Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Intolerance is ubiquitous. It is nothing new. But hallucinating intolerance is a malice of the mind. A disease of mind, that psychiatrists named as INTOLERANIA, like hypomania.People suffering from this malice hallucinate that society is in general intolerant and want to migrate. But migration is like migraine to the population of the place hosting these migrants and they may turn intolerant and throw them out. If it is to Syria, they may not return or may  migrate to Europe again.  Did it not happen in Mumbai with Bihar migrants? When Lalu turned intolerant with his own population and threw them out, they searched for greener pastures in Mumbai.  Intolerance of the local Senas rose and their taxis were stoned and they were beaten. But Biharis chose the beaten path again, so that they can sing the intolerance song perennially.

Today, in Ralegaon Siddi, Anna Hazare suddenly grew intolerant about the impending rejection of the Jan Joke Pal Bill of Kejriwal and threatened fast in Jantar Mantar. Already there is a queue of hungry Indians in front of his house in anticipation of food he chooses not to eat.

And suddenly Chidambaram grew intolerant as ED raided firms of the friends of his son and after more than a decade he came out with a theory that an officer of the ED sought favors from him and he refused. And this was revenge.  No Media brain asked him why he did not act upon the delinquent officer. All in the game of intolerance.

I said intolerance is all pervadingIs  it not true? We had six day test matches. Suddenly cricket administrators, players, umpires and audiences grew intolerant of the last day and cut it to five days. And then they brought that one day back and made it one day matches. Tolerance levels further decreased and it was cut short to 3.5 hours a side and by the time you are intolerant you are back home fighting with your spouse on the result  of the match. At which the neighbor's spouse who was sulking that she could not make it to the stadium might grow intolerant and threaten to migrate. The husband may conveniently put the blame on new Rightist regime.Plethora of panel discussions are conducted where all intellectuals with brains and no work discuss the issue and leave it to Parliament to fight it out with partisan OUTLOOK.

And in a famous nursing home, a nine month old pregnant lady may shout out loudly that it reverberates throughout "I can not tolerate this pain any more". This cry of intolerant pain may reach the cabin of the Superintendant of the Nursing Home. Dr. Aaamir Khan, the youngest of the most tolerant Khan brothers (one reportedly ran his car over pedestrains in a fit of extremity of tolerance and one more is facing an intolerant ED probe for money laundering) may run and say, "Do not shout so loud about being intolerant, my wife may threaten to migrate". At which, the spouse of the intolerant pregnant lady may suggest Syria as the best destination where Intolerant Shias and Intolerant Sunnis are singing tolerance songs to the melodious background score of guns and bombs. This news goes viral as Dr. Aamir Khan produced Satyameva Jayathe, where he spoke of many issues torturing the population except the time bombs of black money and underworld in his own backyard.
Did Dimple not dance in film Bobby , "Jhoot bole kavva kaatein kaale kavve se dario, mein meinko chale jaavuungi  tuu dekhte rayyo"?That was the time when "Jhoot Bolna" was paap.(sin) Now, telling lie and taking it to Parliament is fun. Apologize, she wont migrate to mother's house. That is the inlook of the Outlook. Journalists have immunity like Diplomats. They can say anything and escape. They made Rajnath Singh sing for the now-no-more Singh'al'l. That is All. If you say anything, they will threaten India with Spousegration, a la Mrs. Aamir Khan. Already, the sex ratio is dipping. If spouses migrate where can we bring another spouse for these forced bachelors?


Telugu is a funny language. When you say a word, it may mean in two or more different ways. I will try to translate one such episode of "intolerance" on the part of a brother-in-law (elder sister's hubby) and and how the girl repulsed the intolerant brother-in-law. It is a bit out of the box language and as we are all adults, I will take the liberty  with a little filth here.

In villages in days of yore, clothes were being dried by tying the two ends of sarees, dhotis, towels etc., to two poles or hooks. One sunny day, clothes were dried in the hot sun and they dried. Suddenly it rained. The sister-in-law came running and started untying her saree. The brother-in-law, intolerant like the drunk Khan, said, "After you untie your saree, untie my dhoti too.". The sister-in-law quipped, "Before I untie my saree, your dhoti becomes wet" ( as it was raining heavily by then). She said indirectly, "Oh! Brother-in -law! Sister told me. Your tolerance level is low". I wish BJP guys learn the art of giving replies by which the opposition has to eat its words or swallow its saliva. If you turn intolerant reading this, I am not responsible. Ask Aamir Khan. He will show a way.


Ask no Filmy Khan's wife, why she hallucinates intolerance frequently. You may get a horror reply. "What a country is this? There are no communal clashes, no bomb blasts, no terrorist attacks, road stations and rail stations are cleaner. Underworld dons are being arrested. They say black money holders will be booked for seven years. If we open news papers, we find news of ED raids, CBI raids, arrests of criminals. They say country is on growth path. Soon poor may be on par with us. Or if black money is seized we may be on par with them. This is not the country we dreamed of. We wanted to be on top, with poor at our feet. I see lot of intolerance in our posh localities. I better migrate to where we remain the richest".

Observed? This is called Intolerania, a psychic malaise afflicting the richest of the rich. They hallucinate, lose control and return awards with right hand what they received with left hand. If they do not have anything, they may sing, "I cant tolerate, I will migrate".

Another reason why these people are afflicted by the malaise is many of their clan, writers, singers, musicians etc., who overstayed in palatial government bungalows since Nehru time are being evicted. This includes about a hundred journalists who enjoyed the spoils of power and rich life style. How can we forget Dr. MMS carrying with him journalists in droves whenever he visited a foreign nation? Alas! Modi ignored them. How intolerant he is to power brokers and lobbyists? Understandable! The game is on. It continues as long as the richest of the rich face the heat and the corrupt have no way to migrate. Time will tell.


There is neighborhood intolerance. They may be feeling envious that your husband is filthy rich and escapes with lies with slogan Satyameva Jayathe. Whenever they see you they turn their faces. They too may be thinking of migrating, but it is not news as they are rich but not famous.

"Madam! We came to tune your piano"

" I did not ask for tuning my piano."

"But your neighbors wanted it".

There is a limit for you to display your ostentanity. If you exceed your neighbors intervene and you hallucinate intolerance.

In fact, there is nothing in what the Rightists say that gives rise to intolerance. It was a documentary scripted elsewhere. Rightist guys followed Newton's third law. And a lazy brain somewhere invented a fourth law. "If you are tolerant, we name it intolerance. If needed, we will show Pakistan more tolerant than India. It is about winning polls. Who is bothered about nation or progress?"

For many questions raised about intolerance in actions during the past decades, there is no answer. This shows, the intolerance  debate is all about their intolerance of India growing and becoming a world economic leader. Poor must be suppressed. They must be reminded of caste, creed and religion as frequently as possible. A divided society helps them remain in power and loot nation's wealth. For this, they wasted eighteen months' valuable time. 

BJP must learn to be a Roman in Rome. Put words in their mouths. Make them eat those same words. Let them excrete saliva and lick it back. Use resources sparingly and cleverly. Beat them with their own stick.

Read this, my BJP friends! Learn the art of twisting words.

"A lawyer addressed the Judge as "gentleman" instead of "Your Honor" At the end of the arguments, the perfectionist Judge drew the lawyer's attention towards the mistake. Immediately, the lawyer rose and apologised. "In the middle of the argument, I called Your Honor a "gentleman". Now, I realise it was a mistake, Your Honor!"

This is the way forward. 

Finally to close a joke to make you more tolerant.

A Judge fell down the steps of his Court while going home. His personal assistant rushed to him and said sympathetically, "I hope Your Honor is not hurt". The Judge replied in pain, "No! Friend! My Honor is intact. It is my back that broke."

And finally Prince spoke on intolerance. He said if anyone opposed government, he would be charged with sedition. As far as public knowledge goes one sedition charge was slapped in Gujarat, as a delinquent youth, propped up by his own party reportedly asked his volunteers to kill policemen. Both HC and SC refused his bail plea and gave time to CBI to make a thorough probe. Matter rests with court. He cant say the BJP government acted with malaise.

The other incident happened in TN and neither BJP nor Centre had role in it. And Jaya partnered with Congress too earlier. Whenever Rahul talks it is filled with Jhoot-Hoot language. Guy has to learn many things including post-marital life. He can not continue in nursery class repeating what teacher writes on black board. Hope Congress takes note of this. Or Mark Twain proves right, "You are a member of Congress and you are an idiot; I repeat." 

He dopes a lot as he is worried too much.

Why is he worried?

Because he dopes too much.

This goes on like the tragedy of Chinese Sage and his pig tail. Round and round hr goes, the pigtail remains in its place.