were capable of anything, not only committing frauds but hiding evidence.

"Every third person in the world is a drama queen. And crying 'victim,' especially when you're not really a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you're not one."

 "My officer! They can not be easily booked, as they rob without pain", it was as good as saying so. Read this, you will know.

Man Demands Justice

One day, a man ran into Judge Naseeruddin’s room and said, “I was just robbed at the border of this village! It must have been someone from here, and I demand justice! The robber took everything from me—my shoes, my pants, my shirt, my coat, my necklace, and even my socks…he took everything, I tell you! I demand justice.”

“Well now,” Naseeruddin replied, “I see that you are still wearing you underwear—so the robber didn’t take that, did he?”
“No,” replied the man.
Naseeruddin responded, “Then I am sure he was not from here, and thus I cannot investigate your case.”
“How can you be so sure?” the man asked.
“Because if he were from here, he would have taken your underwear as well. After all, we do things thoroughly around here!“

After CBI offered its own side of the story and AAP was attacked from all quarters and finding no support in pliant Media too, Kejriwal shifted gear and started attacking Arun Jaitely. Unfortunately for him, there was nothing new in his allegations as these were probed during UPA regime and the SFIO, that investigated the allegations, found no evidence in the charges on Jaitely. BJP stood solidly behind him. To add to his discomfiture, Kirti Azad, a failure on cricket field, caught hold of the same report and started making noises thus depriving Kejriwal, the unique position of taking on Jaitely. For Jaitely, this was a double victory. Those in BJP, who were critical of him as being close to Sonia were answered by his attack on Azad, as having met Sonia. And he got a renewed assurance from Modi and Shah, the two most powerful in the BJP that his position and his honesty were unassailable. For Kejriwal it was double whammy. A court case and his own inability to pursue with Commission of Inquiry, he ordered as it was beyond his government's mandate. So, he called the assembly session and passed a bill ordering the commission of inquiry. 

It did not end there. Jaitely went to court personally and filed a civil and criminal defamation case in his personal capacity. Court immediately issued notice. Filing a case directly without issuance of notice and the court immediately issuing a notice rattled Kejriwal, as never before. So, like a monkey that drank toddy and touched fire he again continued his mad diatribe on Modi.  It was funny, that his basic knowledge of procedures and laws of the land was so poor. He asked CBI, "After six days of questioning, what did you find?. Tell me." Basic point is he does not have locus standi on the issue. It was between his PS, the complainant, the CBI and the Court. CBI makes preliminary inquiries, if there is evidence they present it to the court, if court is convinced it will order raid, if further evidence is found CBI submits to court. Simply because Tom, Dick or Harry think the PS is innocent, the CBI will not go to them and present all the questions and answers. This is basic knowledge. If a CM is unaware of this or pleading he is unaware, we must pity the voters who voted him to power. Not in all cases the CBI raids, it will proceed with further action. There are numerous cases that are dropped if sufficient evidence is not found. In this case, the CBI has to prepare a water tight case and submit in the court. In the meantime, simply because Kejriwal and his moronic followers tweet nonsense, CBI will not stop its work. 

It is human psychology that no fraudster or criminal accepts that he is in the wrong until it is otherwise proven with evidence. And people in public offices play the victim card. It requires a lot of conviction to accept that one is at fault. In the famous Hollywood movie, Shawshank Redemption, a hardcore criminal laughs at the hero, Tim Robbins, when he says he is innocent and says, "Everyone here is innocent".  Kejriwal is no one to give clean chit to his officer. He should wait for the investigating officers to say so. And he can not play victim card, as he is not under attack. And he is not god descended to save India from corruption. If so, he would not have hugged Congress and Lalu. His attitude smacks of "megalomania". Read the story.

Naseerudin  stole himself into someone’s garden and began putting vegetable in his sack. The owner saw him and shouted, “What are you doing in my garden?”
“The wind blew me here,” Naseerudin confidently responded.
“That sounds like bull to me,” was the reply, “but let’s assume that the wind did blow you here. Now then, how can you explain how those vegetables were pulled out from my garden?”
“Oh, that’s simple,” Naseerudin explained. “I had to grab them to stop myself from being thrown any further by the wind.”
“Well,” the man continued, “then tell me this—how did the vegetables get in your sack?”
“You know what,” Naseerudin said, “I was just standing here and wondering that same thing myself!“



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Your life is not in your hands. Your actions are guided by the others. You take a step forward, four hands pull your legs to the hind. Just see what is happening in the political spectrum. One CBI raid, CBI is silent, the raided officer is silent but the AAP guys who never did, do or will do any work continue to chatter on Idiot Boxes 24x7 on all irrelevant subjects.


We do not observe closely but our destiny takes turns and U-turns, not because of our actions but the constant nagging of outsiders. Let us take an example. You get married to the most loving girl you loved. She too loved you. Suddenly a childhood friend meets you on the street or at a Cinema Theater. "Hey Pappu!" he calls loud. You get a shiver in your spine. He comes near, blasts you with his fists, showers all affection but finally he tells your wife, "We used to call him Pappu, as he was good for nothing. We used to write script for his speeches in debates," He goes on blabbering. There is no immediate danger as you both are hot. But as time passes winter sets in life. Disputes arise. She may call you "Pappu". You may get wild. You may hit her. She may file a case  under sec.498 a. You may find yourself behind bars. All this, just because, someone unnecessarily blabbered some nonsense without basis. I hear that our inimitable PAPPU does not marry for this reason only. It is a different subject.


Vaastu is a subject that every other Indian is expert.  I studied MA (Astrology) at a late age.  There is one Viva Voce paper. Professors take oral test.  They asked me why I chose Astrology. I said that I did not believe in mundane predictions or Vasstu and I wanted to know whether I was right. They were not happy but I passed as I  answered all other questions. Finally they asked, "Will you practice?" I told that what I gained was a tip of the iceberg and I would  save the knowledge instead of making use of it commercially.

But, you can observe many Vaastu experts. In 1990, I constructed an apartment, the first and the last, I constructed. (Later I sold it too). I performed house warming ceremony. One of my closest relations counted the number of windows and doors and told my wife that the number was ten and all would be zero within no time. She told this to my wife as she was related to her. My wife was shaken. She pestered me to increase the number by adding two more doors. Under pressure, I broke the new walls and adjusted two more doors. The relation again visited and with her finger on lips (her lips, not mine) she exclaimed, "How could you break new walls?? This is disaster waiting." I told my wife, "I believe in Karma and whatever has to happen will happen" The issue closed there.  Whether it was Vaastu or Fate, I suffered the worst humiliation. It is different. But, here it was unnecessary for the sweet relation to  say words that pinched my wife life long. It became an issue of constant strife. I solved it my own way, of course. I sold the flat. Issue closed. I educated my children. They bought many properties. I never saw them nor advised on the Vasstu aspects. I believe in non-attachment, as far as possible.

I do not know whether you observed or not. If you construct a house, there is inevitably one person who skips the house warming ceremony but comes separately with a gift and his family. From the second he enters the house his searching eyes take rounds and rounds about the house. He does this until you ask him out of curiosity and apprehension, "Is something wrong?" That is his moment. He says, "North East of the site seems a bit cut and South West was more than it should be. That is OK. You can rectify by minor alterations." You believe him and you are finished. He asks, "Why is Pooja Room here? Why is iron safe in the North East? There should not be weight there. Why is water flowing through South West? It should be North East. Change the children room to that side. Make this your bed room. Close this door permanently." By the time he leaves, the whole of your arrangement takes a U-turn. And some issues remain to be tackled by construction workers, carpenters, plumbers etc., And you lose sleep. You get depressed. Your children may lose examinations. Your wife may suddenly turn against you. One fine morning he may walk in again to remind you that he forewarned. If you are pragmatic you will tell him that it is his interference that turned your fate and not Vaastu.


I attended one function. Two old men greeted each other. One said " Oh! Karodpathi colony!" (Billionaire). The other mumbled something. This Billionaire looked like a pauper in rags. I was looking better. I do not own a billion paisa too. This real estate fad can be seen in the upcoming colonies of every city. Most of the owners/residents are neo-rich turned neo- middle classes.  Most of them struggle throughout their lives to own that marvelous piece of land on the outskirts of the city. They construct a middle class home raising loans from banks, from money lenders etc.,, They settle there. By the time the first man constructs a house it is barren land. Slowly people gain in confidence and start occupying the lands. Houses are made with no roads, no transport and no sanitation. Ten years, twenty years and thirty years on, many colonies remain in as is where is condition. After thirty years, the Government may it is Wakf Land or assigned land and declare the colony illegal. We are in square one running from pillar to post. (This is the latest in Hyderabad city, regularization fee running in lakhs) Only consolation is big malls come in the vicinity. Oh! Development! But it is never seen. Most of the owners let the houses out, buy an apartment in the mid-city and shift there. The pride of owning a house in the outskirts remains. You visit any house, the talk goes to the real estate owned by them. "I purchased the land at Rs.200/- per yard. Now, it is quoting at Rs.10,000/-. Ask him, "Will you sell?" He says "No" firmly. It is like gold kept in lockers. Until he retires the mortgage continues. He will be calculating the inflation in rate and one fine morning his life deflates. None knows what happens next. But the satisfaction of talking about the value of assets owned is more than anything. 

I observed this even in very rich classes when I was very young. We used to have a client who was MP throughout his life in LS or RS. He had a house in the posh Banjara Hills Colony.I might have visited his house umpteen times accompanied by each executive from HO. He was taking pride in his possession. "See! Chandrmohan! I acquired this sculpture in Japan @ Rs. 1.00 Lakh (then in 1980s)." It went on like that umpteen times. All vanity.  Where will  he take them? But attachment to possessions is more than any thing.

Alexander,it is said, on his death bed expressed three desires to his Minister. Number one his body should be carried by his physicians, number two all his earnings like gold, diamonds etc., should be scattered on the road to the graveyard and that both his arms must be stretched open while cremating his body. The Minister asked why it were so. The King replied ,"It is to show the world that the best physicians in the world could not save the King who conquered the world, number two that all the earnings will be scattered once the soul leaves the body, number three to show the world that even the mightiest of Kings came here empty handed and went back empty handed.

This is philosophy of the highest order. For a man who possesses nothing "HAKUNA MATATA" No worry, it is philosophy. Live and let live. 


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A mischievous toddler was caught peeing at a public place, strictly prohibited for peeing, by a gentleman. He immediately ran a few yards and peed there. A police constable caught the two arguing and the gentleman told the truth. But the boy insisted that the gentleman peed first and that he only emulated him. And, as proof he showed the two wet places. 

Surprised? This boy grew up to be an IIT, an IRS and the Chief Minister of a Union Territory in the great country called India. Should I name him? Not needed. You all know. Whenever he is caught in the act, he will rush to the Media and one channel  is ready to film the other "WET SPOT".  The day he entered politics was the day I predicted (in a tet e tete with my son) that he would be a thorn in the rosy bed of Indian democracy. He does not follow any rules.  He does not believe in "rule of Law". The worst part is he does not believe in one word, "TRUTH". If we study his life, we can not but draw a conclusion that he is a fully developed "megalomaniac". And, he is surrounded by corrupt, dishonest, good-for-nothing followers, who are using his psychological problem to their advantage, just a like a selfish husband uses the ill-health of his wife, to sustain himself and grow. Examples abound, but it diverts the main issue.

Why is media so interested in encouraging this guy? No! it is not as much encouraging anyone but as it is, to see the downfall of Modi. So, whoever uses vitriolic language against Modi, he becomes a blue-eyed boy of the Media. Various factors define this hate - Modi campaign. One is, certainly, the drying up of advertisement revenue from Government departments. This would not, in itself, have turned the Media so inimical to Modi. Media was enjoying the sweet patronage of the powers-that-be for the past one decade, before Modi took over. They had sources in every Ministry. They had sources in every investigating agency. In fact, the main grouse of Media and Kejriwal seemed that they had no prior information from sources of the impending raid on the office of the Delhi secretariat. The sources dried up. There is full control over all institutions. Unsparing efforts are on, to muzzle corruption in the roots. This guy does not want it. Surrounded by wily foxes and jackals, he wears a mask of honesty. He thinks that by calling a goat a dog, the dozen thieves, including himself, can get away stealing the valuable goat. Once, his bluff was called, he started spreading canards. But is is impossible to distract the determination of Modi. He is a Sage, who conquered all the internal enemies. For a Sage there are no external enemies as he conquers anger, hate and jealousy.  

Alexander won wars on all the Kings in the world. He was retreating with his army from India. His wife asked him to get her one Rishi, as she wanted to know her future as she believed Rishis had magic powers. Alexander found one such Rishi in meditation and ordered him to follow him.The Rishi refused. Alexander drew his sword. The Rishi  smiled. Alexander was shocked. No one ever smiled when he was going to kill. He asked the Rishi, "Are you not afraid, you smile? Don't you know, I am killing you?" The Rishi replied, "There are two things you should know. Your sword can not kill me. Second, you are slave of my slaves".Angry Alexander demanded an explanation. The Rishi smiled and said, "  You can only cut my body with your sword. But I am not this body. I am something else. And, secondly, I conquered anger and desire to such an extent that they are my slaves. I never obey them, but they obey me. And you succumb to anger and desire like a slave. Am I not right that you are the slave of my slaves?"

This IIT guy should have realised this, the moment he saw on TV, a smiling Modi handing over a glass of water to his choking MP, who was shouting in anger and not only that also failed in performing the basic duty of covering the glass with a lid and Modi did it, with the same smile. Do we not see a similarity in the episode to the above story? Rishis and Sages are made of a different mettle. They conquer the six enemies. Those who are slave to the internal enemies use vitriolic language to please the base desires of his followers. His education is a sham. His culture is a sham. His honesty is a facade. 

And the third reason Media draws swords on Modi is their own apprehension bordering on paranoia. If the most powerful members of the first family could be dragged to court, it was only a matter of time before their sins came knocking on their doors.And they were plenty.So, the sooner Modi goes, the sooner they will be out of the woods. But it is a pipe dream. Loss in one of two or in all the state elections from now on also can not do anything to Modi's  position. Matters have been clarified many times. Snake poison has remedy. For every problem there is a solution. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

When one says he is honest he should be honest in word and deed. Just not taking bribe is honesty. Not telling lies too is honesty. If one does not take bribe or is not corrupt, but spoils the whole system with his blatant lies and goes out of his way to protect an allegedly corrupt officer, whither his honesty? There is no measuring tape for honesty, to say he is three yards honest or the other is four yards honest. Or to say that he is 56 KG honest and the other 65 KG honest.  Honesty is absolute not relative.  

An American,an English man and and an Indian were chatting. 

"In our country the airplane touches the sky when it flies"  the American said.

"Will it really touch the sky?" the others exclaimed.

"Not exactly. An inch below the sky, it flies" he said.

"In our country, ships can sail above water?"" the English man said.

"Will they not touch water at all?' asked the other two.

"Not exactly, they sink just an inch." explained the English guy.

"In our country, people eat through their noses" the Indian said.

Shocked the other two asked, "How can they eat through noses?"

"Not exactly! They eat through mouth just one inch below their noses"" explained the Indian.

Honesty should not be a relative subject as above. There is no one inch above or below honesty. Honesty is a fixed morale. One can not be dishonest to a wife by being honest to a live-in relation and claim honesty. It can not be by halves. If one has a wife and a live-in partner, he should have temerity to be honest with both and face the music. You can not claim to be honest and hug a convict Lalu, in the name of secularism. The mask peeled off then itself. Claiming victory by falsehood is Duryodhana-like. Raja Dharma demands more than vicious tweets to satiate the hunger of lumpen elements. 

It is easy to deceive a layman with sweet words and live life king size. Our politicians know this art very well. Our "ALTERNATE" politicians know this a tad better then the traditional ones like Congress and Communists, These traditional guys tell lies but get caught. But these LIE LIE TEE guys (Guys with two Lies and one Tee shirt) know this better. They adorn lies in place of lips. They know the art of cheating and if caught they play victim-card, cleverly. 

The official car of a businessman crashed into a tree and sustained  severe damages. The driver was on the verge of tears. Soon a crowd gathered there. An old man, traveling in another car, stopped and talked to the driver with pity. "i think you have to get the car repaired from your own sources" 

"Yes, sir!" replied the driver.

The businessman handed him over a Rs.500/- note and said " I hope these kind people leand a hand each" and drove away. 

Seeing the old man's generosity, many people contributed their mite. They praised the old man for his great idea"

"Yes! He is a smart guy. He is my boss, owner of this car" said the driver chuckling.






A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

PROLOGUE to 10th part.

I saw a news item, in a local news paper this week that Senior officers of ten or more banks held a silent protest against non-repayment of about Rs.1000 crores, by M/S Progressive Constructions Private Limited, owned by ex-Congress Minister KS Rao. My tussle with top management of our Bank started with this account only. I refused to recommend renewal of credit limits of this account. I quoted at least ten defaults in the account and recommended, "If the higher authorities feel, they can renew the limits. Personally, I feel the limits must be suspended" Soon, I got a call from Chairman's Secretariat but I did not budge." My Manager suggested that I go on leave and he got it recommended by the next officer. That was the start of my end. My career ended but today, I am a happy man that officers of ten banks are on streets unable to recover the amounts. My premonition proved right. And from then on, I had a running feud with the Company Officials and a direct threat was issued by one Sri BK Rao, brain behind Sri KS Rao, that he would see how I would continue in the Bank. And I did not. More on this in the coming parts.


This is part 10 of my own story. I already explained why I preferred to write my own story. I am not that great. But there is something that tells you a story in my life, the story of great success and great failure, all at a time. Those who see this first time may refer to the earlier parts.

Life is a mix of ups and downs for many. I am not an exception. But, my psychology did not fit to the world and its ways. Still, I continue in the same mindset.  Hence, my rosy life has many thorns, even now, unseen by many. Hopefully, I will live like this leave the world like this, unsung.

I just turned twenty five. I earned experience of a life time by then. Death of my father, shunning responsibility of family by my three elder brothers and my sisters and mother depending on me , my wife who was carrying by then, forced change of job and the snakes ready to bite at every opportune moment in the new job all made me tougher by the day. Even before I shifted my job my maternal uncle Sri Ramachandrarao advised me against joining the Bank. He told, "We, in Reserve Bank of India, consider it as a family-owned retail shop. They do not allow others to grow. Outsiders are eased out on one pretext or other" But "Buddhi Karmanusarena". My decision was made. And at that time I was not fearing any one or anybody. But fate had it otherwise. 

After the training in Mangalore I was posted to Bellary, considered as punishment posting, in the Bank. In the Bank this belt, Bellary, Anantapur, Chitradurga etc., were hot beds of Trade Unionism where Officers were sweating it out to get the routine work going on, leave alone, development. Managers in these Branches were always on their toes fighting it out with the Union leaders. I reported for duty in Bellary under Mr.Vikramaditya Nayak, considered in the Bank as one of the most dynamic Managers. Reception was contemptuous, as expected. I was asked to learn basics sitting in clerical counters. It took me hardly a week. The Manager, initially, was very hostile. He was continuously complaining to the Regional Manager that he asked for a regular officer and not one who had to be trained in basics. His grouse was understandable. He was short of officers, who could look after the Branch work, in his absence. I understood the dynamics very fast. Managers were unwilling to stay in the Branch and face the staff. They used to go away in the early hours for deposit mobilization and come back only after the staff left. But as I was only a trainee, it was not possible to hand over the keys of Cash chest to me. The Manager had little confidence on the other officer, Mr.Raghupathi. 

After a fortnight of my joining, the Regional Manager, Mr.Aiyar paid a visit. His first target was me. He called me inside and asked the same question that was asked in the Head Office. "With whose recommendation you got the job?" I gave the same reply, "God's recommendation". He was furious and started dancing. My manager was trying to explain that I was very sharp and picked up work very fast. No! He said he would see me out of the bank soon. He resigned within a month from then as he was facing serious charges of corruption. His place was taken over by one more hostile Regional Manager, Sri K.R. Mallya, with whom I had a running feud for four years almost. (ultimately, he, a General Manager, haunted me through out and spied on every transaction I carried out and booked me for small indiscretions, branded me dishonest and punished me with capital punishment. Many in the Bank know the truth, though my own brothers, sisters and their spouses never agreed to accept the truth. Here, I should mention my elder brother-in-law, who enjoys blood money earned by his father and who talks about honesty. Hypocrisy at its peak is his personality.) 

Three to four months on, my Manager developed a special affection for me.He was awe struck. He told anyone who visited the Branch that in his whole service, he never came across a sharper brain. I almost became second man in the Branch within four months, having effective control on the whole staff including my Senior Officer, who never grudged my taking over the Branch. He was thanking me for helping him out of tricky issues. We were a team along with few youngsters who joined as clerks.   I started controlling the whole branch operations effectively by then. He started handing over the keys of Cash Chest to me. But one guy from North Canara District, Monja Ganiga, an attender-promoted-as-clerk was the most unhappy of all. Thither to, he was the most trusted assistant of the Manager, carrying canards from here to there and back, thus keeping the gulf between the Manager and staff. He was so close to the Manager that he was paying a visit to his house at least once a day "carrying news". This was , is and will be a bad habit with many senior officers. As I slowly took over, I rubbished his claims. I was seeing that the Manager spent more time with staff. This, naturally, incensed Ganiga. But he was helpless. Though trainee, I was the most loved one in the Branch. I was having a very good time climbing the ladder. But a snake bit me in the form of the Regional Manager.

Around October, 1978, eight months after joining the Branch, my Manager showed me a confidential letter from RM. Usually these letters were addressed personally in the name of the Manager and were not shared with any one. But by that time my Manager developed so much affection towards me (he was able to develop the Branch business by 250% as he got a good officer at last) that he shared the contents with me. The gist was that one Mr.Prabhakar Sheth (related to the RM closely, it was said) , working in Mandipet Davangere was facing lot of issues with the union leaders there and requested  for a transfer and he proposed to replace me in his place. Naturally, our Manager was furious. He showed me his reply too, saying that he could not spare my services. There was continuous correspondence and phone conversations between the two. Finally, my Manager had to consent to transfer me after the year end, 31st December. Orders came. Sheth, who was waiting in the wings, joined immediately and my relieving was set for Second of January, 1979. Seeing my personality, the heavy weight Mr.Sheth commented, "There are lots of snakes in Davangere. I applied for two months' leave unable to bear the torture. I think you may not survive there for even fifteen days. There are two powerful forces there by names Shivayogappa and Maheswarappa. They will suck your blood no sooner you join there." I just smiled away. Even my Manager told me while relieving that he was feeling like his son was being sent to war front. He called me and my wife for lunch, the first in his service, his wife told us. Ganiga was happy, he could get back to his old ways.

So, on 2nd January 1979, I set out to Davangere with my wife, a six month old girl child, a mat, two pillows, bed sheets, a kerosene stove, few utensils all packed and carried on top of the bus. I was not owning a chair or transistor radio too that time. I set foot in Mandipet, Davangere Branch. The same evening, I was relieved to report in PB Road, Davangere Branch, as there were no officers there and the Manager here, any how, did not want a trainee officer. His name was M.S.Adiga. 

Next morning, I reported in PB Road Branch. This Branch was the hot bed of Union Politics. In this Branch, the National Secretary of the Union, Mr. Joshi, was working as a senior clerk. A soft spoken but hard nut, this man read the rule book from first to last and last to first pages. It was becoming difficult for Managers and officers to argue with him. He was not a bad man. I observed this within a week. He was branded bad as Managers and officers who were ineffective to tackle him. 

Our Manager was Mr. P.B. Kamath here. His weakness was he worked his whole service in Head Office and was very poor in Branch operations. The second in line was on long leave, so effectively I was second in line. He was not happy. A trainee and a Manager, who can not train. I made friends with Joshi first and sought his guidance on the Branch operations there. He was helping me in the counters. This surprised the Manager. Other clerks followed Joshi. Within a fortnight, I started clearing the pending work in the branch. Mr. Joshi and other clerks used to complete daily routine sitting late hours. The message went to Mandipet. Shivayogappa, who was on leave the day I joined, came particularly to see me. He wanted to see how I looked and what was so special in me that made Mr. Joshi, one of my best guides. He was not knowing English and my Kannada was good but was breaking. Soon after I was introduced to him I folded both hands and said "Namaskara". His reaction was surprising. "Did nobody tell about me?" he asked. I said I heard a lot about him, but I heard lot about Mr. Joshi too, He said I was too clever and Mr. Joshi diverted the subject. That was my first encounter with a man, who was branded demon in the region, but who became my best friend in three years.

Within my deputation period, I cleared almost the whole pending work in the Branch and the Manager refused to relieve me.  There was a tussle between him, the other manager and Regional Manager. RM forced him to relieve me. (Irony was that the Manager was later reverted and posted to Mandipet Branch and was taking instructions from me, as I was de facto number two there. He was my father's age almost).

Back in my parent branch, I was greeted with enthusiasm this time around. Manager was skeptical, though. He already earned a very bad name as ineffective and corrupt to the core. Most of the time he was sleeping in his quarters.  Branch was being managed by one Mr. Ramnath Nayak, who was the blue eyed boy of the Regional Manager.  He was very efficient, though cranky. My role was limited to playing second fiddle to this Senior Officer. He guided me in the Branch profile and soon I was my own self. As his promotion and transfer were in the offing soon, he slowly delegated the work to me and soon he left on promotion. 

Trade Unionism in Banking and Insurance sectors could not be called "militant", but the very nature of operations make it a pain in the neck for officers on the job. Both sectors are directly dealing with customers, who demand better service always. In Banking it is more so, as the customer is to be served within a time frame say from 10.30 AM and 2.30 PM and the day's account had to be tallied and closed by 5.30 PM. It was all manual. There was no permission to use even a pocket calculator, leave alone computers. Only in the middle parts of the eighties we were permitted to use calculators. But these too were supplied to only big branches. 

To add to the pain, there were two strong unions in these parts of Karnataka, one BMS affiliated NOBW, the minority union and the majority union Communist leaning AIBEA. There was constant tussle between these two unions thus making lives of officers miserable. Working hours used to stretch to midnight some days. In Mandipet, there were two AIBEA stalwarts Shivayogappa and Maheswarappa, each controlling his own group and at loggerheads all the time, sometimes physical too. NOBW was represented by Ramesh Prabhu, who was equally vociferous. Whenever a new recruit joined the tussle used to multiply, in order to enroll him in respective unions. I observed officers were indirectly promoting interests of one group or the other in a "divide and rule" policy. This boomeranged usually. Unless the leader takes all with him, the going will be tough for all.

Thus, life at Davangere left an indelible mark on my life. My family life suffered. My prolonged working hours troubled my wife who was struggling with two  children and carrying again. It went to such an extent that she was picking quarrels with my Manager's wife, in broken Kannada. Once, she told her that she needed family life and "leave my husband to me and to  my children" . I took it lightly.  Even now, it looks funny to me. (Me and my Manager used to stay in the same building, attached to the Bank).

Please be reading. Telugu version follows for both ninth and tenth parts soon.

It is boring to read minute details of one's family and working life. But in each step, I faced challenges. If I look back, I feel, all decisions taken by me were wrong prima facie, but a deep introspection convinces me I was right at every step, uncompromising and stubborn. Or, would I have been in a position to recollect each incident and write this? I kept my mind clean and my brain sharp.  That was and is my singular achievement. As I go further you will understand.


Always have the situation under control, even if losing. Never betray an inward sense of defeat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015



Long, long ago R.K.Laxman drew a cartoon. Those were the days when, presumably,  the first foot-over bridge was constructed in Chennai (then Madras). People, in droves cross the road below the bridge, One passer-by  tells the common man, " If it is displayed on the bridge that it is for vehicular traffic only, pedestrains may have used the bridge to cross". This cartoon succinctly states Indian mindset. Poor Indians are more  law-abiding than the rich. You find this at the traffic signals. Most car owners, bike owners cross the red signal. They take pride in speeding their vehicles after the yellow light is seen. As the red light is on,   these rich and educated guys continuously honk their horns, knowing fully well that the vehicle in the front can not move until the light turns green. When, boards are displayed "Do not litter", we litter under the board. Where it is displayed, "Do not urinate", stinking smell of urine stays perennially. All corners of staircases of high rises are littered with red Pan chewed and spit. Lamp posts turn white with "chunna". We throw garbage by the sides of the dust bin and in most places it remains empty, whereas for a few feet all around there is garbage. This is typical Indian mentality.

Narendra Modi chose the right way of educating people in the direction of cleanliness to change the mindset. It is mocked by none other than Arvind Kejriwal. It is showing effect as youth and children are listening to the saner voice. He did not pass any executive orders "Thou shalt not litter" 

Yes! It takes time but a decade from now, you can see a very clean India just by education, not by commandments.

In this back drop, one can not understand the rationale in ordering citizens not to bring out private owned cars on alternate days. It is odd, even by the standards of Tughlaq. It is an executive commandment, left for implementation by the Police that works under the Centre, represented by the  LG. Prima facie, it looks like passing on the buck as is the habit of Kejriwal. If it is not properly implemented, he can blame Modi. It was, otherwise, a knee jerk reaction.

In Beijing too such order is  passed. But it is implemented on days on which the pollution levels reach very high. Further, Beijing made arrangements for improving public transport on such days. In Delhi, no such ground work seems to have been done.

Another factor that goes against the order is that autos and private taxis are the major cause of pollution. These vehicles are usually old and many do not get the mandatory pollution check done. If these too are banned, Delhi can close down.
Many car owners have capacity to buy an additional car without much hassle. Already many have two or more cars. This will only add to the number of cars in the city. And parking these vehicles poses a threat. Roads will be blocked with parking of cars. Even now, in many interior colonies cars are parked on both sides of the road. There is no legal sanction for this. Any decision taken as a knee jerk reaction without doing groundwork is going to bommerang. 

Who will implement the rule?. We can not expect our good intellectual citizens to follow the rule without wielding the stick. 

Let us take a hypothetical situation. A car with odd number is found by a traffic constable in the midst of a heavy trafffic road on an even-numbered-car-day. The constable, who has a duty to implement the rule will ask the the driver to take the vehicle to a side of the road. But there is not even an inch of space on either side. An argument ensues. Traffic is blocked for  miles and miles. By the time the traffic is cleared pollution level doubles. Thousands of office goers get stuck. Suppose this stalemate continues till midnight. At 12.01AM, all even numbered vehicles turn violators and are to be booked. Additional forces may be required to write challans. Army and para-miltary services too may be called in, to add to CRPF and CISF. All these will leave their guns and start using pens. Taking the opportunity, robbers may be on the prowl in the colonies. But there is no law and order police to nab these and write FIRs. They are busy in collecting fine. It is fine for Delhi government even if this continues for a fortnight. Anyhow it is not working. Nothing changes. But the Central Government suffers as they are working sincerely. It seems to be a conspiracy to derail the working of Central Government.  If situation goes out of control, Kejriwal may contact Nawaz Sharif. We know what he does with ISI sitting on his neck. This will add to border violations. Imagine the chaos.

Let us take another hypothetical situation. Family of A went to a marriage function slated at 11.00 in night, family  of B went to a pub that is open till 1 AM at 10 PM, family of C went to a second show picture 20 miles away from their home. All these took even-numbered-cars on an even-number day. By the time they were returning, it was past midnight. Day changed. Constables were on prowl. They stop all. Arguments ensue. Traffic is blocked on all commercial roads. In addition to morning time pollution, Delhi witnesses high pollution during midnight, a fist in the world. Kejriwal tweets, "Delhi should enter Guinness Book, a feather in the cap". Ashutosh writes a column in NDTV why Kejriwal is right, as it is the only work he does.

Ultimately, Kejriwal may have to take a U -turn. Before doing so, he tweets, "Modi increased the pollution levels in Delhi, as his police were incompetant to implement the order issued by me." 


Thursday, December 3, 2015




I am happy that, at long last, BJP decided to nail the opposition lies in both houses of Parliament. Yesterday, the CPI MP (CPI supported emergency to the hilt) Manya Mohammed Salim brandished a news magazine to put words into the mouth of the Home Minister. The Home Minister countered his lie and immediately SM was abuzz with truth that the impugned statement was made by Late Ashok Singhal and pat comes an apology from Outlook, an avowed Left Wing Magazine from ages. Should we take that the learned Member of Parliament did not know the truth or was it a part of the orchestrated negative campaign unleashed by the Congress, despite which, it had very little consolation in Gujarat Municipal polls?

Then comes the lie of Kumari Shelja. I did not expect it from her. She was highly educated, non-controversial and soft spoken. She did good job as Minister. But Congress ways are inimitable. They used her services too in their nefarious designs. She said that in famous Dwaraka Temple, she was asked her caste. It was orral. No proof. Lie flies. But I did not expect BJP to nail her lie with documentary evidence. Result; panicked Congress started shouting. But truth came out. A Satvik BJP hesitates to hiss too. But it could bite. This is a change for the good. Modi effect is slowly percolating. Now, Congress will have to be on the back foot. Their inability to make mark in Corporations and urban Centre shows, their campaign has had not much effect on urban populace. If they want to come to power, they should change tack, build party. 

One more pleasant surprise came from Venkaiah Naidu when he said that the Government had enough evidence that the orchestrated campaign was to see that India did not get UNSC seat. This point should have been brought out earlier and should be taken forward. Another point that the Home Minister raised in Lok Sabha was that the UP Government could not conclude that the Dadri incident was either communal, personal animosity, related to cow slaughter or any other crime. He offered CBI inquiry. This should be made a big issue using, if required, Mayawathi. Why is UP Government not willing a thorough probe?  Take it to all states and the Rahul lie starting from the Weekend with Charlie. Other point is why has Sonia left for USA soon after a discussion on GST took place. It will become clear once she returns and makes or breaks her GST Bill commitment. Let us wait.At another point f time Venkaiah Naidu brought the cat out of the bag, by confirming the worst suspicion of 125 crore intellectuals minus Award wapsi Gangs, intolerant Khans, Kulkarnis that, those feeling suffocated by the probes into their illicit dealings of the past, are seeing intolerance everywhere. This is good. The points must be taken to the ground level. using cadres of both BJP and RSS. 

BJP has a lesson to learn here. It can not remain Satvik in a jungle where wild animals roam. In Pnchantantra the bull Sanjeevaka falls prey to the machinations of the two wily foxes, Karataka and Damanaka and sacrifices her life. Tamas is needed when you deal with wild animals. Ramakrishna Paramahansa was telling a parable of a snake that stopped hissing when asked not to bite. It goes on like this. 

Ramakrishna narrated this story saying, "A man living in society should make a show of tamas to protect himself from evil-minded people. But he should not harm anybody in anticipation of harm likely to be done him."

Some cowherd boys used to tend their cows in a meadow where a terrible poisonous snake lived. Everyone was on the alert for fear of it. One day a brahmachari ( Bachelor) was going along the meadow. The boys ran to him and said; 'Revered sir, please don't go that way. A venomous snake lives over there.' 'What of it, my good children?' said the brahmachari. 'I am not afraid of the snake. I know some mantras.' So saying, he continued on his way along the meadow. But the cowherd boys, being afraid, did not accompany him. In the mean time the snake moved swiftly toward him with upraised hood. As soon as it came near, he recited a mantra, and the snake lay at his feet like an earthworm. The brahmachari said: 'Look here. Why do you go about doing harm? Come, I will give you a holy word. By repeating it you will learn to love God. Ultimately you will realize Him and so get rid of your violent nature.' Saying this, he taught the snake a holy word and initiated him into spiritual life. The snake bowed before the teacher and said, 'Revered sir, how shall I practise spiritual discipline?' 'Repeat that sacred word', said the teacher, 'and do no harm to anybody.' As he was about to depart, the brahmachari said, 'I shall see you again.'
"Some days passed and the cowherd boys noticed that the snake would not bite. They threw stones at it. Still it showed no anger; it behaved as if it were an earthworm. One day one of the boys came close to it, caught it by the tail, and, whirling it round and round, dashed it again and again on the ground and threw it away. The snake vomited blood and became unconscious. It was stunned. It could not move. So, thinking it dead, the boys went their way.
"Late at night the snake regained consciousness. Slowly and with great difficulty it dragged itself into its hole; its bones were broken and it could scarcely move. Many days passed. The snake became a mere skeleton covered with a skin. Now and then, at night, it would come out in search of food. For fear of the boys it would not leave its hole during the day-time. Since receiving the sacred word from the teacher, it had given up doing harm to others. It maintained its life on dirt, leaves, or the fruit that dropped from the trees.
"About a year later the brahmachari came that way again and asked after the snake. The cowherd boys told him that it was dead. But he couldn't believe them. He knew that the snake would not die before attaining the fruit of the holy word with which it had been initiated. He found his way to the place and, searching here and there, called it by the name he had given it. Hearing the teacher's voice, it came out of its hole and bowed before him with great reverence. 'How are you?' asked the brahmachari. 'I am well, sir', replied the snake. 'But', the teacher asked, 'why are you so thin?' The snake replied: 'Revered sir, you ordered me not to harm anybody. So I have been living only on leaves and fruit. Perhaps that has made me thinner.'
"The snake had developed the quality of sattva; it could not be angry with anyone. It had totally forgotten that the cowherd boys had almost killed it.
"The brahmachari said: 'It can't be mere want of food that has reduced you to this state. There must be some other reason. Think a little.' Then the snake remembered that the boys had dashed it against the ground. It said: 'Yes, revered sir, now I remember. The boys one day dashed me violently against the ground. They are ignorant, after all. They didn't realize what a great change had come over my mind. How could they know I wouldn't bite or harm anyone?' The brahmachari exclaimed: 'What a shame! You are such a fool! You don't know how to protect yourself. I asked you not to bite, but I didn't forbid you to hiss. Why didn't you scare them by hissing? "

There is a lesson for BJP here. We may be party with difference. But with differently behaved persons we should be different. Counter the orchestrated propaganda  with counter offensive. Do not bite, but hiss. The urban voter still believing us proof enough that the voter realized opposition game plan. Consolidate in urban areas. Concentrate on rural segment. They are least bothered if one eats beef or pork or wants to be murdered. Beef up their real earning power. That is the only way to decimate Congress. Bridge urban-rural divide.  Concentrate more on modern agriculture as happened in USA.  Use pliable CMs for taking message to farmers. Make them feel one among Indian.


                             SATYAMEVA JAYATHE

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